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Snow K Wren

"What are you saying?"

0 · 537 views · located in Mackenzie Prep

a character in “Sincerely, Anon”, as played by Missie



♦ The Basics ♦

» Name: Snow Kota Wren
» Age: 16
» Role: 'Other'

Snow is an exchange student from Sweden. She only came to Mackenzie Prep this year.

» Gender: Female
» Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


♦ The Description ♦

» Face Claim: Kaya Scodelario

» Hair: Naturally curly chestnut brown
» Eyes: Bright blue
» Face: Pale
» Build: Slender
» Style: Parisian with a touch of preppiness
» Markings: Small tattoo on ankle saying ‘småle’ which is ‘smile’ in Swedish. It matches Kasper's Tattoo.


♦ The Character ♦

» Likes:
♦ Snow, her namesake
♦ Roses
♦ The colours blue, white and silver

» Dislikes:
♦ Being over-hot or sunburned
♦ Blood
♦ Coal and the smell of smoke

» Phobias:
♦ Arsonphobic- Fear of fire
♦ Nyctophobic- Fear of night
♦ Achluophobic- Fear of darkness

» Habits:
♦ Speaking swedish
♦ Cracking her fingers

» Personality:
Snow was told all her life she’s wiser than her years, but she definitely isn’t one of the most emotionally mature 16 year old girls in the world. She’s a bright girl. But when it comes to love then, she’s sort of oblivious. She hasn’t been in a “real” relationship yet. She’ll joke around about it, but this honestly frustrates her. She’s pretty talented when it comes to certain things, guys just aren’t one of them.

Other than that, Snow is a pretty smart girl. She definitely has potential to do good things with her life, but she’s a little naive. Naive enough to believe in fairytale. And her personal fairytale? Not to be an old maid. Her plan for this year is to lay loose a little, in hopes to get a guy to buy dinner for her, even if that’s one of her biggest challenges.


♦ The Past ♦

» History: Kota was born into a happy family. Her mom, who worked as a chef, was kind and sweet. Her father, head of a hotel franchise, was just like her mother. She had an average childhood. She lived in a beautiful village named, Hagbö on the coast. When she was ten, she moved to the capital city Stockholm. One morning- September the ninth 2001 to be exact their father went away to New York for buisness. Two days after that there was an attack on the world trade centre, while he was in it. He wasn't buried because they haven't found his body. Their mother became depressed and needed medication. Earlier this year her mother got a call and they needed to move to the US. They got accepted into a prep school by the name of Mackenzie Prep.

» Family:

♦ Persephone Lilith Wren- Mother age 41
♦ Kasper Zachary Wren- Brother age 17
♦ Kaarlo Jay Wren- Father (deceased)
♦ Finch Ava Wren- Sister age 13
♦ Dresden Otto Wren- Brother age 13

» Relationships: Mainly Kasper, because she's new.

» Secrets:
♦ Up until she was 10, she was schizophrenic. After bucketloads of medication she 'grew' out of it.

♦ A Cliche one. She's never kissed a guy.

♦ She's also afraid of the dark. Like her brother but a little less extreme...

» Password: Forever moi

» Other:

So begins...

Snow K Wren's Story


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To: Sabine Carter
From: Blocked Number
How's the love life going? Found any cute girls lately? - Anon. x

To: Amanda Stone
From: Blocked Number
How's daddy's little girl? He sure loves his daughter, doesn't he?;) -Anon.

To: Aaron Stone
From: Blocked Number
How's all Mom's co-workers keeping up? Then again, how would you know? You'e probably too high to remember anything.. ;) x - Anon.

To: Charlotte Clark
From: Blocked Number
I don't mean to add fuel to the fire, but I know why you're here ;) Fire.. bad choice of words? x - Anon.

To: Louis Everly
From: Blocked Number
How's Ryan's family these days? Still mourning over their lost little boy? Be careful where you step, that could be you one day. x - Anon.

To: Marjorie Feller
From: Blocked Number
It must be hard work being a prostitute - especially having to kill off kids in your stomach;) Remember: Stay safe! X - Anon.

To: Beth Potter
From: Blocked Number
Everyone thinks you're so innocent, yet you smoke and have a child. What happened? - Anon. x

To: Kasper Wren
From: Blocked Number
Welcome to Mackenzie Prep! Be careful, there are some dark people here - and I know how much you hate the dark;) - Anon. x

To: Snow K Wren
From: Blocked Number
How's your boyfrie- Oh, wait, you've never had one.. shame. x - Anon.

To: Elisa Grace
From: Blocked Number
How's that diet your on going? What is it called - not eating? - Anon. x

To: Teagan Thorn
From: Blocked Number
How long are you going to pretend your not sick? Maybe once everyone realizes who is responsible for your sister disappearing? x - Anon.


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#, as written by Missie
Snow Wren

The house was cold. Snow was used to the cold. Well, she lived in Sweden for sixteen years. Currently, her room was white with a few boxes stacked around and a small bed stuffed in the corner. They had only been in this house for a week and they were still getting adjusted to it- so it was kinda bland. She didn't mind though.

"Snow!" Her mother burst into the room "Wake up- It’s nearly school!"

She rolled her eyes slightly. Like she would forget going to a new school. On top of that an American school. She didn't know what to do.
"Coming" She said quietly. She weaved through the piles of boxes and to a rather large box labelled 'Snow's Clothes' she picked out a blue blouse and denim shorts. She got out another box labelled 'Shoes' and pulled out her black converse. She got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.

"Honey! Come get a pancake!" Her mom put on a smile again. Snow hated it when she could tell her mom was sad. Ever since that day she'd always fake a smile. But Snow could always see through it.

"Where’s Kasper?" She asked with a pancake sticking out of her mouth

"Sleeping- as usual"

After she had swallowed her pancake she set of down the hall to find her book bag. It was oversized and had 'Ja' plastered on the front of it so you couldn't miss it. As she found it she smiled inwardly and gave a brief 'Love you mom' and set off too the school. It was only a couple blocks away from her house, so it was within walking distance. She pulled a brush through her hair quickly and braided a section of the front and pinned it up. She pulled her phone out of her bag.

A new text:
To: Snow K Wren
From: Blocked Number
How's your boyfrie- Oh, wait, you've never had one.. shame. x - Anon.

What?! who was this and why did he or she know anything about her. She'd only been here a week. I guess this was a welcome to Mackenzie Prep. Maybe they done this to all the new students? But how did they find it out? She slipped her phone back in her bag as she reached the school. It was big, but smaller than her school in Stockholm.


She heard footsteps behind her. It was Kasper.

"Hey Kasper, sleep much" She realised she had said that in Swedish and a few people were staring at here like she was an alien of some sort. She ran ahead and stopped just before the entrance. Kasper finally caught up and walked in with her. There were people everywhere. Somebody pushed her and she cursed- in Swedish.

They passed a locker which was numbered 78.
“Sis, that’s your locker.” Kasper whispered. He was right.

She was locker-neighbours with a boy who had short brown hair. She looked at him, wondering if she should say anything. She yanked her locker open and she stared at its bare walls. She had brought some things to organize her locker with- Some little baskets to put pens and pencils in. She stuck them up on the wall with a little sticky tape.


She opened the locker door more and it scraped her finger.

“Oh skit-Det gör ont” She said loudly enough for people in a two metre raidus to hear.

People were staring.

She shrugged and procedded to stick the baskets up.

”Hey, Im Snow” She said to the boy next to her.


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Teagan Thorn

His mind was full of phrases along the lines of 'What should I do next?' and 'I really don't want to deal with this', along with hopes that this schoolyard bully who seemed to be a bit more mafia than milk-and-cookies would leave him alone. For a moment his hand hovered above the books stored in his locker, mind taking a break time to visit the clouds and the stars, it had taken him a moment to realize he was being talked to by his neighbor, black-haired-girl-whos-name-may-or-may-not-start-with-an-S. Perhaps he should be a bit more creative with the nicknames he gives people, but the idea left him just as soon as it had came.

"Umm hi," The girl was petite, and short; very, very short. Teagan guessed he had at least nine inches on her, maybe more. "Seems we will be locker neighbors, I'm Sabine." He smiled, an expression that was neither fake nor real, teetering between the two. A genuine facade, if you will. Besides, she was cute, and what would it say about him if he didn't push aside his negative emotions to give a cute girl a decent smile? "Great, I'm Teagan-" As God, or fate (Either explanation was just as good to him), would have it, he wouldn't be allowed to even manage an introduction to one of the people he would most likely be seeing every morning and every afternoon throughout the school year.

He winced, but his face cleared itself from pain soon, almost instinctively. "Hey-" Thanks to hockey he was used to shoves of a much more hostile nature, so being bumped into really was only embarrassing instead of painful. However, the girl had managed to make contact with his bad arm, and he imaged that anyone with a fractured bone would feel some discomfort upon being run into - "I'm sorry! Are you okay?" Even if the perpetrator was one of the thinnest girl's he's ever seen, to the point where it looked like if she wasn't careful a mild wind would take her away, the sky being able to snatch her in one swift movement.

Teagan didn't get angry though, at least, he didn't feel angry. A flash of irritation swept through him, it was already a bad day, after all, but he really didn't mean to narrow her eyes at her - no matter how brief the expression lasted. His eyebrows had furrowed for a moment before they rose, lips pressing together before he waved the incident off with his other hand. "That's my line." He said after a quick up-and-down intake of her appearance, and realized that he actually knew who she was. They never formally met, but he heard of her, Elisa, who the guys on the team talked about because of her good looks and small frame. She really did look frail though, and he couldn't imagine that the bump had caused anymore pain to him than it did her. "I'm fine, don't worry about it." He said with a shrug before glancing back to Sabine and returning his attention to the books in his locker.

The two seemed to be friends, and it'd be awkward to try and fit himself into their conversation. Besides, it wasn't like he was in the mood to be all that social right now either. He picked out the correct text books and notebooks for his first periods, sliding them in the object notorious for back-problems, known as a backpack; or a 'book bag', if you were into calling it such a thing, or eighty. By the time he closed his locker door he was hearing someone speak in a foreign language because hey, today was already pretty weird, so you might as well top it off with some 'bizarre' brand whipped cream and a 'I have no idea what's going on' brand cherry.

Brown hair, blue eyes, and nice legs. He was around pretty girls often enough, and though being crowded around wasn't preferred, he couldn't say being around a few girls was about to bring him down. Because it didn't, since none of them were chattering like Bus-Girl-Stacy-Natalie-Something. ”Hey, I'm Snow.” Again, his eyebrows rose, but this time his eyes widened as well, however momentarily. "Your name is Snow?" His tone was a blend of surprise and intrigue, it wasn't until he finished the sentence did he realize that what he said could be considered rude. (No, it was just rude, but he wouldn't mull over it.)

"I mean," He cleaned up his goofy, amusing expression and replaced it with one that was more laid-back, calm, friendly. Relaxed eyebrows that weren't about to take off towards the moon with a mouth that wasn't moving to create strange shapes. "It's an awesome name, just, unusual. Well, my parents named me Teagan so," His expression seemed to naturally go back into a wince, he didn't exactly hate his name but it was, well, it was girly. He didn't sound nervous, but rambling will get him no where. He sighed and his shoulders relaxed before speaking again. "So, that's some accent. Where are you from, Snow? " There, he returned to that confident, composed state, much better. Maybe the day would start to look up, who knows.


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Teagan Thorn

His phone vibrated again and he sent the girl in front of him a not-actually-sorry apologetic expression of arched eyebrows and fished it out from his pocket. He brought his messages up, disregarding Snow and their one sided conversation, favoring the text on the screen. He had a few messages, two from teammates that he often hung out with, but wasn't actually friends with. They were just people he got on with, no one important, though he couldn't really call many people on his contacts list important. The last message is what really grabbed his attention, a blocked number, and the lull in his movements before he opened it.

To: Teagan Thorn
From: Blocked Number
Don't act dumb, I know you're not. You must be pretty smart to get away with selling pills.. ;) - Anon. x

It was about now that he wished he had skipped school. He could have spent the day dominating in League, or listening to old records, sleeping the day away and hanging out with his number one best friend in the whole wide word - Gordie. Okay, so Gordie was a Chilean Rose tarantula, and Gordie was also female, but Teagan figured an arachnid wouldn't really mind if their name was inherently male. He was beginning to think he was more like his parents than he liked to admit, and quickly tossed the thought aside. This time he didn't respond to the message, instead he just pocketed the phone with hopes that this terrorist would just decide to leave him alone for good.

Or at least, he could ignore the problem until later. This person knew he was a dealer, and for some reason, his mind twisted his issues until that became his number one concern. He wouldn't just be thrown off the team for that, but expelled and put into jail for good measure. Maybe it was just a way to forget about the other shit. "Well, I'll see you around Snow, later." He spoke bluntly, not waiting for her to respond to anything he had said. It wasn't as if he really cared, just like he didn't care if someone ended up with a bad drug dependency because of him. Humans were convenient to be around in certain settings, though close interpersonal relationships were to be avoided. They were more trouble than they were worth. Teagan closed his lockers and waved her off, walking in the other direction, occasionally greeting people he knew with wide smiles and the contact of hands.

God was giving him a little mercy though. He may not be able to take part in his only passion because of this damn fractured arm, but he did get physics first thing in the morning, a lot better than any history or math class. He may not achieve the best grades, and wasn't a science genius, but he did enjoy hands on classes. Experiments and the like, it got him on his feet and really engaged the mind, opposed to sitting around trying to write essays. The boy took a seat near the back right corner, setting his bag on the table he had chosen and resting his head on top of it, burying his face. Sadly, there would be no such thing today, only first day of school lectures and mindless chatter.