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Lyda Fox

A police officer in the sleepy town who wants to do great things.

0 · 131 views · located in Repentance

a character in “Sing: A Strange Incident in Repentance.”, as played by VitaminHeart



Full Name:Lyda Verity Fox

Nicknames: Foxy

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Occupation: Police Officer, Repentance Police Force.

Description: Lyda is an athletic-looking woman of unremarkable height. She has long, dark brown hair that it generally tied back into a low ponytail or french plait for work, with is being rather impractical to have it loose. She is rather tanned, with a naturally darker skin tone emphasized by the outdoor work she does fairly frequently. She wears a standard issue uniform when on the job, something that doesn't worry her a great deal.

Lyda has a defined, oval-shaped face, with a narrow nose, brown eyes and not a very defined lip-line. She rarely wears much make-up, not seeing much point considering her work. The same thing applies to jewelry, aside from a small silver crucifix that she has hung around her neck.

Personality: Lyda is a fairly down to earth, practical sort of person. She has a strong sense of morals and fairness, believing to a great degree that as the police, they should be using their power to protect others. She enjoys pushing her work partner and teasing him, but has a great deal of affection for them, and can be very protective of them when she wants to be.

Lyda also tends to be quite good with people having a sort of easy-going, friendly attitude that puts many people at ease. She is generally pretty good at reasoning with people...though her natural...high horse of a sort can often get in the way with this, as she can become a little preachy regarding behaviour and rub others the wrong way.

She had always acted with a great deal of compassion, and a staunch set of morals, refusing to take on work that she did not agree with. This in itself can sometimes get her into trouble with authority and may well prevent her from great career prospects.

On the other hand, Lyda comes from quite a right-wing family, and has some rather..old-fashioned views. She is quite religious, and prays habitually, wearing a cross when she works. She frowns on promiscuous sex, and is made particularly uncomfortable by same sex relationships, though she generally chooses to keep these opinions to herself.

Miss Fox adores animals, her family being breeders and keepers of horses. She has a dog, a cattle dog named Rex and horses named Viking and Virgo. These live at the family farm though she tends to visit as often as she can. She tends to know the names of the neighbourhood dogs as well as she knows the names of the people.

She enjoys playing sport and is quite athletic, though has no interest in watching it, not seeming to enjoy TV much.

-Having grown up on a farm, having to defend the stock from wild animals, Lyda was taught to fire a rifle quite early in life. As such she is a very good shot with any firearm as an adult. She can hit a target at considerable distances.

- Lyda was quite an explorer as a child. As a result, she knows the hills near as well as the wildlife does.

- Lyda's principal weakness is her tendency towards compassion. She will often take a moral route over a logical or practical one. It often means that she can be manipulated by those with unpleasant motives.

- Lyda is terrified of any harm befalling her family. She had nightmares about it, and such fears are enough to put a dampener on her fiery sense of justice.

Brief History:

Lyda is a native of the Repentance area through and through. The third child and first daughter of the Fox family, who lived on a farm above the town, she grew up wandering the hills and fields of the land round the settlement. The Fox family bred horses, and while not extremely well moneyed, they never went without. Lyda's childhood holds little but good memories for her, with a large and loving family.

As she grew up, she worked on the farm, helping with the runnings of the place, though her brothers ended up taking the majority of the work as her father began to suffer from poor health that put pay to his active participation. The business began to suffer to some degree as demand dropped, and Lyda resolved to get another job in order to support herself and supplement the income of the farm. She became qualified as a police officer, and took a place in town, quickly landing a job on the small force. The job was not really demanding, in such a sleepy, old fashioned place. Teenagers caught sneaking beer behind the local store, a few drunks, maybe a minor car accident from time to time, but not much excitement. Lyda often wondered if she was changing the world so much as she might have wanted...but she also felt that she could never walk away from Repentance.

The activity at the Whateley house has caught Officer Lyda Fox's curiosity. Little happens in Repentance, and something tells her that this is something big. How big though, she really has no idea.

So begins...

Lyda Fox's Story