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Lily Dawn Evans

Child Of Chastity

0 · 671 views · located in Friergate City

a character in “Sinner's Circus”, as played by Lily Evans


Lily Dawn Evans
Lily Dawn Evans



Theme Song (Optional):

As soon as you meet Lily, you either love her or hate her. She has an alarming amount of vitality, almost like a bottled miniature sun burning inside of her. Lily Evans has a happy-go-lucky type of attitude. She almost always has a smile on her strawberry pink lips, and is always the optimist among her friends, rarely seeing the glass half empty. She's also a bit of a scatterbrain and many of her friends say she'd lose her own head if it wasn't attached already and tease her about adding glue to keep it on for her.

She has a deep love for dancing, in particular ballet and ballroom, and gymnastics, the lot of it taken since she was only six years old, using these abilities in her fighting against the Sinner's Circus, but unfortunately, she's a bit clumbsy, which lands her into humorous situations. Her strategistic side is very helpful in battle, having become an excellent chess player over the years, beating her siblings soundly in the game.

Lily also has a deep love of horses, having two at the manor where she grew up, outside the city. A beautiful Arabian, black with white boots and a white star on his head she named Moonlight and a Lipizzan, a very special birthday gift from her parents named Starlight.

Lily Dawn Evans has flame bright red hair that falls to her waist, ending in the slightest curl, usually tucking it behind her ear when not put up in a braid or love-knot, which are her favorite styles, favoring it over just a simple ponytail. Occasionally, when she wishes to be serious, she'll place it in a bun style, sometimes braided, sometimes not. It just depends how much time she has.

She is rather short for a sixteen year old at five feet tall even, weighing around a hundred and fifteen pounds, making her thin, yet not bone-thin. Noteworthy for her pale ivory skin and sakura pink lips, she has high cheekbones, and a pointed heart shaped face, with perhaps just a touch of an aristocratic flair, and an adorable button shaped nose which has a patch of freckles on it in the shape of a fish.

Perhaps her most startling feature is her eyes. The almond shaped orbs appear on close inspection to be carved from living emeralds, and to enhance their beauty even more, gold flecks decorate the green irises.

Child Of Chastity
Side (Circus/Synchronicity):


Why did you accept the contract? (Catalysts/Child only):
Who hadn't heard of the Sinner's Circus? Lily did her best to be as good as she could possibly be, but when the sinners killed one of her cousins, albiet he was a very greedy person, wanting everything for himself - that included loyalty from family ties, which she gave freely, even if something didn't sit right with Lily about him - she knew she had to do something. Then, something amazing and wonderful happened: she was chosen as one of the force that would fight against those creatures of darkness. . . and her clearest target was Greed. . .

Insignia (Sin/Virtue only):
The White rose, which stands for purity.

(If allowed, a fire caster, because fire purifies, if not, a sword/staff wielder. If not allowed, I'll remove the fire circle/magic related stuff.)
Her main weapon, the white rose blade, which can purify spirits. She wears it on her side, in its sheath.

Her secondary weapon, worn on her back, and used when she can't get to her sword, or as a defense when she's casting a spell.

A fiery circle that flares up around her feet as she's casting any magic. She can only do a few spells at a time, or it drains her stamina, leaving her weak and an easy target - and spells take up to a minute to cast, leaving her vunerable.

Trivia (Optional):
Greed killed her cousin Quinn.

So begins...

Lily Dawn Evans's Story


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Friergate City. It had never been really a quiet city, sounds of murder and crimes springing up left and right in the news. You could never be safe in the alleys, or even in the open- There might always be a killer out after your blood, just hiding in the shadows, hiding in the crowd, hiding anywhere.

"Judgement is upon us! Judgement is upon us, I tell you!"
A man cried, as the policemen dragged him into the car. Some people were looking on at the crazy scene, and the others were just walking by, not minding the frantic screams. Just then the TV turned off.
"Ah, what a bore."
Serpent chucked the remote to god-knows-where, leaning back lazily.
"It's always the same, annoying town crier. What's with them and judgement, anyway?"
She was mostly murmuring to herself, not really talking to anyone in the room. No- Maybe she was talking to everyone in the room. She herself didn't know.
"Why's life so confusing?"

"Yo, Rion. You look like you're about to faint."
Rion froze, hearing her split personality's poisonous voice echo in her head. The frantic yelling from the insane man before her wasn't enough, apparently.
"I-I think I a-am..."
Just then the man grabbed at the front of her shirt, staring up at her with wide, bloodshot eyes.
"Please! You gotta help! Judgement is upon us! We need to escape!"
Just then Rion yelped as she was pulled out of her consciousness immediately. From the outside, the girl's face changed into something much more fierce.
"Yo, old man! Hands off me, will ya?"
Shion pushed him away, grinning as the man started to get dragged away.
"No! You have to understand! You have to UNDERSTAND!!"
Shion turned heel, laughing as she disappeared into one of the alleys. Letting Rion back into her body, the girl shakily leaned against a wall for support.
"You didn't h-have to do that..."
"Of course I did! You were about to faint, poor kid."
Rion just sighed at the statement before murmuring to herself, looking around for any possible Synchronicity members. Maybe they could help her- She was kind of lost in the crowd.