Kevin G Ynottul

The Sin of Gluttony

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a character in “Sins and Virtues betrayed”, as played by Hodgic


Face Claim: Souichirou Mikuni - C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Name: Kevin G Ynottul

Age: 27

Sin: Gluttony


Personality: Kevin did everything he could to have good food. Even though he would (and could) eat anything he prefers higher quality food. To furth his cause he does anything he can to get that high quality food. He is polite, helpful, and always looking for an excuse to have a nice dinner. He loves to cook, so long as he gets to eat some of it. Everything Kevin cooks always turns out really good, regardless of how strange it sounds.

Big Chomp - This ability allows Kevin to create black orbs in the direction he is facing when he bites down. These orbs transfer everything inside them into Kevin's stomach. Each time he bites down ten orbs are made at random spots.
True Glutton - This is a passive ability. Thanks to this Kevin can literately eat anything without a problem. Also his stomach is connected to an endless void. This allows him to store food and convert it into energy to be used however he needs. If the energy is sent to the body in excess it is used automatically however it is needed. The drawback is that this causes Gluttony to gain a lot of weight. Even though it means he has to take the time to convert food to energy Kevin chooses to not have it converted instantly.

History: Although in the past Gluttonies have not cared what they looked like usually Kevin does. He realized that if he kept up his appearance he would be able to open more doors to get good food. He also climbed up in the social and economic ladders to gain access to more selections of food. Kevin has appeared on the Tv many times in world news, so it would not be impossible for the others to know who he is before they even meet. The most impressive thing in his huge home is the kitchen. He was sad to have to leave his home but realised it was for the best for him to go to the castle. On his way there his car was hit and totaled. Lucky for him he survived and using his ability recovered instantly and made his way to the castle.

So begins...

Kevin G Ynottul's Story