Sins and Virtues betrayed

Sins and Virtues betrayed


When the world turns on you what do you do? Run to the only place you have a chance to survive at. Sadly not all of your comrades are as lucky as you.

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it is based on a role play i saw in the past. i do not remember the name of it or who made it. it died out and i am creating something similar to it. there are some differences though.


The seven deadly sins and seven virtues have always had an embodiment on earth. Each time one died a new one was born to take the old one's place. There has never been a cause for concern they they would dissapear; until now that is. When one of the 14 died and wasn't reborn all the others found out about it. Sadly it wasn't before another died. With two now dead the rest decided it best to head to High Point Heaven where they could try and figure out what was going on. Sadly not everyone made it the castle and died along the way.

With the fallen comrades not being reborn the others are concerned. They don't really live longer than normal; but they do retain the memories of their previous lives. So, in a way, they never truely die normally. The worste part about all of this? If a sin or virtue dies permanently that sin or virtue's influence in the world is removed, effectively removing that sin or virtue from existing in the world. Once all sins and virtues are removed it is said the world will come to and end. What is causing the sins and virtues to not be reborn? Is someone behind this? Or is it just time for the world to come to an end? Why have some of the 14 died before they normally should have? All these questions are thing the other hope to find out as they come together. Although the biggest question: can they stop this before it is too late?

Okay, so the plan for this is that not all the sins and virtues will be taken. I don't want more than ten people in this role play; including myself. Which ever sins and virtues are not picked are the ones that die before they can make it to the castle. As you may have read in the intro three have died, one more will die after we start. I'll have a list of the sins and virtues with how many spots are left above the list. Each sin or virtue that is taken withh be linked to once they are created. Make sure to read the rules. If you are found breaking the rules your character will be killed off.

1. No godmodding. This may be intended as a co-op role play but you can still godmod. Do not do it!
2. Be nice in the OOC. Just because your character does not like another character does not mean you have to be mean to the controler of said character.
3. You don't have to use the character skeleton. Just make sure all of that info is there.
4. Your character can die. But do not just kill off your character for no reason.
5. If you are going to be gone say so in the OOC section. I do not want clutter in the role play section.
6. No one liners. At least one decent paragraph per post.
7. You may only have one character at first. If we do not have at least six characters in the first seven days I will allow second characters. I did not pick this time frame because we are dealing with Sins and Virtues.
8. Reservations will only be held for 48hours. Once we start no more characters will be accepted.
9. Rules are open to be changed as I see fit based on case by case situations.

Sins and Virtues have powers related to their sin or virtue. They have both a combat related one and one non combat power.

Spots open: 9
Lust - Open
Gluttony - Taken by Hodgic
Greed - Open
Sloth - Open
Wrath - Open
Envy - Open
Pride - Open

Chastity - Open
Temperance - Open
Charity - Open
Diligence - Open
Patience - Open
Kindness - Open
Humility - Open

Character sheet
Code: Select all
Name: (What you go by among humans)

Age: (Youngest is 16 oldest can be in the 70's)

Sin/Virtue: (If you are a sin remove /Virtue. If you are a Virtue remove Sin/.)

Appearance: (If you want to use a picture only remove this section and add a picture. Otherwise use good detail here. You can use any picture you want as long as someone else didn't pick it before you.)

Personality: (Even though you have a sin or virtue that is your main focus you can have small bits of others as well. However if you are a Sins will only have sin based personalities and Virtues will only have Virtue based personalities. Some (like Lust) may be nice but obviously they would have ulterior motives.)

Abilities: (Make sure these relate to your Sin or Virtue. You can name them if you want or just describe them. Make sure we can tell which one is which without having to read them.)

History: (This part must be at least 4 sentences. It can be as long as you want. If you want a history with another character be sure ask the owner of that character first.)

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