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Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under


A secret organization keeps people with special powers locked away underground. These people are ready to rebel and are waiting for their chance.

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The Story


This world is no mystery to you. You live it every day. It is a mundane rut that we have all fallen prey to. We wake up, do our work, come home, eat dinner, and watch TV until we can no longer keep our eyes open. Rinse and repeat. This has worked for us for generations upon generations. We have never wanted to change. Things are peaceful in this world, things are normal.
It is time to wake up. This is all an illusion. We hang on to this fake piece of normalcy because if we actually choose to see the truth we would have to do something about it. You would probably miss that program that is so important to you that you have set to record on your precious DVR and yet, you watch it while it is recording anyway. I am about to force feed you a giant serving of truth, and you might not like it.
Brace yourselves; the world is not all what it seems.

Every email address in the United States received this letter. It was untraceable, and mostly disregarded as a hoax. The truth to this letter is more terrifying than any of its readers are willing to admit. For hundreds of years unique people have been born to this earth. Their powers are all over the spectrum. You name something bizarre, there has been someone born who could do it. Many of the miraculous individuals of our past have been part of this special population. Harry Houdini was one of the most well known. He supposedly died of a ruptured appendix; the truth of his disappearance is much more disturbing.


People gain these powers in a variety of ways. Some are born with them, some are learned, and some gain them in accidents. They have been often confused with super heroes, but in reality they are prisoners. People want normalcy, and anything that does not fit the bill is locked away.
Area 0 is a top secret underground government facility. It is here that they house these supernatural beings. They are tested, and there are no rules. Many have died in Area 0’s walls. The testing is harsh, the conditions are inhumane and the people living underneath are ready to rebel at any moment.



This is a modern day role play. All of the characters will either be people with extraordinary powers or a few of them will be agents from Area 0. The role play will start right before the rebellion and the escape. I will allow for a max of ten players. No more than two of these will be agents, aside from the Area head, which will be played by me (only so I can help with story progression.) A few of the “heroes” are encouraged to at some point in the story go “villain” to create protagonists. So it would sort of be a band of “heroes” versus a band of “villains”

Toggle Rules


1. These people are to be extraordinary; they are not to be unstoppable. They need to be well balanced with strengths and weaknesses.
2. Romances are encouraged but if you are going to go any where that is past a PG13 level, I suggest taking it to private messaging.
3. Do not.. I repeat…DO NOT sign up for this roleplay unless you can commit. After the start of the role play I will require at least a daily post. If you cannot give a daily post and do not notify me with a reason within three days I will find a way to get rid of your character. I don’t mean to be hateful or mean about this rule but that seems to be the case with most role plays.
4. If you are fighting another character, (which I greatly assume will happen) do not ever write it in such a way they do not have a chance to defend themselves. Give them a chance to react. On the flip side do not evade everything or counter everything another player throws at you.
5. Most of all please have fun and if you have any ideas or questions please contact me

Character slots

Please contact me via OOC or PM to reserve your character. If I do not think your writing abilities are up to par I will not accept. Or if someone makes a better character for the slot. I don’t mean to pick favorites but I do expect good solid writing from the players. I will be taking one of the extraordinary people as well, but I will wait and see what is needed more heroes or villains. I do not need all slots filled to begin, with at least 4 people of power I will begin the RP.



Area head: Taken by BlondeGamer

Character Skeleton

Miscellaneous: (anything not covered that should be known about this character.)
Background Story:

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