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Jax Moretti

0 · 375 views · located in New York

a character in “Six friends”, as played by Adantas


Jax Moretti


Full Name
Jax Felix Moretti

Nick Names

Dating/roomate girl 3
Brother to girl 2

Video games
Passion fruit
Old movies
Smell of rain
Getting dirty
Manual work
Hard to get girls

Drunken people (sometimes entertaining)
Mindblasting loud music
Greasy food

Quirks and Habits
- He's often pinned the 'joyless' or at least sensible one on the account that he stays sober and tends to watch out for people. He has this little habit of turning into mother hen without actually being all clucky, but some nights he really does worry for his friends.
- Jax clicks and taps and just makes annoying noises when he's bored or nervous. He doesn't even realise he's doing it and it usually isn't until someone tells him to shut up that he does.
- While he's incredibly lax about things since starting his degree and constantly working with old folk he has a tendency to rattle off about a few healthy tips. Not that he preaches a saint-like life but he really can't stand people destroying their bodies.

Take a Labrador for instance, it's protective, loyal and friendly. This is Jax; the lovable Labrador. The kind of sweet guy that every girl wants but realises later that just like a dog he takes some taking care of. He's a down to earth bloke with good humour which makes him very modest indeed. He likes things simple and straightforward with no complications or overly dramatic. In his world he deals with the dying and so he wants to make the mots of life, all these superficial motives that run people nowadays he finds much too sad, so he prefers to keep it real. Go out and have a game of soccer with his mates, play some X-box with the kid next door and most importantly just live with his girlfriend. Nothing is ever perfect but he takes each day as it comes and if there's a problem then he's the guy that doesn't like to keep a lid on it nor blow it out of proportion.

Jax is the kind of guy that doesn't really plan a future but just expects it to be happy. Living in NYC has accustomed him to the rude and rather shallow people, and that's what makes him the patient guy that he is. In that same token, living in New York has also made him very weary of the nastier, darker side and ergo making him very protective, especially of his big sister who's a bit out there. They aren't polar opposites, hey they have a good time when they go out and party but she's still living on the high life like any normal 24 yr old, Jax, well he's happy keeping it clean and safe.

He's still a guy so expect messy and forgetfulness at home but he does try, its just at times he isn't the most talkative and prefers to give one worded answers which can get frustrating. Overall, Jax is just like a casual and pretty relaxed guy but he has his serious moments and when that happens it's usual only when called for, but it's very noticeable. In his serious state it doesn't usually get worse and only in dire times does he actually get angry which is a scary sight indeed.

Having attended the Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing, he now works as a Hospice nurse and enjoys it but may later on try his hand as a paramedic.

Crushes and Relationships
Dating Girl 3


Height: 180cm
Weight: 68kgs
Hair Colour: Chestnut brown
Eye Colour: Green
Skin tone: Not pale but not terribly tanned either
Scars or Tattoos: Does a birthmark count? He has a light streak to the left of the back of his neck. As for scars, he's got a few on his knees from when he fell of his bike. Tattoos aren't really his thing.

Family is everything when it comes to the traditional Italian ways, so it was no surprise that Jax's childhood was filled with love and protection. Being the baby he was given lots of attention so he was always a happy child. Of course, when it came to his sister they had their moments. She was always the flamboyant one, the one who cried and shouted for attention. This created his quieter and more reserved nature. He cared for his sister tenfold and would do anything for her, but more often then not she preferred to stick to her drawings and fashion, leaving him to his own devices. His games always revolved around helping people, if it was playing fire fighter or cops, he was always the good guy saving everyone. Really, it was no surprise to anyone when he wanted to become a nurse.

The family relationship was strong. Jax and his mother would spend hours together talking and being silly, dancing around the room was a fun past time. His father was a very proud and somewhat aloof. Of course, their father would spend time with his children but Jax always saw him as this larger than life grown. He was never really an ambitious child but when it came to his dad making him proud was number one priority. Then a week before his 11th birthday his father passed away. It was a heart-breaking blow to the family and really shook their core. However, throughout the whole process leading up to his fathers death, Jax had promised himself to be strong, that he wanted to do everything he could for his father. Even though it was inevitable right until the very end Jax was there. There wasn't much an 11 yr old boy could do but it didn't matter, he was always their to make his father laugh and smile.

As the years went by and the Moretti family thrived despite the missing presence. They were well set up and both children were able to go to the university they desired. Not the one to stray far from home Jax attended the Hunter-Bellevue School for Nursing. With his fathers death he knew he wanted to work with the dying as he wanted to make their last moments be their most precious and to help their loved ones with their passing away. And the Big Apple is definitely the place for Hospice nurses as it has many wealthy folk who are willing to pay just a little extra than his normal pay which has enabled him to get an apartment in the same building as his sister. That may or may not be such a good idea but it was also where he met his girlfriend, and it means he can keep an eye on his sister.

So begins...

Jax Moretti's Story