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Skaerra: The Unlikely Tale


Credit to Mark Tarrisse at DeviantArt

The city of Seirkent is a sprawling metropolis larger than Khi'ir.
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Seirkent is located further in land away from Syakh.


Seirkent is a part of Syakh.

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Daemon Samil [1] "What is normal to the spider, is chaos to the fly."

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The city of Seirkent boasted some of the finest spires and towers that ever adorned the sands of Syakh. The city flourished as a hub of commerce and trade, but it had seen better days. Asyral’s aggression from the east and the other cities competing for the market on the west led to many of the denizens migrating for the better parts of the desert.

During the crusades, the Imperial army destroyed the entire western portion of the city in a siege. Emperor Loenthil then returned and ordered the reconstruction of the city. Many visitors to the city will often recognize the strange statues that adorn the western gates of the city. The more learned of these travelers will know the influence that the Empire left behind in what some would have considered its golden age.

The city itself soon grew under the reign of Rafha the Magnificent, who built Seirkent into a jewel of the desert beyond the Gyarazi. The entire western section of the city that the Imperials had destroyed became the Western Markets district with its many tents and stalls propped up. A small little two story flat lay nestled at an intersection among the various spice and bread stands that kept a steady stream of visitors and customers coming in and out.

The two story flat belonged to a blind sage by the name of Amara. She appeared to be of D’homani descent reaching her early sixties or perhaps she was older, no one knew. Sages tended not to reveal their true ages, but an outside glance and others would perceive her to be an aging woman. Though, it would also appear that she aged with some level of grace afforded to her through what many could guess to be excellent herbal concoctions that kept her skin gleaming. Her refusal to step outside further protected her delicate skin from the harsh desert wind and sun that almost every Syakh child had grown accustomed to.

She stocked her shelves with a variety of herbs, but those were for personal use instead of selling. Many who lived in the area considered Amara a renowned sage woman, but her reputation only stretched as far as she would allow it. Those who knew her knew that she was renowned for ability to scry. Though, she rarely scryed, and she was very exclusive as to who she would perform her magic for. A stranger bravo swinging into her peaceful abode dropping crowns as though he bled them would not garner her sympathy or her magic. She would have to deem one worthy, but nobody knew what her criteria for worthiness was.

She did hear someone enter as evidence by the sharp creak of the wooden door and the clank of the door knob.

“You don’t look so good,” the blind sage woman nodded to herself, “Though, that’s not to say that I can see, but from what I’m hearing and smelling, I can only assume you don’t look so good. What’s the news today, rogue?”