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Skies Eternal



Table of contents:
-Brief History( A detailed and more expansive History is on the way. Hopefully to give you guys an even better image of the world i'm trying to create.)
-The Skycities
-The Four Winds
-The People of the Sky.
-The Politics
-The Technology
-The Factions
-The Story
---Character Creation
(It is ok if you did not participate in the Gunship role plays, all new players are welcome.This Roleplay will take place two years after the events of Gunship. This is a partial revamp of the world.)


About three thousand years ago a cataclysmic event known as Earthfall caused the destruction of the world. The earth began to shatter into pieces and the air became thick with miasma, both poisonous and corrosive it brought illness and death to anything it touched. Frightened of their impending doom the people of the earth looked to their greatest minds for salvation.

A year later a professor named Alexander Belmont, brought forward blue prints for massive ships that would carry the people to safety. The ships would float to the sky above the reach of the deadly poison. There they would wait out the suffering, wait for the earth to become pure again so that they could return to their beloved homeland. At first people were skeptical, and rejected his idea. After many trial and error experiments he finally succeeded in creating a functioning model. He took the model to his country leaders who provided funding for the project and allowed for him to build a fully functional life size ship. People were amazed by his scientific genius and adopted his idea as their best chance of survival.

The ships were built, but many were already dead from the poison. Sacrifices were made and thousands stayed behind, some by free will others through necessity. As the ships rose, one by one they watched as the world they once knew fell away before them. The miasma created thick clouds that enveloped the earth. The clouds grew on top of each other, creating a thick shield that prevented the miasma from reaching the ships. The world below could no longer be seen.

Many years passed and the ships prepared to return home, but before they made their journey they were greeted by a strange sign. Floating rock islands that carried parts of cities and towns, or parts of forest or mountains, rose up from beneath the clouds. It was an ominous sign for all who witnessed it. The captains and political leaders from all the ships held a meeting to discuss the significance of this event. Scientists discovered impossibly strong magnetic forces emanating from the islands. They could not explain how it happened, but now they truly believed that there would be no return to their previous home.

After the meeting people began to gather what they could from these islands. They added to the ships combining them together, creating cities, carriers of civilization which hovered above the surface of the adequately named Cloudsea. The cities took on specific roles, whether they were farming colonies that grew food for the cities, housing and urban cities meant to house as many people as possible, or military colonies to train the protective forces of the sky cities. They became a new people, created allegiances, new governments, a new world. Novus-Terra.

For several thousand years now the cities have grown, created new inventions like robots meant to serve many purposes, as well as building many smaller sky-ships resembling the size and shape of their previous boats. The world went on a steady climb of prosperity for a while, but the longer things dragged on the worse things became.

Now cities are covered in grime, populations are so high that resources are a major issue, and crime is becoming rampant and common.
The cities are experiencing many problems, and have no solution for how to solve them. The prosperity age of the sky-cities is faded.
What will become of the world?

Synopsis of the World

The world of Novus-Terra, is a world in the sky. The people of the world escaped a deadly and corrosive air that began to cover the world by fleeing to the sky. After learning that they might never get to return home, the ship inhabitants reformed their thoughts and decided to begin a new life in the sky. They recovered scraps and debris, that floated up to the sky due to a strange magnetic force. The additions to the ships became so large that multiple ships came together and became cities.

The world exist purely in the sky, no land except for the floating islands where most of the resources that created the sky-cities came from. Several centuries later the world faces a time period filled with struggle. Governments have become monarchies, and have strong segregation of the classes. The resources that they relied on are becoming scarce and conflict is beginning between sky-cities.

Pirates are attacking merchant ships and supply frigates, taking whatever they can to ensure their own survival. The population of the cities has become very high, and living conditions have become very poor. A few cities have fallen below the clouds, and an influx of wanderers (people with no permanent residence in one city), has created crime within the cities.

Not to mention one of the two original races that came to the skies is dying out. Elves, who faces extreme prejudice and are often traded as slaves, are becoming few and far between.

The Skycities

Many sky cities have become corrupt favoring the strong and leaving little to the weak. They come in many different shapes The cities have been separated into three different social districts.

Noble District

The Noble District is populated by High ranking military officers, political leaders, highly regarded scholars and the wealthy. It is by far the smallest district and usually exists at the very top of the sky cities. They have the purest and cleanest water, the cleanest air and the most living space, but few people ever get to live in this district.

In depth with the Noble district. Within the noble district everything you know about struggle vanishes. The streets are filled with happy smiling faces, all the people that live here are completely separated from the ills of the world. Living in beautiful houses which show architecture that is much more refined than the rest of the city. The noble district is the newest add on to any city. Often in capital cities the noble district is home to a palace for the royal family who is in charge of the city and all smaller cities within their jurisdiction. It is very hard to get to live in the noble district but it is not impossible. The border between the noble district and the central district is often referred to as Hightown.

Central District

The Central District is the largest of the three and is composed of many parts, the most important being the docks where ships come and go. The socond is the commercial section filled with large trading centers, hospitals, schools, military barracks, and recreational facilities. And the last is the housing sector which lies just above many of the shops, often just beginning on the third or fourth floors of building. This is as close as you get to standard city life.

In depth with the Central district. This part of the city has a mixture of new and old architecture, and often times can be described as the Noble district with much more wear and tear. This part of the city can be beautiful but unlike the ND it has multiple quirks. The living spaces are much smaller, and the cost for living can be a bit pricey some times. The streets are busier than any other part of the city and have the most diversity of people. This section is also home to the docks, where sky ships come and go. Some of these building are very old and were originally added onto a city after the Sky Council decided there would be no return to their home world and began preparing for a life among the clouds.

Lower District

The Lower district is the second largest but nowhere near as big as the central district. Because of the shape of sky cities the lower district receives less light than the others, creating a dark and gloomy appearance, and making the difference between day and night seem like nothing. This section is mostly populated by the poor, and the people who run maintenance of the city. The living conditions are severely affected by all the machinery that keeps the city functioning, in some cases the factories in which weapons and ships are built. The high crime rates, and risk of pirate attacks make it a dangerous place to travel at any time of day. Being the lowest level all the water they get has already been recycled from the above districts and is rarely clean. It is often referred to as the Undercity.

In depth with the Lower district. Not necessarily everyone that lives here has it rough, it’s just that the undercity has the worst living conditions. Inventors and engineers often make a lot of money but are required to live here for safety. This section is more susceptible to attacks because of its proximity to the clouds, from where sky pirates attack in cloud submarines.

The Four Winds

The Winds are the names of the continents and countries of the Cloudsea. They refer to the large group of Sky-Cities that travel together on the same wind current. The four Main continents are;

The Northern Wind- The largest and most militarized continent. A few decades ago the Northern Wind tried to take control of the other winds. They launched a war campaign that lasted over twenty years. The northern Wind launched an attack because it could not peacefully unify the sky. The leaders had claimed that the sky should be unified and that it should not be composed of individual monarchies. The people of the sky proved to be less forth giving to a new form of government. Their superior technology forced the other winds to fight together to ward off the attackers. They are now isolated from the other continents and live a life of seclusion, hidden behind their constantly patrolled borders. Their capital city is called Nordsvein.

The northern Wind launched an attack because it could not peacefully unify the sky. The leaders had claimed that the sky should be unified and that it should not be composed of individual monarchies. The people of the sky proved to be less forth giving to a new form of government.

::Cities of the North::

Galera- A city close to the borders, Contains a black market which secretly trades with other nations.

Ciel'caela- This is a free elven city, one of the very few in the entire Cloudsea and by far the largest. Ciel'caela is rich in elven culture, immersing itself within ancient traditions. The people are very united and happy.

The Southern Wind—The south wind is the most ravaged by pirate attacks. The people of the southern wind have a strong sense of unity and brotherhood; they have a very small difference between their social casts and have by far the least segregation. They are composed of much smaller sky-cities that float near each other instead of very large independent ones. This continent is home to small floating islands that have plenty of water. They are the only wind that receives snow more than just during winter. Their capitol is named Sadrael.

The SW is home to many beautiful floating islands, although frozen and covered in snow. The SW often experiences storms that are more blizzards than rain and lightning, by far the most difficult nation to live in, because of that it is also home to some of the toughest sailors and traders you will ever come across. If you meet someone who seems too bad ass for their own good, there’s a good chance they were raised in the southern wind.

::Cities of the South::

Skala- Home to the military force of the sW, the men and women known as the Dragonlance. They are strong and devoted warriors, when they charge into battle their strength and endurance inspires both admiration and fear.

Invar- The city is coated with ice and snow. The people that live in this city are there mostly through stubbornness. This cities biggest import is clean water, which is made in their special purification water plant.

Skypeak*(NEW)- Lies surrounded by several floating islands. This sky city is built into the side of a large floating island, it is one of the few cities across the sky that are built that way.

The Eastern Wind- Holds the largest population of citizens. They are the most culturally diverse nation and are the second strongest military power besides the north. They also have the most well-kept sky cities. The east wind is also home to the most academies and research institutes. The cities of the east have very large noble districts. The east has little patience for lawbreakers and many of it's laws are enforced somewhat forcefully upon the citizens. The capitol is Eiregard.

For now the east wind is the least bothered by troubles. Although unknown to the common man the East Wind is actually the base of operation for several rebellious organizations which often manipulate the political and military issues in their favor.

::Cities of the East::

Anatole: The city in which the Red Reaper Riots began. It is the shame of the east, a city full of dirt and sin. No longer under the control of Eiregard the city is home to many wanderers and pirates. It is one of the most well know cities responsible for slave trading.

Edelai: A quaint little city, composed of three different universities. There is only the central district and the lower district here. Many young ones from all over the sky hope to attend one of these universities, for graduating from any of the three is almost a surefire way to live in a noble district.

Dresh: A simple city, its is mostly know for it's massive docks. It's perfect location makes it a perfect halfway point for many traders, travelers and soldiers alike.

Eastcloud*(NEW): A beautiful a bustling city with wide streets and plenty of room to run and play. Eastcloud is known for it's gorgeous architecture and healthy living space. This is a prototype city that is propelled by experimental technologies which are making the air, and water much cleaner for it's citizens.

The Western Wind: Is the most agriculturally developed wind. The cities are often connected to several floating islands upon which they grow crops and raise animals. They also hold the smallest population and army, but are a major trading superpower. Has an abundant population of elves, though very few are free and discrimination is very strong in this section of the sky. Their capital city is Weishowe

One thing the west wind is also know for is the bountiful amount of artists and musicians. If you own a painting there's about a fifty percent chance that it's creator is from the west.

::Cities of the West::

Breluma: A city full of beauty and art, a classic vacation spot for many this city is simply one large Noble district. The city itself is very new, and almost every part of it was created and designed by the very artists that inhabit it.

Lis: Not really much of a city, Lis is actually just a radio station that exists upon a small flying Building. No one has ever seen or met the infamous "Shouter" the stations controversial Dj, who spews on and on about damn near every conspiracy you could think of in between songs.

Wingstead*(NEW): Home of the famous Lancer stadium, where people gather from around the sky to watch the dangerous and exiting Cloudrider races. Cloudriders are popular all over the sky, but Wigstead created the sport.

The People of the Sky


I'm sure I don't have to tell you much about humans. They make up the vast majority of the skies population.

Born with limitless opportunity Humans are the most diverse race of them all, coming in all shapes, sizes and colors. Their vast numbers and many differences cause rifts among certain factions. Humans see themselves as the superior race.

The Elves

Elves are just slightly shorter than most humans, their skin is always slightly tan, and their ears are pointed. Their hair is more than oftena shade of blond or a light brown. Another distinguishing feature among elves is found very rarely, but sometimes an elf will have a differently colored strand of hair, often a dark brown shade. It is a symbol of a royal bloodline and those elves who still honor the old ways usually pay great respect to those who have one.

As stated before the elves are a scarce and dying race. Their history is lined with prejudice and discrimination. Treated as inferior to humans, they have been the victims of many crimes and cruel punishment. Although in certain parts of the sky discrimination is not as strong and with enough work and dedication any elven citizen can actually earn a decent living and even attain respect a midst the people of the sky.

Many Elves use their fabled intellect to work in the fields of science and machinery. Some even becoming wealthy inventors and highly regarded scholars, although the chances of that are very, very slim. In reality many of them are slaves, fated to work in servitude for the rest of their life. Either as servants or most often mechanics that work in the horrible conditions in the lower district.

Elves that want to avoid being enslaved, and hope to someday earn an honest living, must apply and pay for Freedom Checks, which are documents that state that they are free citizens and are allowed the rights of any human, although discrimination usually prevents them from being able to have the same accommodations as a human; They are also quite expensive.

Elves as a form of tradition tattoo themselves with a family seal, the tattoos are a different color individual to the sky-city they are born in. Sometimes they are small and simple, sometimes they are large and extravagant. The tattoo is a symbol of the unity of the elves, for they know their lives will be full of pain.


Human relationships with elves are looked down upon so cross species partnerships are rare. Halfbloods can find it even harder to live than elves, because of their human blood they cannot be enslaved but it is hard for them to find any social acceptance. There are many Halfbloods found among the military sectors of many skycities. They are often abandoned by their parents, and then recruited into the military.

The Robots

Discovered only about 150 years ago, robots have come a long ways. They are well developed enough to have independent personalities and have become very "human" because of it. Although not everyone enjoys a tool that has a mind of it's own. So there have been numerous petitions to outlaw the free will of machines. Robots that are outdated can find themselves living of scrap pieces of metal and recycled oil found in the gutters of the Undercity.

The Politics

Over the course of time the governments have developed into hierarchical monarchies.
The four winds have several different kingdoms that exist within them. All of which are ruled over or protected by the capitol city. Each kingdom can have varying rules from the capitol, so long as they remain loyal and follow a set list of "Supreme Laws" that must always be followed.

Although they are monarchies the king does not have to be of the same bloodline, but simply of Noble descent. Which means your family must have existed within the noble district for at least two generations.


The technology of this world is a mixture of fantasy, steam punk. and a bit of newer technologies. Here are some examples.

Mechanical Arms-Over the course of time mechanical, clockwork prosthetics have been created, these false limbs give the owner full use of whatever body part they may have lost.

Music throughout the sky-The radio is actually a fairly new invention. It is well appreciated by many people.

How we fly-Most of the sky cities have learned to use the strange magnetic pulses that emanate from beneath the clouds to stay "afloat" just above the Cloudsea.
Airships use the same function

What is a com.. computer?- Although technology has advanced enough for us to have created robots, the progression was never directed towards personalized computers.

Let there be light- Most electronically powered devices are fueled by batteries, which come in three sizes medium, large and very large. The power held within these batteries is created by generators in the lower district. More often than not though, the electricity is farmed by Storm Hunters who sail into thunder storms
in order to capture the electricity of lightning.

Advanced Weaponry- Simple weapons modified by technology can be very powerful. A sword charged with electricity can be deadly even if it slightly cuts your foes. Want to make sure Your opponents cannot heal from their wounds? Use incendiary bullets. If your enemy if not of living flesh try one of the experimental plasma rifles and send that metallic hunk of junk back to the scrap heap. Remember though there are dangers and risks that come with use of these technologies, don't go blaming some one else for electrocuting yourself.


The Daedalus(*)

Never before have there been men or women with a truer sense of adventure.

The crew of the fabled Daedalus, is know all over the skies for their wild adventures. Originally funded by the Easter Wind military the ship broke away and became a ship of well weathered travelers that aid anyone who needs help. Most recently they have been seen combating against the Men of Red Cloth. Despite the small size of the group each member is quite lethal in combat.Most of the crew has disbanded but their bonds are still as strong as ever.

The Solaris Knights

Founded in years of tradition, loyalty, and honor, the Solaris Knights are the elite force of the Eastern wind.

They are chosen for heroic deeds and incredible displays of skill. Knights undergo rigorous training regimens to achieve full knighthood and enter the ranks of the true Elite. They are easily picked out from a crowd by silver or black cloaks with a golden sun embroidered into the fabric, and by their swords. Their blades are crafted from some of the rarest and most durable metal found in the skies. The blades are modified with advanced technologies that grant them special qualities no other blades posses.

The Dragonlance

Trained from birth these hardened warriors are as dangerous as they come.

The Dragons are elite warriors trained to use their bodies as a living weapon. By taking a special drug known only to their order they become stronger and hardier than any soldier in the skies. Fortunately they are mostly peaceful members of the Southern wind. That doesn't mean that a few of them haven't lost their way and become pirates though.

The Hidden

A secretive alliance of criminals and dealers.

The Hidden are the only real criminal organization in the skies with actual power. They have friends in high places despite the fact that they only exist in the low.
The Red Reaper Riot's refer to the violent suppression of their most traded substance a drug know as Om. The red substance was incredibly addictive and very poisonous, many people were killed by it, and when the governments decided to ban it's use many of the addicts and several trading companies fought back in rebellion. This resulted i a series of embargoes and sit ins which stopped trade almost entirely. In the end Om was still outlawed. But the hidden still manage to deal the drug without being noticed.

The Men of Red Cloth (*)

Their white and featureless masks inspire fear and curiosity.

These mysterious agents are responsible for recent terrorist attacks on sky cities. They dress in dark leathers, the only color is on a long piece of crimson cloth that they wrap around their waist, up round their neck like a scarf, and then over their heads to make a hood. They are very well trained in combat, and are even better at escaping from pursuers. They prefer death over being captured. They are often seen as the people responsible for the red reaper riots but when investigations ceased there was no evidence that linked the two organizations.. Their origins are unknown. Their purpose unknown.

The Azure Blades

Their swords held high above their heads, these bloodthirsty raiders are feared through out the skies

The Azure Blade pirates live aboard a giant vessel named Calamity. This one of a kind vessel moves just below the cloud cover. Completely hidden from peering eyes their captain leader, and ex Dragonlance known by the name of Chanders terrorizes the skies without opposition. They make up most of the pirates in the sky, and are always assimilating smaller bands of raiders into their legion, usually by force.


With no place to call their own, these travelers have claimed the sky as their home.

Wanderers are pirates of sorts, but not the kind you would first imagine. They simply have no city to call their own and live aboard flying carriers. They are smart and cunning and make a living selling and trading various goods from city to city. Although not all the goods they trade originally belonged to them.

Storm Hunters

"No prey is more elusive than a ray of light."

They ride into the storm aboard their unique ships, ready to risk life and limb in order to bring in a good haul of lightning. Very few Hunters ever stay with the job for more than a few years, and even fewer come out unscathed. Fortunately those who succeed are very well rewarded.

The Brotherhood

If you got the coin their loyalty is yours to do with as you please

An organization of mercenaries that do just about anything. Normal mercenaries are hired for the jobs that they choose, but the Brothers are assigned their work in order to provide balance. Their jobs can vary anywhere from watching over a child to protecting a trade caravan from pirates, fixing broken machines, filling in for a worker, leading a suicide mission against a raider colony, to some things I'd really not like to mention. These guys are strong fighters, but they usually posses many more abilities than just fighting.

The Windwalkers

Your mail has never been delivered quite this way before.

A private organization created by elves. These skilled couriers will not only deliver your package in a swift and timeley manner, but they will do their very best at keeping it safe as well. To call what they do running is a severe understatement. These couriers are trained with impressive acrobatic skills, and some basic martial arts, all for the purpose of delivering their package without failure.

(* Only available by request or to those who where in the Gunship roleplays.)

The Story

You are a citizen of the sky. You can be from anywhere you want to be, any social class you want to be, and any race you want to be. You can even belong to one of the factions listed above.

For whatever reason you have been chosen by fate. An adventure begins when you arrive at the city of Dresh, a medium sized port city which is a resting point for many ships. Whatever it may have been that sent you here, will no longer matter when the city is taken over by a group of strange men and all means of escape are cut off. Will you be able to free this city? Or fall victim to the plans of the strange organization.

Character Creation


Name: (full name)
(Nickname:if applicable)
Race: Human/Elven/Halfblood/Robot
(Faction: if aplicable)

(picture here) They are appreciated, but by no means necessary.

Eyes: (Color)
Hair: (Color quick description)
Skin: (Color and Complexion)

Physical description: If needed please describe your character's physical appearance here, things like scars, missing limbs, tatoos and any other thing related to their body go here. Body build, skinny or fat, things like that.





Personality description:How does your character behave and interact with the people around them.(can be brief or detailed doesn't matter too much, as it will come out naturally in the rp)


Title: This is your character's current profession, the following titles will determine what stats are given bonuses.
(If you create you own title you area allowed a maximum of 5 points to boost your stats with.)

::General Titles::

Mercenary: +2 Strength, +2 Agility

Scholar: +2 Intellect, +2 Spirit

Adventurer: +1 to all

Pirate: +3 strength, +1 Spirit

::Specialized Titles::

Solaris Knight: +3 Intellect, +1 Agility

Dragon: +6 Strength, -2 Intellect

Storm Hunter: +1 Agility, +3 Spirit

Blade: +3 Agility, +1 Strength

Wanderer: +2 Spirit, +1 Intellect ,+1 Strength

Courier: +4 Agility

Experience:(These are Your characters parameters, the things that they can do should be based of of these stats. The number you have is based on your age.
You get 2 points for every year from 10 to 20, and one point for every year over 20. This is here to give us an idea of how well rounded or specialized your character is, and hey stat systems are kind of fun right?)

Strength:(Your physical power and how much you can handle physically. Determines the weight of objects you can move around and how many hits you could take in a fight.)

Agility:(Your stamina and speed. How long can you last in a fight? The higher this stat the more energy you have when performing any action.)

Intellect:(How much you know about the world and technology. Determines your character's ability to understand and learn new things. It also determines how well you can handle yourself around machinery.)

Spirit:(Your mental health and determination, those who have high spirit are often stubborn but almost always get what they want if they want it badly enough. This stat also determines how your character will relate to a secret that will be revealed further in the story.)

****For the robot 's, since robots are built with natural abilities rather being taught, the little experience they get comes from how long ago they were built, howeverthey only receive 1 point for every year alive. Fortunately every robot gets a minimum of 10 points simply for being made. Unfortunately, robots unlike humans are not able to put points into spirit.

Instead replace the spirit stat with:

Mechanics:(For robots the hardware is all that matters. This stat resembles the quality workmanship and advancement of your robot. Can your robot function in harsh enviroments? Does it require very little power? Or, is it outdated and in constant need for repair? The higher this stat goes the more things your mechanical human can withstand.)

(Try and balance your stats a little, and avoid having two dimensional characters who only know how to swing a sword.)

Weapons: (List the weapons your character uses. If they use them.)

Clothing/Armor: (Describe what your character wears.)

Tools: (Any extra or unique equipment goes here.)


Past:(Describe who you were and what happened to you in the past.)
Present:((Optional)Describe your most current events and what you do.)

Background Info:(Optional) any history that regards achievements worth being noticed, or any extra tidbits about yourself. Got family? A buisiness? Friends that you no longer have? Have you been all around the world?

Toggle Rules

1. First of all no Godmodding as always.

2. Keep it somewhere between PG-13 and R, just the right amount of mature content without it becoming tasteless. Which means no explicitly sexual content or overuse of blood and gore.

3.Semi-lit, I want at least two well written paragraphs per post, less only in special occasions which i hope don't happen too often.

4. Open story line. Most of what happens is based on how you react to the plot point we eventually reach in the Rp, there are various plot points that we absolutely will hit, but it doesn't mean that we wont approach it from a completely unique direction.

5. Use common sense, if you are truly confused about a certain aspect of the world please ask first.

6. Be nice and respect other players.

7.I'm not going to ask you to put anything special in your character profiles so I know you read the rules. I have faith that you wont submit your character without reading them first.

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#, as written by utahann
Victoria's heart raced under her determined expression as the old wooden door creaked open revealing...nothing? A few seconds passed and the mechanical woman allowed herself a sigh of relief.Still she practically jumped when a loud voice came out of a red radio announcing the news.It revealed that one of those things had been killed and Angel,Ed,probably Lara and another brotherhood member managed to at least put a fight against one.She smiled,Angel could probably hold her against anyone or thing. After the story about the bar fight and lost eye resulted in the screaming and crying of children,the channel was switched to the Adventures of ..."Captain Ithaca! No one touch that dial!",she exclaimed.He was fighting the minions of the Blood Mask again.

She awoke in the morning as the orange light of dawn peered through the small windows,she usually did not get up this early and decided to blame it on the events of the night before.Victoria noticed there was talk of whether to send search parties or for everyone to take the next available means of transportation and leave the city,the talk turned into an argument and the group started to split up.Victoria used her paste to fill in her wounds,changed into a shirt and pants and left in search of her friends as well as oil.

(OOC:Sorry this is all I could think of)


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#, as written by Zentose
The Artemis sped through the blizzard as fast as she could go. Jenna and Vas’la had lifted Jacob up and set him down by the railing, Vas’la gave him a large coat and Jenna inspected his wounds.
“Vas’la…” Jacob began, breathing heavily, “Get… get her going faster…”
“Yes sir,” Vas’la said, rushing down the hatch towards the engine room.
“Now we need to get you working,” Jenna said, grinning slightly. She injected him with something, then unbuttoned his shirt, to see multiple large bruises on his chest, “Looks like some broken ribs…”
“Jury-rig me and get me to my cabin…” Jacob said, trying to get up.
“Fine,” Jenna said, taking out some bandages and gauze. She wrapped up his chest and lifted him up, he was clearly in pain, but he tried to hide it.
He slowly went down the ladder, followed by Jenna, who then helped him to his room.
An explosion rocked the ship, Jacob and Jenna looked through the large stern window in Jacob’s room, and there was a gigantic wave of blue flame off in the distance, the plasma core’s explosion…
“She got us out, safe and sound…” Jacob said, looking out the window.
“She always will…” Jenna said, grabbing his jaw with her cold hands. She moved it towards her, and he opened his mouth, “Missing three molars…”
Jacob looked into Jenna’s pale eyes, lifeless, dead, then said, “What do you see?”
Jenna looked back inquisitively. “What do you mean?”
“I mean what do you see with those robotic eyes…?”
Jenna let go of his jaw and slowly stood up from the bed, “I see what you see, only better.”
Jacob lied down and looked up at his ceiling, “What do you mean better?”
“I mean I see images clearer, I can pinpoint details better, and I can sort the information better.”
Jacob reached into his pocket and pulled out his trophy, the man with the spectacles’ eye, “What if a human were to be given an eye like yours, but only one?”
“I have subroutines to sort through my information, plus my information is sent directly to my hard drive, whereas humans see upside down and their ocular circuitry is crisscrossed… So without some sort of a cortical implant the sight from the one eye would interfere with the sight from the mechanical one and the entire brain would shut down. Of course if one had a great surgeon and an eye that is not too powerful, meaning that it can see pretty much the same as a human’s, then it would be fine, why do you ask?” She turned around and saw the mechanical eye.
“I fought a cyborg with one mechanical eye, this one, and a biological one…”
“Let me see that,” Jacob tossed the eye to Jenna, she caught it and began studying it.
“This is amazing, how could anyone create this?” she stated, dumfounded, “this eye is more powerful than mine, which means the user would need a cortical implant…”
“You're usually good at sounding human, but not right there,” Jacob said, holding in a smile.
“I could never optimize my bedside manner,” Jenna said, looking at Jacob with a smirk, “I much prefer your company, you do not have that compulsive need of humans to be friendly all the time, or have the need for small talk or pleasantries”
“Don’t go saying that around the rest of the crew, okay?”
“Yes sir…” She said, returning to his bed to continue his treatment.

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Character Portrait: Shi Huang
Shi Huang

Silent and deadly, a mercenary on the Daedelus.

Character Portrait: Fabio & Maximilian Penway
Fabio & Maximilian Penway

A pair of downtrodden, homeless young boys. What they lack in knowledge of the world, they make up for with childish innocence, and high spirits.

Character Portrait: Rikki Aurora Muse
Rikki Aurora Muse

A quirky young doc with a knack for small blades.

Character Portrait: Gregson Aldridge
Gregson Aldridge

Me? I am but a humble soldier of fortune, you couldn't possibly know me. Perhaps you are thinking of my father..."

Character Portrait: Lucas McClay
Lucas McClay

Thief, con artist, but otherwise a nice guy.

Character Portrait: Adam Reid
Adam Reid

A robot who's more than just lights and clockwork

Character Portrait: Da'shyll vas Malaren
Da'shyll vas Malaren

"What, you want my opinion? What do you want that to be?"

Character Portrait: Angel Flare
Angel Flare

The Daedalus' sharp-eyed lookout

Character Portrait: Victoria Elizabeth Bellamy
Victoria Elizabeth Bellamy

No man has any natural authority over his fellow men. -Rousseau

Character Portrait: Cassandra Sawyer
Cassandra Sawyer

Feisty, adventurous, bossy.


Character Portrait: Adam Reid
Adam Reid

A robot who's more than just lights and clockwork

Character Portrait: Victoria Elizabeth Bellamy
Victoria Elizabeth Bellamy

No man has any natural authority over his fellow men. -Rousseau

Character Portrait: Gregson Aldridge
Gregson Aldridge

Me? I am but a humble soldier of fortune, you couldn't possibly know me. Perhaps you are thinking of my father..."

Character Portrait: Shi Huang
Shi Huang

Silent and deadly, a mercenary on the Daedelus.

Character Portrait: Rikki Aurora Muse
Rikki Aurora Muse

A quirky young doc with a knack for small blades.

Character Portrait: Da'shyll vas Malaren
Da'shyll vas Malaren

"What, you want my opinion? What do you want that to be?"

Character Portrait: Cassandra Sawyer
Cassandra Sawyer

Feisty, adventurous, bossy.

Character Portrait: Fabio & Maximilian Penway
Fabio & Maximilian Penway

A pair of downtrodden, homeless young boys. What they lack in knowledge of the world, they make up for with childish innocence, and high spirits.

Character Portrait: Las' Edwin d'Altaria
Las' Edwin d'Altaria

A kind courier, with a missing past.

Character Portrait: Galadi Fhrochelt
Galadi Fhrochelt

"Oh, I'm so very sorry. I suppose I'll go and give aaaalllll this money back to it's owner, then. I'm sure that will go over so very swimingly."

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Character Portrait: Adam Reid
Adam Reid

A robot who's more than just lights and clockwork

Character Portrait: Las' Edwin d'Altaria
Las' Edwin d'Altaria

A kind courier, with a missing past.

Character Portrait: Gregson Aldridge
Gregson Aldridge

Me? I am but a humble soldier of fortune, you couldn't possibly know me. Perhaps you are thinking of my father..."

Character Portrait: Rikki Aurora Muse
Rikki Aurora Muse

A quirky young doc with a knack for small blades.

Character Portrait: Angel Flare
Angel Flare

The Daedalus' sharp-eyed lookout

Character Portrait: Da'shyll vas Malaren
Da'shyll vas Malaren

"What, you want my opinion? What do you want that to be?"

Character Portrait: Cassandra Sawyer
Cassandra Sawyer

Feisty, adventurous, bossy.

Character Portrait: Victoria Elizabeth Bellamy
Victoria Elizabeth Bellamy

No man has any natural authority over his fellow men. -Rousseau

Character Portrait: Fabio & Maximilian Penway
Fabio & Maximilian Penway

A pair of downtrodden, homeless young boys. What they lack in knowledge of the world, they make up for with childish innocence, and high spirits.

Character Portrait: Shi Huang
Shi Huang

Silent and deadly, a mercenary on the Daedelus.

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