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Las' Edwin d'Altaria

A kind courier, with a missing past.

0 · 190 views · located in Novus-Terra

a character in “Skies Eternal”, as played by Ark Reahver


Name: Las' Edwin d'Altaria
Age: 20
Race: Elven
Faction: Windrunner


Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde with a dark brown strand of hair.
Skin: Lightly tan
Build:Lean and muscular.

Physical description: As a courier he has been wounded a few times and has the scars to show it, though most of them are not visible. His Face is tattooed in a traditional elven manner, and he also bears the tattoo of his birth city, Altaria on his back.


Likes: Elves, daylight, mornings, cake, travelers, kids, dancers, musicians, markets, the Solaris Knights.

Dislikes: Drunks, the cold, storms, slavers, pirates, the Dragonlance, the Hidden

Fears: Mostly he fears being enslaved, despite the fact that he owns a Freedom Check, there are many pirates who find a way to trade Elves regardless of whether they are free or not.

Personality description:Edwin is a bit shy and becomes embarrassed easily, but he can be very charming and charismatic when he warms up to people. He is smart and polite, and can always contribute something to a conversation. Edwin becomes restless quite easily and is always moving. He is quick to offer a helping hand to those in need, and is especially charitable towards others of elven blood.



Title:Elite Courier

Experience: 20 (+4 Agility, +1 spirit)


Agility:8 (4 + 4)


Spirit:7 (6+1)

Weapons: Carries an expandable quarterstaff, but he is most productive with his bare hands. He also has some small training with guns.

Clothing/Armor: He usually wears the traditional robes of the Windwalkers. His uniform is colored red to signify that he is from the East, and the two golden shoulder pads state that he is a senior courier with plenty of experience.

Tools: Two small knives are tucked away in his armor for when the need to use them arises.



Past: His first memory is the sadness he felt when he became lost, the city of Anatole was in chaos as the Red Reaper Riots. Shortly after the riots he fell into the care of a wandering adventurer named Selaya. She treated Edwin like a younger brother and taught him many things. She was the teacher of survival. She showed him that in order to survive, he should never give up. Eventually the embargo from Anatole was lifted and people began leaving the city, Selaya went with them, leaving only a note as a goodbye.

Edwin decides to try and go after her. He boards a vessel that would have taken him to the western wind capital of Weishowe. He had hoped that he could find Selaya in the west but unfortunately his plans were disrupted when the ship came under attack. Within the chaos Edwin was taken board the pirate vessel. The pirates took a liking to him and decided not to kill him unlike a few elves and humans who they had no use for after taking their valuables; instead he was sold into slavery.

Within this period of time Edwin learned the differences of good and evil, his teacher was the man who owned him. A kind a responsible man Mr. Drake had Edwin learn to work and earn an honest living as his servant. He treated him and all his other servants with care and compassion. His son on the other hand treated elves cruelly and harshly, much like the rest of the wealthy citizens in the city. Edwin learned a great deal about the world from Mr. Drake, he learned about the politics and the economic system of the sky. He was taught how to read not only common text but a little of the ‘Old Language’ as well.

While in service or the Drakes, Edwin befriended a young Elven woman named Maia. She was young and beautiful and had apparently been with the drakes since she was a little girl. The son of Mr. Drake, had also taken a liking to her as well in one of his drunken episodes, and tried to force himself upon her. She fought back against him, which made the young man furious and resulted in her murder. Edwin witnessed the murder and was almost killed himself, but the son gave him a chance to live.
Edwin would be blamed for the murder of Maia, and be sentenced to death himself. His entire future was ripped away from him, under the care of Mr. Drake Edwin would have become a scholar or business man. Unfortunately, the world had other plans for him. He hid in the undercity where the law rarely traveled.

He fled from the city narrowly escaping from the city guards after Mr. Drake’s son had tipped them off. He managed to stow away on a ship that was bound for Eiregard the capital city of the east wind.

At this point Edwin suffered some severe memory loss and has forgotten the events of the last two years.

Present: Edwin awakes in a transport vessel with little recollection of who he was. As the ship drew closer and closer to it's destination he slowly regained his memory. By the time he had arrived he had remembered everything except for the last two years of his life.

Upon arrival Edwin was greeted by all the beautiful sights of the city. One of which was a young and spirited Elven girl named Wynn. Who had accidentally mistaken his bag for a package she had to deliver. After realizing this Edwin gave chase, Wynn believing that he was trying to steal the package for himself tried to outrun him. Edwin persisted and kept pace though it was very difficult. Eventually he caught up to her, frightened she struck him over the head with his bag. Knocking him unconscious, she then realized that she had taken his bag and took him to her home.
Edwin woke inside Wynn’s humble abode, which was also home to a few of her family members.

After telling them his story without exposing the fact that he was a wanted criminal in the west, Wynn’s family welcomed him in with open arms. They got him a job at the post office that they worked in. He worked in the mailroom for a few months before he became tired of his position. He asked Wynn’s father Aldo if he could become a courier like his daughter. After several days of rigorous training Edwin underwent the qualification test for becoming a Windwalker. He failed miserably. Crushed his disappointing loss Edwin was about ready to give up. While wandering the streets of Eiregard he came across Selaya once more. The two swapped stories and shared some laughs. Edwin was reminded by his mentor that giving up was never an option. They shared another farewell that night, but this time there was no note, just a smile.

Edwin kept working in the mailroom during the day and trained during the night. After a month he challenged the course once more, but failed yet again. Confused about where he went wrong he began to watch the other couriers. Wynn asked him to join her on one of her runs, While he followed close behind her he never seemed to be able to catch up to her. It felt like she knew the rooftops and skyway’s like the back of her hand. The two of them began practicing together from that day onward.

The third time Edwin challenged the course he passed with flying colors outrunning even Wynn in the test. After finishing they asked how it was that he became so good. Edwin replied by explaining that running had become something special to him, stating that it was the purest form of freedom he had ever managed to feel, and that Wynn had taught him that. After becoming a courier Edwin rose quickly through the ranks with Wynn close behind. After some time Edwin was recruited into the elite section of the couriers charged with delivering top priority packages for businessmen and military officers, and even the royal family itself. Edwin received combat training from Wynn’s brother who was in the military in order to better protect him and the packages he would be delivering.

His most current assignment have him carrying out a monetary transaction between two wealthy businessmen, who wanted to avoid taxes.

Background Info: High Ranking Windwalker, has traveled to almost every city in the East Wind, is a wanted criminal in the West Wind.

So begins...

Las' Edwin d'Altaria's Story