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Skin to Fur: A New World?

Skin to Fur: A New World?


Humans have slowly been developing fur, from specific types of animals. Some have ears of an animal, and others have fully transformed. A group of humans want to hunt down and kill these species.

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Slowly, humans have started to get fur patches around their body when they're born. After a couple of years or so, scientists have come to find out that some children have small ears at the top of their skulls: small, cat ears or dog ears! People are starting to fear that their child may have that deformity, so there has been immense amounts of abortions, but the good parents kept their children- until they fully developed. The children began growing bigger ears, visible and everything: from fox ears to dog, to cat, to bat. And some have even grown fur all over their body, and formed muzzle and tails. Some have even formed into a real animal. A certain group of humans are out to destroy these humanoid animals, and rid the Earth of these "beings".
Is there an antidote?
Will it go away?
They have no idea, so their only solution is to kill them.

The Human Group

Cragworth Discovery Team- Sounds like a nice name, eh? BEEP. Wrong. In their headquarters, they're planning ways to capture them via blueprints and pathways. If they do catch them, they're going to do surgery on their hormones and all, to see what gives them the animal instinct.


Pets: (if you have one)
Theme Song(optional):
Species: [anthro, neko, inu, full breed, etc.]
Appearance: (picture or description, perhaps both.)


Toggle Rules

No godmodding.
No gross pictures of anthros. (There's always those idiots who draw disgusting pics of anthros.) Be reasonable.
You can be any species of animal.
No power-playing. (Meaning taking over some other person's charrie without permission.)
Um. Have fun? o-o

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#, as written by Gunia
I walked outside and took a deep breath of fresh air. "Still a neko" I thought silently to myself, as I had not fully changed yet. As I sat on my porch wondering if I should even bother to hide my large wings, someone who looked like a business man walked briskly by. "Neko," He sneered. At that point I wondered if I would even be able to buy something at the store without hiding my wings. As I thought, my mind began to stray to other things, and finally i decided to go for a walk. I didn't even bother to hide my features, except my feet, which I normally didn't show. I walked through my favorite place - the forest. As I walked along listening to the forest noises, I heard some squawking and looked up. Some birds were circling around and I began to wish I could fly. Then I looked at my large wings and wondered... they looked big enough, so I decided to give it a shot. I found a more open area in the forest to stretch out my wings, and I began to beat them slowly. They felt powerful, and I liked that. I began to beat them faster, and, feeling exhilarated, I closed my eyes and gave a small leap. By the time I opened my eyes again, I realized I was hovering. I let out a squeal of excitement, and wanted to see if I could go higher. After what seemed like ages, even though it was only a few seconds, I was higher then the treetops of the forest. As I looked around, I realized people were staring at me, wide-eyed. Some even had their mouths hanging open. Feeling slightly embarrassed, I softly landed on a clear patch in the forest. When I finally sat down to rest against a tree, I realized my muscles were exhausted. "Must take a lot of energy to fly." I thought, and realized that I probably couldn't fly longer than a couple minutes at a time. I began to walk home, thinking very hard about my experience.

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Character Portrait: Ander Zecera
0 sightings Ander Zecera played by FinalHope
"Too many rumors about these animals actually disguised as humans. If theres no clear answer, I'll just have to find it myself..."

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Character Portrait: Almira Pansy
Almira Pansy

I woke up one mourning wondering how this human to animal thing was possible when I noticed some brown feathers poking out. "Well, would you look at that" I mumbled to myself "I'm growing feathers."

Character Portrait: Metaru Chosaku
Metaru Chosaku


Character Portrait: Dark Kurushimi
Dark Kurushimi

"So... He messed up, eh? I guess I have to finish this myelf..." He muttered, looking at the black room before him. "Commander, you are needed for a mission." The woman's voice cam on. "Be right there.." He replied.

Character Portrait: Daniel Leiber
Daniel Leiber

"Discrimination doesn't hurt, nor does it make a difference."

Character Portrait: Ros Evan
Ros Evan

"I'm not trying to be the bad guy here.... But that doesn't make me good, either."

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Emma Maskin

Baa baa!

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Dani Leiber

"Leave me alone!"


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Re: [OOC] Skin to Fur: A New World?

When will ya'll post...? Im waiting for Dark, Luuo, or whoever xD

Re: [OOC] Skin to Fur: A New World?

D: Whoa. That is very unfortunate. I wish the best for you.

Re: [OOC] Skin to Fur: A New World?

I'm sorry to say, but I am get away from my parents house. I've been yelled at, slapped, and pinched to the point where I've bled. So I am leaving and going to my fiance apartment. Its not gonna be any better, but at least someone notice that I am gone. So I am sorry for disruption it may cause.

Re: [OOC] Skin to Fur: A New World?

Well I am out for now. Kind of tired. See you all tomorrow for more RP!

Re: [OOC] Skin to Fur: A New World?

Hey Everyone! ^_^ Ya'll didn't have a human from the Cragworth group so I decided I'd jump in. This will be my first ever Forum and Multiple people RP. I usually RP with my friend on messenger just me and her but the Rp topics and the times she has been getting on has been decreasingly boring and frustrating. Long story short, be gentle!

Re: [OOC] Skin to Fur: A New World?

That's fine if ya had a twin. :3

Re: [OOC] Skin to Fur: A New World?

Would it be okay if my character had a twin?

Re: [OOC] Skin to Fur: A New World?

Hmm... I'm liking the sound of this. Would it be cool if I signed up as an anthro scorpion? I've always had a thing for grotesque characters.

Re: [OOC] Skin to Fur: A New World?

Ah. Ohh. Okay I get it now. xD

Re: [OOC] Skin to Fur: A New World?

It's a comic book about people that had gained new evolutionary abilities and become outcast from society from fear and disgust of these new humans. Two sides of these 'mutants' form: one that wants to fight to help the normal humans (The X-Men) and one that just wants to wipe humans out to replace them with mutants (The Baddies).

This RP sounds like that except the Furries in this aren't genuinely dangerous like the Mutants from X-Men. They seem to just be weird looking and have better senses.

Re: [OOC] Skin to Fur: A New World?

Nah, it's okay.

And...X-Men? o-o I don't even know what it's based on.. xD

Re: [OOC] Skin to Fur: A New World?

There got a character in but it's a little late for me here to start posting tonight.

Is it rude to mention there's some parallels to this and X-Men?

Re: [OOC] Skin to Fur: A New World?

Ta. Drew it meself a while back.

Re: [OOC] Skin to Fur: A New World?

It sounds like a reasonable idea.

Also, I love the pic. :D

One thing though. Leave the religious parts out: we don't want to start a religious fight or anything. :P

Re: [OOC] Skin to Fur: A New World?

Wow...This premise opens up so many opportunities to show crazed maniacs baying for blood. Like mad, opinionated presenters of shows calling for these deaths or protesters looking out for them. I can imaging some of the more unstable religion groups going banana's about what amounts to real life anthropomorphic people. Loads of things like signs saying "Down with Furries!" or "God won't allow for Furries to Exist!" and speakers saying that the term 'Anthros' is preferred, stating there are human too.

I like the idea and I'm trying to thing of a character, I just wondered whether you thought this idea sounded good?

Re: [OOC] Skin to Fur: A New World?

All our characters are similar. Well, most of them.

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