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Aria Strom

"Don't try to fix me."

0 · 298 views · located in Bristol

a character in “Skins: New Generation”, as played by Thundera


"Don't try to fix me.”

Name: Aria Louise Strom
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5,7
Weight: 119lbs
Tattoos: A feather braking off into birds....
Appearance: Aria has long curly blonde, brown hair which hangs around far past her shoulders around her rib cage. Her eyes are the colour of a pine tree and often sparkle shyly. She’s slim but not a ridiculous see your bones through your skin slim, just an athletic likes to be active kind of skinny.. She isn’t the girl you’d bully for being fat though just casual and average in that way. She has plenty of curves which she tends to hide behind her favourite knitted jumpers and skinny jeans. Sometimes she will wear slightly more vibrant useful clothes but she likes to be comfy- not showy.
Personality:She can be quiet outrageous when she’s a little hyper or chilled and comfortable with people she’s fond of. Aria likes to be active and do sports despite them not being her talents. Her favourite things lie in the musical arts and dance. She loves to perform! She’d barely hesitate a second if you asked her to sing, dance or anything in that department. She loves showing off her musical talents but won’t rub it in your face- she’s proud but kind. She is very friendly and bubbly once she gets to know you but at first she seems shy and withdrawn but after a couple of days you’ll be startled by her energy and outbursts- in a good way of course!
However she has an annoying habit of having to point out what she finds wrong- like murdering animals or people for that matter. She’ll be offended if someone offered her something with meat in and would turn her nose up in the air in disgust but then apologise because she’s too kind like that and couldn’t bare to think that someone might hate or dislike her for something accidental.
She’s a total animal out of school because no one will judge anymore and she can do what she wants. Her father has little clue of anything she does because he labels it down as a ‘swing’ and leaves her be to sort herself out but all her real friends know her better than that. Aria is prone to moodswings but her doctor is refusing to diagnose her as bipolar. She tends to act a little crazy because of this and go full out all the time. She is up for anything thing and is virtually unstoppable when she’s got into the swing of things.
Favourite Colour: Purple!
Eating Habits: Vegetarian
Current Occupation: She is currently finishing off her studies in Music and Dance.
Pet(s) She has a pet cat whom she is very close to and loves dearly and tends to spoil beyond belief but no one hassles her about it after all it’s her cat and her own money. She also has a couple of fish whom she likes to watch swim around. They are called Paul and Pob. Her cat is a fluffy white Persian called ‘Wynter’ Spelt with a ‘y’ to be different from everybody else!
--Lemon Drizzle Cake
-Ginger Ale
-Her Father
-Her cat (Wynter)
-Playing the piano
-Wine (Everything else is awesome though)
-People trying to intimidate her (because they don’t)
-Strong headed people against the idea of change
-Lazing around in front of a TV
-Break Ups/ People leaving/ Death ect
Favourite Past time She likes to sit and play the piano singing along charmingly. She is very easily pleased to say the least. She’s happy doing anything if along it doesn’t involve violence or sitting still.
Weakness: Ice cream. If someone puts ice cream on the line in front of her she cringes and bites her mouth until it’s hers in her spoon. It’s quiet laughable really but it makes people smile.
History: Aria never really got close to her mother because as a child it was all ‘Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!’ and then when she was nine her mother left her Father and Aria in the middle of the night. Aria was obviously heart-broken like any child without a mother would be but she had to help her Father because he was even worse than her at taking it.
Aria grew up to become a strong independent person though climbing through everything life threw at her. Crappy boyfriends, best friends turning into total (fill in the blank) and even being fired from the best job she ever had before even being there a week. She took it all over her head until when she was nineteen she brought a little white fluffy kitten- Wynter and to this day has never gone longer then a day without sitting on piano with the cat in her lap singing with a broad smile. She loves that cat and it’s arguably her best friend.
But when being good and behaved got boring and people began to ignore her everything changed.
It started when friends took her out for her birthday to a club and she became addicted. It got under her skin and became part of her almost and no one ignored her in the club. She was noticed and in the best possible way and two years later...nothing has all.
FIX ME: Ten years

So begins...

Aria Strom's Story