Cadee Leroy

"Grow up!"

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a character in “Skins: New Generation”, as played by Gii_the_fallen


Age: 17

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5' 7

Weight: 120 lbs

She has a slim figure with curves in all the right places.People would describe her green eyes as mesmerizing,though she herself finds them ordinary and boring.She has light brown hair which length extends to the middle of her back,and she usually wears it long and straight with just a hint of soft waves.She has a soft and blemish free olive skin just like her mother.Her face shape is best described as a cross between oval and heart shaped.

She has these on both ears

Occupation: Student

Personality: Cadee is your typical rich girl: tempered and stubborn. She doesn't like to take orders from others and gets really moody if they order her to do something. Especially when her parent are the ones giving her orders she will do exactly the opposite, and make a big commotion to embarrass them. Underneath her strong and independent image may lie insecurity. Cadee tends to live a adventurous life and likes to be the center of attention. She is also very impulsive and usually does not think before she acts - or speak. Cadee loves the new and extraordinary, she despises dull, regular routines and if this is what she is faced with, she will simply create her own drama and excitement. This makes her prone to stir up a situation out of nowhere just for something to keep her vivacious temperament satisfied. If her friends are in trouble she will be there either to help them out or take the blame with them.



Her parents,
Family gatherings.

Father - Richard Leroy (CEO of Leroy Inc.)
Mother - Elizabeth (Mason) Leroy
Grandfather - Lionel Leroy

History: Lionel Leroy came from a poor family so after finishing college he decided to founded Leroy Inc. The company was expanding rapidly and soon become one of the biggest company's with branches all over UK. Before he gave the seat of the CEO to his only son, Richard, he made sure that he married the daughter of biggest competitors, Elizabeth Mason. After the wedding the two companies merged. Over the first two years the company opened a few more branches in US and Europe. Cadee was born four years into their marriage, on the 5th of February. While Cadee was growing up her parent would do anything to keep her happy and satisfied, because even at young age she would throw tantrums until she got what she wanted. Be it a kitten, a pony or porcelain dolls from all over the world. The only thing she never got from her parents was a sister. She was angry at them. She was lonely, they were always away on business trips and all she wanted was someone who would play with her. But now she is older she is thankful that she is an only child.

As she became older she realized that her parents didn't love each other. That explained everything. Cadee discovered that both of her parents had lover of their own and most of the time the business trips weren't about business at all. At the age of fourteen she was thrown out of the private school she was attending because she got drunk and broke valuable school equipment and a couple of windows. Her parents didn't know how to deal with her and her constant school skipping after what she would always come home either drunk or high, sometimes even not going home. They took all of her money, her phone and made her go for consultations. When that didn't help either they gave up trying and left her alone to do as she pleases.


Other: Lady Gaga - Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Romantic interest/crush: TBA

Thoughts on other characters:TBA

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Cadee Leroy's Story


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The morning sun shone through the blinders on the windows while Cadee stared up at the unfamiliar ceiling above her head. She had a slight headache and all of her memories from last night were a blur. She wrapped the sheath around her body and winced as she sat up. She must have made some noise because the guy lying next to her stirred, and for a moment Cadee thought that he was going to wake up, but he continued to sleep. If she remembered correctly, his name was Jordan. She met him at the club last night, though she couldn't really recall what he looked like. From what she could see from her side of the bed he had a nice muscled back. He was probably a swimmer, she assumed. His hair was dark and seemed well taken care of... The ringtone of her phone startled her and made her headache even worse. She almost fell from the bed while reaching for her bag on the floor. Looking at the caller ID, she grimaced. It was her mother. The maids probably informed her that she hadn't spent the night home, though she didn't realize why that bothered her mother since she never really cared if she was home or not. Then it hit her. She had school today. Even thought she didn't really care for school she didn't want to have her car keys being taken away so she dragged herself out of bed and searched for her clothes. She dressed quietly and was half way out the door, when the guy woke up.

"You're leaving already?" he asked, sitting up in the bed.

"I have school." Cadee turned to see a handsome face with a pair of piercing blue eyes.

"Oh," he said, a bit disappointed. "Well, I had a great night, Cadee."

"Me, too. Bye then, Jordan," she said. She could hear him as she closed the door, "I'm Brandon."

"Yeah, whatever, it’s not like I’ll be seeing you again," she mumbled.


She didn't have to face her mother until later tonight since she was probably already in the office, so when she got home she went straight to her bathroom to take a shower. After she was done with the bathroom she walked into her walk-in closet and got dressed. She went to her desk to take her car keys, but they weren't there. Her mother must have took them. It was a good thing she hid her spare keys on a place her mother would never even think to look for them: the garage. Sometimes the most obvious places were the best hiding places. She smirked as she unlocked the doors of her baby, a present for her birthday from her grandfather, who was actually the only one who remembered her birthday without anyone actually having to remind him. She put the car in gear and drove off. Fifteen minutes later she arrived to school and turned off the engine. She popped two pills into her mouth and got out of the car. Putting on her sunglasses she headed toward the entrance.


Lex was about to win the race when he was startled awake by his cousins. The ten and four year old's jumped on his bed until he was awake enough to mumble "I'm up, I'm up." and they rushed out of his room giggling. This was their morning routine. Lex had trouble waking up since no matter how many alarm clocks he sets up he would always sleep through them. He couldn't afford to sleep in late since he had community work first thing in the morning, and if he was late he would have his hours prolonged and that he really didn't need. So what is a better alarm clock if not children? He would always wonder how could they have so much energy first thing in the morning. Even as a kid he loved his sleep. But these two always seem like they are high on sugar or maybe they run on those batteries. What were they called again? Duracell?
He stretched, and dragged himself to the bathroom. All dressed he walked into the kitchen where his aunt, Anne, was making breakfast while Rebecca and Kevin were eating their cereal.

"Shouldn't you cut down with their sugar intake?" he asked, eyeing the full bowls.

"I could, but you wouldn't have who to wake you up in the morning." Anne joked as she poured coffee and offered it to Lex.

"True that." he said and gladly took it. He smelled the rich scent of the coffee couldn't help but smile. Nothing better than the first cup of coffee, he thought to himself as he went to sit on the porch. There was a no smoking rule in the house and he would comply. So whenever he would smoke he would sit outside on the porch. A couple of cigs and two cups of coffee later he got into his car and drove to meet with his community worker.