"Fear the dark, fear the light. Choose a side, who is right?"

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a character in “Skinwalkers: Resonance of the Lost”, as played by Alasund


Allaron Ne'ar




Type of Changer



Proper age unknown, people think he's somewhere ~45

Mysterious and intrusive, Allaron often is called nosy. Even a snippet of information will raise his curiousity, and he will dig deeply to find the exact truths of events. He must know the truth behind all things. In anything that he suspects falsehood, he will go to great lengths to double check...

Most of all, though, is his odd ability to seemingly know about events that have transpired without him being there. Some say he can see the future, but others say he just gets his information fast. Fast enough that anyone wanting to talk to him about a majority of things will find he already knows it. It is rare he doesn't know something. Highly Obsessive, Allaron would've been diagnosed with high OCD if he had've been in the current day and age.

As it is now, everyone knows that he hates for anything in his small building to be touched. His anger, usually VERY slow to rise, burns quickly when someone dares to mess with his carefully lined room. With all sorts of bits and pieces from the ancient age strewn all over it, it's only the fact Allaron unsettles the entirety of Aethes that keeps people out of his home.

Usually, he is calm, calculating, and can see what you're thinking before you open your mouth. He can read most people like an open book, and even skilled spies or deceivers struggle to play smoke and mirrors with him. Conversely, it's the same with the other way around. Impossible and unscrutiable, Allaron defies all those that would understand him.

Most merely consider him mad. At times he will ramble on about something inane. Or something that doesn't even make sense. He'll do needlessly complicated mathematics aloud. Though none can deny his uncanny ability to know everything.

Brief Description of Human Form
With a short, greyish beard and hair and a tall, imposing stature, Allaron is the definition of the tall, wise scholar. Except that he seems to be mad. But aside from that. Not well build physically, beyond being moderately fit, Allaron's wise eyes and aura of power make up for his physical inabilities, though. Wise eyes, that shift colours every time you look away...

Despite no being too strong, he IS broad shouldered. And thickishly built. Like a man that, if they attempted it, could become quite strong. Usually he is found wearing robes, like that of an oldendays scholar. From the real world. In a fantasy game.

Brief Description of Animal Form
Conversely to his physical form, the small, skittery, spider that Allaron transforms into is lithe and agile. Able to find the smallest of cracks, and with only minor venom, it isn't a particularly considerable threat. But it would be impossible to catch.

Human Skills/Abilities
Memory. Allaron will remember anything said to him. Whether it be small, or large. A minor comment. Photographic memory, perfect in detail and grain. A mind able to count and calculate an army within a second.

And eyes that miss almost nothing. A genius, he sometimes has almost Aveis-like eyesight attributed to him. Which is odd, as it strikes in direct contrast to the usual lack of ability with the eyes of most of his Ariad kindred.

Animal Skills/Abilities
Able to scale up any surface, the small, fragile spider is fast and dangerous. Well, not so dangerous. It can be sometimes hard to spot, though, as it's ability to find things to blend into is in keeping with the genius of the madman.

The poison is relatively minor, causing paralysis within a minute or so of injection, but not lasting longer than an hour or so, and easy to counteract.

Allaron.. Isn't as powerful as he first appears. He is weak, and has aversion to violence. In his physical form, he rarely moves fast, let alone managing to do so while keeping his balance. He is usually quite pedantic and slow.

Conversely, in his animal form he has no ability to fight whatsoever, but his ability to run and dodge is very good, and as a spider, he is unusually balanced. However, he is also extremely fragile.

To all that have lived in Aethes, it seems that Allaron has always been here. Little can be remembered about him early on, but as the Army's Leader stood up to draw the Changer's too him, he began to take more of an interest in the outside world.

To some of the older Changers, he almost has an older quality about him, wisened beyond his years. However, it is immediately obvious that Aethes has been his home for his entire life. And the room he has set up is proof of this, the many, many journals strewn about appearing to be all his, though the writing within is completely indecipherable to those that have tried to find out his secrets.

Every not in his room is coded, every scrap of info not in some sort of old book is written in his carefully measured code. As of yet, any who've tried cannot find a way to undo the code.

Most who've lived in Aethes for any amount of time know of him, and he can address anyone he meets perfectly by name. Some almost consider him the eccentric uncle of the Changer family.

He knows you before you begin speaking. Some say he reads minds. Others say he can just read your face that well that he knows exactly what you're thinking about.

Some think it is spirits, some think it's all sorts of other things. Everyone has an opinion, or most people do, on the Watcher. He carefully never voices an opinion when talked to about the Rebels and the Army, which leads some to believe he is a spy for one or the other.

Some think he's a mad scientist. Some just think he's an obsessive scholar. With so many rumours as to Allaron Ne'ar, no one can really tell what is true and what is lie about him...

Interest. Other than that, none can read what he really thinks...

He has an odd scar on his left wrist, and his eyes change colours....

So begins...

Allaron's Story