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Tatiana Nikolai

"I. Am. Better. Live with it."

0 · 278 views · located in The City Zone

a character in “Skinwalkers”, as played by Angelika Petrova


Full name: Tatiana Nikolai
Nickname/s: Tati
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Role: Cru's Wife/Advisor

Appearance, Human Form:
Appearance, Animal Form:

High sense of smell and hearing
Is very agile
Does not need to shift completely, can extend her claws in human shape.
A skilled fighter, can use most simple things as weapons.
fast reflexes
Is easily distracted.
Gets bored easily.
Tati, true to the nature of Todds, is selfish, but not all of the time. Most of the time she is actually protective of her pack. Sadistic and ever-so-slightly a sociopath when it comes to her enemies, is known to watch Interrogaters at work.

Brief History:
When she was born, both of her parents had black hair. as did all her grandparents. when she was three months old, she savagely attacked her elder brother because he had stolen a toy of hers. He died because the wounds went septic. The villagers looked closely at the marks, and realised that Tatiana was a Skinwalker. She was thrown out the village aged ten, and travelled to The City. She got into a lot of spats and fights, and often won, so she built a reputaion of being an intensely savage fighter. Her favorite move is to leap quickly into the air, grab an overhanging sign or girder, then drop down on her opponent.

Cru - "He is my husband. My beloved. His methods may be a little questionable, but I trust his judgement.

So begins...

Tatiana Nikolai's Story