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Lola "Lolly" Matthews

" on a scale from Walking Dead to World War bad is this?"

0 · 912 views · located in The Ruins of The United States of America

a character in “Sky on Fire”, as played by TheCrimsonLady






Lola Matthews

{ AGE }

LoLiB0T -hacker handle-

Irish/African American



ImageImage{ HEIGHT & WEIGHT }
5'10 150lbs

Lolly is a lovely olive skinned woman, with dark brown curly hair, that is usually tossed up haphazardly. She had light eyes but sometimes look dark in the proper lighting. She is toned, having kept herself fit for this new world.



Lolly loves a good challenge, big or small. She is combative, wants to fight anything and everything. If there is something she wants, she'll fight for it, and go through anyone and anything to get it. if she considers someone a friend, she'll fight for them too. She is strong willed and determined as well as loud and a bit obnoxious. Be it, making dirty jokes, or some sort of witty and clever response, she had to have the last word. She is uncompromisingly honest, whether it hurts someone's feelings or not. It's not that she doesn't care, but the truth is the truth, cold and ugly. Though she will fight, and debate, she isn't someone who believes in the impossible, either, she instead takes the truth for what it is, and if she doesn't like something about said truth, she'll find a way to change it. Like having been the world ever getting back to normal, she doesn't believe that anything will ever be the same, nor does she want to try, while it hurts, she's accepted that this is the way things are now, and will just endure. On a lighter note, she is playful and flirty, if she is at all attracted to someone, she'll let them know, she isn't afraid of her feelings, and will express them however way she feel necessary.


Fixing things
Rigging things,
Making traps

Zombs (as she calls them)

Being turned.

She is opened minded and is willing to let people in.

She has been too long isolated from people and has lost a bit of regard for human life.

Home Remedies


"Hi, I guess.
My name is Lola Matthews. My friends call me, Lolly. I'm 26 years old and I used to be a hacker. Well, trying to be anyway before the world ended... I guess I'll start from the beginning.

I was raised by my grandmother. My parents were in the military and they didn't want me to move around constantly so they sent me away to live in the States with her.

Things were pretty much uninteresting until I was about 16, when I found out my Grandmother was a practitioner of Voodooism, a High Priestess to be exact. Now, it's not as mystic as you think. No crazy witch doctors or smokes or crazy shit like that. It's basically home remedies for just about everything. If there were spells she never told me. I do know medicinal herbs and things like that but that's it, she would always tell me crazy ass things about voodooism and what not and I didn't believe any of it until recently and in a second you'll understand why.

She would say, anytime she saw something bad on the news or something like that. "When there is no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth."

Most of the time I would ignore this and fool around online, trying to be a hacker. I was always pretty decent with computers growing up, and always found myself breaking things to figure out how it worked. I as I got older, I became and engineer, who on occasion learned a few things that would be considered hacking. The idea of being able to read the code and find ways to break it always fascinated me....Alot of good that shit does me now though, right?

Anyway, imagine my surprise when the dead DID walk

All these years, I thought she was bat shit crazy but she was right. I mean, sure Science has a lot to say about it but still, a lot of people died at once, especially after the bomb....

I remember being home with my grandmother when the virus took her. I was holding her hand when she died and still holding on when she woke up.
My grandmother was already on her last leg so imagine a 90-something year old woman, who couldn't walk more then a few feet without a walker, came lunging at me like a goddamn bobcat....

From then on, I've been surviving, going from place to place, avoiding big cities, scavenging for this and that, I learned to set traps for those speedy bastards, and I've killed a few of them, only one at a time. If there's too many, I run like hell.

You may be wondering what happened to dear ol' gramma? Well, let's just say, Her skull met with an aluminum bat a few times...It was not fun, It was not easy and I cried for days, in the house with her body.

After that, I packed up, and tried to find a safe place to stay. I find a few provisions here and there and right now I'm hiding in an old foreclosed house, writing this shit by candle light.

I don't know how many are left, if any. I haven't seen or heard from live human being in however long it's been since the bombs fell since this shit started. I seriously hope I'm not the last one then I'd have to kill myself and frankly...That would suck but even if I did see a living human....I wouldn't know what to do with that.


Hannah John-Kamen


Ode to Sleep-Twenty One Pilot

So begins...

Lola "Lolly" Matthews's Story