Annie Doherty

'The captain of The Jewel of the Seven Skies... I'm the glue that holds the crew together.'

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'I'm like a modern day Robin Hood... only much better looking.'

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Annette Elizabeth Doherty

Annie or Captain - don't dare call her anything else

Thirty two


May 21st

York, North Yorkshire, England

Role on Ship:
Captain of The Jewel of the Seven Skies

Role in Circus:

First Impressions


Five feet ten inches

One hundred twenty two pounds

Very thin with little curves

Hair Color:
Dirty blonde, however it can change to a light brown depending on the lighting

Eye Color:
Deep, dark brown

Scars or Markings:
Annie has been a pirate for half of her life, which means she has plenty of scars to sport. On her right shoulder there is a round scare from a bullet hitting and ripping through her shoulder. Along her left abdomen is a very long, thin scar from a sword fight against the captain of a rival pirate ship. She typically sports a variety of bruises or scrapes from falls and battles. Her skin is never smooth and clear, yet she believes that makes her a fantastic pirate.

Brief Written Description:
If Annie hadn't run away from home, she would have been the most stunningly beautiful woman in York. And she is still beautiful, although she is rarely cleaned up, her hair never straight or brushed, and her body full of scars. She stands at an impressive five feet ten inches, only weighting a slight one hundred twenty two pounds. She is very thin, not really being considered 'womanly' however she is very strong regardless. Her dirty blonde hair falls in waves (and a majority of the time knots) to her mid-back. Her deep brown eyes can be the hard eyes of a captain, or the warm, caring chocolate brown of a friend. Annie typically dresses in comfortable clothes, NEVER wearing dresses. She sticks to mostly neutral tones with a pop of color somewhere on her outfit.

Digging A Little Deeper


Quirks and Faults
+ Temper | When Annie doesn't get the response she feels she deserves, she can get quite a temper. It can cause her to lash out at her crew, but only because she knows they are better than their actions.

+ Knowledge | Annie has been a pirate for half of her life. She knows practically everything there is to know about the subject. She also can remember all of her crew's first, middle, and last names, as well as important and even obscure details from their past. She sometimes uses this to her advantage with her crew members.

Her Ship | Her crew | Being feared | Helping out those in need | Being respected | Flying | Rain | Strength in others | Compliments | Being in control of her own future | The excitement of a heist | Teaching people lessons | Flowers | Making speeches | Attention | Hard work | Dogs | Being comfortable | Confidence | Smiles | Wealth | Beauty | Strawberries | Chocolate | Boots | Whiskey | Rum

Greed | Disrespect | Losing | Being ignored | Talking back | Laziness | Her ship being dirty | Weakness | Ignorance | Dresses | Heels | Death | Getting caught | Being told what to do | Sadness | Tomatoes | Butterscotch | Wine | Cats | Snow | Being on the ground for too long | Negative comments | Not being taken seriously | Romance

+ Being a legend | Annie wants her name to be written down in the history books, not as a bad pirate, but rather as someone who did what it took to help those in need. She never wants her name to be forgotten.

+ Eventually having a family | She may be a feared pirate now, but eventually she wants to retire from this life and have a family. She knows she'll have the best stories to tell her kids.

+ Her crew losing faith in her | She loves being a leader and a captain, and her crew is her only family. If they lost faith in her, overthrew her, or left her, she would be completely devastated.

+ Dying too early | Annie has a lot she wants to accomplish in her lifetime, and dying too soon would ruin all of her plans. She wishes to live a long and successful life before finally passing on.

+ Leadership | Annie is a natural-born leader, having been able to command a crew from the young age of eighteen. As a captain, she needs to be able to convince everyone that her way is the right way, and make each crew member feel important and needed. No one has every challenged her leadership... nor should they.

+ Fighting Skills | Annie wasn't always a skilled fighter, but from being a pirate for half of her life, she has learned the ins and outs of battle. A weapons master on her previous ship taught her everything he knew about weapons. She picked it up quickly. She killed her first man during her first ever battle, and has only progressed since then.

+ Trust | Annie doesn't take just anyone into her crew. She has to watch you and deem you worthy. And even then, you have not gained her trust. You must work for it. It takes years upon years to get her to open up to you about her feelings or her past.

+ Confidence | She truly deems herself indestructible, and is so confident in her and her crew's ability, she doesn't fear getting caught. Her confidence could be the very thing leading to her demise... or at least that's what people tell her.
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Under My Skin


|Confident, Commanding, Generous, Intelligent, Caring|

Annie is a truly complicated person. After all, she commits thievery against the rich, but gives most of her earnings to the poor. After running away from home at the young age of sixteen, she was left to live on the streets. She saw just how truly bad it was for some of the people, and it gave her cause to do something about it. She really cares about the well being of people... except for the greedy. Even though she can be strict and controlling, she is a very caring person, and only has so many rules for the benefit of her crew. She hates being talked back to or disrespected. She has been at this longer than anyone else, and recruited most everyone, she doesn't believe she deserves anything less than respect.

She is exceptional with her words, and can truly captivate a room with a speech. It is another reason she is an excellent leader, but also the reason she is the ringmaster for their 'traveling circus.' She can bring people to tears with a sentence, or instill confidence into her crew members. She has an absurd amount of confidence in herself, her ship, and her entire crew. And while it is a positive trait, it is also a negative one. She truly believes they are invincible, unable to be captured. Her fighting skills are also greater than average, having learned from the weapons master on her old ship. She picked it up quickly, having a natural talent for it, and can rival any man with a sword.

Even though Annie is tough, she is also still a woman. She enjoys flowers, and seeing beauty in the people and world around her. She loves seeing smiles on peoples faces, and likes bringing joy to lives. However, don't get on her bad side, for she has a temper like no other. And she can hold a grudge for an entire lifetime if she has to. Even though she believes she deserves her position, and is great at it, she fears her crew leaving her, or losing faith in her abilities. Even worse, she fears dying before completing the long list of achievements she has for herself.

Diving Into The Past



Annette Elizabeth Doherty was born on a warm, sunny day in May to Edward Doherty II and Victoria Doherty. Many times during the first half of her life, she had people tell her how lucky she was to be born into that family. They came from an extremely long line of money, meaning that her and her younger brother didn't have to live without anything. They lived in a large mansion with so many rooms, that Annie still hadn't walked through them all by the time she was nine. She even frequently got lost, screaming for someone to come find her. Her parents were loving, they didn't have to work constantly to make their money, but Annie always felt that she was the black sheep of the family.

Everything changed for Annie when she was sixteen. Annie had always learned she could have whatever she wanted in life. But that came crashing down one day when her parents told her they had arranged a marriage for her. It seemed barbaric in her mind, something that was only done in medieval times for royalty. While she wasn't royalty, she was darn close enough, and her father wanted to make sure that she wasn't going to give money to the wrong person. A night of arguing ensued, and eventually ended with her slamming and locking her bedroom door. She was furious with her parents. Why couldn't they let her marry for love? After hours of pacing and debating ideas in her head, she made the hardest decision of her life. She was going to run away from home. It wasn't so much for her younger parents, but for her little brother that she loved so dearly.

She packed her things and left just before dawn. She wrote a note for her brother, explaining how sorry she was, but that it was something she had to do. She walked until the sun was high in the sky, By that time, she had left the wealthy district, and had entered the slums. It was absolutely filthy. The air was saturated with smoke, and smells of sweat and feces lingered everywhere. For a moment, she considered going back home. Being married to an older man couldn't be worse than this. But she quickly threw that thought away. She wasn't the type to give up at anything she really cared about. So she made a life for herself among the poor and unhealthy. She got to know them personally, hearing their stories, and learning their ultimate dreams and their deepest fears. Seeing how wonderful these people were, and yet knowing they couldn't make a life for themselves, made her sick. Just miles away people were living in houses with so many rooms that half a million people couldn't fill them up. And here these poor people had nothing. She was determined to do something about it.

The second time her life dramatically changed was at eighteen. She had been living among the downtrodden for two whole years, but then a pirate came to town. He robbed her old neighborhood, filling his ship with treasures beyond belief. Unashamed, she approached him, explaining she wanted to be a part of his crew. He laughed in her face when finding out she had never even flown on a ship before. She was determined, however, and she snuck onto the ship anyway, effectively hiding until it was far enough in the sky that she dared to resurface. The ship was so crammed with people that the captain never even saw her. She got to know the crew, and began helping with the simplest of tasks. She learned her way around the ship, becoming more knowledgeable every day.

A year later, the ship came under attack. The captain was hit in the heart with a stray bullet, and fell to the deck to bleed out, crew members frantically running around his lifeless body. Annie knew that if this continued, the ship would either crash and burn, or get taken over and she could die. Immediately, she stood up and began barking orders. She didn't know everything, but she knew enough to get people moving in the right directions. Somehow, she got the crew to work together and escape the enemy ship. That was how, at nineteen, she became the captain of her first ship.

For the next ten years, she flew with that crew, stealth abandoned as she robbed the rich and gave to the poor. Of course, the authorities didn't care that she had good intentions. They chased her ruthlessly for years. Eventually, they caught up with her. A long, bloody battle ensued. She lost most of her crew that day, the authorities getting the best of her. Eventually, the ship began plummeting to the earth, and her and her remaining crew had to abandon ship. Before the cops could land and find her, she set the ship up in flames. Hopefully, they would believe the entire crew dead. She mourned the loss of her ship and crew, but couldn't hang around and watch. They fled the scene, and with the money she had saved, bought a house where her and her crew could live in hiding.

Within the next year, she heard that her brother had passed in a tragic accident, leaving his son all alone. Instead of letting the poor boy live with her parents, who she assumed would want to take him under their wing, she found him and took him under her wing instead. Little Leopold Doherty lived with her, and she told him all the stories of her travels. Turned out, her brother had been telling Leo stories about Annie the boy's entire life, and he was happy to be with her instead of his grandparents. She began feeling anxious being locked up in a house for so long, that she began to scout for potential crew members, and came up with many. A plan began to form in her mind. She would use more stealth the next time around. So, she found a crew with multiple talents, and they began to form a traveling circus. They practiced every night for a year, and the final step was to buy a new ship. So she found the cream of the crop, The Jewel of the Seven Skies. And so, her adventures began once more.

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Password: Buried Treasure

So begins...

Annie Doherty's Story

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It was a rather cool morning for summer, yet still the wind felt good. It would most certainly warm up, the blistering heat hitting mid-day. And he would mostly be stuck in the bowels of the ship, where the heat seemed to hang in mid-air, almost suffocating. So Leo closed his eyes and let the wind blow through his hair, a small smile appearing on his face. This life was like nothing he could have ever imagined for himself. His heart began to beat faster just at the thought. Every kid dreamt of being a pirate, and yet he got to BE one. His home was a flying pirate ship, and he got to be a clown in a circus. He was living a childhood dream. Sure, he missed his dad. There wasn't a day that went by where his father wouldn't pop into his head at hearing a certain phrase or seeing something that triggered a memory. And yet, he could just imagine his father looking down, happy his son was living out his dreams. Even if he was a pirate that helped steal from the rich.

Of course, during all the heists, he had to stay on the ship with a babysitter. Leo huffed out a breath of frustration - knowing that his aunt was just trying to look out for him - but still, he wanted that adventure. Even if she would let him go just once. But, she always refused. And, being the 'good' little boy he was, he obliged. When he snapped out of his thoughts, the sun was higher in the sky than he expected. Panic began to overcome him. He was going to be late. And Annie hated it when he was late. Immediately he took off, running across the deck, his shoes clip-clopping against the hard wood. There weren't very many people up and about yet, but the few that were received a wave and smile from the young boy. He may be running behind, but he certainly wasn't going to be mean!

Suddenly, a crew member stepped out in his path, and the pair almost collided. Leo expertly slid his feet out in front of him, his bum sliding on the dewy deck of the ship, right between the legs of the man. The man gave out a yell as Leo stood up and kept running, but he looked back with the biggest grin on his face. Annie's cabin was towards the back of the ship, located on the highest level. Leo's room was right next door, though considerably smaller. Of course, she was the captain. She got the best spoils of the group. As he approached the door leading down below deck, he slowed his pace, but only slightly. He threw the door open, not bothering to close it behind him, and leaped down the staircase, landing at the bottom with cat-like grace. He took off at a sprint once more, dodging between crew members who had finally woken up and were reporting to their duties.

When he reached her door, he came to an abrupt halt, then opened it slowly, peeking his head inside. Annie was sitting at her desk, papers strewn out before her. She picked one up, then another, hand running through her hair. After a moment, Leo slid inside, closing the door softly behind him. "Auntie!" he exclaimed, holding his hands out in a big gesture.

Annie lifted her head, then swiveled her chair around to greet him. Her face gave away nothing. "You're late," she said simply.

"Yeah... he said, holding the syllable out for longer than he should. "But not too late!"

Annie couldn't hold a straight face any longer, and a smile appeared, turning her face set in stone to one as bright as a ray of sunshine. "You silly little boy," she said, standing up and approaching him, wrapping her arms around him lovingly. She gave him a good squeeze for a few seconds before releasing her hold on him. "I have a job for you already," she said, walking back over to the table to consult the pieces of paper once more. "I need you to go and fetch Zizi, please. And be polite. I just need to ask her one more time about this choice of location..." He noted a bit of worry creeping into her voice. Leo's aunt was always very honest about her plans and ideas. She didn't hide anything from him. After all, he was thirteen years old. He could handle anything she had to say.

"You got it!" His voice was exuberant and joyful, his teeth showing through his smile. He ran to the door, opened it, then turned back to face is aunt. "Captain!" he shouted, then gave her a goofy salute, before exiting her cabin. He took off at a run once more, only stopping at an intersection to wonder which way he should go. Where exactly would Zizi be this early in the morning? Guessing, he took a right turn, making his way to the inner part of the ship. And, coincidentally, the direction of Amalia's cabin. Perhaps he would conveniently run into her on his way...

Meanwhile, Annie was bent over her table, staring at the maps. Zizi had given her clear direction on their first target. A rather wealthy young gentleman in the field of politics, who wished to put the poor down even more. Moving them away from the inner city, pushing the slums farther from resources. She slammed a fist down on the table. Her only plan had been one of seduction. Distract him long enough to drain his wealth dry, and then take off back into the night. Yet, that plan didn't seem solid enough to her. Too much could go wrong. And this was their first operation as a team. If they failed, it wouldn't bode well with most of her crew, she had to guess. And so she had called on Zizi, who she hoped would have some insight into this whole predicament. Annie knew she worried too much, but this was her crews safety on the line, and failure couldn't be an option.

She considered calling on Blayke. She could certainly use him to destress. Yet, she figured he was busy, and it was early. Not to mention, if Leo was efficient, Zizi would be coming sooner rather than later. And if Blayke was present, that would be an awkward conversation to have.

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Image"Semnadtsat, vosemnadtsat, devyatnadtsat, davatsat." Kat lowered herself and dropped to the floor after her final pull-up. She heaved a heavy sigh as she rolled her shoulders and popped her neck. Kat was always anxious before a show, her act as beautiful as it may be was always a dangerous one because if the silks were to rip or if she were to fall for any reason there would be no net to catch her. Though there was that danger, it was that very aspect that made it so exciting for her.

While all this was true for her, it was not the reason for how she was feeling today. Today, after all the months of training and then the propaganda shows, was their first real job at least in her eyes. Being excited and nervous gave her far room much energy and working out was a great release.

Kat had just begun a series of kicks to stretch out her leg muscles when clapping from behind her caught Kat's attention. She wiped her brow with the back of her hand and turned to see who had intruded on her work out. There he stood, shirtless as usual and a grin on his face. Blayke pushed off the door frame and took a few steps into the room.

Image"Seems as if we had a similar idea on how to spend our mornings." he watched Kat brush stray bangs from her eyes as she cocked her head to the side and looked at him, though it was more of a glare. To an outsider it may seem that she was admiring his physique but what she was really doing was deciding on being upset by his interruption or use the opportunity to her benefit. In the end it was the later.

"Today you are lucky." she said, her Russian accent thick. "I am in good mood. Come. You will be my Partner." Kat waved him over to the direction she was walking, there was a open area that would be good for what she had in mind. Blayke followed without much question wondering what she had in mind.

"We will spar. The object will be not to land hits but to avoid them. Understand?" she turned and faced him, slipping a hair tie off her wrist and pulling her hair into a ponytail.

"Yea sure, no problem. So where are the gloves?" Blayke asked turning to search for a pair. He was a good deal larger than she was and his hits packed a lot of weight behind them. The shaking of Katarina's head caught his attention. "What? There aren't any? Well that's ok I'll just go at about forty percent then."

"No. You will throw punches like you are in a real fight. If I was in a real fight they would not be so kind to me. You will not either." Katarina saw no point in doing this if she could practice as if her life depended on it. It was the only true way that she knew her skills would improve.

Blayke was feeling a bit unsure about the whole idea but he could tell by Kat's crossed arms and the way her head was held high that she was serious about all of it. "Alright well I do as my Quartermaster asks." he said as he reluctantly got into a fighting stance. Kat merely nodded her head and followed suit.They slowly began to circle each other, dancing in and out of the others reach. Blayke threw out several punches, slow at first, apprehensive mostly, ones that Kat was able to dodge or block easily.

He could tell Kat was getting impatient after a little bit of that slow back and forth so he started speeding things up, his punches coming faster and harder. Blayke was actually impressed that she could keep dodging the way she had been. Feeling pretty good Kat urged him to go faster and he did. Right, left, left, right, she was keeping up with his pace, that was until she wasn't. Katarina had a problem with getting cocky and this time it earned her a punch to her right cheek bone.

The punch knocked her down and across the floor leaving her dazed for a moment. Blayke was at her side in an instant helping her up, he was saying something but she couldn't focus on him. "Kat, Kat! Jesus I'm sorry. Hey, look at me. Yeah there you go. Can you tell me how many fingers I'm holding up?" the dots that flashed before her eyes slowly began to stop and she looked at the hand Blayke held in front of her.

"T'fu , eto tri." she sat up and brushed him away. "Do not worry. It was not your fault." Blayke helped her stand and held onto her until she was steady on her feet. "Look, Kat. I really think you should go see Judd." Katarina began to shake her head but the slight dibble of something warm and wet down her cheek made her stop. As much as she disliked the Doctor she knew Blayke was right.

"Yes, Yes. I will go see the Doctor. You go tell Annie where I will be. In case she needs me, yeah?" Agreeing Blayke lead her out of the room and watched her as she went in search for Judd. "Well. . . damn. Guess I better go talk to Annie now. This is not what I wanted to do with my time with her." dejectedly he stuck his hands in his pockets and turned into the opposite direction to look for his captain.

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    She dreamed of days where she worried more, and fussed over the small things that didn't concern life and death. Horizontal though she was, pelts brushing her cheek, it seemed she could not have more of a care in the world. She was not dressed, not made up, and feeling altogether contentedly reluctant. Selima had no plans of getting out of her bedclothes for a while, however long she'd been awake. Someone was coming to fetch her, after all, and it would be best if she stayed still.

    "Mm..." she arched her neck, cracking a chain or two along her spinal cord as her eyes fluttered shut. Only blackness and the after image of the window's light greeted her. Groaning, Zizi rolled upright. Annie would be disappointed that she didn't have more specific news--specific, specific, the girl always wanted it specific and Zizi couldn't blame her--but the lack of ill will shall have to do. The politician was careless, she knew that much; one would have to be to decide to swindle money from the less well-to-do populace. What danger there would be would come from what lies around him. Her chin perked upwards, and she traded stares with the broken clock on the wall before her. Jutting from the ajar little door, the little bird on it's plank had its beak mostly shut. The minute hand below twitched from time to time. Perhaps... her Boatswain would be willing to give it a fine tuning.

    Unfurling, her feet came flat against the floor, and her toes wriggled as the cold crawled up her legs. Slippers, slippers. She found them under her vanity, adjusted her tri-fold mirror, and got to work adding some color to her cheeks. "Yes, you're already beautiful," she told her reflection, "but we need to hide some discerning details." Or enhance them. Depending on the day and the crowd, Selima was better off looking older and haggard. It would not be today; richer audiences expected their fortunes to be clean and not laden with cobwebs and the juices of a boiling cauldron.

    Still in naught but a linen dress and cozy footwear, she dragged a shawl about her shoulders and stepped out of her room. Leopold was late, and she was steadily growing hungry. A drift down a hallway and half a flight of stairs later, she had pancakes set before her. Pancakes. With chocolate in them and a merciful coating of jam--"Mercy me, Oluchi. Oluchi, darling. Pulling out all the stops today, are we?" Crewmembers behind her were chowing down, and pretty happy about it from what she could hear. Oh, she knew adopting this one into the crew would be the best thing that would happen to them, she knew from the start. "Oluchi," she called again, balancing a plate of food and utensils on her hip by the time she found him. She leaned forward conspiratorially and spoke in a giddy hush. "I've a plot, you see. There is a bloodhound puppy sniffing out my trail; what say you come with me when he finds me, bring an entire stack these scrumptious things, and make sure madame captain actually feeds herself this fine morning? It will be so horribly unprofessional, I could die."

    She squawked out a curt laugh. Then her trouble-making grin seeped back, fading into a more demure smile with wide-eyed blinking. "And I'll give you my love if you've tea to spare."