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Oluchi Yeboah

'Master scribe, master herbalist, master chef, and aspiring fiddler with a big smile.'

0 · 378 views · located in The Jewel of the Seven Skies

a character in “Sky Pirates: Band of Misfits”, as played by Black Hoodie


There's a reason they call me Honey Badger. Would you like to see why?

Back to Basics


Oluchi Yeboah

Ollie, Honey Badger



April 1st

South Africa, Cape Town

Role on Ship:
Cook, Musician, Herbalist, Scribe, Seaman, Miscellaneous

Role in Circus:

First Impressions


Six feet two inches

Two hundred twenty two pounds

Very muscular with a thin layer of chubb

Hair Color:
Whatever he feels like dying it, if he even has hair

Eye Color:

Scars or Markings:
Oddly enough, Oluchi has very few scars, especially compared to others who share his trade. Other than the typical nicks most people have, his most notable scar is a thin horizontal line just below his Adam's apple where Samuel Cane placed his sabre. He also has a rather large hole in the top of his left ear where he he had been shot at one point, but he covers that up with jewellery to make it seem like it was intentional.

Brief Written Description:
The first thing people notice about Ollie is that he is large, both in his height and frame, as well as his attitude. He is almost always seen wearing a large grin, as if he were privy to some secret joke. His voice is just as large as he is, his deep booming laughter often resonating through the bones of his allies, as well as his enemies. Despite his generally playful demeanour, people often view him as a wise man, and can be relied on for solid advice.

Digging A Little Deeper


Quirks and Faults
Words of Wisdom || If there is ever a time to doll out his cheesy fortune cookie advice or sarcastic comments, he will take it, even if it angers the captain or if he is in the middle of battle; sometimes, people just need to know.

Memory || Part of the reason Oluchi excels at most things is because of his excellent memory, be it in his muscles or in his mind. To him, most things are like riding a bicycle.

Food / Cooking / Eating / Fitness / Reading / Writing / Listening / Watching / Singing / Playing musical instruments / Humour / Riddles / Running / Swimming / Tea / Rain / Dancing / Poetry / Meeting new people / Honey Ale / Challenges / Dreaming / Tales / Fun people / Second chances

Food poisoning/Slackers/Ignorance/Death/Prison/Illiteracy/When he cannot memorize a fact/When he cannot achieve a goal/Guns/Vomit/Losing/Restrictions/Lack of control over a situation/When somebody won’t trade for a recipe/Regression/When people can’t back up their opinions/Lies/Being tickled/When people complain about his food/When something is too easy

Taste the world || Not only does he want to see the whole world and enjoy its many wonders, he wants to taste all of its food! After all, what greater pleasure is there than to eat?

Tell the Tale || Immortality is something that many people yearn for, but never achieve. The stories of The Widow's Scorn and The Honey Badger however, will live on throughout the ages as far as Oluchi is concerned.

Being Captured || If the politicians of Cape Town have their way, not only will Oluchi lose his head, but the pirates of the south will lose their symbol of defiance; History is told by the victors, and he cannot afford to let the politicians win.

Helplessness || Were he ever in a situation where he couldn't make a difference, where he was unable to change the outcome, his soul would weigh heavily, as it did the day Samuel Cane saved his life.

Intuition || His ability to perceive the truth, to see the intentions and the feelings of the people around him, and the ability to simply know when there is danger has kept him alive and out of sight of the bounty hunters that chase him.

Art || Though people might consider his spear-work or his penmanship above average, it is his preternatural skills in the arts that make people cry tears of anger or joy or sorrow, be it from the taste of his soup or the sound of his fiddle.

Isolated || For seven years he has had bounty hunters trying to capture him, and the death of who he considered his father has driven himself from keeping close company of any kind, fearful of what might happen to the people he lets into his heart.

Overprotective || Though this mostly pertains to the stories written his tome, or the honour of The Widow’s Scorn and her crew, if Oluchi deems something important enough, he will often go unnecessary lengths to ensure it is safe and secure, even to the detriment of his own health.

Under My Skin


|Driven, Curious, Fearless, Humbled, Keen|

Through all of his trials, through all of his suffering, Oluchi has refused to show any fear, to turn down a challenge, to turn away from his path. His curiosity drove him to find civilization, to find adventure, and to find his purpose in life. It wasn’t an easy task, coming from a pre-industrial upbringing, with no knowledge outside of his tribe, no ability to speak the common languages. No, it was arduous at best, but for every wound he suffered along the way, he healed over and became stronger for it; not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Though his curiosity is innate, his sheer willpower was ingrained into him at a young age, before he ventured away from his homelands. If he was to eat, he had to hunt. If he didn’t, both he and his tribe would starve. If he wanted to sleep, he had to work twice as hard, in order to finish with enough time lay his head down. He was taught by the huntsmen of the tribe to never show fear, to never look away, or the cats that stalked the grass and the trees and the rocks would eat him. These teachings were passed down onto him before many children his age were even allowed into formal schooling, and have their roots so deeply ingrained into his mind that even were he to try and pull them out, he would never succeed.

After he met Samuel Cane, he managed to lighten up quite a bit, and ever since has enjoyed having a good laugh as often as possible. Though he usually appears to be a simple happy-go-lucky jester with a propensity for sarcastic comments and peculiar humour, he is still keeps a serious view on world around him. He is able to see very clearly through the veil of fog the world perpetuates, through the lies and mannerisms, and is able to catch onto things most people never see. His observational capabilities have gotten him through more tough situations than he can remember, but even so, his desire for action can just as often get him into trouble, and more than he would like to admit.

Diving Into The Past



Although Oluchi says his hometown is Capetown in South Africa, the truth is that he was born into a group of people who valued tradition and sovereignty. This group of people, who called themselves Nginga, separated themselves from the modern world, and from large population centres. They learned to live off the land, hunting, fishing, and gathering. They would take scrap metal that other people didn’t want, and turned them into art, weapons, and many useful tools. Oluchi grew up learning how to spearfish, how to hunt the animals in the bush, how to tell which plants were dangerous and which were safe to eat. It was a normal life for him, for he knew nothing outside of the Nginga.

On his sixteenth year of life, while Oluchi was hunting with his group, he saw an object in the sky. It was in the distance, and was hard to see. He lagged behind the others, and his curiosity drove him to get closer to the object. He broke off from the group, moving quickly and quietly, to see what it was. The object was coming closer and closer, and he was able to make out more details than when he first noticed it. It was made out of wood and metal and cloth and roared louder than any lion, and was larger than any elephant. As it flew overhead he saw there were people clambering about on its edges. The object was fast. Faster than any animal he had ever seen, and was soon out of his view. Oluchi was overcome with curiosity. When he made it back to camp, he was chastised for abandoning the group, but he cared not. He asked the elders about the flying object, but they wouldn’t tell him anything. Over the next year, Oluchi continued to inquire about the world around him. Why were they not allowed to go beyond the river to the east? Why were they not allowed to venture too far south? Every question was met with silence or was redirected to a different subject, much to his frustration. Eventually, he grew tired of their secrecy, and one night he packed up his gear and headed south, beyond the forbidden lands.

It was only when Oluchi saw the City of Towers that he knew his view of the world was sorely clouded by the rules of the Nginga. He snuck into the city, taken aback by its many features; the smell of freshly baked bread, the men with the metal limbs, the automatons that ferried people from place to place. His goal, however, wasn’t on the ground with the people of the city. He climbed the first tower he came across and snuck onto one of the skyships as a stowaway. Not long after, the ship departed, leaving the City of Towers behind. When it was discovered that he was aboard, the crew tied him up, and the captain of the ship confronted him. The captain drew his sabre, put the point to Oluchi’s throat, and said something in a strange language he had never heard before. Oluchi could only stare into the man’s eyes, unblinking and unflinching. The man’s eyes narrowed and he began to look the boy over. Oluchi refused to show any fear to the man, and eventually the man withdrew his sabre, yelling something at the crew around him. Suddenly, Oluchi was free of the bindings, and had a wet mop in his hand. He looked around curiously, and wondering what had just conspired. It was only later in his life, looking back at that moment in time, that he knew he owed his life to the captain of that ship, Samuel Cane.

He travelled with the captain for many years, eventually learning to speak his language, at the same time learning the ways of the pirate that scoured the southern hemisphere. He didn’t just help him become a good pirate; Samuel helped him find his own unique skills and encouraged him to develop them. He was more of a father figure to Oluchi than his biological father could ever have been, teaching him how to read and write, giving him advice on women and their wily ways, and sharing with him his love of the skies. Under his guiding hand, Oluchi found a new way of life, separate from the isolated and xenophobic Nginga. Unfortunately, the infamy Captain Cane and The Widow’s Scorn spread amongst the southern skies eventually caught up to him.

When the authorities finally managed to surround The Widow’s Scorn, they threatened to shoot him out of the sky if he didn’t comply with their request to board. The Captain, knowing that his time had come, grabbed Oluchi and threw him overboard into the waters far below. When Oluchi surfaced, he looked on in horror as the Captain’s ship rammed itself into the starboard side of another, smoke billowing from the cannons of the other ships, tearing The Widow’s Scorn to pieces. Together with the ship it had rammed, it plummeted into the depths below, debris peppering the waters as Oluchi swam to shore.

Unfortunately for Oluchi, the authorities noticed him being thrown overboard, and began hunting him down as the last surviving member of The Widow’s Scorn. In order to escape, Oluchi headed north and established a new identity. For the past seven years, he has been travelling the northern hemisphere, looking for new adventures, and taking in all the world has to offer. His skill with the spear and the staff, his knowledge of poisons, potions, and elixirs, and his passion for the arts have carried him far from the shores of Capetown, but even in his travels far from home, the political entities of The City of Towers seek him out. They want to put his head on the spike at the top of the tallest tower, as a display of their far reaching power, to show the people of the city that they will no longer tolerate the criminal activities that plague their city.

As the spike atop the tower remains bare, Oluchi garners more and more fame amongst the pirates of the south, a symbol of their defiance, their will to be free and roam the skies as they please. The longer he lives, the longer the stories and the memories of the Widow’s Scorn live on, and living is something Oluchi intends to do for a long, long time.

It was almost as if fate had an interesting twist ready for Oluchi, in his last couple years in the north. In his travels, he had learned about a female pirate who had garnered a great deal of attention, much like Samuel Cane. For the past five years prior, Oluchi has travelled mainly by land and the occasional trip aboard several sky-ships, taking him across a vast swath of Eurasia. He was tired of such a reclusive lifestyle, and yearned to take back to the skies. He was confident that he could find a position on another ship, and desired it to be on hers. He made his way to her last known location, only to discover that much like Samuel Cane, her ship had crashed and Captain Annie Doherty had died along with her crew. Although Oluchi didn’t know her or any of her fellow shipmates, his heart ached with rage. It was the same scenario he went through in the south.

Perhaps the time of pirates were part of an age long gone? At a loss, Oluchi paused his travels. In his emotional state, he took to harassing the local authorities as much as he possibly could. He did believe in giving people the opportunity to redeem themselves, and so he never lethally assaulted any of the officers, and he never interfered with their other investigations. That didn’t stop him from giving them explosive diarrhea, massive migraines, incessantly itchy rashes, or exacerbating their natural allergies. Oluchi plagued them with every trick he knew, poisoning the food they ate, the water they drank, and the very air they breathed. While hampering their abilities to pursue others of his trade, Oluchi also did everything in his power to bolster the efforts of the pirates he came to see as allies. He sheltered them, pointed them to the right places to be at the right time, destroyed and forged new evidence and edicts with his incredible penmanship, providing many opportunities to level the playing field. If at any point he was physically confronted by the officers, he would use all the spear and staff training he learned from his German and Chinese mentors to knock the snout out of them, and knock the fear of the Honey Badger into them.

Unbeknownst to him, there was somebody else watching his movements. In a moment where he was outnumbered and outgunned, the pirate whom he had assumed dead swooped in and saved him from being captured, much to his surprise. It turned out that she had sunk into the shadows, much like he himself had done, and was not just alive, but recruiting for a new endeavour. Without hesitation, Oluchi pledged his life to hers, and vowed to serve until his time had come. He would not let another shipwreck happen if he had any say in her plans.

Maybe one day, he would write about the legends of the Jewel Of The Seven Skies and her crew. For the time being, however, he needed to help those legends come to fruition.

How often do you get online?: Nearly every day.
How often can we expect you to be able to post?: Every two to three days at least. Daily if things are going swell.
Password: Buried Treasure.

So begins...

Oluchi Yeboah's Story

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Although he cherished the time he spent dreaming, Oluchi never indulged his desire to sleep in. As soon as he was aware that he was in a dream, he forced his eyes open and rolled deftly out of his hammock, completely functional as soon as his feet hit the ground. Quickly, he made his way to the section of the ship that contained his many treasures. Unlike most of the other crew members, who had their own small areas set aside for personal objects, Oluchi had a fair sized section of the ship dedicated specifically for his many wares. Being the person who feeds the entire crew came with some nice benefits. Breakfast for the crew was pretty simple stuff; he was a one-man kitchen, and didn’t really have the time in the day to brew up anything more than hot bowls of oatmeal drizzled with honey and dried berries for breakfast. Of course, that day was special, so he decided to try his hand at frying up pancakes laden with chocolate, and even broke out some of his rarer selections of jams.

He had to wake up earlier than most other crew members in order to get the food ready at a reasonable time, and the smell of chocolaty goodness that wafted through the air would certainly draw a good number of the others out of their sleep. As soon as he filled up a basket with the warm fluffy discs, he sat on one of the large chests inside his area. Sweat rolled down his slick body. The heat in the area of the ship was perfect for keeping the food warm for long periods of time, and Oluchi often made use of the excess steam and heat from the engine room as a way to cook food, but that also meant having to actually deal with the heat himself. Normally caked in sweat by the time he finished, he would never bother to put on anything more than a short pair of pants until after all the food was made.

After taking his small break, he began going through the motions of his morning calisthenics and breathing exercises. He did his best to keep in peak physical condition, the sauna-like effects of his kitchen aiding in that respect, though he did have a bit of a sweet-tooth and often fell for the charms of an alluring sweet-roll more often than not. The people who came around to grab the grub were notably more cheery than previous days, giving praise to the change in the usual slop in a bowl as Oluchi went about his business. Gradually the flow of people began to die down, and at a certain point Oluchi put on a pot of tea for himself. He would have to track down all the people who didn’t get a taste of his meal, and hand out the food himself. Sometimes people were too busy, or they slept in too long to be able to make it to the makeshift kitchen, so Oluchi made a point to find these deviants and put his food in their bellies. After all, a hungry crew is never a happy crew.

Once he was satisfied that everybody was done picking up their grub, Oluchi grabbed a couple of the cakes and stuffed them into his mouth before making his way to the cupboard with his clothes. He quickly wiped away all the sweat he could, and proceeded to don his typical garb; a pair of thick leather boots, a thin pair of pants and a thin shirt with no sleeves, and a pair of leather gloves. It was fairly plain, but unless he was planning a long journey, he had no need for much else. Happy with his appearance, he took a minute to finish his tea, grabbed the basket and began to make his way topside. He was hoping to run into Leo sooner than later, as the boy could help him find the people who haven’t had a bite to eat. The sooner everybody was fed, the sooner Oluchi could get back to preparing his special potions for the heist, and the boy would certainly serve to speed things up.

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    She dreamed of days where she worried more, and fussed over the small things that didn't concern life and death. Horizontal though she was, pelts brushing her cheek, it seemed she could not have more of a care in the world. She was not dressed, not made up, and feeling altogether contentedly reluctant. Selima had no plans of getting out of her bedclothes for a while, however long she'd been awake. Someone was coming to fetch her, after all, and it would be best if she stayed still.

    "Mm..." she arched her neck, cracking a chain or two along her spinal cord as her eyes fluttered shut. Only blackness and the after image of the window's light greeted her. Groaning, Zizi rolled upright. Annie would be disappointed that she didn't have more specific news--specific, specific, the girl always wanted it specific and Zizi couldn't blame her--but the lack of ill will shall have to do. The politician was careless, she knew that much; one would have to be to decide to swindle money from the less well-to-do populace. What danger there would be would come from what lies around him. Her chin perked upwards, and she traded stares with the broken clock on the wall before her. Jutting from the ajar little door, the little bird on it's plank had its beak mostly shut. The minute hand below twitched from time to time. Perhaps... her Boatswain would be willing to give it a fine tuning.

    Unfurling, her feet came flat against the floor, and her toes wriggled as the cold crawled up her legs. Slippers, slippers. She found them under her vanity, adjusted her tri-fold mirror, and got to work adding some color to her cheeks. "Yes, you're already beautiful," she told her reflection, "but we need to hide some discerning details." Or enhance them. Depending on the day and the crowd, Selima was better off looking older and haggard. It would not be today; richer audiences expected their fortunes to be clean and not laden with cobwebs and the juices of a boiling cauldron.

    Still in naught but a linen dress and cozy footwear, she dragged a shawl about her shoulders and stepped out of her room. Leopold was late, and she was steadily growing hungry. A drift down a hallway and half a flight of stairs later, she had pancakes set before her. Pancakes. With chocolate in them and a merciful coating of jam--"Mercy me, Oluchi. Oluchi, darling. Pulling out all the stops today, are we?" Crewmembers behind her were chowing down, and pretty happy about it from what she could hear. Oh, she knew adopting this one into the crew would be the best thing that would happen to them, she knew from the start. "Oluchi," she called again, balancing a plate of food and utensils on her hip by the time she found him. She leaned forward conspiratorially and spoke in a giddy hush. "I've a plot, you see. There is a bloodhound puppy sniffing out my trail; what say you come with me when he finds me, bring an entire stack these scrumptious things, and make sure madame captain actually feeds herself this fine morning? It will be so horribly unprofessional, I could die."

    She squawked out a curt laugh. Then her trouble-making grin seeped back, fading into a more demure smile with wide-eyed blinking. "And I'll give you my love if you've tea to spare."