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Dendrin Alcroft

"Eh? Well if you weren't so touchy we wouldn't be having this problem! {Wip hist.Pers.}

0 · 586 views · located in Skyrim

a character in “Skyrim Tales”, as played by Alliqua_Dark



Dendrin Alcroft

137 (Appears 21)


Dunmer - Dark elf


Neutral - Self



「Height & Weight」
5'4" & 135lbs

「Hair Color」

「Eye Color」
Bright blue

「Skin Tone」
-My take on any dark elf is that they've been underground for centuries. PALE.

「General Appearance」
Rather short yet, muscular. Dendrin gives off an air confidence and tranquility. He wears robes most times, with arm guards so his sleeves don't impede him. Although he also keeps a pair of nice clothing with him just in case. His medium ebony hair is wavy and kept in perfect condition. His bright blue eyes make him stick out from most Dunmer, in fact most other Dunmer refuse to believe he even is one. His light skin and drastic coloring make him stick out from most of everyone else. Unlike most people you'd find, his skin is unblemished, save for the Oblivion symbol tattooed on his right shoulder and the runes of power tattooed on his back along his shoulders.


Sarcastic, Arrogant, Clever, Sharp-tongued



「Strengths & Weaknesses」
Dendrin is a highly skilled mage, his Destruction and Conjuration magic are his best asset. Second only to his devilish good-looks. He is also skilled in crafting potions and cooking. Dendrin happens to be a rather apt tracker and trap maker. Good with his hands as he would say. He spent most of his time studying at the Mage college sure, but he also spent a few years at the Bards college. Giving him a proficiency with the Lute, not to mention he honed his warm singing voice into a very lovely sound indeed. During this time he gathered knowledge about locals and things of that nature, giving him a rather sharp tongue and persuasive way about him.

True he is good at many things, although he is also bad at many things. He is not trained in any weapon, in fact he'd be lucky if he could use a dagger properly. His physical strength is decent but he doesn't have much stamina or a threshold for pain either. On top of that he is very bad at restoration magic. His magic is better for destroying than repairing. He can't seem to not get himself into trouble. He doesn't steal or murder, but he's been known to stir up the locals and enrage many around him just by making off-hand comments. This is why he was banned from the mage college, for upsetting the Archmage to a level of intense rage. He just can't help it sometimes, he sees an opportunity to mess with someone and he can't resist. He also has a deep fear of spiders. It's rather crippling.


Loading. . .

「Current Equipped Items」
Mage robes of Destruction.
{Black in color}
Walking staff.
{Black ebony, no magical power}

So begins...

Dendrin Alcroft's Story