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"I will continue to walk until the light gives way."

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a character in “Skyrim: The Mentor & The Sellswords”, as played by Dex


Ulysses, The Faceless Man

Basic Info

Name: Currently goes by Ulysses. More commonly referred to in myth as "The Faceless Man," "Strider," and "Wolfsbane"
Race: Imperial
Age: 365
Gender: Male


To those who he once knew, Ulysses was a very cold, callous, dispassionate figure, and is rather aloof, brooding, and indifferent, willing to harm both his comrades and enemies should they ever get in his way. He referred to anyone he didn't find interesting as "trash" and treats them as expendable. He met The Mentor several years ago, finding the man to have far more wisdom than he could gather in over three hundred years. The Mentor understood Ulysses and was able to get him to finally stop and look around, that not everything was as bleak as he believed. While not as he once was, Ulysses is still indifferent to most people, though now he would never turn against someone who has put their trust in him . He has seemed to find a place between despair and serenity, finally finding peace after so many years. He has given up his search for a cure to his vampirism, but never turns anyone even when he must feed. Whenever confronted, Ulysses is casual and uncaring, attempting to draw out a conversation and make small talk, which often infuriates those he is talking to. He is also known to joke around with his enemies, causing them to believe he doesn't take them seriously. Despite this, he has a feral cunning and a natural knack for quickly exploiting any openings his opponents give him.


Ulysses carries an Ebony Bow and Elven short swords designed for quick precise attacks. His armor is a bared version of steel armor, allowing for easier movement. His most noticeable feature is his mask, which often makes him unapproachable to others. He wears "The Ring of Dawn," a small bronze ring given to him by The Mentor. The ring gives him the ability to travel in the day time with only a small tingling from the sun that often results in mild sunburn. This even happens with all the layers he usually wears. The ring also effects his strength and speed, returning it to that of a normal human, but greatly reducing his need to feed, to the point even an animal would due.

Even when wearing the Ring of Dawn, Ulysses is incredibly quick and agile. His archery skills are often unmatched and he uses his swords to unleash a flurry upon his opponents. While not wearing the ring, he has enhanced speed, and strength matches and often exceeding that of even an orc. He knows several Illusion spells, but his stealth and natural assassin instincts make frontal confrontation rarely an issue.
Ulysses has gone by several names over the centuries. He was born in Anvil, a city in Western Cyrodiil, as Gerard Kelio. When he was 14 he moved to his Uncles farm who was growing too old to tend the stock. When he was 23, his Uncle finally passed away and Gerard inherited the farm. He found a pretty girl and began a family at the small stead. At 30 a stranger came a call, asking for shelter from the terrible storm. As you can guess, the stranger was a vampire, having stalked the family for the last week waiting for the right time to approach. He killed Gerard's wife and daughter, then turned him to be his servant until the Vampire grew bored with him. Well, karma is after all a spiteful lady, and the vampire felt her wraith. A group of Vampire Hunters attacked the coven, killing 18 of the 19 vampires. Gerard survived by pure chance, having been sent out to find new prey for his Master. Ulysses was on his own, knowing he couldn't fit in regular society, he drifted for nearly ten years before a stranger once again appeared before him. This one belonged to a particular group of assassins who were looking to expand their ranks. Ulysses was moved to one of the Valenwood branches and began cutting through the elven nobility quite impressively. He had developed a rather sinister reputation and personality, becoming a cold shell who was once a man. During the Oblivion Crisis, Ulysses returned to Cyrodiil, carrying out the assassinations of key political figures in order to speed up the process of succession. At this time however, the Brotherhood was falling apart due to corruption, many losing faith in their Night Mother. Ulysses wanted out, but what was left of the Black Hand wouldn't allow it. When the last Listener past on, Ulysses set fire to many Sanctuaries, effectively being the Reaper to what little power the group had left. He worked independently for a time, taking jobs offered through contacts he had established. This continued until the Great War.

During the Great War, Ulysses, going by Nero at the time, was employed by the Aldmeri Dominion to take care of several "problems." Though its not recorded, he fought The Grandmaster of the Blades in Cloud Ruler Temple. Though he won the fight, the Grandmaster left a mark himself, taking a large chunk out of Ulysses mask. He almost received the order to put an arrow through Titus Mede II before the White-Gold Concordant was signed. He disappeared once again, though he is listed as a high value target among the Thalmor. During this time his hunger was growing stronger. He was feeding almost everyday, but never turned his victims, nor killed them as it would be a useless death. He was contacted by a noble in Solitude to kill a man living outside the city. Not for vengeful reasons, like most nobles he simply wanted the land. Ulysses arrived to find the target waiting, as if expecting him. He spoke softly, causing Ulysses to drop his blades and remove his mask completely, something he hadn't done in over fifty years. After their brief conversation, Ulysses ended it with, "Then show me this world you see." Ulysses' view of the world changed. He could not be forgiven for his past crimes, but he doesn't want to be. Now, he just wants to see what this world has to offer. To date, Mentor is the only person living who knows what he looks like under the mask.

These questions will let me know a little more about you as a player.

What experience do you have with the Elder Scrolls universe?: All games since Arena, and read several of the novels.
How often do you get online?:Everyday
How often can we expect you to be able to post?: Likely every other day, but will post daily if involved in a big plot point.
Password: Fus Ro Dah

So begins...

Ulysses's Story


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Vanryth Galero
The Mentor’s Manor – Dining Hall

Tap, tap, tap...

An incessant tapping came from the oldest in the room, a scarred Dunmer sitting amongst his compatriots at the table. The quill in his hand drummed the table beside a piece parchment with his scrawling and thoughts. This was how he communicated fine thoughts to his companions now, through ink and paper. The reason was clear when he yawned, revealing an absence of where his tongue should have been. Vanryth quickly covered his mouth to save everyone from the sight of his disability. Once clear of his yawn, he rubbed his beard in quiet contemplation.

Like everyone else in the room, Van tried to think about what could have caused this sudden disappearance. The Mentor was always thoughtful enough to tell someone if he was going to go away for a bit, and he always came back eventually. This did not feel like one of those times where he would make his way back. Something felt... Different. Perhaps it was the note left behind. Hastily written, so unlike the Mentor. Van was much like Drayk in this regard, the Mentor had also taught Van how to read and write, though writing proved to be more useful to him than it did to Van. He wondered what could make the Mentor jot a note down in such haste... The Mentor was always patient and seemed like a careful man. It was a puzzle. And Van hated puzzles.

His hand now had drifted up and leaned on the table, covering up the left side of his face, obscuring the scars and the once crimson- now clouded eye. His vision didn't suffer from the obstruction as the sight was stolen from that eye. A thousand thoughts rushed through his mind, and he was agitated that he could not voice all of them. Though the clear mind that the mentor had instilled in him knew that the thoughts were useless, even if he had a voice. Those around him were the only ones (to his knowledge) who knew much of the Mentor, and even then it was scant. Most of them- Vanryth included- only knew him as the man who had saved them and put them on the right track.

Van sighed heavily and took a drink from the goblet that sat on the other side of his parchment. Alcoholic, no doubt. While the Mentor had succeeded in locking some of Van's demons away, more sprung up from the cracks of Van's psyche. This was one of them, the drink. The taste of it didn't matter- for obvious reasons- only the strength. Though he knew better than to over indulge on this night. The same could not be said on most other nights however. Van ventured a peak out of the window nearest him and was greeted by the sight of the full moon. It was high in the sky- marking it late in the evening or early in the morning. The sight of the moon caused him to shoot a glance at Sinderion before returning to the parchment in front of him.

Drayk was the first to break the silence. Van stopped the rythmic tapping of his quill as he spoke.

"It starts in Markarth. I say we start there. Take the horses and ride out at first light."

It was the next logical step it seemed. The Mentor had left them the note to follow, and it was rare that they went against his wishes. Though, Van couldn't help but wonder at what they would find in Markarth once they arrived.

Next Sinderion spoke.

β€œI do not understand what has occurred, but I would not wager that it will be as simple as finding him there. If it starts in Markarth, it will likely end elsewhere. All the same, that seems the best thing to do at the moment.”

Vanryth nodded along as he spoke. The boy had a point. Nothing was ever that simple. Though it was the only option they had at that moment, and Van was never the one to just sit around and do nothing. He pushed his hair back and leaned forward over the parchment and set his quill to writing. Vanryth finished his scratching and turned the parchment around and pushed it forward to allow those around him to read his words. The parchment was already full of Van's previous questions and statements- all marked through to allow for easier reading:

Vanryth Galero wrote:Where is the Mentor?

What do you mean gone? Where Oblivion's name did he go?

I'll check around the stables.

He's not here at all then?

Markarth? What's in Markarth? And who the hell is "him"?

I agree, we should heed the note. Too many questions not to. Let us just hope it doesn't lead to more questions. Though what we do when we reach Markarth is beyond me...

Vanryth leaned back with goblet in hand and allowed his misfit family to read his note. Van felt restless, like he needed to get up and get to Markarth that very instant. In his youth, he'd be out the door within minutes and saddled up for the road. With age comes wisdom as they say, and Van knew the wisdom of patience for now. It didn't mean he liked it and his subtle movements bespoke of his restlessness and eagerness.