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Eleywen Silinor

A High Elf who used to be part of the Thalmor, now searching for some excitement in her life.

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a character in “Skyrim”, as played by Thadine



- Full Name: Eleywen Silinor

- Nickname(s): Others often shorten her name to Eli, though she doesn't let just everyone do this.

- Age: 23. She hasn't fully entered adulthood yet, so her aging process will still go on as usual until 25.

- Gender: Female

- Race: Altmer / High Elf

- Faction: Imperial Army / Thalmor

- Guild Member: Part of the Winterhold College, Ex- Thalmor Member


- Hair and Eyes: Her hair is a deep brown, though in sunlight can be seen as red, or a deep burgundy. It's short, reaching only shoulder-length, and straight as well. Her eyes are a light golden colour, with a slight brown tint to them.

- Complexion: She has light golden skin as others of her kind, though it is paler than most. Her skin is nearly untouched, though tends to differ in hues. Such as under her eyes she often has dark bags from lack of sleep. Her cheeks are a bit darker underneath the bone, her skin tanned in odd and different places. There is a lack of scars on her body.

– Height and Weight: 6'4" | 153lb

Her height often intimidates people, as most High Elves do, though she is slightly on the shorter side for most of her race.

- Body Type: Thin and lithe, though due to her height she can be a bit clumsy and doesn't have as much agility. She lacks strength as well, and heavily relies on her magic. She has quite a weak structure, and gets injured easily, though she mostly picks off enemies faster than they can get to her.

- Armor: Eleywen wears a set of gold elven armor, however it looks obviously old and worn, with dents, scratches and scuff marks on it. She's kept it since her days in the Thalmor army, and refuses to repair it no matter what happens to it.


- Weapon: Eleywen doesn't often use physical weapons. Rather, like most of her kind, she relies on magic. She specializes in Restoration, which others look down on her for since it can't be used for offense or defense. She also works well in Destruction however, her favorite spell being simple Fire Runes and Shock. When combat gets too close, she has a fine elven dagger. She's had it for most of her life. Due to her training in the Thalmor, she is able to deliver a swift and deadly blow with her dagger, though she much prefers use of her magic.

- Quote: "Beware the man who never lets the truth get in the way of a good story."

- Theme song: Celtic Air and Dance -

- Brief History: Eleywen was born in Summerset Isles, though she hardly remembers any of it due to her family moving out early on. She was never told the reason for this, though she noticed her parents studied Enchanting and Alchemy quite vigorously, possibly hoping to open up their own shop. She lived a humble life for many years, learning many things from her parents. She took an interest and magic, and started learning the basics at a young age. She always leaned towards Restoration magic, interested in how your own power could seal the wounds of nearly everyone, and fix broken bones. However, they were not a very high-up family, and due to this were low on money. Eleywen wanted to travel to the College of Winterhold, however in order to support her parents, she joined the Thalmor army for the measly pay it offered.

The few years she spent there were hard work, and being around her own kind with their superior attitude started to rub off onto her. She learned about the Altmer's history, how they are the most sophisticated of the races, all of these things that rang true in her own mind. She began to shift into the typical soldier, taking orders, taking those who showed any signs of Talos worship or those who even just looked at her weirdly. After a while though, she began to feel too contained by her schedule and orders. Small hints of rebellion began to show up in her, and eventually she just got up and left after gaining enough money to admit herself into the college.

Ever since then, it's been a mix of killing wandering Stormcloaks, and searching for gold to keep her afloat. She ran out of money quickly, and is desperate to make a few coins.

- Personality: Eleywen grew up not knowing much about her own history. Because of this, when she went with the Thalmor, she flourished in it, becoming the typical High Elf that most races are wary of. She believes that not only she, but her whole race, is superior to most in the ways of Lore/History, Language, and Traditions. Though she may respect simple things like talents that other races may have (agility, fighting ability, etc.) she never would admit that any race is better than hers. Despite this, she is a very honest and truthful person, often coming out as quite blunt and rude sometimes. She works hard, and doesn't like liars or thieves. She's wary of the beast races because of this, knowing that they have a reputation of being thieves.

She forms bonds with people quite quickly, and despite bringing out nothing than stereotypes upon first meeting, she can warm up to someone, no matter what their race. It's not like many people approach her anyways. Patience, honesty, and trust are all very important to her, and she often expects the best out of people, never slacking on her own work.

So begins...

Eleywen Silinor's Story


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#, as written by Thadine
Eleywen Silinor

She was still staring at the Khajiit with such anger, such hate that she felt her flame spell forming on her fingertips, as if reflecting the internal fire that was flaming inside of her. It started to burst on her fingertips, flickering in the air and illuminating a bit of the small space around her. She didn't even care about the Nord anymore, no, she was focused on that stupid cat, which had only caused trouble so far. How could he do this? She was the one that had saved him from the Nord in the tavern, the one who had defended him. She came along to help him, she was going out of her way just to keep him safe!

And what had he done? Left her here with the Stormcloak, betrayed her completely after deciding to save the stupid Bosmer. That thing wasn't even a true elf! She was only just above the Dunmer, and Eleywen was completely enraged that Dar'Jargo chose a wood-frolicking elf over her.

She opened her mouth, about to shout and scream at him and those around her, awaken everything that was inside the cavern, every bug, every odd creature. Shake the very pillars that held up the structure, crack the stone around her. Send out a huge fire spell, unleash everything she had and scorch everything in the room. But then, she heard a light creaking sound. The gate, the gate opened! But the cat had said something before, threatened them almost about not laying a hand on him. Before she could even decide to though, he ran down the staircase, leaving the room.

She stared at the exit, listening as the Nord's heavy footsteps echoed through the chamber. The woman made her way over to her abandoned sword, and picked it up. She paused though, and the Elf turned to look over her shoulder at her. She sensed some malice coming from her, a certain darkness in the Nord's eyes...however she sheathed her blade, and went down the staircase. Eleywen narrowed her eyes, and followed. The chamber was slightly darker below, and so Eleywen conjured a small magelight above them.

"I'll lead with the light." She muttered, stepping ahead of the woman. However, she didn't exactly feel comfortable with that action. She felt the woman's pasted onto her, though Eleywen ignored it and tried to focus. They came to a large open chamber. It seemed to be open up above, as light seeped through, illuminating the area. Just at that moment, her magelight faded away. Eleywen let out a small sigh of relief at the sight of the large chamber. Her eyes moved down to the floor, seeing in the dust and dirt, a weak footprint. The cat and wood elf had gone through here, most likely.

"Well, let's continue on. At the first chance I get I'm going to kill that cat." She spoke confidently with a quiet chuckle, turning to look at the Nord behind her. The woman had drawn her sword. Eleywen's smile disappeared.

"What in the name of Akatosh are you doing?" She cried out, watching the blade glimmer in the light. She tried to conjure the flames on her hand in defense, however, nothing happened. She looked down in panic, staring at her gloved hands. No flames...she...she was out of magika. She had wasted in on the magelight.

Eleywen looked up again at the Nord. The woman began to approach her, slowly, sword moving slightly with each step. The Altmer drew her elven dagger, though she held it clumsily, she hadn't fought with it for a few years. She could hardly wield it. She tried for flames again, even a weaker spell, though nothing happened. She didn't have any potions either....oh goodness. Her fate was at the hands of this stupid dagger, and she was facing a battle-worn Nord! Eleywen began to feel nervous, something that didn't happen often, as she backed slowly, nearing the wall with every step.

"Listen, I don't...we could don't have to do this." She mumbled quietly, her amber eyes glowing with fear. The woman raised her heavy blade, just as Eleywen's back hit the wall. Squeezing her eyes shut, she held out her dagger in weak defense, ready to feel the blade slam into her. Nothing came though. The Nord was staring up at the ceiling, watching something. Eleywen raised her eyes as well, and in a mere second, the huge spider came slamming down on top of the woman.

Eleywen let out a sharp scream of surprise, dropping her dagger. The spider jabbed its pincers into the Stormcloak, finalizing her sudden death. It moved it's various legs in a spinning action, webs flowing out from it, wrapping around the woman's leg. The Thalmor let out a strangled breath, and then without a second thought, ran. She ran through the open chamber and into a small hallway, pushing webs out of her sight. She ran, and ran, not knowing where she was going, just speeding through dark corridors like her life depended on it.

And then, she heard noise. She stopped suddenly. Somewhere...near her, in another room, she heard voices and the moaning of some odd creatures that inhabited the tomb. Eleywen stepped forward slowly and silently, peering around the corner.

There they were! The cat, lying on the ground, a fire atronach in the corner along with a few other hazy shapes. Eleywen did not enter the room right away. She saw what looked like draugr inside, and did not dare to quarrel with them. She awaited for her magicka to recharge again. She pressed her back against the wall and slid down to the floor. As soon as they were done fighting...she'd come out and kill both of them..yes.