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Lyra Darsi

"My abilities can be yours, for a price..."

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a character in “Skyrim”, as played by Kuukakulily



Full Name: Lyra Darsi

Nickname(s): Ly

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Race: Breton

Faction: Lyra belongs to no faction, preferring to go to the highest bidder.

Guild Member: Once belonged to the College of Winterhold.


Hair and Eyes: Lyra has cascading black hair and observant hazel eyes.

Complexion: Lyra's skin is very pale, a consequence of studying so much inside and not preferring the night over the day.

Height and Weight: Like many Bretons, Lyra is fairly short standing at only 5'4". She is of normal weight for her height at 115 lbs.

Body Type: Lyra is a bit muscular, due to her unique fighting style, but she still remains fairly slender.

Armor: Lyra is protected by light armor, most notably Ancient Falmer Armor


Weapon: Lyra doesn't use a traditional weapon, but rather conjures one, or make that two. She likes to dual wield bound daggers and is exceptionally adept at it. Her style of fighting is one in which she deals support damage while a Frost Atronarch that she summons at the beginning of the battle takes the brunt of the damage and deals heavy blows.

Quote: "Many people view the world in black and white. They see my abilities and label me 'evil' and 'necromancer'. I, however have a broader spectrum of color."

Theme song: Skyrim-Secunda

Brief History: Despite being a Breton, Lyra is not from High Rock. She was born and raised in the city of Winterhold and grew up with the shadow of the college over head. Growing up, she always tended to make questionable choices. She always had good reason for anything she'd done, but to others she seemed more sinister. While she was never very violent, others seemed to fear her and she became something of an outcast within the town. Her parents never understood her and so she sought help elsewhere. At the tender age of 14 she left home to travel throughout Skyrim, searching for other conjurer's. Many she encountered were hostile and gave nothing but trouble. Dejected, she went back to her home in Winterhold. Conjuration had never been a very common talent except in Breton's (the exception being her own parents) so she never thought to look in the most obvious place, at the College of Winterhold. It was her assumption that no one there knew the art and that she would just be outcast from there as well. Taking a chance, she enrolled herself there and learned many new and helpful spells. It was there that she met Phines Gestor, who guided her and taught her how to better her Conjuration. She was happy there for a time, but she longed to travel once more and so she bid them farewell to journey. At present, she can be found near the ruins of Bleak Falls Barrow. She will travel to the city of Riverwood for supplies and such, but finds the snow comforting more so than the pleasant valley below.

Personality: Like the frozen north that she was born in, Lyra can come across as cold. She likes to think that she can be warm, but, truth be told she is not. She is quiet and thoughtful and enjoys learning more than anything. She studies old ruins and is utterly fascinated with the Throat of the World and the tale of Dragonborns. She enjoys showing off her extensive knowledge and will never pass up a chance to do so. Many find her an insufferable know-it-all, but she doesn't care much about other people's opinion of her.

So begins...

Lyra Darsi's Story


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Lyra had seen the two, a Khajiit and a Bosmer, go into the ruins that she called home. She shared it in an uneasy alliance with the bandits, who were willing to tolerate her so long as she provided them with treasure she would come to find in the deep recesses of the ruin that was Bleak Falls Barrow. She could have killed them, but didn't feel like it would serve much purpose. Now, as she trekked through the outer ruins, she could see the bodies of some of the bandits splayed out. She shrugged assuming that the Khajiit and Bosmer had done the damage and went on her way to the inner ruins, not giving her "housemates" a second glance.

As the heavy stone door gave way into the darkness, Lyra allowed her eyes to adjust to the lack of light. As she looked about, she could see more bodies lying around a campfire. She took a closer look and was quite angered to find that some of her things had been pilfered by the bandits. She angrily kicked a body close to her. She felt foolish to trust them at all. Picking up some of the things that was stolen from her, she went deeper into the dank ruins to where she had set up her own little camp.

Her little area seemed somewhat warm and inviting and she sat down, bringing a tome from her knapsack. As she turned the vellum pages, she suddenly had a thought. She had never been able to go as deep into the Barrow as she would've liked, thanks to that enormous arachnid, but now that the Khajiit and Bosmer were here, she might be able to follow them into the deeper part. She sat the dusty tome down on the ground beside her and left her little camp to follow after the strangers.

It wasn't long before she caught up with them, slipping past a rather angry Thalmor and a Nord. They seemed to distressed about finding the strangers than they were about finding her. She came to the large stranger that housed the spider just in time to see the Bosmer tame it. She hid behind a pillar, watching the scene unfold. As they gave chase to the thief, she gave chase to them, following them to the sounds of screaming below.

She was no longer making an effort to conceal her presence from them and stepped behind them. She was not scared of the Draugr, having faced them before. Hiding from awakened Draugr was essentially futile in her opinion, but she wanted to wait and see what these two would do. She readied a conjuration spell, ready to summon a flame atronarch from Oblivion to take out the Draugr.


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Alice slowly put her hand onto the ancient stone ground, worn and dead from lack of use as the time of steps had long pasted. She'd exhale breathe, closing her eyes, her body conjured illusion magic that was a adept form of shrouding one's self from naked eye, but if you looked close enough you could see the darkness around her wrapping around her like a thick fog, swaying with dark intent.

As she opened her hazel coloured hues with a new sense of awareness as she joined with the darkness that shrouded her presence she pushed her body forward, her boots scuffing the ground from the force and her image was distorted in darkness only to reappear beside a draugr with her dagger ready to plunge into it's head. ''Dar'Jargo, now!'' She'd order with assertiveness then she'd plunge the dagger into the side of the draugr's head, it growled only to go limp and Alice to rest it to the side of her and back away to a pillar shrouded in darkness once more awaiting his arrow to execute the second one. But was this was happening she would be planning to take down the last two until light from a familiar spell hit her sights and her eyes widened...

Thinking the spell was for Dar'Jargo she in her distraction dispelled herself from the darkness making herself known to the stranger and the other draugr and turned to have one of the draugr grab her. She would struggle getting her dagger and jabbing it into the draugr's shin, then shoving it back from her, it hit the ground starting to get up. ''Dar'Jargo! Stranger!'' She would warn desperately then turn and execute a side swooping kick to the draugr's head then stabbed it in the head then looked between the other draugr and the mysterious newcomer...


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Dar'Jargo focused on the draugr, a total of four roamed the room, three of which examined the thief's corpse. He had only now realized that Alice had disappeared. At first he grew nervous, but this nervousness was short lived. He had remembered a power that only the Khajiits could wield. His mother taught him how to use it with up-most efficiency. Although he never used the 'Night-eye' power, he figured now would be a good time.

His eyes lit up with a blue haze, and lit the room through his vision. He could now see the cloud of fog next to a draugr. Almost in an instance, Alice became visible, and she yelled to Dar'Jargo. Her knife plunged into the draugr's skull, and she became shrouded in the shadows once more. Quickly aiming the bow to the draugr, he looked down to notice a yellow light illuminating the area around him.

Confused, he fell to the ground as the ball of fire hurled by his head, and into the draugr. He got up and spun around with one swift move, and drew another arrow, aiming it at the odd creature of fire. He had never seen something like this before. As his night vision began to wear off, he noticed a lady-like figure floating in mid-air. Despite it's body being covered almost completely in fire, he could notice a ball of fire in its hands.

He heard the sound of Alice calling to him, and he turned his head away from the strange creature to listen to her. This was a mistake on his part, to let the thing out of his sight. He should've known too. But he took his punishment in the form of a ball of fire. The burning sensation on his chest was unimaginable... He fell with a thump to the ground, gasping for breath.


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#, as written by Thadine
Eleywen Silinor

She was still staring at the Khajiit with such anger, such hate that she felt her flame spell forming on her fingertips, as if reflecting the internal fire that was flaming inside of her. It started to burst on her fingertips, flickering in the air and illuminating a bit of the small space around her. She didn't even care about the Nord anymore, no, she was focused on that stupid cat, which had only caused trouble so far. How could he do this? She was the one that had saved him from the Nord in the tavern, the one who had defended him. She came along to help him, she was going out of her way just to keep him safe!

And what had he done? Left her here with the Stormcloak, betrayed her completely after deciding to save the stupid Bosmer. That thing wasn't even a true elf! She was only just above the Dunmer, and Eleywen was completely enraged that Dar'Jargo chose a wood-frolicking elf over her.

She opened her mouth, about to shout and scream at him and those around her, awaken everything that was inside the cavern, every bug, every odd creature. Shake the very pillars that held up the structure, crack the stone around her. Send out a huge fire spell, unleash everything she had and scorch everything in the room. But then, she heard a light creaking sound. The gate, the gate opened! But the cat had said something before, threatened them almost about not laying a hand on him. Before she could even decide to though, he ran down the staircase, leaving the room.

She stared at the exit, listening as the Nord's heavy footsteps echoed through the chamber. The woman made her way over to her abandoned sword, and picked it up. She paused though, and the Elf turned to look over her shoulder at her. She sensed some malice coming from her, a certain darkness in the Nord's eyes...however she sheathed her blade, and went down the staircase. Eleywen narrowed her eyes, and followed. The chamber was slightly darker below, and so Eleywen conjured a small magelight above them.

"I'll lead with the light." She muttered, stepping ahead of the woman. However, she didn't exactly feel comfortable with that action. She felt the woman's pasted onto her, though Eleywen ignored it and tried to focus. They came to a large open chamber. It seemed to be open up above, as light seeped through, illuminating the area. Just at that moment, her magelight faded away. Eleywen let out a small sigh of relief at the sight of the large chamber. Her eyes moved down to the floor, seeing in the dust and dirt, a weak footprint. The cat and wood elf had gone through here, most likely.

"Well, let's continue on. At the first chance I get I'm going to kill that cat." She spoke confidently with a quiet chuckle, turning to look at the Nord behind her. The woman had drawn her sword. Eleywen's smile disappeared.

"What in the name of Akatosh are you doing?" She cried out, watching the blade glimmer in the light. She tried to conjure the flames on her hand in defense, however, nothing happened. She looked down in panic, staring at her gloved hands. No flames...she...she was out of magika. She had wasted in on the magelight.

Eleywen looked up again at the Nord. The woman began to approach her, slowly, sword moving slightly with each step. The Altmer drew her elven dagger, though she held it clumsily, she hadn't fought with it for a few years. She could hardly wield it. She tried for flames again, even a weaker spell, though nothing happened. She didn't have any potions either....oh goodness. Her fate was at the hands of this stupid dagger, and she was facing a battle-worn Nord! Eleywen began to feel nervous, something that didn't happen often, as she backed slowly, nearing the wall with every step.

"Listen, I don't...we could don't have to do this." She mumbled quietly, her amber eyes glowing with fear. The woman raised her heavy blade, just as Eleywen's back hit the wall. Squeezing her eyes shut, she held out her dagger in weak defense, ready to feel the blade slam into her. Nothing came though. The Nord was staring up at the ceiling, watching something. Eleywen raised her eyes as well, and in a mere second, the huge spider came slamming down on top of the woman.

Eleywen let out a sharp scream of surprise, dropping her dagger. The spider jabbed its pincers into the Stormcloak, finalizing her sudden death. It moved it's various legs in a spinning action, webs flowing out from it, wrapping around the woman's leg. The Thalmor let out a strangled breath, and then without a second thought, ran. She ran through the open chamber and into a small hallway, pushing webs out of her sight. She ran, and ran, not knowing where she was going, just speeding through dark corridors like her life depended on it.

And then, she heard noise. She stopped suddenly. Somewhere...near her, in another room, she heard voices and the moaning of some odd creatures that inhabited the tomb. Eleywen stepped forward slowly and silently, peering around the corner.

There they were! The cat, lying on the ground, a fire atronach in the corner along with a few other hazy shapes. Eleywen did not enter the room right away. She saw what looked like draugr inside, and did not dare to quarrel with them. She awaited for her magicka to recharge again. She pressed her back against the wall and slid down to the floor. As soon as they were done fighting...she'd come out and kill both of them..yes.