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Aderyn Maverick

"We're all just people at the end of the day--y'punch me I bleed red, and I punch you, you bleed red. Simple as that."

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a character in “Skyward Bound”, as played by Jakuri-chan




“In all honesty, we all live with some sort of pain. I’m no exception, but, I face every day with as wide a smile as I can must—nothing ever gets better when you give into what nags you, y’know?”



Theme One: Counter Clockwiser
Theme Two: Weekender Girl
Theme Three: The Music Score of Starry Space


“I don’t really get the need for this; if there’s something you wanna know about me, y’could just . . . ask? Right?”

Full Name: Aderyn Liana Maverick - a-DEH-rin lee-A-nah MAV-er-ik
Role: Continent Dweller/The Star Chaser

Gender: Female
Nickname(s): Ryn | Starla | Fledgling
Ryn – The most commonly applied nickname to Aderyn. More often than not, Aderyn is referred to as Ryn due to people thinking the name actually better suits her due to her personality. Many people just think that she seems more like a Ryn than an Aderyn. People among her small town have been calling her Ryn since she was very young, since before she can even remember, in truth. Even when her mother and father were still alive, Aderyn had adults and children alike calling her Ryn. It’s something she grew up with, and because she grew up with it, she’s rather neutral to people calling her Ryn. Although, she does rather people refer to her by her full first name, though she never would say that aloud.
Starla – A private, rather obscure nickname for her—Starla is a name which was solely ever used by Aderyn’s late father. Given the beliefs that Haul held in regards to stars, he ended up calling Aderyn his little ‘Starla’, because he came to regard her entirely as his reason to live, his little girl was his ‘soul’. Haul came to pour everything he had into his daughter so that she might live a happy and good life, in essence, he came to leave his mortal soul with her because of what he did. Because Haul believed that stars were actually the souls of the departed, lingering above in the heavens to watch over their survivors; he came to think that he himself would not leave behind a star upon his own passing, because his soul was wholly within his daughter. She was his soul, and upon his demise, would be the ‘star’ he left behind to watch the world.
Fledgling – Given that most people in her rather small town are aware of her innate desire to be a Winged, or to achieve flight without the need for a bird under her, many people have come to call her the Fledgling because they remind her much of a yet flightless bird, a juvenile who is still dependent upon other means to ascertain a living, and flight.
Alias(es): The Caeura Chevalier
The Caeura Chevalier – A moniker garnered by the skill she possesses in controlling her bird in the sky. While there are many who fly and manage to traverse the great blue expanse of the heavens on the backs of large birds, within her hometown, Aderyn has a known reputation for being among the best. Though it is acknowledged that she is not exactly the safest or perhaps even the sanest bird tamer of the bunch, her proficiency is undeniable. Just like her father before her, Aderyn can handle herself and her bird with great ease in the skies. Due to her innate talent, Aderyn took up the mantle left by her father in helping to defend her town from any harpy onslaughts that regularly occur. Since she was twelve, this is what Aderyn has done as a ‘job’; it is how she manages to support herself. Watching Aderyn fly is impressive, and due to how very adept she is in staving off harpies, among the townspeople in her home she has earned the title and alias of ‘The Caeura Chevalier’, a title which has inadvertently spread across the continents due to those who travel in-between the land masses. Many have trekked through Caeura, and in their short time there, came to witness the feats of Aderyn’s flying, and never learning her name, spread word of her throughout the places they would visit, causing her to become known to many as ‘The Caeura Chevalier’.
Age: 16


“It sounds very cliché to say, but you do know that what counts is who a person is on the inside, not on the out . . . or, y’know, in the past too. It’s what’s going on in the heart.”

Height: 4’11”
Weight: 75 lbs.
Measurements: 28-22-29
Build: Flatchested/Petite/Slight Pear-shaped Figure
Hair Color/Style: Lavender White
While her hair is already a rather odd color for that of a human, it being a very light lavender hue, Aderyn furthers the strangeness by keeping her hair styled in a manner considered most odd by many. To say it simply, she keeps her hair rather all around uneven. The back of her hair is kept relatively short, uneven and rather a mess all the way through, her hair is kept rather at a rather boyish length, and more often than not , the back of her hair is unkempt and wild, sticking up everywhere and going every which way. At the base of her skull, her hair barely touched her neckline, while the rest of her hair the way up her skull is just irregular and every which way. Around her face though, it’s a different story. Unlike the rest of her hair, Aderyn keeps two long locks of hair at the sides of her face, right before her ears that extend down to the very bottom of her shoulder blades. Across her forehead, she keeps thick bangs that are evenly cut and just barely fall into her eyes. Rather often, Aderyn wears hair ornaments or ribbons around the long strands of hair she keeps to frame her face—usually secured at about chin level. For the most part, her hair is rather thick and unruly, even the longer strands are this way, being slightly wavy thanks to their length. It’s rather common for parts of her hair to stick up and out all the time.
Eye Color: Mauve
Scars – Like many people in the world, Aderyn is a girl who carries her fair share of scars. Scattered across her body is a myriad of scars, marks and remnants of since forgotten injuries that she suffered from either a moment of recklessness, excitement or from a simple accident. While her skin is already pallor, scars of an even lighter shade of ivory are strewn all over her flesh, connecting and overlapping like the delicate thread of a spider’s web, only truly notable due to the sheen they carry while in the light. Aderyn’s knees and elbows are what carry the most scars of anywhere on her body, due to her childhood. Since she was a toddler, Aderyn’s always been eager, excited and willing to take a risk without thinking about the consequences, and this shows, as very often as a girl she fell victim to gravity, she tripped, a lot, her knees and elbows reflecting that. And also, she was a touch bit on the rather enthusiastic and wild side of the spectrum, because of this, Aderyn was a young girl who often did things that no other child in her village would, she did rather daredevil things, which also earned her some interesting wounds. Because of her childhood, her body is simply covered in rather minute and unnoticeable scars. There exist scattered all across her body too, fresher and pinker scars, more recent ones from her newer hasty endeavors. . . .
Tattoos – Despite her rather wild nature and readiness to do dangerous things, Aderyn actually has a rather potent fear of needles, because of this, she has no desire to get a tattoo, nor will she ever, so long as it can be helped.
Piercings – The only ones to be found on her body are those upon her earlobes, and the only reason she even has these with her fear of needles is due to the fact that her mother had her ears pieced when she was still a baby, before she was aware of her fear and phobia of tiny, sharp things.

Notable Features: Her very light colored hair eyes.

Description: Simply a tiny thing, Aderyn has always been among the smallest of the bunch for reasons otherwise unknown to anyone, and for reasons she’s never understood. In truth, her height, or lack thereof, is almost laughable, regardless though, despite her shortness, Aderyn is still considered to be of ‘normal height’. That isn’t to say her height is considered average, rather she’s just considered to be ordinary. . . . It doesn’t matter how you look at her though, anyway you view Aderyn she honestly looks rather much like a child; she is small, from height to weight. Considering she’s sixteen years old, heading toward being seventeen rather soon, she ought to have developed some sort of figure by this point! Or, well, at least something that’s reminiscent of one—in that area she is severely lacking, really, Aderyn is built more like an ironing board than anything else. Although there is a technical term for her build, even it does not do justice to the injustice that is her tiny body. Honestly, the girl may as well be an ironing board for all she lacks.
Frankly, Aderyn is a tiny, near-figureless, boney little girl that looks like she’s closer to being twelve than sixteen. You can see her ribcage through her skin, her joints are all rather blatantly boney, while her arms and legs are rather like toothpicks, her hands and feet are even somewhat lanky too. Her fingers too are long and thin—there’s no reason for her to be so small and skinny, she ate rather well growing up, so it just sort of happened to her.

Topping off the spectacle that is her lack of a figure and childlike body, Aderyn carries very lightly colored hair upon her head, and eyes the color of amethyst, both of which are traits she inherited from her late mother. In many ways, she looks just like her mother, but in many others, she resembles her father. Aderyn keeps her hair in a rather unusual style, but it is one she is comfortable with.

It’s rare to see Aderyn with her hair free of any sort of hair ornaments, almost always the girl is wearing something adorning her skull, when she does let her hair be free of anything, the longer parts of it fall just barely past her shoulder blades, full of somewhat unruly waves that shimmer and shine due to the naturally light coloring it holds. Her bangs are kept free of parting influence, as her hair is just sort of all over the place, she doesn’t really have a part in it, and as such, her bangs tend to just do whatever, and just barely fall into her amethyst eyes. With the way the longer parts of her hair frame her face, Aderyn’s face cannot be fully seen, it’s hard to see that she is a girl who has rather well-defined cheekbones, while her face is actually pretty thin. However, it’s evident that she has rather soft and delicate features—she’s clearly a young lady, her nose is small and cute, while her face is gentle and kind, her eyes are large and soft. . . . Her odd colored hair and eyes are easily the most prominent features upon her body.

As far as things go, Aderyn is far cuter than she is strikingly beautiful. She’s not ugly at all, but she looks an awful lot like a child, so, she’s ‘adorable’. Despite the fact that she does physically seem more like a child than an adolescent of sixteen, she carries an air with her that betrays her appearance, and makes it obvious that she’s not really a kid, in terms of attractiveness, while Aderyn does nothing to make herself seem anymore appealing to the opposite sex, her eyes and hair are enough to catch the eyes of others, if only because they are lovely in their own right. Her face is a cute one too. While her body has rather little build and figure, it is still here, if only obvious because of the rather clingy clothing she dons due to personal preference, there is one. You can only tell that she does possess a figure due to the slight transition that is there from her waistline to her hips, beyond that, her general build is that of an ironing board.
When it comes to the expressions she keeps on her face, normally a small little smile can be seen kept on Aderyn’s face.

Preferred Clothing: In all truth, Aderyn is a girl who tends to wear a very specific sort of outfit, it’s one that she is near constantly, and it is one she is very comfortable in. Consisting of a dress, black boots, an overcoat of sorts and such, it is what she wears all the time. Beyond this set of clothing, Aderyn really has no preference for clothing, she more or less views clothing as something necessary, and chooses to wear what feels comfortable to her, and for her that is her usual outfit of choice . . . katana included.


“I think it’d be easier to explain the mechanics of the sun than for me to try and sort out my mind.”

Sexuality: Demisexual
Attraction and sexuality are not something with which Aderyn is familiar, in truth she is a young woman who is highly inexperienced in these matters. Aderyn has never known love beyond that of familial. People who have loved and cared for her have only ever done so by regarding her as if she were family, or that she was of relation to them. Because she lost her parents at a rather tender age, Aderyn was never really given any sort of talk or explanation about matters such as ‘love’, or relationships in general—she had ‘the talk’ with a neighbor woman who has always looked out for Aderyn’s wellbeing after the passing of her father, but no one ever really taught her about the concept of romantic love. . . . Inexperienced or not, most girls Aderyn’s age have found themselves thinking things like ‘so and so are so . . . I really like them’. She, however, has never really experienced such sentiments or thoughts—she’s always regarded everyone the same in terms of emotion and such. When it comes to her interactions with people, she’s always been rather gender-neutral in that she’s treated everyone the same without regard. Nothing has ever awoken within her an urge to see another person as any different from the other, or for her to see them as unexplainably special.

Despite this fact though, the truth is that Aderyn is fully capable of falling in love with someone, and finding herself feeling shy or self-conscious about how she’s looking. She’s capable of getting that fluttery feeling in her stomach when or if she thinks about a specific person, she can find someone attractive or special, it’s just that in her life, there has never been anyone who has managed to pique her interest enough to incite such feelings within her. Love is a concept she was never talked to about, and it’s something she’s not experienced beyond the bounds of family, but it’s something she can feel if the chance arises. It would just take a very specific person to ignite such a thing within her heart. Someone veeeeeery particular. . . .

Oddities: Appetite | Sleepwalker/Talker | Outspoken | Touchy-Feely | Awkward | Clumsy | Genius or Idiot

Don’t let the small stature fool you; Aderyn is a young lady with an appetite that could well rival any man three times her size. Inheriting it from her father, Aderyn has always been able to eat far more than her size would seem to allow—she can eat, and eat and eat, much to the shock of any onlookers or observers.

Just, ever since she was very young, Aderyn has had a history of sleep walking and talking. As strange as it might seem it’s just something Aderyn has always dealt with—even before it was that her parents passed away, her mother and father would find her in the most random of places whenever morning would roll around. There were times where they’d find her conked out on top of the kitchen table, and there were even instances of her having wandered out of the house, and outside to where it was Haul’s bird slept. Sometimes she’d be found just sleeping next to the thing, peacefully. On top of this already irksome and weird trait, Aderyn has been known to talk while she’s sleeping too, and honestly, some of the strangest things you will ever hear a person say come out of her mouth while she sleeps.

Although her being outspoken isn’t necessarily an oddity in anyway, the way that Aderyn treats speaking out is. Simply speaking, she puts no thought into the consequences of what she’s saying, if she wants to say something, basically she’ll say it without care. Even if her words might carry heavy weight to them, and this is something she’s aware of, she’ll still freely speak without holding back. Aderyn speaks her mind in any and every situation without hesitation. In a word, she’s outspoken, but outspoken in a manner most oddly honest—she’s truthful and utterly genuine in all her words, which is what makes this particular trait of her a quirk.

She’s very touchy-feely, clingy, she just likes physical contact with people. Possibly something born of the fair isolation she’s experienced in life due to the loss of her parents at a rather young age, Aderyn nowadays enjoys hugging people and getting a little clingy with them. This is something she’s always been able to get away with due to the rather small size of her village and the fact that everyone in Caeura knows each other, most everyone in the village knows that if they run into Aderyn that her hugging them isn’t out of the question. All you have to do is give the girl your name and within seconds, she might be hugging you, whether as a greeting or just because.

Given that in recent years, Aderyn’s main source of company has been both fae and a bird, she is nothing short of a socially awkward young woman. She doesn’t exactly conform to norms when it comes to conversing; this is partly out of inexperience and ignorance. In line with her being outspoken, Aderyn quite simply is sometimes bad at talking to others because of her lack in understanding what may or may not be acceptable to say in certain situations.

Even if Aderyn has moments of coordination and ninja-like reflexes she is still not exactly . . . the girl is actually pretty clumsy when she’s not paying attention. The only reason she ever seems like she has crazy, inhuman senses of anything is only because she’s focusing, outside of those rare few moments, the girl could not be more of a klutz—honestly, at times it just seems like gravity and everything else is entirely against her sometimes, as she has the most random slipups happen to her it seems. She trips, falls, runs into things and knocks things over when she’s not paying heed.

It’s . . . kind of hard to tell . . . ? Honestly, it’s sort of impossible to tell if Aderyn is a genius or really stupid sometimes, there are these instances where she can spout out the brightest and most intelligent ideas, and then the next she might get distracted by a fly. Seriously. She goes from one extreme to another on the intelligence spectrum that it is SO not easy to tell what she is.

Habits: Stargazing | Singing
Because of the beliefs that her father handed down to her about what stars are, Aderyn has always been one to find comfort in them, and due to that, she can oft be found seeking solace in the skies. Even during the daylight hours, she sometimes unintentionally can be found looking up to the sky, her mind imaging it a deep blue, scattered with sparkling specks. . . .

Although it is not a major habit, Aderyn DOES sing to herself sometimes, at times without meaning to. She’s led a rather lonesome life in the last years given the passing of her parents, even if she has a whole small town looking out for her, she is still alone in many ways, and to fill her life with some pleasant sounds she sings to herself. Though she has Elisedd, her fae companion, and her father’s bird to keep her company, sometimes she just misses the sound of a song voice in her life—before her mother passed of illness, she would often sing, and Aderyn does so herself to remember the comfort of those days. She does not cry or feel sad when she sings; rather she feels content, and a sense of nostalgia.

Likes: Stars, the moon, nighttime, stories/faerietales, people, flying, singing, her bird, Elisedd, food, sleeping, and eating.
Dislikes: Being wingless, cruelty, harpies, injustices, and stagnation.
Hobbies: Stargazing, singing, flying, and pretending to fly.

Phobia(s)/General Fears: Aquaphobia | Cleithrophobia | Pyexiophobia | Aichimophobia

Fear of Drowning – A definite natural thing for Aderyn to fear, this is a weakness and a phobia that has haunted her for many years. Though she is a girl who seems to be otherwise fearless, there is no denying the fact that she fears the prospect of drowning, and by extension, deep bodies of water. When she was younger, still a very small child, she nearly did drown once, only to be saved by her father.
Fear of Enclosed/Locked Spaces – She loves the sky, she loves the wide expanse of blue above her. Openness is something that is natural to her because she so loves flying as she does . . . the notion of becoming locked within a space and not having any control or ability to get out terrifies her, it’s enough to have made her have a slight quirk in that she always makes sure the way she comes in will open again.
Fear of Fever – Having lost her mother to illness and fever at a young age, Aderyn fears the same happening to someone near her again. Though she doesn’t keep much company that is especially close to her besides her fae companion, Elisedd, and her father’s bird, the prospect of one of them succumbing to fever is something that nags at her in the back of her mind and it’s enough to make her worry whenever one of them, or anyone really, appears to be getting sick. She worries they might become so ill that they never recover.
Fear of Needles – Sharp little objects are just something that have always made her feel squicky. . . . It’s not a matter of there being an event in her life that caused her trauma, Aderyn just simply has a very irrational fear of needles, and reactions to accompany that.

Personality: To sum her up in brief, and with a mere one word; Aderyn is nothing short of a born and bred dreamer. Her desires and dreams have helped to mold her into the girl she is today, into the weird, awkward and perhaps the most genuinely honest and kind person that one might ever find themselves meeting. Even in a world where humankind lives within the sky, above the clouds, and where there are people who are born with wings like those of Angels, Aderyn is still a girl who lives with her head higher in the sky than anyone else. Or, that is what some people seem to think upon first encountering her—there is no denying that she is far different from most. She is a young woman that is rather spontaneous; she’s awkward at times, but free-spirited and generally a compassionate soul. . . . When it comes down to it, Aderyn has a rather bold and brash manner of handling things, in that she tends to act before thinking or speaking, half the time no one is sure what she’s up to because she doesn’t let them in on what is going through her head. A trait some of her neighbors swear she gets from her late mother.

Aderyn is a girl of a free-spirit and heart, despite having faced tragedy in her life with the loss of her mother first and then her father, she still lives with a smile gracing her face, and holding a dream of someday gaining wings of her own that so she may fly to be among the stars. Being alone and bound to the continents without the aid of her father’s bird, and bearing the belief that the stars above are really the souls of the departed, Aderyn began desiring wings so that she might be able to again see her parents, herself believing that up there, they are somewhere in the cosmos, looking down on the world and her. Her innate wish to fly has driven her to becoming rather fearless, in practice. When the girl does not have things to attend to in her village, or on her continent, she can oft be found out in the sky with her father’s bird, doing things that most would scold her for or would not dare do themselves because they view it as reckless and stupid. Aderyn enjoys simulating the feeling of flight under her own power by letting of her bird mid-flight, and letting herself plummet for a short while before calling him back to catch her. Though she knows this is a dangerous practice, she’s never been able to break herself of enjoying it because of how much she wishes she could fly herself. Because of her doing this, Aderyn is rather lacking in fear, there are really only a few things which terrify her anymore.

Even in situations where most people would succumb to panic and become distraught, Aderyn herself maintains incredible sang-froid and a shockingly clear head for a girl like herself. Her little “stunts” have granted her the ability to be without anxiety in most crisis situations.

Despite the fact that Aderyn holds her dreams and desires in high, she’s not a girl without a sense of reality about her. Though she so desperately wants to fly that she’s willing to throw herself off her bird midair to simulate the feeling, she’s not entirely unrealistic. She’s aware of the fact that her dream is likely an impossible one to achieve, and thus knows her place in the world is that she is one of many people, and that she must find a way to carve out her own existence within it. Like everyone around her, she’s a part of the greater whole, and the world isn’t going to hand her some manner of living on some silver platter—if she wants a way in life it’s something she has to handle herself and on her own. So, for all of the immature, reckless and airheaded traits Aderyn might express, she is at the same time, unexpectedly . . . mature.

Still, with all the maturity that Aderyn can display, she is still an utter and total dork. She is someone who is completely true to her heart and her soul, thoughts others may have about her have no affect on her. Though Aderyn’s dreams and desires have played a big part in shaping her personality, they have only played but one role of many in forming her. Simply, Aderyn is rather a spur-of-the-moment lass. She isn’t really one to think out her actions before she undertakes them, instead she just sort of just jumps the gun and moves with the moment, living in it and acting according to what is happening right then rather than planning ahead and making calculated movements. She’s never been a girl who acted according to a plan or a schedule, rather she moves with instinct and as she feels is needed. When Aderyn gets something in her head, when it is that she feels compelled to do something, often she carries it out. The ideas Aderyn comes up with and acts upon often come upon her with no heed, as in; they are rather haphazard and simply impromptu.

Coming down to it, and with how Aderyn is with other people, she is an honest and genuine girl toward anyone and everyone. Though she might definitely come off as an odd young woman, there is no denying Aderyn’s sincerity when interacting with others, or the fact that she is someone who wears upon her sleeve her heart.

Aderyn is a young woman who has had tragedy befall her early in life, at age six she lost her mother to an unnamed illness that swept through Caeura, and when she lost her father to a midair accident that cost him his life. Aderyn just lives her life as simply as possible, she is living true to her heart and herself, which might be surprising given that fact that she’s been orphaned. Lively, outgoing, kind; Aderyn took from her parents both looks and mannerisms for the most part, and for this, she is actually rather proud. Both her parents, both Chandra and Haul, they lived their lives as fully as they were able. She can remember the both of them, and knows full well that both her mother and her father were people who led their lives honestly, loving the flawed world and its imperfect people for all it was worth. For all the bad they saw, they always saw more good in its wake.

ImageRegardless of the pain that Aderyn felt from the loss of her parents at such a young age, she did not succumb to depression or come to hate the world for taking away from her, her family. Yes, for a while, after the passing of her father, she did sink into a state of listlessness and sorrow, who wouldn’t have? But it did not last. Aderyn, against all expectations, managed to rescue herself from being a prisoner of pain and hatred, she didn’t reject those sentiments, rather, she embraced them as natural, coming to better understand the heart because of it. She kept those feelings within her heart. Instead of climbing out of the darkness and into the light, she managed to do something else entirely, and took the choice which would begin to define her person as a whole from there on out. Aderyn took the third option in that personal situation—she did not stagnant within the darkness, or seek out the light above again, instead, she found the bottom of the darkness, and broke through the bottom. It was on a whole other side she came out.

On this new side of the spectrum, Aderyn found a new way to live, like both of her parents, she came to believe herself stronger than all the bad things in life—for all the bad in the world, there was more good to be found in the beyond. She managed to figure out how to live like her parents had. Aderyn has never forgotten the pain she felt upon the loss of either her mother or father, it is something that remains with her, but it is just a part of her greater whole. In keeping with her more joyful ways, Aderyn firmly believes in what her father did—that the stars above are the souls of the departed—in all truth, the girl believes that both her mother and her father are up there too somewhere. At sixteen, she believes that both Chandra and Haul are hanging high in the heavens, watching over her.

This is part of why she lives like she remembers they did—because she wants to make them proud and have them feel she is okay no matter what, she doesn’t want them to worry about her. She lives faithfully to herself; she views the glass as half-full, and believes that there is always more light than there is darkness.

To a fault, Aderyn is a girl who is honest and genuine, when it comes to her dealing with people she doesn’t know, she approaches them with a smile lighting up her face and her head cleared of thought. Aderyn is ready to open her heart to them, ready to give her trust openly to someone whose name she might not even know. Instead of generally distrusting everyone in her first meeting with them, Aderyn would rather start off with giving them her full faith, when she doesn’t know anything about a person, what right does she have to assume that they are people that cannot be trusted? What right would she have to judge them? She knows she would have none.

Jovial, perceptive and candid—Aderyn is an amalgamation of these things, somehow. She can come off seeming like she’s not always there, like she’s just totally detached from reality given that she can seem spacy, but, that’s far from true, Aderyn is always paying heed to the world around her no matter what may be going on. She is always aware, one way or another. Aderyn always acts honestly, she’s always being herself; her emotions are never false. Because she views the world as being more in the light than in the dark, Aderyn’s approach to most everything is lined with much optimism. Usually, she’s perky and rather a lighthearted sort of person, with her views and reactions to most anything and everything being relaxed and simplistic, no complexities to them. In a world where people are constantly feeling the weight of reality upon their shoulders, people can find her methodologies toward things as both superficial and immature. However, what most people don’t get or know is that Aderyn knows well enough when to act with the heft of the circumstances in mind. Aderyn knows when she needs to take something seriously, or react in a manner that reflects the situation, though she might be a bit of an airhead and simpleminded, she isn’t exactly stupid in this regard.

In ways, she can come off as seeming an irresolute individual; given how casual she tends to be with people in social situations, and because some even think she might simply be dumb. This though, could not be further from the truth, as Aderyn is anything but vacillating. She is a girl who stands firm in her beliefs, whether those extend to the world or people. She has faith in herself, and in her worldly views, however, even with this in mind, she also accepts the notion that her views are fundamentally flawed as she is human. And inherently, humans are flawed beings incapable of fully grasping reality and their own existence. Her ideals, her views, all of them are imperfect, but even with this in mind, Aderyn stands firm in them. Anything she might believe could be wrong in the minds of others, but she is also not afraid to make this point known in regard to someone else’s own principles. Anyone and everyone’s scope of understanding is limited because they themselves are limited.

As far as things go, Aderyn can be called an idealist. She is someone who genuinely believes in the better will of humanity, trusting that people are inherently good and selfless. While she knows her views toward people are as flawed as everything else about her, she still refuses to relinquish this ideal. She knows that some people while make bad choices in the end, and do bad things, but, she still thinks that most people are good at their core, it just takes some coaxing and someone who’ll refuse to give up on them to bring that back out. Earnestly, she is someone who believes in her ideals to the end, in this way, she can be called stalwart in this truly.

Toward others, she is empathetic, willing to befriend most anyone, and not willing to quite give up on anybody either. For the most part, she is open and compassionate—however. . . . While it might seem unlikely, and out of character for someone described as she has been so far, there’s no denying one honest facet about Lynn when it comes to thickskulled people who she deems stupidly obstinate . . . this is her temper. For the most part, Aderyn is bright and such when it comes to interacting with others, showing them her utmost trust and having faith in them, however, if they start doing something she deems illogical, or plain dumb—when she spots obvious holes in their logic—she’ll call them out on what she deems to be their bullshit. Say, if she befriends someone, and they wind up in dangerous situations, and they keep trying to protect her before themselves, or are extremely reckless (even more so than she is usually), Aderyn will not hold back. Even if she knows they’re looking out for her—she will not have it. If someone’s not making sense, and she knows it, and nothing’s getting through to them, a one-two verbal telling off will ensue from her. As said before, she is not afraid to call someone out on their bullshit. Or what she deems to be their bullshit.

As far as things go, and when it comes to how exactly Aderyn interacts with people beyond the somewhat flighty aspects, she is simply someone who doesn’t hold back. How it is that she manages to express her human emotions and traits make her, her. . . . Most people tend to hold back, they keep a lot of their thoughts to themselves, especially opinions and such that would irk someone or rub them the wrong way. She doesn’t do this, however. Other’s opinions really do nothing to deter her own feelings, if called out on this, Aderyn will simply say that it’s not wholly intentional, but rather, it happened because she’s a simple-minded sort of person. She doesn’t think about what comes out of her mouth, but, regardless, what she will’ve said are her honest feelings. If she feels the need to say something, she will say it. All things considered, her temperament and such, it’s rather odd. Given that she can come off as rather unintelligent and whatnot, how exactly she goes about getting angry or losing her temper is as odd as everything else about her. In many regards, she has the patience of a saint—she can put up with things most people would go nuts over, and yet on the other hand. . . . The things that do set her off, they are things she has absolutely no patience for—in a word, it could be said that Aderyn is quick-tempered. Simply said, if any one of her few berserk buttons wind up pressed, she’ll go off in a snap. The few things which set her off are things one could expect from a soul like hers—injustice, people being mistreated, when someone is down on themselves, etc. . . . Her words and such are often the result of her mouth working before her mind. Just like how she acts before she thinks most of the time.

Her words don’t make her a bad person, rather, they help define her as being open and honest—something that most people are not. When it comes to situations she may have no words for, or she has an inability to empathize, Lynn will often just offer herself as an ear to vent to, or as a shoulder to cry on if that’s all she can do for someone. Aderyn though, is a young woman who is otherwise sensitive, but blunt and honest, she gives her straightforward opinion to others, even if those words sting.

At her core, she is protective of others. Given what she thinks and believes, it is certainly no surprise, if someone is in danger, she will fight to protect them the best she can, even if she is putting herself in danger too. This is a part of the reason she has chosen to make deterring and scaring off harpies her job, taking up the mantle left in her father’s passing. She inherited his skills in bird reigning, and flight, as such, she chooses to make use of her talents by protecting the people of her village.

Aderyn is someone who is eager to face a new day, and experience new things; she’s someone who believes in the utmost good in people, trusting their better nature. She believes that people can always be brought back from their darkness; it just takes a helping hand, and maybe a good telling off or two. Once she’s decided to help someone, she never gives up on doing so.

Weirdness and awkward moments from her are expectable, but given how she is, that’s likely a standard.


“The sorts of things I can and can’t do, they’re nothing special. Anyone can do what I can, if they got the guts to.”

Skills: People | Bird-Handling/An Aviatrix | Song

Simply speaking, Aderyn is just good with people. She’s capable of reading body language quite well along with verbal cues, and such things like that, as well as she’s able to quell otherwise sticky situations too. To have a skilled listed as simply as “people” indeed does seem weird, but Aderyn is just simply . . . good with people. There is not much else to say than that, it isn’t that she’s a people-pleaser who is trying to make people like her or that she’s purposefully doing things to get attention or anything of the like, it’s just that her genuine self shines through to others because she’s never faking anything, even if it might seem it at times. She’s just good with people, simple as that.

Inherited from her father, Aderyn is naturally adept at handling birds and flying in general, from the moment that she first climbed upon the back of her father’s bird, her skill with the art showed itself. Only 12 and she was chasing harpies away from her village without any sort of fear within her for herself and showed no hesitation or doubt in herself or her bird as she flew through the air. The bird that Aderyn inherited from her late is known among some others as being somewhat aggressive toward some, but Aderyn has managed to win over the bird’s trust and willingness to accept her as its new Master with little issue. Aderyn is capable of this with most any bird it seems, as if any situation calls for it, she can hop upon the back of any bird and handle it with ease as its “Aviatrix”.

Perhaps an odd thing to call a skill, but Aderyn can actually sing rather well, for all the things she can’t do and can, singing is one of the skills she possesses. She herself doesn’t feel that there is anything special about her voice, but the girl can sing well; this is something which she inherited from her mother, along with the appearance. Her mother was something of a songstress, known for being able to soothe the soul via song, and it seems that Aderyn took that from her.

Strengths: Lithe | Stubborn | Uninhibited| Straightforward | Instinctive | Emotional Intellect

Given the fact that Aderyn is rather obviously of petite stature, she is quite an agile young lady. Although she may not be the most physically proficient of people, she is quick regardless. Her lack of size is accommodated by the fact that she is speedy, if anything else. Physical, brawn-focused manners of combat may not be her strongest suit, but if there is anything Aderyn has learned, it’s that if she were to be pitted against a larger, lumbering opponent whose main talent lies in brute force—she can make up for what she lacks in punch with her speed. She’s a deft dodger and can out maneuver many in combat by simply moving with the flow of it.

Something that can be called both a strength and a weakness—Aderyn is stubborn to no ends, to a point of even seeming idiotic. But her stubborn ways are something which have managed to earn her more wins than losses in the past. While most people would give up in the face of something seemingly impossible, often, Aderyn will not; if she sees a way to win, you can bet your ass she’s going to go for it anyway. Aderyn is the sort of girl who would refuse to give up in most situations or let herself fall to injury that would probably knock others unconscious due to severity and pain simply because she’s too bullheaded to give up. Aderyn is the sort who refuses to let go, when it comes to many things, rather it be during combat or on people. When it is that Aderyn believes in something, she won’t give up—if someone even wrongs her, but she has faith in them, she won’t relinquish this faith of hers for most anything.

With her all, she will go at something—anything—without holding back even a bit. Even if some situations requite more tact than she is willing to grant them, when Aderyn is someone you are dealing with, there is one thing that cannot be denied, and it’s that you are getting her everything right then and there. Whether the circumstances are those of combat, social situations, or anything else, Aderyn is just a girl that lacks the restraint that most people hold themselves back with, she simply lives without those.

Perhaps this is something which is also a strength and a weakness, Aderyn is a girl who is honest to what may be a fault. Aderyn does think, usually, before she speaks, but if there is something that she feels needs to be said, even if it’s hurtful, she will say it, to hell with the consequences. Like it says in her personality description, she will call people out on what she feels is bullshit in their logic or anything of the like. She will do it without fear, even if the person is liable to get angry at her, so be it then, she’s said what she’s needed to.

Aderyn is not entirely a girl of logic, she’s not ever been formally schooled or attended a real educational facility—this is something that does somewhat show within her, but this something Aderyn tends to make up for by following her instincts. Suffice it to say, she is an ‘instinctive’ sort of girl, she follows her gut and her heart rather than her head, she’s not exactly logical, but, Aderyn tends to just go with the flow of things, it’s something she’s always done in life. In combat, in social situations and whenever, wherever, Aderyn’s instincts have never steered her wrong—she’s spur-of-the-moment, but she’s always managed to come out on top of any circumstances she’s found herself within.

For what she lacks in conventional intelligence, Aderyn makes up for it with what one may call “emotional intelligence”. She’s a girl who has been through many things, and because of things she has been through, she’s come to understand the emotions beheld by people and the heart far more coherently than most would think one such as herself able. She knows how to handle people to an extent, when it comes to how they are feeling.

Weaknesses: Booksmarts | Petite | Unrestrained | Obstinate

As Aderyn has never actually had formal schooling due to her village actually lacking one due to its small size, it’s expected that she isn’t exactly intelligent in a conventional sense. There are a lot of things she doesn’t know and never has managed to learn in her short life, all she knows and has ever known has come from experiences she’s had, and from the informal education she received from a neighbor growing up. She’s someone who learns by instinct and experience, not from books, so while she may show signs of irregular genius here and there, it becomes obvious she’s only going on airy, fly-by logic that has nothing to back it but the thoughts within her head. You can ask Aderyn to do a complicated math equation, and she couldn’t give you an answer, like she couldn’t recite a passage from a book—this is where her intelligence is sorely lacking and is a weakness for her.

If there are any glaring physical weaknesses that Aderyn has, it’s the fact that she’s a very small and rather fragile young woman, despite the fact that she’s speedy, there’s no denying that she is still small—and in the face of a powerful opponent, size matters, even if you can dodge, you can still get hit. The thing is that Aderyn is somewhat of a glass cannon, she’s strong in a sense, but if she so much as gets hit, she just . . . breaks. Aderyn doesn’t fear getting hurt, but she can get hurt easily due to her rather petite stature. One strong enough blow can send her flying and undoubtedly break some bones or even rupture an organ.

Going in guns blazing can work out well enough, and so far it has for Aderyn, but there is no denying that a willingness to fight so brashly can also be bad. There are times where going in so willy-nilly works, but it can also fail spectacularly. Aderyn is often too eager to jump in without restraining herself or holding back initially, so that could end badly for her in the future.

While this is also something of a strength, it’s also a weakness, while Aderyn might not give up easy, which can be good, it is also bad because when it is that Aderyn does get injured, she just keeps going regardless of pain or anything. This, in effect, just makes the injuries she’s sustained all the worse. She pushes herself beyond her bodily limits, and that is enough to take a toll on her, she can further injure herself by being so willing to keep going.

Powers: Wind Magicked | Fire Magicked

Of all the elements and things that Aderyn could’ve been born with a natural inclination toward using, it would be wind given her disposition and innate desire to fly. In her earlier years, when it was that her parents still breathed, Aderyn experienced with magic and its various forms, tried many different things and learned the hard way through trial and error what suited her and what her strengths were. The girl attempted to make use of every element under the sun; fire, water, earth, etc. But the only one that seemed to respond to her properly, with more of a comfortable middle ground was wind. Wind responded to her attempts to invoke it comfortably and rather well, it came under her command with little issue or problem—following her instincts, Aderyn managed to garner control over it with near to no problem. Air came under her control in a manner that felt as natural to her as breathing did. It came to her without issue, and has ever since.

When it comes down to it though, Aderyn is now without a second magical “blessing”, so to speak. While wind has become the girl’s element and magic of choice, there is truth in that it is not the element which responds most fervently to her beckoning. Fire is actually the magic which she seems to be most inclined toward. However, Aderyn, at a younger age, came to believe herself to be incompatible with fire magic due to her experiences with it, and it being far too eager to come to her side. While it was that she experimented with all sorts of different magic and the things she might be able to do with it, Aderyn found that of the four standard elements, she was only able to comfortably control one without issue, and that was air. When it was she attempted to harness water magic, the element barely responded to her at all, she managed to make a ripple in a full sink—that was it. When Aderyn tried to move the earth with magic, and she tried to feel its pull, there was nothing, she couldn’t even make a pebble move a millimeter.

However, when it was that Aderyn tried fire out of curiosity, she came to invoke it by “feeling” it within the world, only for the magic to respond far too fast for her inexperienced self to handle. Instead of coming to her calmly, the fire came to her as fire does—with so little as an experimental beckon that barely was meant to invoke no more than a tiny candle flame, Aderyn managed to make a strong enough explosion in front of her that blew her backward into a wall. Ever since then, Aderyn’s come to believe due to lacking any other experience or input that she and fire are just not compatible elements, so it is that she sticks with wind magic—if Aderyn had ever been able to come under proper tutelage, her natural inclination toward fire might’ve blossomed into something utterly spectacular, otherwise her natural talent for it has been left to rot as she knows no better. But, even in recent years, without her even consciously attempting to invoke fire magic, there have been . . . incidents here and there with Aderyn’s rather unrestrained personality with the fire, so the potential remains, just unrefined unlike her wind magics.

When it comes to wind magic, from gentle breezes to violent gusts, Aderyn is far more capable than one would think her to be, because of a lack of formal training. Despite this, Aderyn is adept with her wind abilities, if only thanks to a good set of instincts within her.

Weapon of Choice/Discipline: It is a katana without a name, a gift to her from a blacksmith within her village. A weapon forged for a customer who never claimed it, something meant for someone who thought they would be seen as a hero just for having a sword at their side, the katana is nearly as tall as Aderyn herself is, the blade is long and the handle enough that it Aderyn can hold it with both hands, it is really a great weapon. Aderyn received the katana when it became apparent that its supposed-to-be wielder was never going to show up for it, as the girl fought and chased harpies to protect Caeura from being terrorized by them, the blacksmith who made it felt she was deserving enough of it, and was certain that she would make proper use of the weapon. Ever since then, Aderyn has kept the weapon at her side, though she has rarely ever tried to use it—she keeps it with her as a show of gratitude, and as a sign that she is willing to draw it to protect her village from harpies or other terrors if she must.

Fighting Style: Though Aderyn chases down harpies, she hasn’t ever had to much fight physically in her short life—but when it comes down to it, the few times that Aderyn has had to fight, she’s done so rather . . . oddly, to say the least. Suffice it to say, she is small, that fact is obvious, but she’s scrappy, to say the least. Aderyn is the sort who will dive headfirst into battle with no warning, she isn’t the type to mince words or start off on pointlessly long diatribes or whatever with those who are trying to fight her, yes, a taunt may come out of her mouth if she’s winning or showing up her opponent, but really that’s it, otherwise, she just charges in without any sort of notice, sans maybe a “BONZAI!!” or two. Following her charging it, she just sort of moves as things go from there, there’s no rhyme or style to her movements or combat techniques, simply, it’s just Aderyn going with her instincts and moving as she feels necessary or as needed. She goes with the flow, without the thought or anything to back it up, it’s just as she goes.


“I guess . . . what can a girl really say? Her past is her past, simple as that, y’know?”

Relationship Status: Single

Romantic Interest: N/A
There’ve been people who have had crushes on Aderyn in the past, but given her demeanor and whatnot, she’s never noticed or anything of the sort so that she might reciprocate.

Family/Significant Individuals:

Father | Haul Maverick | Deceased at Age 29
Mother | Chandra Esteed | Deceased at Age 24

Personal History: Her life began in a backwater town on the outskirts of the continent of Aeternus, born between a young mother and a young father who met entirely by chance, and found themselves suddenly bound together by an undeniable connection and attraction which seemed to spring upon them as if from nowhere, the tale of Aderyn Maverick began to be spun when it was Haul Maverick met the mayor’s daughter, Chandra Esteed, one fateful night in the city of Auallonia. He was no more than a mere vagabond, a man who fled his own hometown after being nothing more than a vagrant the whole of his life—nothing more than a selfish stupid little punk that no one liked or cared for, he was an orphan, left alone in the world after it was his parents passed away due to illness and not possessing the money to get themselves treated by a medic or a healer. . . . Haul cared for nothing in the world, and when it was he turned sixteen, he left behind the village which he had once considered a home when his parents still breathed. Travelling aimlessly, he drifted from village to village, from city to city, with no purpose or reason. Until it was he reach the city of Auallonia—one of the larger settlements on Aeternus, perhaps one of the only places upon the floating land mass worthy of being called a “city”. His first steps into the city there would be what came to seal the then aimless boy’s life. It was nighttime, the moon hung in the dark skies above, full and bright—a young Haul traversed along the outskirts of the city which bordered the crumbling edges of the continent. And it was in these moments that he came across her, the woman who he would come to love for the rest of his short life, the almost otherworldly beauty, Chandra Esteed, the daughter of the city’s leader.

Standing, alone in the moonlight, seeming to almost bask in it while it was she herself seemed to glow, Chandra faced outward, looking to the clouds below the land, as if she were contemplating just taking one more step off the edge and allowing herself to plummet below.

Without even thinking, and assuming that she was thinking of suicide, Haul dropped his few belongings, and quickly rushed to the side of the girl before it was he grabbed hold of her wrist and yanked her backward, telling her not to do it. Both of the young adults tumbled backward as Haul seemingly pleaded to this girl to not do what she seemed to be thinking of. This was how they met. When it was Chandra managed to gather herself, she could only look upon the face of the strange boy whom had shouted at her, “Don’t do it!” before yanking her backward, and merely responded to him with a slightly confused tone, “I was only gazing upon the stars, and looked down for but a moment in order to think upon something.”

It was from there, that the two began to converse with one another, exchanging names, and an apology. For a time after this, Haul and Chandra would see each other at night where they met, to talk with one another as Haul found himself experiencing something he had not in ages, an emotion began to spring forth within his heart that he didn’t even know he could still feel. To the city of Auallonia, toward Chandra, he began to feel a connection, a wanting to make his home there, to find his purpose in it. To find something . . . for himself, and for her. It did not take long for the young couple to find themselves falling in love with each other, though there was no dramatic hurdles to overcome or anything while their tender feelings came to blossom over the course of those few weeks.
However, when it was that Chandra’s father discovered that his daughter had been sneaking out in the middle of the night to make pleasantries with some vagrant boy, he was far from happy—Haul came to discover the truth of the night that he had met Chandra one day when it was that her father found them spending time together beneath the moon. Chandra had been slated to marry a man she did not know or want to know, her future had been sealed by her father, and the night that Haul had met her, she had been contemplating what it appeared. She had been thinking about walking over the edge of Aeternus and into the sea of clouds below to escape her fate of a life not meant for her.

By the orders and words of Chandra’s father, the girl was not to see Haul again, she was meant to remain within her household because she was to marry the man her father had picked for her. It was a simple as that, but, for Chandra it wasn’t. Meeting Haul had allowed her heart to find some hope, to find freedom and to find a love she didn’t know she could experience, or was allowed to experience. One day, it was that Chandra confronted her father angrily, summoning up within her a spark she didn’t even know that she possessed as she told him that she would not live a life that her mother had, she would not marry for the sake of her parent’s wishes. She wanted to find happiness upon her own terms, even if the path to her own happiness was a harsh one, at least the end would be genuine as opposed to living stagnantly. And though it remained against her father’s wishes, Chandra abandoned her home in favor of being with Haul, and so it was that the two teenagers set out to find a place of their own. It wasn’t so soon after that they came across the small village of Caeura.

It was there that the young couple was welcomed with open arms, the denizens of the village friendly and warm to all newcomers. Eventually, Haul and Chandra settled into the village and became a part of its ebb and flow, and it wasn’t so long after that Chandra broke the news to her lover, to Haul, that the two of them were expecting. Both of them were scared, happy and confused all at the same time. They were so young, and they didn’t hardly have enough money for the two of them, much less three. Despite the worry that consumed them, they were still happy for the news. Eventually, they found their way. . . . Chandra was given advice in how to care for herself by the local women in the village while it was Haul discovered for himself that he bore a natural talent in handling birds, as it was one fateful day that harpies came to menace the village he now called home—desperate and angry to keep the peace within Caeura, he quickly took up upon the back of a bird which would then soon become his own. And with much natural poise and form, Haul staved off the harpies with little issue. Officially becoming part of those who protected the village from the harpy menace.

With the money from the job Haul had unexpectedly garnered, Chandra and he were able to find themselves capable of supporting at least one child. It happened soon after, Chandra went into labor, long and arduous, and it lasting for hours, eventually the young woman came to give birth to a healthy, chubby-cheeked little baby girl with hair and eyes like that of her mother’s.

It was together that the family lived, happy and peaceful, content and joyous for the early years of Aderyn’s life. Her parents loved one another though they never formally married. Though Haul was gone often, whenever he came home from his work, he always showed love to the two wonderful girls in his life. Aderyn’s life was happy, simple, but happy. Caeura was imperfect, but it was serene and everyone was amicable toward each other. From Chandra, did Haul and Aderyn come to inherit the ideas which would shape them both—that the stars were the souls of the departed.

Life was pleasant . . . until it was Aderyn turned six. It was then that an unnamed illness swept through Caeura and other rural parts of Aeternus. Aderyn nor Haul found themselves victim to this sickness, but, Chandra contracted it. Within days she fell ill, her health deteriorated quickly, from when it was that Aderyn found her mother collapsed in the kitchen with a fever, her skin cold and sweaty, to when it was she couldn’t even muster the energy to hobble out of bed to was herself. Aderyn and Haul watched the life and beauty wither away from Chandra in sadness, as both were powerless to help her, and as there was no known treatment or cure for this terrible ailment.

It was late one night, with the full moon high in the sky, that Chandra Esteed did finally draw her last breath from the mortal plane, and did, as Haul and Aderyn believed, ascend into the heavens to become a star, to watch over her loved ones from the skies. Life did go on for the father and daughter left behind. It was hard, and it was sad, Aderyn was alone more than she should’ve been because of her father’s work, but she coped. Haul regretted not being able to see his daughter as much as he liked, but he had to work to provide for her. . . . Regardless of the time in-between seeing one another, both father and daughter did still love each other, both relished the time they had together. Into her did Haul instill his spirit and love of life, and the belief in the stars. It did not take long for signs of this to start showing within Aderyn. The young girl began to bear dreams of wanting to fly upon her own volition, she wanted wings.

Though that was an impossible dream to achieve as things stood, life did just go on. For the next four years, things were routine after Chandra had departed. Until . . . it was tragedy did strike again. It happened when Aderyn just had turned ten, she was awoken one morning by one of her father’s friends, her father’s helmet in hand. A pained look was across the face of the man. . . . There’d been an incident the previous night—Haul had died a hero in protecting another man from the harpies. He was a hero, but now, Aderyn was without her father too.

The little girl found only pity and empty sympathy in the eyes of her fellow villagers at the funeral, just like when it was her mother had passed. The young girl sank into a seemingly endless depression. It took well over a year for her to come out of it, and only did she ever fully come out of it when it was she met the person who would come to be her constant companion for the coming years. It was the morning after a storm, and Aderyn was out in what used to be her mother’s garden, it was a yard which’d grown over with weeds and flowers that had once been tame. Lying underneath one of the leaves of her mother’s now wild rose bush, she noticed a faint glow . . . upon lifting the leaf, there was a tiny fae, curled into a ball, his wings wet and his form shivering, cold. Gently, Aderyn scooped the little fae up into her hands, and rushed him into the house to warm him up.

All she got from him was that his name, by human standards, was Elisedd. He was a fae who had just left home because he grew bored of it. After a few hours of warming up and getting dry, Elisedd found himself able to again fly, able to leave behind Aderyn’s home, but, the little fae did not leave. He decided that, in his boredom, he would stay beside Aderyn because he simply had nothing better to do. He became her companion, never leaving her, for no reason other than saying that staying by her sated his boredom.

Aderyn grew older, finding herself again after the death of her father. Until it was one day when she was nearing thirteen that harpies descended upon her village again, as they did every so often. Something stirred within her, a sense of anger for them disturbing the quiet lives of Caeura’s people. Enough was enough. Without thinking about it, Aderyn mounted the bird which once belonged to her father that had been in her care since he’d passed, and quickly she was off, fending off the harpies with handling reminiscent of her father’s, with a natural talent for it. From then on, Aderyn took up the duty and task of protecting her village from the harpies. . . . Four years would pass for her as she lived out her life, as peacefully as she could manage it. With her father’s bird and Elisedd at her side, and the company of her villagers, Aderyn slipped back into herself, she came out of the depression she’d felt after her father’s passing, and blossomed into an odd but much loved person in Caeura. She maintained known dreams of wanting to grow wings of her own so that she could fly into the heavens to touch the stars, and maintained a belief that the stars were the souls of the departed. Life is now daily and cyclic for Aderyn, but it’s peaceful, and something she is content with for now. What lays ahead of her, she knows not, but she is capable of coping with most anything.

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So begins...

Aderyn Maverick's Story