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Slayer's apprentice

Slayer's apprentice


A monster slayer sends her apprentice to infiltrate a school meant solely for monsters, but his time there shows him that not all monsters are malevolant. In fact, some are even so human in there emotions that he finds love.

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Although this premise is based loosley off of Rosario + Vampire, it will be as different as we can make it.

Growing up, Taran had far from a normal childhood. He lost his parents before he was even a year old to malevolent Ogre Youkai, but was saved by a Demon slayer before the Ogres could kill him. Having lost her previous apprentice, the Exorcist raised Taran as her own, starting his training as soon as he was old enough to understand what she was teaching him. It was never a secret that his parents were killed, and she used his anger as a tool to dorect him towards training. His entire life was filled with hatred of all Yokai, and from his earliest memories his passion had always been to avenge his parents' deaths and prevent anyone else from losing their own family.

But as time went on and Taran grew older, it came time that he was tested. She would give him the same test that her previous apprentice had taken that resulted in his death. There was an academy in Japan, the only one of its kind. An academy for young Yokai, designed to teach them to blend in with humans and not to draw attention to themselves. The test was that Taran would attend the academy as a student, pretending to be a Yokai himself. He would use this time to learn about all of the dofferent monsters from their own points of view and fight them as necessary. If he could graduate from this school, he would pass the test and be a fully fledged Yokai Slayer.

But there is one problem. Not all Yokai are Malevolent. Many are harmless, peaceful, or even like humans. One Yokai in particular makes it her mission to befriend the new loner student, and he eventually comes to realise that he loves her in return. How can he justify his conflicting emotions, and how will his master react when she finds out that he no longer thinks that it is justice to kill all yokai?

I only intend for one female role to be open, but if others really want to join and make it more like the original manga with more characters all competing for his affection, then i will consider letting more people join in.

I will also edit this later today or tomorrow as i am doing it on my phine in the middle of the night and i am sure that it is terrible.

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Taran was livid. Staring out the window of the empty bus as it drove down an under-maintained road, he could not help but seethe in his anger. Of all of the insane and life threatening things he had to do during his apprenticeship, this was by far the most dangerous thing he had ever done. As well as the most difficult. His Mistress, the Monster Slayer called Briar, had raised him to kill monsters and had quite literally taught him everything he knew. He had helped her preform exorcisms, fight demons, exterminate infestations, protect civilians, and much more. But now, she was sending him to a place where he would be the only human surrounded by hundreds of monsters of all types. It was a School that the three Demon Lords had founded to help young monsters learn how to blend in to human society to avoid discovery. Humans who somehow found themselves at this school, were killed on sight. His Mistress told him that she was sending him there undercover to study monsters in a way that she could not teach him. Taran suspected that it had something to do with her strange idea that not all monsters were evil, and that they should leave benevolent creatures alone. The young boy could not accept that no matter how hard she tried to drill it into his stubborn skull. He never understood how she could believe something that should have gone against her decades of experience. He was only 17 years old, and he knew it to be a fact of life. All monsters hurt and kill humans.

His thoughts were interrupted as the bus pulled to a stop and the driver, without turning his head or body, said simply, “Yokai Academy.” Gathering his mind, Taran stood up, his suit case in hand, and departed from the empty bus. The bus stop was not quite what he was expecting. Whereas the road they had been on needed much work, the Bus Stop was barely even there at all, only being marked by a broken wooden bench and a rusty sign. Just as he was about to set off down the path that would assumedly lead him to the school, the driver said something before closing the doors. “Good luck, kid.” But before Taran understood the implications, the Bus had already driven away. The statement had shaken him. Did the Driver know? Was his cover already blown? Would the other Teachers be able to tell? As it was, his mistress only gave him two rules. 1: Don’t kill anyone. And 2: Do not let anyone discover that you are human. As it was, if he accidentally broke the second rule, it would make following the first rule even more difficult than it already was.


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The front lawn of the academy was already bustling with activity, most of the students not even bothering to hide their true forms upon the campus grounds. Some of the yokai were fairly humanoid in their appearance, while others obviously would have to rely on disguise or glamour to mingle in society. No species was exempt from the academy. Here, one could find the infamous werewolves and vampires, ghouls and demons. The goblins, elves, gnomes, and fae folk were no stranger here. Even the aquatic beings such as kelpies, selkies, and merfolk came from across the land to study at the academy.

Among the first to spot the new student was a brown haired satyr, the creature in question currently tossing a ball to an energetic looking bat-demon. Nearby, a nagual occasionally glanced up from a book at the two, then looked back to his book after their antics bored him.

"Catch!" called the demon, chucking the ball with considerable force at the nagual, resulting in the ball colliding with said creature's head. In the man's place was a jaguar, the large cat hissing in annoyance before returning to his original shape.

"Itzal! How many times do I have to tell you? Leave me out of your shenanigans you buffoon!" the nagual spat, picking up his book with a huff as he glared at the bat demon, (who, for his part, seemed completely unperturbed.)

"What? You looked so bored..."

"Don't worry about it Xipil, Itzal can't help being a dork."

"At least I'm not some hairy barn animal." chimed Itzal to the satyr, grinning impishly before retreating into a tree to avoid the wrath of his two would-be friends.

"Dumbass! Get down here! And how the hell did you get the ball again? Give it back!"

"Do you smell that?" came a new voice, this time belonging to a bulky, orange-ish ogre.

"Oy, watch where you're stepping! But yes, I do-- oy, you there!" the satyr looked in the direction of the ogre before turning to see the source of the new scent. A humanoid looking creature, one that blended in very well with a human environment. Heck, the young man didn't look like he had any trouble maintaining a human visage. OR masking his smell for that matter.

"Hey kid! Yeah you, come over here, will ya?" called Itzal, now intrigued enough to come out of his tree and look on in fascination at the newcomer. "Dang, you make a good human! You got the look down pat, and I'd swear you smell just like one!"

Before he could continue, a loud thump and a pained cry could be heard from the other side of the front lawn, prompting the creatures looking at Taran to glance over at what had happened. They quickly lost interest upon seeing a familiar sight, the satyr rolling his eyes.

"And there's the one least likely to pass when it comes to taking and maintaining a human form." he scoffed, shaking his head.

The creature in question was female, and she rubbed her hip gingerly as she winced from pain. What was most unusual was her lack of lower limbs. Humanoid from the waist up, the similarities vanished at her navel, the lower half of her body that of a snake. A cobra to be exact. Upon her head and shoulders was a standard cobra's hood, framing an olive skinned face with ebony black hair.

"Owwwie, why do I always fall?" whined the nagini, looking up mournfully at a pixie perched upon a tree stump.

"Cause you're still no good at balancing! You'll never pass for a human if you can't use your legs!"

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Character Portrait: Taran

I don't care what they say or do, Yokai's only purpose is to kill humans.


Character Portrait: Taran

I don't care what they say or do, Yokai's only purpose is to kill humans.

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Character Portrait: Taran

I don't care what they say or do, Yokai's only purpose is to kill humans.

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Re: Slayer's apprentice

Would there be any more room available for another character?

Re: Slayer's apprentice

sorry for the wait. Posted!

Re: Slayer's apprentice

Oh of course, no love at first sight bullcrap. I like things to progress naturally, and with the normal confusion, headaches, and shenanigans that are bound to happen. And stubborn characters are fun- set in their ways and very unwilling to be wrong or feel stupid.

Re: Slayer's apprentice

Well yeah, the way it will play out (depending on how long we continue this) He will eventually accept that he was wrong, but it will have to come in stages. most likely, once he gets to know your character, he will look at her as a sort of abnormality among Yokai, but gradually accepting more and more Yokai as being at least not malevolent.

Re: Slayer's apprentice

hehehehe, this is going to be quite interesting. I was about to ask if my character was one Taran would be able to tolerate/ have even a slight chance at liking (since, after all, some personalities clash too much/ traits irk some people) But I guess it's all good. As you can see, I went for a more....eccentric and amusing kind of approach.

Poor poor Taran.... he is bound to have more than a few headaches by the time he is through.

Re: Slayer's apprentice

Not a problem. I'm just glad to hear from you. :)

Re: Slayer's apprentice

Hmmm, perhaps it might help me decide.

Also, pardon me for not replying sooner. Been having a few hectic weeks at work, so my time has been limited to actually post and get any progress done.

Re: Slayer's apprentice

I finished my character sheet, if it would be easier for you to look at it while you make your character. not required though. :)

Re: Slayer's apprentice

I want it to be whatever character you want. I loath dictating others' characters, because that defeats the entire purpose of this site.

Re: Slayer's apprentice

I am. Did you have a preference for what type of character I make? I was thinking maybe a selkie, naga/nagini, or half demon/demon.

Re: Slayer's apprentice

Yes, Sorry it took so long to reply, had some issues in my life for a while and after they were over I forgot about this. but I am ready now if you are still interested.

Re: Slayer's apprentice

Well, I'd be willing to give it a shot if you'd like to rp with me. And no worries about that, I myself am busy with work and such. I'll try to think up a character and see if she would fit with your idea.

Re: Slayer's apprentice

I am still looking, but be fair warned, i don't have internet so i am doing everything through my phone. That makes things difficult for me, and slows me down a lot. I haven't even made my character yet, which is abnormal for me.

Re: Slayer's apprentice

Well, I think this sounds like an interesting rp idea. I'd be willing to make a character if you're still looking.

Re: Slayer's apprentice

I just wanted to check, but is the female yokai currently taken?

Slayer's apprentice

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