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Nagini (female naga)


To be blunt, Lalita is usually a very excited, affectionate, and clingy individual. She loves to meet new people and make friends, and treats others kindly so long as they are not unduly aggressive or mean. If she feels close to someone, it is both a blessing and a curse for whoever is involved. She is lethally loyal to anyone she feels close to, but is also exceedingly clingy. In short, she is an attention hog, craving company above all else. Lalita absolutely abhors being alone, and avoids it at all costs. She is curious by nature, and will eagerly try new things or poke and prod things (or others) in an effort to learn more. She comes off as childish, but she is not stupid. While Lalita is generally of very kind disposition, she is also sensitive and dislikes rude or mean people, particularly if they have no reason to be. Should someone truly anger her, she will not hold back and keep it to herself.


-Doesn't handle insults or distress well

Skills and Species Characteristics:
Lalita is immortal to natural death and disease, though she can be slain. Like all nagas, her natural form is a human torso with a serpent body below the waist, but she can take on an entirely human or entirely serpentine form at will. She is naturally strong and intelligent. Lalita is highly venomous in her serpent form, and is just as deadly as a normal cobra. Swimming comes naturally to her as her kind dwell near or in water.

-Lalita is not good on human legs, so while her kind can take a fully human form, she rarely does. Incidentally, she also rarely takes a fully serpentine form either.

-Just because she can live forever doesn't mean she can't be killed.

-While she does have the upper body of a human and have the ability to be fully human, she is like all snakes in that she is ectothermic- she depends on her environment for thermoregulation. She cools down or warms up based on her surrounding temperatures, so if it is too hot or too cold, she can be compromised and feel sick. She is not able to use any magic if she is too off balance in her temperature.

So begins...

Lalita's Story


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The front lawn of the academy was already bustling with activity, most of the students not even bothering to hide their true forms upon the campus grounds. Some of the yokai were fairly humanoid in their appearance, while others obviously would have to rely on disguise or glamour to mingle in society. No species was exempt from the academy. Here, one could find the infamous werewolves and vampires, ghouls and demons. The goblins, elves, gnomes, and fae folk were no stranger here. Even the aquatic beings such as kelpies, selkies, and merfolk came from across the land to study at the academy.

Among the first to spot the new student was a brown haired satyr, the creature in question currently tossing a ball to an energetic looking bat-demon. Nearby, a nagual occasionally glanced up from a book at the two, then looked back to his book after their antics bored him.

"Catch!" called the demon, chucking the ball with considerable force at the nagual, resulting in the ball colliding with said creature's head. In the man's place was a jaguar, the large cat hissing in annoyance before returning to his original shape.

"Itzal! How many times do I have to tell you? Leave me out of your shenanigans you buffoon!" the nagual spat, picking up his book with a huff as he glared at the bat demon, (who, for his part, seemed completely unperturbed.)

"What? You looked so bored..."

"Don't worry about it Xipil, Itzal can't help being a dork."

"At least I'm not some hairy barn animal." chimed Itzal to the satyr, grinning impishly before retreating into a tree to avoid the wrath of his two would-be friends.

"Dumbass! Get down here! And how the hell did you get the ball again? Give it back!"

"Do you smell that?" came a new voice, this time belonging to a bulky, orange-ish ogre.

"Oy, watch where you're stepping! But yes, I do-- oy, you there!" the satyr looked in the direction of the ogre before turning to see the source of the new scent. A humanoid looking creature, one that blended in very well with a human environment. Heck, the young man didn't look like he had any trouble maintaining a human visage. OR masking his smell for that matter.

"Hey kid! Yeah you, come over here, will ya?" called Itzal, now intrigued enough to come out of his tree and look on in fascination at the newcomer. "Dang, you make a good human! You got the look down pat, and I'd swear you smell just like one!"

Before he could continue, a loud thump and a pained cry could be heard from the other side of the front lawn, prompting the creatures looking at Taran to glance over at what had happened. They quickly lost interest upon seeing a familiar sight, the satyr rolling his eyes.

"And there's the one least likely to pass when it comes to taking and maintaining a human form." he scoffed, shaking his head.

The creature in question was female, and she rubbed her hip gingerly as she winced from pain. What was most unusual was her lack of lower limbs. Humanoid from the waist up, the similarities vanished at her navel, the lower half of her body that of a snake. A cobra to be exact. Upon her head and shoulders was a standard cobra's hood, framing an olive skinned face with ebony black hair.

"Owwwie, why do I always fall?" whined the nagini, looking up mournfully at a pixie perched upon a tree stump.

"Cause you're still no good at balancing! You'll never pass for a human if you can't use your legs!"