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Akira keiji

"Wanna play a game?"

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a character in “Sleeping Sanity”, as played by Robbhus



Name: Akira Keiji

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Imprisoned Since: 29th October 2010

Cell Block: Cell block A.


Physical Build: Akira has a rather slim body. He don't look muscular, but not directly weak either. He stands about 5'12 foot tall, and his weight lays at around 63 Kgs. (138,6 Ibs) His body can seem thin and fragile, but his bone-build is strong, so he can take more force than most people without having his bones broken, even if they ain't protected by much muscles. He has an athlete's body in simple terms. He got scars around his wrists and knee's from when scientists tried to find out how he got his powers.

Face: Despite his age, Akira has a childish face. He has topaz eyes that can seem more like yellow in the right lighting. His hair has a green color, almost like grass if there's shadow over it. His hair is rather messy. It reach his nose on the front, while halfway down his neck on the back side.

Clothing: Akira usually wear a pair of light-colored shorts, a strait-coat that usually only connect around the middle of the zipper, and a pair of jogging-shoes.

Powers: Akira's power is the ability to summon and use light as an offensive weapon. The way he use it is that if he hold his hands up with his palms out, light centrate at that point before it fire. The charge-up usually take about three seconds. However, he can use each hand individually, so his recharge-time would lay at around 1.5 seconds.

True Potential: Akira's true potential attack is the following: He lift both his hands, and light start to charge up really fast. He fire it, and it split up to about twenty thinner rays that spread out towards the people he can see. The ones he can't see remain unaffected. In other words, it would be pointless to run unless you try to hide behind something to get out of his view.


- Blood. He sometimes goes into a state where he loves to see suffering. Blood usually strengthen his brutal feelings.
- Peace. When not in his brutal state, he dislike to see suffering, and can be considered as a "Protector of justice" in the meaning that he would stop fights he see.
- Ice cream. Due to parts of his childhood, Akira loves ice cream. His favorites involve vanilla and chocolate. He dislikes strawberry-ice cream if it's being ate without anything other besides it. If it's with vanilla, he don't really mind it.
- Battle Royals. In his more brutal state, Akira thinks of a battle royal as a place he can let out his anger. People fear him during the battles if they don't know what state he's in. It has happened that people have died during battles against him, even with a safety-pin equipped.

- Blood. When he's feeling normal, he can't stand the sight of blood. This is the easiest way to see what side of his personality he is at.
- People who push on to him. When people try to reach him a lot and often, Akira think of it as that his privacy is being torn away, something he dislike. If he want to talk to people, he is usually the one that starts a conversation.
- Strawberry ice cream. As mentioned above, Akira doesn't like strawberry ice cream. As long as it is being eaten without any other kind of ice cream alongside with the strawberry one.
- Carrots and tomatoes. Another kind of food he don't like besides strawberry ice cream is carrots and tomatoes. He simply can't stand the consistency of tomato, and the taste of carrots. it don't matter how it's cooked, he still think it taste like crap.

Backstory: To say that Akira had a normal childhood would have been offensive towards him. His mother left him to his father when he was six years old. His father was an abusive drinker who couldn't stick with one job for more than a week or two before loosing it. Akira never heard more from his mother after she left his dad. Whenever his dad felt angered, bothered or simply sadistic, it was Akira he turned to. He usually beat him up. When he went to school the next day, the teachers would ask why he had all his bruises, and he would just answer that it was himself doing something stupid. He knew that if he told the teachers the truth, his father would end up in jail, and he would end up on the street or at an orphanage, something he didn't want. He did his best to cover over his pain, all though the teachers and other kids always noticed it. One day when he walked home from school in 2006, when he was twelve years old, some strange people met up with him by the entrance to the house him and his father lived in. They lied to him and said that a teacher had reported his bruises to the police and that his father was taken to jail, so he would have to come with them. Not knowing better, Akira followed them. He was drugged down, and brought to a laboratory.

When Akira woke up, he found himself strapped to a table in a white room. There was people around looking like doctors, wearing white coats and preparing different medicines. He felt scared, and when the doctors noticed he was awake, they drugged him down again. And so it went on for three years. Three long years of pain and suffering. However, it all ended when he woke up to see long scars along his wrists and knees. His hands felt weird to move, and so did his legs (Not that he could move them much at all). He figured out what they had done, and raged. For the first time in his life, he was really angry. On instinct, he used his ability on the lamp that had a reflective coating so he managed to get loose, and walked slowly through the entire laboratory, killing well over 200 people. When he was drugged down by military forces, he was covered in so much blood he was hardly possible to recognize. After this, he was moved in between several confinements until the real prison was built, considering cases like this had happened all over the world. He look at the prison as a playground really. Nobody dare to pick a fight with him, so he's free to do almost whatever he want. He's considered as one of the most powerful prisoners, all though he hardly ever use his abilities.

So begins...

Akira keiji's Story

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#, as written by Robbhus
[Location: Cell Block A]
[Time: 5:42PM]
[Date: 19th of June 2013]

Akira was walking slowly. Well, not walking. Balancing. More specific, he was balancing on one of the handrails on the third floor in cell block A. The best word to describe his actions would have been idiocy. However, Akira himself didn't think of it as idiocy. He found it fun. It was his first time doing it, but he still enjoyed it. His hands was 'sticking out' on each side to help him keep balance as he used the small pit between his heels and his toes to hold on to the rail itself. He had a happy, slightly childish smile on his face. He had been walking around on the handrail like that for a few minutes now. Nobody dared to comment it though. Talking to him was considered as taboo unless he really liked that person. People who had been in the prison for a few months would know what people to systematically avoid as much as possible to avoid trouble. You could call it a 'Top ten do not encounter' list if you'd like. He had no idea himself where on that list he was. His position was number three. The one on the top was some woman who was hardly ever seen. He didn't know what power she had or anything, he just knew that she existed. He had no idea who the second person was at all. No name, no gender, and no power. Just plain nothing. Then it was him because of his so called split personality. It was understandable though.

[Location: Cafeteria Cell Block A]
[Time: 6:17PM]
[Date: 19th og June 2013]

Akira entered the cafeteria slowly. The locks from the strait-jacket was resting on the ground, making an annoying sound. The sound of metal towards concrete. People looked at him for about a second before quickly looking away, not wanting to break his 'privacy'. He walked up to the counter in the cafeteria, looking at what there was to choose from. The cafeteria itself reminded of a convenience-store really. You paid x meal tickets for each meal. The flashier, the more expensive. Things like soda was really expensive, while regular, healthy meals was cheaper. The cheapest there was would be the leftover-soup. In other words, you would have no idea what you ate. For all you knew, there could be a shoe in it for all you know. "I'll have..." He started, slowly. He tapped his lips slowly, trying to figure out what to get. He knew that he would be able to afford it, but still, he wanted something that he would like. It had been a while since he decided to eat something else than a simple soup. "Hmm..." The woman behind the counter waited patiently, knowing better than pushing on him. "Is there any tomato in sandwich number... four?" Akira asks to the woman, still tapping his lips. "No, there's not" She replied to him. "Okay then, I'll take one then" he said to her. He looked up at the price-board. It costed 30 meal-tickets. The leftover-soup costed about five tickets, so the sandwich wasn't that expensive. Without a word, the woman got him one of the sandwiches. It was packed in some regular plastic. It seemed like a stupid decision considering that it could probably be used as a weapon, but considering that all the prisoners was already armed with far more deadly weapons, so it didn't really matter. "Oh, and a coke" He said. The final price ended up on 110 tickets. In other words, the soda costed 80 then. Over two, almost three times the price of the sandwich. The woman nodded and took out one of the cold boxes. "130 then" she said. He looked around in his pocket a little before he found a sealed 10x10 pack of meal tickets (10 times 10 point tickets) and three loose ones. "Here you go" he said to her. She didn't respond as he moved out of the line and walked towards the entrance of the cafeteria again.

[Location: Cell Block A]
[Time: 6:34PM]
[Date: 19th of June 2013]

Akira sat down on one of the handrails on the second floor and unwrapped the sandwich. It was a rather simple cheese and ham sandwich with some salad. He took a small bite of the loaf, not sure what to expect. It tasted pretty decent actually. He shrugged and continued to eat.

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#, as written by Robbhus
[Location: Cell Block A]
[Time: 6:57PM]
[Date: 19th of June 2013]

After the sandwich was eaten up and the cola was just an empty tin-can that could be used to make some sort of a weapon he knew he wouldn't need, Akira started walking again. No-one really had that much use of weapons around here except for the guards of course. Everyone around here were human weapons anyways. If the right people were picked, whoever owned the prison would have his own private super-army. With some training, just the about 10 000-20 000 inhabitants of Sanity would probably be enough if everything was planned out. Yet, it was incredible that the prison even managed to hold on to them though. If there was a known way out except from the ware-deliveries and guard-swaps, the prison would probably be empty now. Well, almost empty. As Akira liked the almost lawless society in Sanity, there was a lot of people who felt pushed down, angered, or simply sad. he had probably been 'Lucky' with his power. He had seen others who had powers that weren't useless, but wouldn't work in a battle. Like healing for example. You would have to get your hands on a weapon in that case. Sadly, the one healer that Akira knew, were dead. However, sad thoughts were no fun. Akira started walking down the hallway towards the D-block so he could get out to the courtyard.

[Location: D-block]
[Time: 7:27PM]
[Date: 19th of June 2013]

People were keeping up the regular flow. People bumped into each other all the time, so it didn't matter much to him. Most of them excused themselves, at least to him. With his slightly child-like voice, he replied that it was nothing to worry about. They were friendly to him, so he wanted to be friendly back to them. It was nothing more complicated than that. The friendliness continued as he continued to walk. The D-block was rather full now as people was moving around in between the different blocks for things like meals or, like him, to go out in the courtyard. he knew all the people that had been in Sanity for at least a year. Well, almost that is. He had no idea who the No. 1 most dangerous was, and there was probably someone in the far-off blocks as well that he hadn't talked to. However, the prisoners was pretty much free to do whatever as long as they returned to their cells within twenty minutes if a lockdown were to happen. Everyone had to return to their cells at 10:30 PM, so Akira figured he had about two hours left on him to be outside.

[Location: Courtyard, exercise Area]
[Time: 7:56PM]
[Date: 19th of June 2013]

It took a while to get there because of the constant flow of people. However, when he first got into the hallway between the courtyard and the D-block, it was pretty straight forward with few people pushing. When he finally reached it, Akira could see that it wasn't really crowded, but not empty either. The chief was there, as well as about 50 other prisoners. There were a few other guards around probably, but Akira didn't really care too much about them. He just walked around all randomly. Suddenly, he felt slightly lighter. Not too strange though as someone had grabbed his jacket and lifted him up. Apparently someone new. The person was at least seven foot tall. "You're in my way kid" the voice behind Akira said. "There was plenty of space to walk past." Akira replied, still with his friendly, childish tone. The person seemed to ignore Akira's explanation and moved his hands like if he were about to throw him. However, Akira reacted a lot faster. He kicked away from the giants body and spun about 270 degrees around, hitting the guy in the ehad with his leg. The giant dropped Akira down, and he landed gracefully. "I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this..." Akira murmured as he lifted up both of his hands. There was not a single noise to be heard anymore. And a bright light started filling up the place, spreading out in an incredible rate. In the split of a second, a ray of light shot down from the starry skies and went straight through the person's brain and burned itself down to the ground. The guy remained standing for a few more seconds before he fell forward, blood pouring out of the thin hole on the top of his head. It was first when the guy fell however that people started to panic and run for their lives. Akira just remained standing there, not reacting. "I did it again..." He murmured. He had the slightly childish tone still, but it wasn't as happy as it had been earlier.

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Quartermaster Adion Volf
3rd Person Record of Recent Events in Detail

Location: Courtyard Wall
June 19th, 2013 7:56PM

Adion looked over when he saw a lightning strike come from the Cell block A-E courtyard section. It was Akira. Big surprise, he killed someone. This sight made Adion sigh. That was a good sight for all the new mutants to see, but it was not where he wanted them to see it. Of course, Adion activated his mask's built-in radio and hailed "Quartermaster to Security Office, Quartermaster to Security Office. We got a new body in A-E courtyard zone. I advise that you send someone to pick up the body. It's not for display."

Adion was left to simply try to figure out what this guy did to get Akira to kill him. It was not the guards' job to keep the mutants safe, but instead contained. The whole nice things was just a way to control the mutants. Besides, it looked better if the innocent mutants were kept better than the actual criminals.

Location: A-E Courtyard Zone
June 19th, 2013 8:12PM

None of the mutants would go near Adion. His mask made it obvious that he was the guard to fear. It was his defining feature, something that none of the other guards had. They all had helmets instead of masks. The helmets were cheaper to install all the computer stuff to help them aim and respond to the mutants.

Another reason that the mutants stood back away from Adion, was that the Fight Master (Or at least that's the mutants' name for him) had his gun out. There were 2 or 3 other guards standing around protecting the body removers, but they were no threat to the mutants, they were all to green when concerning mutants.

One of the mutants decided to approach the group. Some new kid who had no idea who anyone was. All the kid knew was that the guards around the body were green. He was probably dared or this was some gang test. He then didn't step back when one of the guards ordered him to. Strike 1. The guard stated that the mutant is required to stand back. The mutant started to get smart with the guard. A lot of guts, or ignorance. Strike 2. Adion then walked up, looked the mutant in the eyes and said "Back your ass up before I fill it with holes. Understood?" The mutant responded by charging a power. Strike 3. Adion took no pause, and gun-butted the mutant. Adion then straddled the mutant and smashed him with back of his gun a few more times, before picking the mutant up. Adion then pushed the mutant forward and into the wall. Within 5 seconds, all that was left of the foolish mutant was a lifeless, bullet-filled husk.

Notes: See, more proof that I need trained guards from the start. Or you could just hand them the gun and have them shoot themselves, but I guess that that is more expensive.

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