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Find me if you can!

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a character in “Slender hunt”, as played by zeno3111

So begins...

Notes's Story

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Leon wakes with a start, and looks around hurried, somewhat disoriented with the unfamiliar landscape. He finds himself on a rocky beach, no noises besides the water lapping at the shore, and the gently swaying of the trees, their leaves rustling in the breeze. Panicking slightly, Leon recollects on the events that took place beforehand, seeing a large looming figure intruding in his house before falling unconscious.

Glancing down, he finds a flashlight by his feet, half submerged in the sand. Taking it, he now realizes that the sun is falling ever lower in the sky, casting out a dull orange hue. Reaching into his pocket, Leon meant to get out his Ipod, but found only a simple note. Unraveling it, he read it silently to himself.

“Head to the forest… Do not Wander… Safety Awaits… Beware the Tall Man…”

Leon reread it over and over, attempting in vain to decipher the code. After a few minutes of useless struggling he finally decided to make his way into the woods, to where the note claimed safety was.

Slender (Normal Form)

The Slender man watched as Leon went about his business, waking with a panicked confusion, located the flashlight and note, and then proceeded to do as instructed by it. Silently he waited as the young man made his way into the forests, and nodded silent approval. The game had begun. He now went to check up on the other player. Disappearing, he reappeared just at the edge of the clearing, looking from his concealed position towards Joseph, who was just beginning to stir as well.

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Character Portrait: Joseph Williams Character Portrait: Notes
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#, as written by Centi85
Joseph slowly sat up, rubbing his head and looking around warily. This wasn't his apartment... Definitely not, he hadn't remembered turning his living room into a giant litter box, nor putting a huge ocean in it. Hmm, this won't do, no, definitely not. Why was he here? Did his land lord finally get tired with his late payments, or perhaps this is an odd joke played on him by a friend? No, no that's not it either.

Thinking back, straining his brain, he now remembered seeing a large black figure standing over him, and then nothing. It could very well be a simple prank, but then again he had also been receiving odd letters in the mail. A very elaborate prank... Possibly? Or perhaps... It couldn't be. The slenderman? No, he wasn't real was he? Seems improbable, but still.

Joseph's thinking was suddenly interrupted by the current situation. Getting dumped back into reality, he now found a flashlight nearby. Picking it up and flicking it on for a moment, he found the lights seemed dull. Glancing into the sky, he noted the sun's position. It was slowly moving closer to the horizon, and soon it would be completely beneath it, replaced by the moon. He needed a shelter then.

Standing up, he felt an odd presence in his pocket, and heard a slight crumpling sound. Reaching into his pocket, he produced a small note. Odd. He unfolded it and read the contents.

"Head into the forest. Small Park. Tents. Safety awaits. Beware the Tall Man."

Hmm... Thinking for a moment, considering the few words written on the note he found that A. It was written by an illiterate who was no good at complete sentences, and B. He was to go to a sort of campsite. Very well, he'll play along. If this is a joke, he should commend those responsible. If this is the slender, he was curious to know if anyone else had befallen the same fate as himself.

Turning to the woods now, he set off, picking a random direction and walking straight. Let the games begin...

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Time Jump

Joseph was the first to make it to the haven, though he took a more roundabout way due to him having to turn around virtually in a circle to escape the slender. One by one the others slowly appeared as well, Dan coming next having not encountered the slenderman, followed by Alex who was being followed by Anton. The slenderman made an appearance before the two just as they came to the edge of the camp, thus causing them to have to run the remaining distance as he was in his rampage form. Leon was the final person to arrive, himself having been chased for almost the whole time until someone else had distracted the creature, allowing him to stumble into the safety that was the haven.

The Haven was a large, open, green clearing, covered over with short grass and encompassed entirely by the thick forest that acted it seemed as both a barrier, and trap. With it’s presence came a feeling of being watched as the slenderman could be lurking anywhere within the trees that surrounded this so called and deemed, safe haven. While it may very well be that, it didn’t feel as such.

Looking around there were four tents in a rough semi circle in the center of the clearing, each already setup and laden down with various means that would somehow, hopefully, come in handy.

The first tent was a low, circular dome looking style with the tarp tapering over the top and pulled outwards like an umbrella crown, secured in position and to the dirt by several strings and pegs. A large entrance stood in the front of it like a covered balcony, the flap being held open nearly parallel to the ground by two large poles. Inside there was a single worn bow, about ten arrows, a dulled three inch switchblade and rusted break-action shotgun with two shells.

The second tent stood next to the first, considerably higher and more squared off, looking like a sort of standing pentagon. A double door configuration made up the entrance with a single window set into each as a screen. The poles that made up the support of this tent were on the outside and crossed over the entire body of the shelter, more or less actually holding it up than supporting it. Inside this tent, one could find a fishing pole that was in need of repair as the reel was broken, a roll of duct tape, an old oil lantern and a packet of gauze.

The third tent was setup like a sort of trapezoid, though the center of the triangle being more prominent both up and out compared to the two parts that made up the sides. A criss-crossing set of poles supported the top, and two semi-circular beams made up the uppermost corners of both sides. A large doorway that rolled upwards was cut into the front, allowing one to see inside where it seemed two walls blocked off access to the sides, governed strictly by two other zipped doors. Inside this was a rusted pot, a can of soup, a box of stale and somewhat moldy granola bars and five bottles of water.

The last tent was probably the first thing most people noticed as it was considerably larger, being a massive dome shape with several small pockets protruded from around its sides, these being smaller living cells each accessible through a small zipped door along the inside. It was held up by a series of large half circle poles, each of the tiny ‘limbs’ needing just one support that pulled them slightly outward, also giving them a fair amount of space. The inside circle was at least 20x20 with each of the smaller quarters possibly six feet. Inside each of the tiny rooms is a note reading,

“Hello and welcome to the island! There is no escape and you probably already know that there is a monster with you. All you have to do is survive and await the next note which will say where the next of these save havens is. Here is a map, and please, try not to die.


YourOnly Hope.”

Looking at the map, a single location is marked along the western border seemingly just north of a river along the boundaries of the ocean. This is the current position. Other areas shown include the mines, the slender totem, an air base, the docks and the slender lair. Written crudely over the lair, the words match the same barely legible scribbles as on the note, stating simply, “A place you don’t want to go.”