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0 · 140 views · located in A abandoned island

a character in “Slender hunt”, as played by zeno3111


Name: Slender

Age: ?

Gender: Male?

Apperance: no face, black suit


personality: Likes to chase and kill you.

skills: teleporting and scaring the shit out of people.

take on the slenderman: Really? Did you have to ask this?

So begins...

Slender's Story

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Slender stood silently in the shadows, watching his prey. The third to wake was a young Dan, and the slender eyed the man with his blank face as he made his way into the forest, totally unaware of his presence.

Deciding that he was done here, the slender now moved on to check up on the other two targets. They both stirred around the same time, but one was slightly more sporadic in their awaking whereas the other had to make two attempts to simply sit up. They both managed to locate their notes and wander past the barrier of trees, though one took slightly more time to do this. Now, the question remained, who to stalk first?

Suddenly the slender sensed someone nearing one of the havens, and within moments he was teleporting there. Appearing just out of the man’s sight, he watched as Joseph neared safety. Now was the time to act.

The slender quickly shifted into his rampage form and took to the trees, swinging above Joseph before falling silent and waiting for the opportune moment. He watched the boy, each step, each breath. The first target has been acquired.


Leon kept on a straight path to who knows where, his only thoughts being that of the promise of safety. Most likely, he knew, it was probably some sort of trap or cruel prank. “Ow!” he yelled suddenly as his foot caught hold of something, causing him to collapse forward. It was a trap designed by the slenderman, a rather crude, simple make, being simply a root dug up and exposed over the trail.

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Time Jump

Joseph was the first to make it to the haven, though he took a more roundabout way due to him having to turn around virtually in a circle to escape the slender. One by one the others slowly appeared as well, Dan coming next having not encountered the slenderman, followed by Alex who was being followed by Anton. The slenderman made an appearance before the two just as they came to the edge of the camp, thus causing them to have to run the remaining distance as he was in his rampage form. Leon was the final person to arrive, himself having been chased for almost the whole time until someone else had distracted the creature, allowing him to stumble into the safety that was the haven.

The Haven was a large, open, green clearing, covered over with short grass and encompassed entirely by the thick forest that acted it seemed as both a barrier, and trap. With it’s presence came a feeling of being watched as the slenderman could be lurking anywhere within the trees that surrounded this so called and deemed, safe haven. While it may very well be that, it didn’t feel as such.

Looking around there were four tents in a rough semi circle in the center of the clearing, each already setup and laden down with various means that would somehow, hopefully, come in handy.

The first tent was a low, circular dome looking style with the tarp tapering over the top and pulled outwards like an umbrella crown, secured in position and to the dirt by several strings and pegs. A large entrance stood in the front of it like a covered balcony, the flap being held open nearly parallel to the ground by two large poles. Inside there was a single worn bow, about ten arrows, a dulled three inch switchblade and rusted break-action shotgun with two shells.

The second tent stood next to the first, considerably higher and more squared off, looking like a sort of standing pentagon. A double door configuration made up the entrance with a single window set into each as a screen. The poles that made up the support of this tent were on the outside and crossed over the entire body of the shelter, more or less actually holding it up than supporting it. Inside this tent, one could find a fishing pole that was in need of repair as the reel was broken, a roll of duct tape, an old oil lantern and a packet of gauze.

The third tent was setup like a sort of trapezoid, though the center of the triangle being more prominent both up and out compared to the two parts that made up the sides. A criss-crossing set of poles supported the top, and two semi-circular beams made up the uppermost corners of both sides. A large doorway that rolled upwards was cut into the front, allowing one to see inside where it seemed two walls blocked off access to the sides, governed strictly by two other zipped doors. Inside this was a rusted pot, a can of soup, a box of stale and somewhat moldy granola bars and five bottles of water.

The last tent was probably the first thing most people noticed as it was considerably larger, being a massive dome shape with several small pockets protruded from around its sides, these being smaller living cells each accessible through a small zipped door along the inside. It was held up by a series of large half circle poles, each of the tiny ‘limbs’ needing just one support that pulled them slightly outward, also giving them a fair amount of space. The inside circle was at least 20x20 with each of the smaller quarters possibly six feet. Inside each of the tiny rooms is a note reading,

“Hello and welcome to the island! There is no escape and you probably already know that there is a monster with you. All you have to do is survive and await the next note which will say where the next of these save havens is. Here is a map, and please, try not to die.


YourOnly Hope.”

Looking at the map, a single location is marked along the western border seemingly just north of a river along the boundaries of the ocean. This is the current position. Other areas shown include the mines, the slender totem, an air base, the docks and the slender lair. Written crudely over the lair, the words match the same barely legible scribbles as on the note, stating simply, “A place you don’t want to go.”

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Leon had been running for who knows how long. It seemed like as soon as he had gotten into the forest, he was confronted by the being he knew to be slenderman. He chase was long and grueling, endless minutes that seemed like eternity dragged on as the boy simply ran in a vain attempt to escape the entity. Every now and then, a glance would be spared back and it seemed like whenever he thought he was save, he’d see the man again and have to change direction or just flat out continue running. He hadn’t seen the creature lately now, but he was certain it would appear again and convinced himself that running was the best option. He was dreadfully tired, but fear overwhelmed fatigue as he pushed himself to his limits.

Suddenly up ahead, Leon saw light through the dark tunnel that was the forest. Could it be true? Could there be safety? He struggled as he looked forward, just barely being able to make out figures through the trees positioned around what seemed to be large tent-like structures. Without thinking, the boy ran on, breaking from the trees as he stumbled into the clearing. A bright light shone down on him like some police spotlight or stage light, but he didn’t care. Finally he’d found more people and right now, who they were didn’t matter as long as he was safe.

“Oh my god!” he exclaimed as he was allowed a break. Before him, four people stood. One looked totally detatched, two others seemed slightly befuddled, and the last looked completely and entirely paranoid. “Finally,” he continued. “People! Oh, thank god! Please, tell me, does anybody know where we are?!” Leon glanced back and forth between everyone, speaking between ragged, irregular breaths. His heart was still pounding as he awaited an answer and as he looked at those in front of him, his eyes couldn’t help but fall also on the figure that remained in the background, just barely shrouded in the darkness.

Leon’s face went pale as he saw the dark form along the other side of the clearing. The tentacles were evident. So far it seemed like the others hadn’t taken notice, so Leon held up a shaky hand past them, his finger pointing out the creature where it stood like a predator watching its prey. The boy couldn’t speak, he thought he’d made it to safety but it seemed as if this field would be nothing more than a place of open slaughter.

“Ahh!” Leon screamed. He bolted away as the creature shot forward at amazing speeds. The poor boy wasn’t bothered by the fact that others were watching him as he turned in the opposite direction and began running in a randomized bee-line around the clearing, trying in vain to shake the monsters that insisted on persuing him. “Get that thing away from me! Help! Oh my god, help me! I’m going to die!” he rambled on, all the while screaming. He didn’t care at all who did it, as long as someone did something right now. At this point, he’d be happy to just get the creature to go after another victim.


Slender had been stalking the young man from before for quite a while until he lost him. It was about then that he had found two others, one watching the other who apparently didn’t notice him at all. The slender found this as a perfect opportunity to strike. Leaping from what would seem to be nowhere, the slender came in just between the two. With one being scared, the other would end up the same as well.

The two seemed like even though they saw each other, it didn’t matter. The only thing that was probably on their mind was the fact that he himself was present, and if they knew anything, they’d know that death was imminent.

The two bolted quickly away and slender didn’t bother chasing. He knew he wouldn’t catch them now, but that didn’t matter. He had plenty of time to get them and he knew there was no way off the island; eventually they’d pass out from exhaustion, collapse in fear, or simply be caught. This contented the merciless creature.

Suddenly a voice caught his attention. Someone was yelling. Stalking around to the first of the safe havens, the slender found the boy from earlier and everyone else in fact, all congregating near the tents. So far it seemed as though none had gone in to check for weapons or supplies, but that was fine. The slender move silently around before suddenly the boy saw him. His face was completely lost of all color, the white matching probably his own. This was amusing. Without another thought or warning, the slender charged straight into the clearing. It seemed as though no one else had seen him yet, and it would be no that he’d strike. Whoever failed to acknowledge him would be dead in seconds

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Alex was near out of breath after being chased by the slenderman when he stumbled into the clearing. He looked behind him and noticed that the slender was no longer chasing them and then smiled for the first time since his friend had went skiing with him last winter.

Alex then turned to the man that had alerted him to the slenderman. He said to the man "I didn't even know you were following me. You must a hunter aren't you?"

The man replied quietly "yes"

"Good because I have a feeling that will help out greatly on this island."

Alex then noticed tents and some other people in the clearing. He went up to one of the tents and noticed that there were weapons in it. The man next to him took an old bow that looked like it couldn't hit a deer at ten feet and went on to the next tent. Alex took a rusty switchblade even tough he thought it wouldn't be much use unless he could sharpen it.

At the next tent he found some water bottles and what looked like moldy granola bars. He ignored the granola bars even tHough he was extremely hungery and instead took a water bottle and had a drink, keeping the empty bottle once he was done.

When he looked around the clearing he noticed three other people besides the one that had tailed him. The biggest of the three looked like he would be a pain to deal with until he got used to the rest of them. One of the other two looked like a good fighter and intelligent.

When Alex looked at the last and probably weakest of the three and noticed that his face was extremely pale as if afraid. When he followed his gaze toward the forest he seen a black shape moving silently toward the pale faced man. Alex then said loudly enough to alert everyone in the clearing "Not again!"