Katherine Rae Johansson

A woman looking for the truth.

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a character in “Slenderman: Finding Faith”, as played by UnderSavageEternity


Name: Katherine Rae Johansson

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Occupation: Cashier for small electronics company.

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 118 lbs.

Physical Appearance: Tall, with a boyish figure, and no curves to speak of. Most people at first glance mistake Katherine for a boy. Sometimes even at second they still don't get that she is a girl. With her short, curly brown hair and lack of fashion sense its not to far of a leap between the genders. Her eyes are dark brown; framed by glasses due to myopia.

Known famously for her lack of will to excercise, Katherine compensates by binging on protein drinks and salad. Though not exactly unhealthy the lack of meat in her diet has made her skin more pasty and she often has dizzy spells. She isn't strong at all. Things like lifting or climbing always have her out of breath. However running is something she can do - of course that doesn't mean she isn't doubled over hacking her lungs up right after a long run. Tattoos are something Katherine considers to be foolish and spur of the moment. She compares them to drunken dares. She used to have piercings but ditched them when she got a job.

Clothing: Katherine wears loose baggy clothings of all colors and types. Her most commonly worn outfit however is a T-shirt with a bright red heart on it (the realistic kind not the kindergarten kind.) Being clutched by a clawed hand. Paired with a patchwork jacket and faded baggy jeans held up by a mexican flag colored belt (complete with eagle and serpent belt buckle.) Her only pair of shoes are beat up old skater shoes (punk rose brand) from her teenager years.

Personality: Some people say Tomato she says Toe-ma-toe. Katherine likes to stir up trouble but not so much that it starts huge fights. Her trouble is more of the joking kind. Her attitude can be described as unwilling to listen to reason, and rash. In reality however she only acts out when trying to prove something to her friends or people she doesn't know. Katherine likes fitting in but not so much that she is the center of turmoil when it happens. Being singled out makes her nervous, as well as people she doesn't quite know complimenting her.

Katherine is quirky to say the least. Her use of blatant sarcasm causes frayed nerves wich is the reason why many people try to avoid her. Most of what she says comes out jokingly but many don't see it as so. Her attempts to patch up a bad situation almost never go as planned due to her mouth.

Katherine tries not to act like the condescending twit she knows herself to be. As well she isn't like most twenty-somethings she knows who get past the drinking age and party everyday from then on. She values her job and family more than a possible future in rehab. She never, ever, ever smokes; wether its tobacco or pot doesn't matter. Kathrine just isn't someone who does that kind of thing. She finds both the smells and taste disgusting (she's tried both as a teen.)

Think of her as a twelve sided die. She can be something one minute and another thing the next. She tries to help people understand where shes coming from. Or allow them to see her inner being but its hard for her to let go of her near nervous actions. Katherine is also quite lazy. But then again who isn't to some extent?

Other Important Aspects:
-Small enclosed spaces + Katherine = Claustrophobia.
- Bugs + Katherine = Full blown panic attacks.
(Bonus sketch I made of what I wanted her to look like. )

So begins...

Katherine Rae Johansson's Story