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Alex Harding

"Wait, start over. What is this thing?"

0 · 269 views · located in Halbrooke; a small, wooden town in Washington

a character in “Slenderman: The Story of Halbrooke”, originally authored by Erik7622, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Alexander Harding

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Occupation: Student, Guitarist, Composer

Height: 5'11

Weight: 152 lbs

Physical Appearance: Alex is just tall enough to be considered tall, and just thin enough to be called thin, mostly thanks to weight lost while suffering from the worst of his depression. He's always kept his hair cut reasonably short, same with his fingernails. He doesn't grow much facial hair, but when he does he shaves it. He hates stubble, and doesn't really want a beard or mustache.

Clothing: Alex is a fan of three-quarter sleeve shirts, as the sleeves don't get in the way of his hands when playing guitar, but aren't so short as to provide no protection from the occasional chill. He wears plenty of those in plain patterns, along with jeans and khakis. He has a rain coat and all-purpose boots as well.

Personality: Before the accident and the collapse of Edge of Reason, Alex was, though a bit shy, still very friendly and altruistic, though his perfectionist tendencies can stress himself and may annoy others. After it, however, he became moody and even more withdrawn than his usual shyness. In extreme examples, he simply refuses to leave his apartment, but that hasn't happened for a long time. Nowadays he's almost as friendly as he normally was, just...sadder.

History: Alex was born to musician parents, and while his mother died of illness shortly after birth, Alex's father Richard (a pianist and classical guitarist) raised him as well as he could. Alex took up guitar from a very early age, taking both to the classical music of his father and the rock music of the latter-day. By high school he had been through several short-lived bands with other students, and while at a conservatory for furthering his musical studies, he helped found the three-piece band Edge of Reason with classmates, himself playing guitar and singing alternate to the bassist. They became fairly popular in the area around the conservatory, but while en route to one of their shows, disaster struck: A horrific car crash killed Alex's then-girlfriend, Diane, as well as Edge of Reason's drummer and arguable leader, Julian Russell, who had been very close to both Alex and the bassist, Leo Thomas. The band split up immediately, unable to continue without Russell, and Alex fell into deep depression (though he had had bouts before, without the band to occupy him things went south very quickly). He dropped out of the conservatory and returned to Halbrooke. After a few months dealing with that, he started going to therapy at his father's insistence, and has gradually started to return to normal, though he's still rather morose compared to how he used to be.

Alex's beloved guitar:

So begins...

Alex Harding's Story

Along the rain-soaked street of Halbrooke, a lone figure trudged, jacket zipped up, hood drawn low over his head, hands stuck firmly in jean pockets. Under the hood, the hazel eyes of Alex Harding wandered, wary of every noise that he could hear over the rain and every movement he noticed in the dark. Ever since the disappearance of Faith, he had worried in empathy with her parents, raged at the inability of anyone to find her, and then quietly slipped back into his "new normal" moroseness. He had talked about it with Dr. Barton, but that hadn't gotten him any good ideas. He figured eventually he'd get back to a level of normal, and thus had devoted much of his time to guitar, figuring that he could do something on his own even if Edge of Reason was gone. Maybe he and Leo could find a new drummer and start over...maybe. Maybe.

All maybes.


He looked up as he forced himself from the negative thoughts, saw the diner's neon sign flickering red in the night, and seeing Evan in one of the windows, along with someone Alex didn't quite recognize. He shrugged and made his way up to the diner. Once he got inside, he unzipped the jacket and threw back the hood, then looked over to where Evan was. There were actually two women there with him, neither of whom Alex recognized. He stood there, confused. Evan had sent for him, but he hadn't mentioned many other people being involved.

Evan Manno.

Evan flicked his eyes up from his cellphone without moving his head when Darlene claimed to want to find Faith. The dust cloud continued to billow in his gut as more and more awakened inside of him. His eyes spat daggers, but they softened as the 'Princess', as he had dubbed her, sputtered on her coffee. He slipped his phone into his pocket, before standing and leaning his back against the side of the booth. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and listened in on the conversations. "Princess seems to have a hard time making friends" He mused to himself.

Evan glanced at Jo, who appeared to have just flicked her eyes away from his. Or had she? Evan hadn't been sleeping well, and he had been used to slight hallucinations when he was tired. He looked to Princess, then to the older guy, who was STILL persisting in asking questions. Evan couldn't resist the temptation to laugh as Darlene brazenly referred to the police officer as " enforcement dude." He chuckled and covered his smiling mouth, the warm laughs breezing out onto his palm.

Evan listened closer as the tension almost tangibly increased between the women. Princess was from Hollywood? Fitting. But what did not settle with Evan was her general vehemence toward the rest of the group, as well as her carelessness with Faith's name. Evan looked to Clementine and locked eyes with her, nodding. He then placed his hand in his pocket, fumbling with the folding knife he always carried on him after he was mugged a few years ago, leaving a large, yellow-purple discoloration on his left cheekbone. He approached Darlene and stopped too close to her, clearly disrespecting her personal space, for he held no respect for her. He looked her straight in the eyes, the dust cloud of emotion erupting from his lips in a shallow snarl.

"I think it's about time you leave." He said, his eyes never wavering from her left pupil. He felt it was more imposing to stare unflickering than to glance from eye-to-eye. He didn't notice the door open behind him as Alex walked in behind him.


Darlene gasped in surprise as Evan suddenly approached her, his eyes filled with intensity. She stepped back from Clementine as Evan came closer and closer to her. His eyes met Darlene's; the way he glared at her made Darlene feel a bit unsafe being near him. Evan simply stated that Darlene needed to leave. She dropped her jaw in awe. This was not part of the plan.

"Evan, listen," Darlene gently placed her hand on Evan's chest and gave a slight push. He didn't budge a bit. "I can't just leave. Like I've said a million times, I want to find this girl. Faith. I don't know where to start, though. The reason I came here was to ask you if we could search together," Darlene looked at the others. There was a new guy she didn't recognize in the diner. She rolled her eyes at him and returned her focus back to Evan.

"Maybe we could all search for her together," Darlene slowly took a step back, finally looking away from Evan's eyes. She now knew that he was not someone to mess with. However, that didn't stop her wanting to find Faith.

Alex continued to stand awkwardly, not sure if he was intruding on something he wasn't supposed to see. The woman addressing Evan seemed only slightly cowed as Evan stared her down. That alone was impressive; Alex remembered times that Evan's glare would cow him into a near-catatonic submission if not scare him away completely. Not only that, but his tone held that icy tone that meant something unholy and terrifying was bound to happen. Alex was about to intervene when the woman spoke, surprising Alex again in that she managed to defy Evan's death glare. However, what she was saying had more of an impact. Immediately he knew why Evan had summoned him. Faith. Alex forced himself to stay calm, knowing that thinking about Faith made his black moods come with a vengeance, then decided to announce himself to Evan, who clearly hadn't heard him come in. "So that's what this is about. I should have guessed."