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Ethan Stirleng

Police Detective

0 · 227 views · located in Halbrooke; a small, wooden town in Washington

a character in “Slenderman: The Story of Halbrooke”, originally authored by DeviousWolf, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Detective Ethan Stirleng
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Occupation: Police Detective
Height: 5'11
Weight: 180
Physical Appearance: Short blonde hair with hazy, glassy eyes. Average muscular build for his body type as well as height.
Clothing: White dress shirt with khakis and a black coat carrying his six round magnum.
Personality: Very serious yet emotional about his undercover work. Starting since age 22, Detective Stirleng has been quietly investigating the disappearance of a young child and is in hopes of seeing this figure as described by many to be a horror.
Other Important Aspects: To be taken seriously and very intelligent.

So begins...

Ethan Stirleng's Story

#, as written by Phoeni

She felt it, but — oh, stupid woman — she didn't know what it was until now. Like the pulling of stitches, quiet and easy to overlook, her soul had been unravelling until the seams split and now everything spilled out all at once. Pop. Pop. POP. The loss of a young girl a tug at her heart, all this time she was coming loose and didn't even realize. She thought it was alright when she lost her husband , that I would be fine because she still had purpose and her leaving couldn't destroy that no matter how hurt she felt. Clementine Parlour wasn't in a helping out mood. To be fair, the woman was often in a helping out mood. Today- not so much. Today, her arms were crossed firmly over her chest and her boots were stomping across the rain smattered pavement.

A babysitter, especially one of such a young age, was not Clementine's ideal carer for her children. But she had to. The girl, Amandine, charged much less than an older babysitter. Her money was scarce, really. Being a teacher only barely payed the bills. She was holding on to the house by her teeth. Clementine was uncomfortable about the whole babysitter ordeal, and this put her in an uneasy mood. But she needed the answers. She needed to know why a young girl- who she had know very well - Had disappeared. Things like this don't happen. There had to be an explanation for this.

For a second, she had thought he wouldn’t be noticed as she walked into the diner. Perhaps her mind made that she wasn't very noticeable. Still, she hid behind the haze and conjured up the thought that because so many willfully ignored her—parents, workmates, even sisters—there was no need to fear discovery, even when she thought to engage the person sitting in the diner room. She pressed a finger against the glass of the diner, stared through the glass, and looked in for another moment without moving. Her breath fogged up the glass as she pressed against it. Pulling the handle, she stepped inside to find Evan sitting there, with a girl she didn't recognize.

"Hello there" She said, grabbing a seat. She presumed Evan remembered her face- the teacher of Faith. "I hope i'm not interrupting" She added a warm smile in for good measure.

[OOC= Sorry, I mixed up the names- Evan and Ethan are quite similar names!]


Five hours. Five hours was the length of time Ethan had spent peering over his desk at the paperwork filed under his name. Few sheets of little value strewn across his office; all labeled under the same name. Stirleng. How he'd loathed reading over the same file with a continuous notion these past few days, silently connecting the very few similarities piece by piece. Turning from the papers as a blare of sound comes from his phone, Ethan stretches back as he rolls silently and retrieves it. With the same monotone voice he's had for the past days, he says his last name for a reply once more. "Stirleng." "Ethan? We may have a lead towards the Krusser case." Yawning with a passion, he rolls back to the desk with the phone in-hand. "And what would that be?" Ethan replies. "Nobody in our 'group' has interviewed the girl's mother."

"You're good. Give me an address on the house and anything that might provide help on the case on my cell." Stirleng replies, stretching from the seat as he began making his way outside. As he trudged beneath the weight of a continuous rain in which had lasted for days, Ethan slid into the aged Ford and turned the key. Stumbling to a start for a few moments, the screech of rubber beneath the car was all that remained in the now empty lot.

Even when under the brutal force of weather, he found his way to the house mere minutes away. It stood still in the rain, no sound or light radiating about. The rain pounded atop the roof, slithering between the shingles and finding their way for the soil. Ethan began to knock on the door, a hollowed ring continuing in even the rain as a still shudder. No answer. Yet again he slammed his fist harder unto the door with no result once more. "No answer..." Ethan thought aloud, readying his revolver in one hand. Facing the aged door, his foot collides with the wood as it snaps with a sheer force. "Halbrooke P.D, if you are in the house step outside now!" Waiting moments for the faint steps to echo as Mrs. Krusser steps for questioning to come along, Ethan steps inside with his own footsteps being the result. God damn it. The house remained silent even in the rain, his flashlight beaming across the dusted surfaces of the home. Glass was brutally shattered about the kitchen, cupboards torn from the walls and chipped with some wedged tool. A thin, liquid soaked staircase lead to the bedrooms above. Ethan bent for the carpet, investigating the liquid with a harsh cough. Gasoline, seemingly fresh. Either someone else is in this house or Mrs. Krusser tried cutting off investigation.

The gasoline was artistically strewn across the walls, touching every surface of the upstairs hallway. Again fine china glittered the carpet, furniture split and replaced with more and more gasoline. At the end of the hall, an eerie aura radiated around the only untouched door in the house. Reaching for the doorknob, Ethan grasped the polished metal and pushed away with a startle. In the dark they radiated, drawn in blood across the walls of the bedroom. A demonic, awkward symbol touching all the walls in red. Ethan snapped a photograph of the walls but felt a kick-like pain to his back as he collapsed beneath the weight of an object. It was suddenly boiling hot and lit like a candle throughout the house, flames licking over his back to singe his body away. Part of the roof held him down with a vengeance, trying to take him as well in this sudden house fire. Pushing the wood and chunks of ceiling from his chest, Ethan streaks for the window to his left. Glass shattered in the rain like crystals as he tumbled from the shingles; rolling in midair into the grass. All that is seen before he went unconscious was the collapse of the house, flames eating away at every surface of the Krusser house itself.