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The Slenderman


0 · 274 views · located in Halbrooke; A small, wooded town in Washington

a character in “Slenderman”, as played by xArmageddon



So begins...

The Slenderman's Story

Evan shivered a bit when the local librarian blustered her way in, unleashing a torrent of cold air directly into him. He grit his teeth and tried his damnedest not to curse at her. He was a bit... Edgy, you could say. She mumbled on and Evan almost smiled a bit sadistically as her bubbly tone almost visually took a nosedive. He imagined an airplane wing being torn to bits by AA fire, then the plane slowly curving towards the ground. He visualized a pretty pink airplane with fuzzy things streaming from the back to represent her mood, the vessel catching fire mid-air, then crashing to the ground.

Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiier BOOooOoOoOOOoommgghhhhhhhsshhhhhhh

Evan had a tendency to look through the dark end of the scope when he was upset. He enjoyed it, and it unnerved him sometimes. But it made him feel a bit better. Colin was quick to defend the librarian. He addressed her as Caroline, a name Evan KNEW he'd have a difficult time remembering. He seemed almost... Eager, to bring her along. Evan analysed their reactions and determined that Colin fancied the girl. Well, good for him. The librarian said she'd like to help, His reddened face looked up at Evan, mumbling the question of Caroline's acceptance into the group. Evan nodded slightly, and at the same moment received a tender hug from Amnell. He lightly returned it, then Am explained the situation to the librarian, for which Evan thought a silent thanks to the girl. He was afraid he might cry again if he spoke.

Evan noticed Claudia had averted her gaze to him while he spoke, and he did recollect the memory of himself lingering his eyes on her for a bit too long as he made his speech. He wanted to tell her sorry, but ANOTHER car pulled in, one he didn't recognize. It appeared to die by the way it creaked into the parking spot. The woman walked in and asked if it was okay if she stayed awhile. Her car had, to Evans suspicions, died as she parked. Seth reassured her and warmed her seat. Figuratively, of course. Stephen introduced himself to the new girl, and came from her a short, pronounced name. "Enid." For some reason, the name sparked a circuit, but didn't quite come full circle. It rang a bell. Evan blinked pronouncedly as he tried to figure out why her name felt so familiar. Stephen then suggested that Chris was just cleaning up for closing. That of which Chris overheard, and he responded as such "Well, Stephen, I'm leaving the place open all night, JUST for you folks. I'm not fit for this search party stuff, but feel free to use it as 'home base'." He tossed Stephen a small key, "That's my only extra. Don't lose it." Chris said. Enid then asked why the group wouldn't wait for the weather to clear up. Amnell gave a very curt (Translation: Bitchy) response. Evan gave a more informational response through gritted teeth "I'm not sure how well you are with current events, but my niece, Faith Krusser, is out in that storm. She's been out there for 4 fucking days. We're not waiting for anything." He felt the unjustified anger spew Enid's way, but he didn't realize that until later. He still threw her name around in his head. So familiar. His train of thought was derailed by Colin asking Evan if he should go get his oh so invaluable EMS equipment. Evan instantly responded with a nod, saying "If someone gets hurt, we'll want the right stuff to fix them up. I don't want any other 'exciting' things to write about in the newspaper, except about us finding Faith." Am then recommended carpooling, and Seth offered his all wheel drive Jeep. Probably a good idea, Evan thought. "Well, anybody else have a good vehicle?" He asked, clapping his hands together once. "We need to get a move on. After the people who need to gather supplies are done with their runs, meet us at the park entrance. We'll go from there."

Evan felt the strangest sensation. It felt as if his eyes were being ever so slightly drawn to look at Seth. Evan followed the urge, the pull, to look at Seth. Evan's eyes met Seth's, but the sensation was still there. It was pulling his eyes just over Seth's shoulder. What met Evan's eyes puzzled him. Across the street, beneath a pale orange street light stood a tall, thin man in a black suit and a red tie, which mysteriously did not whirl around in the torrential wind. Evan tried to meet the man's eyes, but Evan couldn't find any, His head appeared to be completely white and blank. Evan thought maybe he had a hood up or something on his face. Evan looked down to meet Seth's puzzled eyes and Evan smiled slightly, pointing out the window. "Oh, I just saw some guy standing under that light in a suit and t--..." Evan stopped mid-sentence when he looked back up to the man to see that he had disappeared. He wasn't walking down the street, he hadn't moved, he hadn't gotten in a car, he had just disappeared. Evan furrowed his brow and muttered, "Nevermind..." to Seth. "That was odd. There was a guy JUST right outside."

(I'll make a map of Halbrooke and the surrounding area tomorrow night.)

Alex almost did bounce, eager to do something rather than be stuck in the depressed cafe. He rose and followed Seth and Amnell to the door, stopping to grab his folded rain jacket and shuffle it over his shoulders. Looking at the wind, he elected to zip it up as far as he could, and pulled the hood over his hair as well. Right before he stepped out into the rain and wind, he looked out over the lot briefly through the window. Maybe it was the dust on the window, but a white outline that looked like a head seemed visible in the distance. Alex shook it off as a trick of perspective before bracing himself for the rain.

He shoved the door open, and heard the roar of the wind and the rain. With a brief effort, he opened the door into the wind and stood in front of it, holding it open for the others to exit. He gestured to the waiting cars outside. "Let's get going, then! Faith shouldn't be out here for more than a second longer if we can help it!"

As the others began to exit, some more reluctantly than others, Alex looked out again into the rain, and realized that what he had dismissed as a trick of perspective before was...something more; he couldn't quite figure out what. An unfamiliar figure appeared to be walking away from the cafe. It was already at a considerable distance. Oddly, the figure seemed extraordinarily tall. Perhaps it was some kids in a giant suit? A kid on stilts? But why in this weather?

As the figure disappeared into the thick of the rain, Alex strained to see it, forgetting that he was supposed to be going somewhere.

Alex walked forward carefully. What the hell caused that? I swear something could have been right here... He edged forward, straining to see in the dark, his pulse racing in his head and his breath held. He investigated the tree to find nothing. This is not okay...

A sudden prolonged scream made him jump and almost scream himself. Even through the rain he could hear it clearly, but could not tell who it was. He turned in the direction of the voice, and started to make his way through the woods towards it. A second later, another scream came.


That time the voice was unmistakeable. Amnell?! He began running into the dark, trying to find her. "Amnell!" He tripped and fell, bracing himself with his hands for the inevitable impact with the ground. He hit the ground and grunted as the impact ran through his arms, little shocks of pain that traveled to his elbows and shoulders. "Shit," he muttered as he tried to pull himself up and continue forward.

Unfortunately, he didn't see the steep slope in front of him, and he slipped on the slick leaves and mud, falling again and sliding down the hill. As he reached the bottom, his view was forced uphill in a roll, and atop the slope he could have sworn he saw someone remarkably similar to the mysterious figure outside the cafe. Before he could think about it, he had landed in deep water, and forced his stunned body to move and drag himself from the water, coughing and shivering.