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Kirsty Campbell

"Yo pass the aux"

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a character in “Slightly Aflame”, as played by ladygeekiness



{"Get tae fuck.”}

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[Full Name]
Kirsty Joanne Campbell




Glasgow, Scotland

Kirsty is a 5'8" bundle of energy with a sunny, yet vague disposition. Kirsty has rich brown eyes (from her mother), and a sharp, square jaw (from her dad). She naturally has brown, mousey hair (from her grandma), but had always been endlessly jealous of her sisters who have natural blonde hair (from her mother), so she's been dying it blonde since she was 16. Lately she lets her roots get the better of her, but she's been keeping it blonde for the past 5 years. Kirsty has a pretty small build, though it's lean and muscled from fights training and regular exercise. Many people are caught off guard by her perky nose and cheeky freckles in a fight, which is to her advantage. Somehow, Kirsty doesn't have any evidence of a broken nose from when she was 13, however she does have a plethora of scars and other marks. The most impressive is an 11 inch scar running across her lower back in a jagged line from a tussle in Kelvingrove Park in her Highschool years. This doesn't stop her from wearing crop tops whenever she can, but she will occasionally reduce the interest from strangers with high-waisted jeans and shorts. Kirsty dresses in quite a tomboyish style, and is fond of bomber jackets. She has piercings in various places in her ear, but has been banned from getting any more by AHA, in interest of her physical safety. She's not keen on skirts, but will wear one on occasion. Kirsty is yet to get any tattoos, but would love to get one.

Size Reduction Mutation

[Hobbies || Talents]
  • Making Breakfast
  • Partying
  • Photography
[Fears || Weaknesses]
  • The Ocean
  • Fierce Loyalty
  • Sailor's Mouth



Kirsty was born and raised in Hillhead, Glasgow by Rob and Catherine Campbell. Rob and Cathy were both mutant high school sweethearts, Rob being able to communicate with bugs, and Cathy able to shapeshift. The two of them had three beautiful daughters, Kirsty being the oldest. The lack of sons despaired Rob at first but he loved his girls too much for it to actually bother him in the end. Kirsty had a fairly regular childhood, but her mutation unlocked fairly young, her first shrinking incident occurring when she was just 5 years old. This abnormally early mutation unlocking combined with Kirsty's bombastic and hyperactive energy caused her parents a lot of strife and several premature grey hairs. Eventually she managed her mutation properly and went to a normal primary school and high Imageschool, occasionally getting into trouble. (She had the rather unusual gift of getting into an unusually large amount of fights... They deserved it though, they deserved it.) When Kirsty was 9, her younger sister Lucas came out as trans, and she was incredibly supportive of her, and that sometimes meant leaping to her defense at school. Lucy ended up being one of the most bulletproof kids in school thanks to Kirsty's fierce loyalty. Kirsty did end up as one of the most scarred kids in school though. (She has a wicked one on her lower back from a fight in Kelvingrove Park with Jackie Roberts, she's super proud of it.)

Kirsty's high school experience was pretty average. She had a tight knit circle of friends, though they had their dramas. Unfortunately, in her third year of high school a massive argument and drama ripped her friend group apart. For privacy's sake there won't be any details but betrayal, ciggies, a science paper, ripped tights, and two blowjobs were involved. Due to this incident, Kirsty was left with no friends and went into a dark period of her life. But after a couple months of healing and growing, Kirsty rebuilt her social circle out of good honest people, and managed to enjoy herself thoroughly. Kirsty also partied a lot throughout her high school life, regardless of her age. When she was in her dark age as she likes to call it, she abstained from partying, but after being encouraged by a close friend she started partying again, and had a great time. When she graduated high school she kept her work as a clerk in a doc martens shop, and briefly took a couple of modeling contracts. Through a crazy bar fight/makeout with a guy who happened to be a telekinetic chance encounter, she was hired by AHA to be one of their agents and, eventually after a lot bit of training, one of their trainers. She was recruited when she was 18, and she is now 21. She is known among AHA agents as one of the fastest promoted agents in history. She now trains the youth squadron, and has a blast being their live-in mentor and drill sergeant.


[Face Claim]
Nina Nesbitt

Character Dialogue || #4cb1f5

So begins...

Kirsty Campbell's Story