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Delilah Blanc

"You have heard of me? I'm not surprised. I am well-known in what I do."

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a character in “Smoke, Jazz, and Blood”, as played by Lainpinky131



Face Claim: Olivia de Havilland

❝ The Basic Facts ❞

| Name |
Delilah Celene Blanc
| Gender |
| Age |
| Occupation |
Stage Performer
| Sexuality |
| Nationality |
| Ethnicity |

Face Claim: Norma Shearer

❝ Appearance ❞

Delilah is taller than the average person with a large, curved body. She has dark brown hair that she curls stylishly into a bun. Usually she pins it behind her ears, but when she performs, she lets it hang over her eye. She’s always smiling with cheerful brown eyes and a bright red smile. She has light skin that is always wearing heavy makeup: dark eye-shadow, rosy cheeks, and red lips.

Her dresses are far more exciting. She often wears form-fitting pale dresses or bright skirts cut above the knee and covered in frills. She also covers herself from head-to-toe in accessories. Shawls, earrings, gloves, necklaces, anything that she can buy she will wear, especially if it is miss-matched. Her clothing is always patterned and she loves mixing styles to create odd combinations. She also adores hats.


❝ Personality ❞

Delilah is up-beat, energetic, and very enthusiastic. She loves meeting new people and is always out and about. She can never sit still for too long. She’s very optimistic and is always smiling. She also likes things clean and neat, especially her skirts and random paintings on the wall. A habit of hers is to straighten picture frames whenever they are crooked. Her dream is to be the biggest star in all of France and her greatest fear is being forgotten.

Delilah loves to sing, dance, and anything to do with the stage. She’s spent her whole life in a theatre and it’s her passion to perform. She loves being involved with other people’s lives and is very charismatic and outgoing. She’ll do anything to be remember—in a good way—by anyone and she loves being the center of attention. She is also very proud of herself and her achievements. She knows how she looks and doesn’t need anyone to remind her.


❝ History ❞

Delilah was born in France but moved to London when she was eight. She currently lives in the same city with both her parents, her three younger sisters and one older brother at her parents' club, the Fickle Friend. She and her sisters often perform at the club with their brother acting as part time musician, bar-tender, and bouncer. She also once had a beau who was a patron that frequently visited the club. That relationship ended when he became an unwanted guest and he was thrown out of the club forcefully.

Delilah's reason for travelling from Nottingham to London is that she was coming from travelling to Sheffield, where she went to perform at a nightclub.

| Family |
Father: Auguste Elliot Blanc | 43 | Alive
Mother: Simone Delilah Blanc | 39 | Alive
Sister: Claire Eloise Blanc | 20| Alive
Sister: Abelle Dominique Blanc | 19 | Alive
Sister: Edith Madeleine Blanc | 17 | Alive
Brother: Basile Auben Blanc | 24 | Alive

So begins...

Delilah Blanc's Story


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Lottie couldn't help but nod and smile as Dod dragged her off to this Presidential cabin. She hadn't been planning on accepting the invite when Theo had first invited her, but something in her made Lottie not want to refuse Dod. So she went along with it, hesitantly but willingly.

Once inside, Lottie was beginning to feel the nervousness and regret creep in. There were awful lot of people she didn't recognize, the music was loud, and she didn't have any of her books to keep her company. So she took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and calmly thought, It's okay. This is for Dod. When she opened her eyes, she immediately set to work finding an open seat, which she was struggling with.

When Delilah had first boarded her train to London, she never would have thought that she'd run into so many of her old friends.

The first of these friends being Theo Monke, a fellow musician she had met the year prior. The two performers had bumped into each other in the hallway and now Delilah has found herself in a presidential cabin with good music, drinks, new friends, and all the ciggies she could ever want. It was a few minutes in when she met old friend number two.

When two new women had entered the cabin, Delilah barely spared the pair a passing glance before she returned to the conversation she was having with one of the other gentlemen in the room. Only when she heard a certain name did the new arrivals catch her attention. She quickly excused herself from the conversation, stood from her seat, and walked towards Theo and the others.

"It's Lottie, actually. Just Lottie," the blonde one had said to Theo and Huey, but Delilah wasn't paying her much mind. It was the brunette that she was focused on.

"So sorry to interrupt, gents, ladies," Delilah said with a slight playful tone, resting a thin hand gently on Theo's shoulder as she approached the group, "I must have misheard, Dod Freeman you said? There wouldn't happen to be a Dorothy before it, would it?" She asked in her soft, lilting voice, and a cheerful smile on her face. She held out her other hand to the brunette as she introduced herself, "Delilah Blanc. You may have heard of me?"


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"Fine names if I ever heard one," the man named Huey said, "Well, what brings you two ladies to this knucklehead's cabin? Hell, what's takin' ya to London? I guess what i'm sayin' is...tell an old man about yourselves--it's a long train ride, and I'm tired of talkin' to him."

"Well I'm actually originally from London, just popped to Nottingham for a small visit," Dod answered. To her she was certain that wasn't the kind of exciting story Huey was looking for, but because she was English there wouldn't be amazing reasons to visiting London which was about four hours train ride from the Northern part of England.

Before Lottie could answer however another young lady popped up behind Theo, "So sorry to interrupt, gents, ladies. I must have misheard, Dod Freeman you said? There wouldn't happen to be a Dorothy before it, would it? Delilah Blanc. You may have heard of me?"Image

"Delilah Blanc?" Dod looked at the woman, her mouth hanging slightly open and eyes wide as if she had seen a vision from the past. She took Delilah's hand and stood up, "Mon amie, tu grandis depuis je te vois," Dod said, kissing the young ladies cheeks, "Comment t-allez vous?" she added, asking how she was.

"Don't mind us gentlemen, and Lottie, just old friends catching up," Dod said to the others. She pulled Delilah to sit next to her. It had been during the early times of the world that the two women had met and back then Delilah was more of a young girl than a woman. Dod had just moved to Paris and their encounter was brief then, but they still became the best of friends. Dod had given the little girl her address and for a while they had sent regular letter back and forth when Delilah moved to England. Though when the war reached Paris Dod had to stop sending those letters and the communication between the two stopped completely, until this very moment.


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"Je suis bien, mon ami. C'est bon de te voir!" Delilah exclaimed cheerfully, returning Dod's kisses with enthusiasm. She walked with Dod and the two sat together.

When Delilah was still a child, she lived with her family in her home city of Paris, France. She had spent most of her life at the club where her parents worked, so she had little to no friends and barely saw anyone that wasn't her siblings or her parents. However, on one day, when the lonely nine-year old was going about her life, she met an unusual but fascinating older girl. The two had lept at the friendship and were inseparable from that point on. When the two had stopped writing the other, it was a regretful decision that she still holds close to her heart to this day.

"Vous ne serez pas le croire, mais je suis un artiste professionnel," Delilah said proudly, a confident grin on her face.

Lottie followed after Dod slowly, sitting down next to the woman. She stared plainly at the stranger named Delilah, then back at Dod. This whole scene made her feel uncomfortable. She didn't like feeling so lonely or left out. She felt so awkward just for being here in this room. She quickly cleared her head and focused on one thing; she needed to try to interact with these strangers.

"I was not aware that you knew French," she blurted out, her attempt at being included into Dod and Delilah's conversation. Despite her awkwardness, she was genuinely impressed at Dod's skill. Lottie never really ever considered learning another language. She never needed to know a language other than english in her line of work.


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"I lived in France during the war," Dod explained to Lottie, "In the end it was about as good a place to hide as England, but I would never trade my time in France for anything."

"Pick your poison ladies. The drinks come with the cabin, so let's make sure to use 'em," Theo announced. When Dod looked to him and noticed for the first time that he had changed clothes.

"Might as well take a Whiskey Smash as my last one ended up getting smashed," Dod said wit a quirk in her lips. She stood up and went over to make her own drink.

"Alright everyone," Theo said lifting his own glass, "To new friends, old friends, and this side of the world treating me way better than the states ever did!"

"Santé!" Dod said taking a sip of her drink, "Now if you'll excuse me I should probably get my stuff if we are to stay here for the journey. I'll grab your stuff as well Lottie." With that Dod momentarily left the Presidential cabin and made her way back to the one she had originally found. Just outside the door were two of them men from earlier, the polite, young boy who rekindled the fight and the man with the love for music.

"Are you alright?" she asked the younger man, briefly leaning against the wall. Though completely unneeded, Dod did find it rather noble of him, especially considering they were complete strangers. There was some thudding going down the corridor, going away from where they stood, but Dod could still see what was happening. It was the great bimbo of a man trying to be helped by a small woman, but he kept shoving her away.

"Poor dame," Dod whispered, tilting her head to rest on the wall, "Though nothing can be done," with that she walked into the cabin and slowly gathered her things, as well as the items that she saw Lottie handle earlier, her arms getting quite full.