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Snatching the royal heart! faerie style

Snatching the royal heart! faerie style


A faerie princess has everything she could want, even a knight she secretly admires who seems to enjoy her company. But what if someone..or something, has it's eyes on her?

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Character Portrait: Faylinn Gullveig
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Faylinn Gullveig

Faylinn kissed her father's forehead. "Good night, dad." She murmured, though her father was already sleeping. She pulled back, looking down at him, a small frown on her lips. She knows that he's getting worse and worse each day, that it is only a matter of time before he passed away, and she would have to take over. The thought of taking over rule of the kingdom, scared her, but she knows it's her duty, and she doesn't have much of a choice.

Fay pushed the thoughts from her mind as she walked into her room. She got changed into pajamas, shorts and a tank top, then laid down in bed. She sighed quietly, trying to get her mind to shut out all the worry and go to sleep. Though, it takes her a while, eventually she does manage to fall asleep, her bedroom window opened just a crack to let the cool night air breeze through her room. She curled up under her blankets, pulling them tightly around her shoulders.

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Character Portrait: Faylinn Gullveig Character Portrait: Cormac Abernithy
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Sitting in the shadows and covered with a hooded coat, the pale thief made not a sound as he watched the faerie estate. Unlike many traditional and old school fae kingdoms, this one had adapted some more modern touches, despite the fact that glamour hid fae and supernatural from mortal eyes and awareness. It was certainly interesting to say the least, the fae keeping tabs and updated with human flair.
Either way, it was of no concern to him, and no human or faerie was going to stop him. The sun had already set, but he still sensed activity inside, the little package not yet asleep in her bed. Soon, very soon. Cormac kept his eyes riveted on the window he had previously confirmed to be the bedchambers of the little princess herself. It was rather sad that not even faerie folk could notice him, the guards oblivious to the fact he had been stalking the place for the past two days.

Finally, the faint patter of footsteps could be heard, followed by a slightly louder step of a guard and his boots. So the princess had returned to her room, guard outside her door. Little good it would do her, she wasn't going out the door! Forcing himself not to move or chuckle, Cormac lay in wait even after her lights went off. He waited five minutes, then ten. After her soft and steady breathing began, he waited, not foolish enough to barge in after she just fell asleep. After another five minutes, Cormac allowed himself a grin, slipping easily from the tree onto the roof, his body much more capable than a human's.

Tiptoeing across the roof, Cormac lowered himself slowly onto the window ledge, gripping the edge of the roof carefully as he wiggled into her room, feet first. Sneaking over to the bedside of the sleeping princess, the male looked down at her with a cheshire cat grin. Perfect timing, he realized, as the princess shifted, rolling from on her side to lay oppossite. He stopped her mid-roll, when she was on her back. He placed a hand with a cloth over her mouth, other hand holding a knife to her chest, letting the tip just poke her.

"Hello princess. Do be a dear and keep quiet." he whispered, knowing she wouldn't be able to scream if she wanted to, the potion on the cloth rendering her unable to speak for the next hour.

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Character Portrait: Faylinn Gullveig Character Portrait: Cormac Abernithy
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Faylinn Gullveig

Faylinn was sleeping peacefully until she felt something cover her mouth and something poking her chest. Her eyes flew open, the fear clear in them. Her mind, still foggy with sleep, doesn't have a chance to process what exactly is going on. Though, from the knife pressed against her chest, she knows enough to be afraid and to not do anything to piss this guy off. Her breathing quickened as she tried to keep herself calm. Fay slowly nods her head, deciding it'd probably be wise to just cooperate with this man, then maybe she could manage to survive whatever this is.

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Character Portrait: Faylinn Gullveig Character Portrait: Cormac Abernithy
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"Very good girl. Smart one I see. Now come along with me. Don't bother trying to yell, you'll not be able to for an hour, so don't try. Wouldn't want you to hurt yeself." Cormac said with a smile, pocketing his knife and lifting the fae princess with ease. Such a light, petite thing! A delighted, maniacal grin lit up his face.

"It'd be so...boring to leave so suddenly! Why don't we leave them a little present? Hm?" Cormac mused as if actually consulting his victim. Taking the knife, he sliced a small lock of hair off, leaving it neatly in a pile on her pillow. The vampire headed to the window, perching himself precariously on the ledge after putting away his knife. Before he lept out the window with his captive, Cormac took a small dagger, throwing it at the wooden door, impaling a small peice of parchment with his signature calling card on it; a midnight blue cobra emblem.

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Character Portrait: Faylinn Gullveig Character Portrait: Cormac Abernithy
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Faylinn Gullveig

Faylinn wanted to scream, she wanted to fight back, but she knew it wouldn't do any good. Even if the guard outside her door heard the struggles, he wouldn't reach her in time. She could tell by the coldness of his skin, this man, was a vampire. When the man lept out the window, she felt the instinctive urge to cling to him, afraid she may be dropped, but she fought the urge, not wanting to be mistaken as a willing participant in this frightful event. She wasn't sure what to expect, not sure who this guy was or what he wanted. She just wanted to be back in her bed, safe and sound, but she knew that was just wishful thinking. If she could talk, she would ask this man who he was and what he wanted, she would gladly pay him any amount of money, if he would just turn around and take her home.

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