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Christina Watson

0 · 262 views · located in New York

a character in “So Lonely 2”, as played by DivineFantasy


Christina Watson


Role: Girl 3

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Female

Crush: Boy 3


Personality: When people first meet Christina they either think she's a bitch or stuck up, sometimes a combination of both. Her past hasn't made her the most open person in the world and when she encounters people she is usually distant and quiet being a bit of a loner. She hates the fact that she can't just be open with people but she has trust issues and until she feels she can trust person she won't be totally emotional open with them. Although it can take a while to earn her trust when Christina does fine people with whom she can be herself around she is surprisingly bubbly, sarcastic and up to have a good time.

Short Bio: Growing up Christina never knew her mother because she died giving birth to her, her father despised her because he blamed her for killing the love of his life. His hate for her only inflamed as she grew up, when she was little he wouldn't feed her for days at a time and whenever he did feed her it was small portions of nothing tasty. As she grew up she took care of herself learning how to cook for herself and getting a job to take care of herself. Her father hated to see her happy so first he started verbally abusing her and if his words didn't break her down enough to the point were she was in tears he would beat her. When she was fifteen she ran away from home not being able to take the abuse of her father anymore. She lived on the streets doing whatever little work people were willing to pay her for and a year and half later she found the warehouse.

So begins...

Christina Watson's Story