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Lani Hershey James

"Yea, whatever I don't even care anymore| Wait I do care how could you just walk away like that!"

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a character in “So Lonely”, as played by BubbleYum


Lani Hershey James

Yea I know..Hershey? Yea I blame my mom.


Girl 2 ..duh


Do these look like male parts to you?


*Blushes* Zared... sorry am a sucker for bad boys.

Umm..What is this 60 seconds or sumething?
She's a carefree, careless kind of girl who has one name in her mind Herself. Selfish and biting she was not always like this she went through a lot of stress and heartbreak and that hardened her. She is still fun, but more serious than you would think, she is smart and beautiful and likes to enjoy life just as much as any teenager..but their are a few perks that stand in the way. She doesn't really understand that others have feelings, It seems that her brain and mouth don't have a filter and clearly though she is very smart doesn't think before she talks and may say something rather rude. She often talks about her own friends behind their back, she talks in some kind of accent but it's hard to know the origin. Oh yeah one more thing she is an avid liar.

Short Bio:
"Born on a crowded train heading to New York. Yep I was born on a transit train and Ma says they haven't even changed much. My ma was a single lad' from downtown Jersey. Ma said she didn't know who moi father was. I was the second to last child out of thirteen children Ma had. Childhood was tough I often moved a lot neva' really made any solid friends. But I ran away at fourteen and vowed neva to come back.I dunno why I just didn't want to live that life..I knew Ma was trying but it was too hard...I quit." -Expert from her book Lani Hersey James: Life is Hard

We Run the Night by Havana Brown


So begins...

Lani Hershey James's Story


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Chace Black

" You know,i always thought that if i could live in another place then i could achieve something people never thought would make it....but we did in fact,all of us made history as we used to say before we were so rich that money never ran out and people wanted to know us like we never knew them.I also have to say that this story starts out with a big bang,and the things we did will never be the same after the day we found our true matches and when i think of the time when we really mattered i was right...Finally.It was in New York,as they say the city of dreams but no,it was the city of getting killed and being broke as i remember it...and so much of us were basically in our teens so this is our Story....

I ran through the city light streets as the alleyway in the nearby corner was awaiting a little prize i wanted to have while i stayed in my nearby grade and now i wanna stay alive with my friends and keep our little secret a private party.What i saw was a table of money and a man with guns.I braced myself as i knew my final death wish as i reached for it and when i did he charged for me.I ducked but i missed my shot as he drew his gun but he was taken down by my partner in crime and helper Matt.I reached for the money until i blacked out....I awaken back in my room with all my friends but in a place i called home or we called home.

I woke up in the morning,maybe at 8:34 a.m. as i walked towards my closet and just thought of what just happened as a dream.The warehouse was what i was thinking about at the time as we had to survive everything just to get somewhere and the people i just couldn't stand these days.I picked out a gray jacket with my favorite hoodie and put on my Punk Black pants and try out a taco from my leftover last night.

Kimberly,Alyssa,Zared,Chase,Lani,Umbra,Lex,Bloodlyne,Matthew,Casey,Ford,and Katelyn all sat down in the living room and the chat was on as i could remember the lights everywhere.I walked into the Kitchen and fixed myself a sweet mix of Chocolate and a small batch of cookies as i looked out of the window and saw the grass being sprayed by the water pole's.

I walked back into the living room as it got silent and i began to drink my chocolate at the point to where i got out my phone and started to play temple run for a while.

( Sorry it's short but i have to let you guys reply to something :) )


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Alyssa Gray

The blonde was startled as Chase held out his hand and grabbed her empty one that was resting on the table. His voice kept her from jumping out of her chair, not to mention the fact that she'd felt herself trust the guy a bit more each day she'd been living here.

" Well Alyssa, that first question has many things I'm still trying to figure out after all this time. But if you really wanna know, it was gonna be named 'Lava' because when times get tough what you really need is some heat and some hot lava." Chase responded easily, laughing a little as he leaned back in his chair and considered her other question. Which he answered just as simply, revealing his master plan. The smile that lit up his expression when he spoke of the basement club was one that could light up a room. It was honestly that bright.

Not to mention the wink he happened to have thrown in the midst of his speech. Or, perhaps, Alyssa was going crazy.

" So you're not only trying to give us a chance to stay here but get further in our lives like education?" Yup, this guy was definitely impressive. Although the blonde couldn't help her wide, surprised eyes, Alyssa could feel herself relax in his presence. Chase was a relief to be around, always full of ideas he wanted others to listen to or some sort of plans he wanted to describe to help a person visualize. It was rather refreshing.

" Well," Alyssa murmured as she kept her twinkling blue orbs on the male in front of her, " Then consider me in. I'm up for a bit of dancing." Her lips tugged themselves up into a smile, " Or whatever else I'm needed as." She'd even be fine as a bartender, as long as she didn't have to take of her clothes... Alyssa would be A-okay.

" And, one more thing," the blonde had noticed a few of the others' faces, most noticeably had been Lani's, and knew they weren't impressed with the particular name Chase had chosen. " Are you sure 'Lava' is the name you want? Personally, and please don't take this offensively, it doesn't appeal to me as it seems to for you." There, she'd said it. As nicely as Alyssa was possible of... She bit her lip, hoping Chase wouldn't think badly of her for saying what was on her mind.