Benedict Page

"For truly I love none."

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ImageName||Benedict Joseph Page, Jr. (V)

Nicknames||Ben {childhood}
Eggs {mocking}




Role||Benedick of Padua (Much Ado About Nothing)

Rank||Staff Sergeant

Origin â€ĸ Latin


A sworn eternal bachelor, Benedict Page is known for his free-spirited ways and his rather intense personality. He makes fast friends with his quick wit and his outgoing nature, but sometimes his smart mouth gets him in trouble and he loses those friends just as quickly. Despite this, he is outgoing, friendly, and loyal. He's got a stubborn streak a mile wide that often causes great frustration for those around him. Benedict is a naturally theatrical person, frequently exaggerating his stories and cracking wise to keep his company entertained. He can be rather serious at times, though, and once he's latched on to something, it's very difficult to shake him off it.

Benedict grew up in Padua, but every summer his parents sent him to stay with a family friend in Messina while they went on mission trips. That first summer, he met [Beatrice], and they've been at war ever since. Each year they looked forward to tormenting each other, even once gathering up all of Verona's children into an all-out boys-against-girls prank war. Truth be told, he can't remember what started it, but he'd never tell her that. He maintains that it was distinctly her fault to this day. The true cause is lost to the ages. The adults in their lives thought their rivalry was just the two expressing a mutual crush that neither knew how to deal with, and all in all thought it was cute. That is, until sweet, innocent children grew into teenagers. Raging hormones turned what was once a sibling-like rivalry into knock-down drag-out verbal brawls that wouldn't end until someone was in tears. Usually Benedict, though he'd never tell anyone that. All things come to an end, and so too did Benedict's joyful summers in Messina. He spent his high school years talking to his school's military recruiter, and at 18 he told his parents he was joining the Army. He was active duty until a bullet shattered his collarbone. It required a full reconstruction and multiple surgeries, and Benedict was honorably discharged from the military. Soon after he returned home to Padua, the family friend in Messina passed away, leaving Benedict his house and whatever was inside. Now, he's picking up the pieces of civilian life and trying to figure out how his life plan could have changed so quickly.
He has large, dark brown eyes deeply set beneath thick eyebrows. A long, slightly hooked nose with angular cheeks and nose. His full lips are usually pulled into a friendly smile. He has tan skin and golden brown hair that give him a sunny look. He stands at a respectable 6'1" and has an athletic figure that belies his active lifestyle. His body is free of tattoos, but he has many small scars from life. His biggest and most noticeable scar is on his collarbone where he was shot.


Benedict Joseph Page, Sr. (IV), Father

Vivian Noelle Page (nee Martin), Mother

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