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Fleur Létrange

"Did you hear about...?"

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a character in “So You Think You Know Me”, as played by ThePlastic713


I don't know why I's just easier than telling the truth.

Full Name: Fleur Létrange
Nickname: Just Fleur
Age: 18
Role: French Ambassadors Daughter

Height: 5 feet, 4 inches
Weight: lbs
Appearance: Ears double pierced, usually with pearls in them
Typical Clothing: jeans, t-shirts, jackets...don't be fooled by the simplicity! It's all designer.

✘ Mean People
✘ Being Called Prude
✘ People Insulting her Father
✘ Traveling
✘ School
✘ Boring People
✘ Bright Colors

✔ Dull, Pale Colors
✔ Cats
✔ Being At Home
✔ The Dark
✔ Praying (She's extremely Catholic)
✔ Chocolate
✔ Small Spaces

History: Fleur grew up in a fairly normal house. She had a mom, a dad, and a brother. The only difference was that her dad was an ambassador. It made her life a little harder, always moving around and traveling and having to be picture perfect, but it made being at home that much sweeter and more important to her. Her mother died when she was 13, and that's really when the lying got bad. She became her fathers right hand, as he needed someone, and Fleur started out with just political lies. Then, gradually, it got worse. She got caught in a terrible lie (to be revealed later) which got her sent to the House.
Issue: Compulsive Lying
How The Issue Arose: She's an amazing actress, and she just liked to see how far she could push it. Eventually, it just became a normal life for her, lie after lie after lie. It came to Fleur very easily.
Other: She doesn't want to loose her virginity until she's married
Theme Song: Liar Liar(Burn in Hell)-The Used

So begins...

Fleur Létrange's Story