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Jakob RothChild

Alumni and assistant. What more must you know?

0 · 145 views · located in Sherfield

a character in “So you want to be a wizard?”, as played by MadGypsy



Full name: - Jakob RothChild
Alias/Nicknames: - Jake, "Kid Chrono", "Maniac", "Seventh Son".
Gender: - Male
Age: - 20
Job/Profession: - Alumni and apprentice; General Assistant.

Height: - 5'9"
Weight: - Aprox. 140lbs
Build: - Athletic and Skinny
Eye Color: - Brown
Hair Color: - Dark Brown, almost Black
Handedness: - Lefty
Skin Shade/Color: - A pale Olive
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: - A single scar running down his spine and several old scrapes along his elbows.

Sexuality/Preference: - Bi
Relationship/Marital status: - Single
Family/relatives: - Grandparents
Sanity: - Teetering on HyperSane
Friends: - Any who can simply accept him.
Likes: - Conundrums, Quandaries, and Confusion. Also, mischief...
Dislikes: - Dishonesty, bad plans, ignorance
Hobbies: - Skipping. Video games. Snooping/Hiding. Staring into the sky.
Personality: – Apathetic with a wild streak. A tad self destructive. Eclectic to say the least.

Psychic Magic (Standard)
Enchantment Magic (Minor)
Space Time Magic (Major)
Arcane Magic (Sub-Par)

Relationship Status: – A few loves come and gone, each sincere. (at least from his end)
Family: – Having grown up in several houses without definitive parents he doesn't know who his biological family is.
Known Languages: – English
Personal History/Background: - It hasn't happened yet.

So begins...

Jakob RothChild's Story

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"Zzzz... ZZ- AGH!" His head hit the desk as the books were knocked aside and he sat back up, rubbing his eyes. Salem hissed at the man as he walked by and swatted at him from his perch atop "Little Ben". He fixed his hair and put the books back into a pile. "I would ask you got here Jakob, but the question is rather redundant with you." He sighed and pulled out another drawer full of books, all bound in deep red leather and covered in strange glyphs. He snapped his fingers and they simply appeared in the hands of the young wizards crowding the entrance of his book shop. "Yes, you need to finish your normal schooling here in Sherfield before we can send you to the University. If we simply pulled you out and sent you off, we'd arouse a good deal of suspicion." He picked up a copy of the red leather book and held it up.

"Pay attention people, cause this book is your new best friend. This is A Guide to the Arcane. Anything and everything you need to know to control your magic is within this book, as well as contact information for every Wizard and advisory in our region."
He put the book down as Salem leaped down from his tower of legos and into his lap. He smiled and stroked the cat affectionately. "Now then, with all that settled, please get out of my store. Now." He snapped his fingers and willed his magic into being, gripping the young wizards and pushing them out the door and into the the rain, which seemed to be clearing up.

Alan turned in his chair to the Time Wizard Jakob Rothchild, Salem's hair standing on end at the mans presence. Cats were not fond of time magic, they seemed to have some sort of affinity for disturbances in time. That and Salem didn't seem to like Jakob. "Now then Jake, what can I do for you? Another book on time theory? Some more 20 sided dice perhaps?" he frowned and rested his hand on the cat. "Or did you goof again?"

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Jakob smiled,
You know me well Alan, I'm a sucker for D20 but this time I'm here for business. It would appear the council has some rather specific orders for us.
Jakob pulled out a well folded piece of parchment from his jeans and spread it on the desk so Alan could see.
As you can see, someone higher up wants us to take responsibility for the Magical affairs of the local region, you know what I'm talking about; everything from the mundane to the public cover stories and all of the mess inbetween. On top of that.... they want you specifically to instruct and 'Mentor' the new group of wizards. So I hope you're ready to play teacher. Oh, and one more thing.
. Jakob then pulled out a smaller messier piece of paper
It would seem the bureaucrats have been having quite a few good ideas and have assigned me to be your assistant. For both magical affairs and unfortunately teaching... Consider me damage control, of course you'll have to give me orders for legality purposes but I should be more than capable of handling the local Fey and this batch of new bloods. Beyond that I'm here till they assign me somewhere else. So where can I bunk?
Jakob kept a straight face as the cat reeled at the notion of sharing it's residence with a Time Wizard.
BOLLOCKS, I completely forgot. They updated our local guides, for the time being we are the only listed advisers in their books. You may wish to call them back soon, they wont get very far without instruction and we both know what might happen if they practice on their own
. Alan and Jakob continued to talk and plan, soon they would have to bring new life to the shops inner workings...

The setting changes from Fairy Tales (The bookstore) to Sherfield


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Xavier was at his computer once again. He was browsing through the internet. Nothing had caught on to be interesting right now. It was as boring as watching local news. Soon, through his headphones, he would hear knocks. He looked over at the digital clock in the corner of the screen; it wasn’t time to take his medicaments. Then what would it be? He turned around and walked up to the door. There was then a letter that slipped under his door. Which parents it was, it seems that they were interested in the letter. He tilted his head; who would send him a letter anyways? He was actually surprised that there was a use in hand-written letters. He slowly picked up the envelope and walked back towards his computer. With the light on his desk, he would shine light upon the envelope. The letter was sealed with wax, and with a symbol which he doesn’t know of the origin. He wondered, but he would then open the envelope, starting to read…

Sir Xavier Teratus,
You have been accepted…

Xavier frowned a bit at the letter. First of all, they didn’t even have his family name right. Teratus? It was like the name that we would give to a monster or something. Then the rest was just… unbelievable. Him? A wizard? What kind of trickery this was? He would then look further in the letter. Ah, now it might explains it; the Fairy Tales bookstore. He had been there a couple of times trying to find a gift for either his mother or father, but he never saw something that would interest them. Now it seems logical; it was just publicity. He set the letter aside into the bin, going back on the vast internet trying to forget about this trash.

After a few minutes, he would hear some knocks on his door against his door. He would look over as he found his mother entering into his room.

“Hey, my boy,” she said with her so delicate voice as she approached. Her smile would make every spirit calm, if that would be possible. Xavier looked back at his monitor, blankly staring at it as he leaned on his hand.

“Hey, mom,” he responded.

“So, did you open it yet?” She asked. Xavier pointed at the bin which she promptly glanced at. She let out a small sigh. “Well, what was it about?”

“Oh, some propaganda for this store called ‘Fairy Tales’. They even got my family name wrong,” he answered, unfazed by the problem. He would then feel his mom’s arm wrapped around him, holding him into a hug. She smiled down at him.

“Well, maybe you should look what it was about. Besides, I need you to make some errand. I’m missing a few ingredients for dinner and I’m helping your father with something.” She looked outside of the window which was always half-closed. “I know it is not especially, so I let you have the umbrella.”

Xavier let out a sigh. “Why don’t you go make the errands? I can help dad.” She shook her head.

“No. I think you should get outside sometimes. I mean, aren’t you bored of that internet of yours?” Xavier looked over his monitor. Yes, it was quite boring, and his only friend was still sleeping. He sighed and stood up.

“Fine.” He only said.

“Oh, by the way, you should go check for your pills. They should have arrived as well.” She added as they exited the room. Xavier quickly took the letter back into its enveloped so he doesn’t forget about it.

“Am I not supposed to be with you or dad for those kind of things?” He asked, tilted his head slightly to the side.

She giggled a bit. “You’re 17 now. You are, and legally, in the rights to get those.” Xavier would look at her for a moment, then nodded.

“If you say so. After all, you know more about the laws here than I do.” He replied as they were in front of the main door. He was given everything he needed to make the trip over there. They lived a bit away from the stores, but fortunately the buses were still operating in this weather. Once Xavier was done preparing, which didn’t really took that long, he walked outside with the umbrella protecting him.

His mother smiled, slowly closing the door behind him.

…Damn this, damn this fragmented life
How long have we spent on wasting time?
For centuries, our lives have been damned
Forever meant to suffer in this Neverland

My brain will short out, Kaiba-sensei
while staring at these hands that have been scraped
I know I can make it alright
Just press this button to reset our lives…

Xavier never thought how much awkward he was in the real world. With his disease, he could really do much but wonder what was real and what was false. His mind often break into fantasy and horrific visions. While other people could only see the boy stand calmly, his eyes was seeing something else. He could see beings that aren’t supposed there or seemed to be out of place, and he sometimes felt like he was falling in a hole. Even more, which the medication, moving around was a bit of a pain. Only, it didn’t matter now because he didn’t take them since he received his new ones today.

On his way to the bookstore, he could swear that the singer of the music he listened too was walking with him. When he passed in front of the shop, he would see that there was other people. Soon, his music came to a stop as he could swear that he felt breathing over his right ear. There was also a whisper.

“Go with them…” He heard in a deep, growl-ish voice. Usually, when he heard these sort of things, bad stuff happened. Not because he obeyed, but he often stood there in danger. Xavier shook his head. No, this time, he won’t play the dog. He took the letter and threw it away. He also took out his medication and quickly took a pill down. Soon, there was relief. The voice that tried to order him to get back the letter drowned into silence. He put back the music on, trying to forget about it as he walked back to his house instead of taking the bus. He tried to make it longer so his mother thinks that he really went to it. Besides, it seemed to get clearer.

… Can you see all of me?
Walk into my mystery
Step inside and hold on for dear life

Do you remember me?
Capture you or set you free
I am all, I am all of me
(I am, I am all of me!)…

Xavier finally got back to his house. The first thing he noticed was that his parents were talking loudly. It was a very rare thing, but it is usually good to ignore what they are saying. He set the bags on the counter and walked up the stairs into his room. The last thing he heard from his dad was:

“Teratus…. Teratus! How they even thought that he would be one of them!? It is ridiculous!”

It was an interesting question which Xavier didn’t have the answer. He was glad a bit that his father was on the same side as him. He set back into his chair and went back on his computer. His friend was still not there…