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Soaring Again

Coon Falls, Virginia


a part of Soaring Again, by shatari19.


shatari19 holds sovereignty over Coon Falls, Virginia, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Coon Falls, Virginia is a part of Soaring Again.

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Althea Bookes [179] "You don't have to carry the weight all on your own."
Darrin Reed [177] "There is no need for your anguish. We're here to take away your pain."
Kris Manser [67] "Fame doesn't do. I only want you to get better."
Rona Beech [59] "I owe you everything for helping me."
Judith Reed [25] "I'm only trying to help."
Taylor Reed [18] "I just want everything to go back to the way it was."
Nichola Reed [18] "Taylor says that Daddy used to love us. What happened?"
Zach Ayers [10] "I have the faith that we'll make a comeback. They still need us."
Liam Evsay [10] "I couldn't wait around for forever..."

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"You know, I would never force you to do anything. There's still plenty of time to figure everything out. Don't stress it too bad right now. Is there anything I can do to help?" His words helped, however, Althea couldn't help but to feel that everything was moving so fast around them. People were showing up left and right, the band was practicing and getting ready, Rona was all on board and dying to spend every waking moment with Kris. And all the while, Althea felt as though she was lost in limbo. Floating through space as everything whirled around her, and no matter how hard she tried to make sense of what she needed to do, it won't stop blurring.

"What do I do, Darrin? What do I do?" She asked with an exasperated sigh. As much as she loved the feeling of his kisses and the way he soothed her, Althea couldn't find all of the comfort and ground she was looking for. Even though she had all of this time to think, for her, there was not really that much time at all. And it scared her. One of her hands moved to cup around the back of his head as she searched his eyes for some sort of answer.

She was desperate for some sort of solidarity to hold on to. "I can't sit on this anymore. I need to find answers, Darrin. Otherwise I'm going to drive myself completely insane." She whispered as she ran a hand through her hair. Althea knew what Darrin wanted, and she knew it loud and clear. But she wanted to know what he thought she should do. The stress of work weighed less than the stress of the tour. Once she knew she was going or not, Althea could handle her job situation from there. Balancing both, on the other hand, would exhaust her to the point of no return.

It wasn't a matter of getting the prints in on time. Althea has pulled even worse problems out of her ass last minute before. Of course, finding the prints was one thing, and definitely a large obstacle, however, once found she'd be fine. Figuring out whether or not to ask work about working from Europe or not was an option was just another bridge she'd cross later. The bridge she was stuck on was the one keeping her from getting to any of the others. And that in itself is the elephant in the room. Althea needed reason and options and to weigh them out on both sides to decide whether to go or not. Without them, she'd continue in her swirling mess of confusion.

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"What do I do, Darrin? What do I do?" Althea asked, it easy to see that she was still lost. Honestly, he knew what he wanted her to do though he wouldn't force her. He couldn't. Though he felt like she wanted him to tell her. He allowed his gaze to lock with hers as one of her hands moved to the back of his head. She seemed to be searching for the answer. He remained silent, simply eyeing her. "I can't sit on this anymore. I need to find answers, Darrin. Otherwise I'm going to drive myself completely insane."

Darrin sighed sighed softly, his gaze suddenly searching her own. "Thea..." He started, his voice quickly dropping even lower. He moved suddenly, slowly but with intention. When he was done, Althea was in his arms. Darrin made sure that grip was not too tight as he held her close to his body. His gaze was soft as he looked at her. "I..need to do this.'s not because of the guys or anything other than the fact that I need to do this for myself. But..I love you. You're my best friend. The hardest thing I ever did was leave you behind and I regret that decision even now."

He paused, allowing Althea to take in what he was saying. Darrin wasn't quite sure if he was helping her to decide or not. But, he wasn't quite sure what else he could do to help her. "I..don't think that I could leave you like that again. It would kill me." Darrin gently captured Althea's lips in a soft kiss before he continued. "Honestly...really thinking about going..I couldn't do it without you. I need you by my side."

Another pause though this time was because Darrin hated admitting that he was feeling weak. He felt as if he couldn't do any of this unless Althea was with him. "I long as you could work'd have plenty of time to get your things done. We'd just be traveling the majority of the time.'ve never been away from Virginia..have you? It would do you good. Traveling is by far the best. You'd have a blast. I promise."

Darrin allowed himself to relax slightly with her form so close to his own. He wasn't quite sure that he'd made a good argument or not. But...he had tried and that's all that he could do. "Staying limiting yourself to experiences that you could be having. I love our town..but there is so much more out there."

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All of his words seemed to enforce her thoughts, however, it did not change the fact that she was still afraid of leaving Virginia. Having never been out of state, or even on an airplane, Althea was afraid of what leaving meant. Part of her wanted to feel excited for it, and part of her wanted to be open to new places and things. Except she had grown so comfortable being where she was. As Darrin held her, Althea rested her head in the crook of his neck.

"You're right." She whispered as she closed her eyes gently. She knew that it was time to get out. And she knew that it was going to be hard for her. But she had to think about the fact that she had a great person to support her. Althea knew that Darrin would be there for her if she freaked out. Just like he was now. The only thing holding herself back from a new experience was herself... and well, work.

"Okay. I'll go. On one condition." She said, moving enough so that she could look him in the eyes. A small smile stretched across her face as she looked at him with an honest gaze. Dealing with work was a whole different thing, and one that she didn't mind. Especially now that her mind was free from the more troubling of her concerns.

"On the condition that you tell me you love me every day." She said in a whisper, laughing. Planting a soft kiss on his lips, Althea wrapped her arms around Darrin in order to pull herself closer to him in an engulfing hug. Although Althea finally agreed to go, something deep down was nagging inside of her. Something that made her feel as though maybe her decision wasn't the right one. Unsure of the feeling, Althea did what she knew best. Pushing it into the back of her mind, she instead explored the thoughts of celebration for the success the band was going to experience.

"Oh, and on one other condition. We all go out and celebrate the excitement. Tonight." She said with another laugh, moving to kiss him once more as her hands tangled into his hair. One of them moved forward to stroke his cheek as she smiled. It was as though her eyes were smiling as well. For once, Althea felt at complete peace, and with the most important person right by her side.

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As Althea placed her head in the crook of his neck, Darrin smiled. "You're right. Okay. I'll go. On one condition." She said, suddenly moving enough so that they could look at each other. "And what would that be?" He asked her softly. "On the condition that you tell me you love me every day." Darrin let out a low laugh at her words. "I think that I can manage that." He said happily as Althea kissed him and wrapped her arms about him in a hug. He returned it, happy to feel her so close to him once again.

"Oh, and on one other condition. We all go out and celebrate the excitement. Tonight." Darrin laughed again, smiling. They kissed again and Darrin was soon speaking again. "I think we can manage that as well. But..that means that we need to get up and actually get some stuff done before then. Plus, I need to call Mom and make sure that she doesn't mind watching the kids for a bit longer."

He wanted more than anything to remain next to her but knew that they both had things to get done. Slowly, he removed himself from her and slowly stood from the bed. "I'm going to let you figure out work. You really need to get caught up, by the sound of it. Plus, I've got to go figure some things out with the guys. But...let's say that we head out tonight around four?" He waited long enough for her to answer before he parted ways with the woman.

Darrin made his way back up to the third floor, entering the rehearsal room to find everyone still sitting around having fun. "Hey! We were wondering when you'd find your way back up here." Kris said, smiling. "I'm sure you were. Althea might need some help, Rona. We're going out tonight to Bostonian." It was the nicest place to go near Coon Falls and most of the time it was packed. Anyone who was anyone went there.

It was only after the woman was gone that Darrin took a seat. "So...are we going to really do this? I mean...""Yes. I've already decided. Now..we just need to make sure that you call and let them know we're doing it. I'll take care of getting the word out." Kris decided that he'd be the one to call their manager and went to it immediately. Zach and Liam took to talking while Darrin got on his phone, going to his Twitter.

It was easy to see that he'd neglected it in the two years that he'd been away from the band. Time to do some updating. He changed his main picture and then began working on a tweet. 'I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and support during the time that we have spent away. As such, I would like to let you, those who matter most to me..Kris, Zach, and Liam, know that Unfinished Belief has officially gotten back together. We will be touring in Europe in the coming months. For more information, please see our site! We can't wait to see you there!!!'

Though it was broken up into a few posts, Darrin posted it. Within seconds, his alerts were going off like crazy. He smiled as he scrolled through a few of them. Word was spreading quickly and he knew that it would only be a matter of time before the news caught wind of it. "That's done. Wonder how long it'll take for the press to find us?" The guys laughed before getting and going back to rehearsing.