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Sol City


A private college role play

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Two enemy college sororities battle in sports, clubs and more.

Toggle Rules

This is a private role play, only myself and the people I have personally invited to this role play may post

1) Sororities
  • -Within the sorority, the characters Freea and Dunga maintain overseeing power.This power is not abusive but maintaining.
  • -Enemy Sororities cannot enter each other's houses. Outdoor pranks are acceptable as long as no injury or severe damage is caused.
2) Fights
  • -Your characters may engage in fights, however both players must be consensual to thins fighting.
  • -Characters engaging in fights cannot be injured severely, meaning that all characters involved must still be able to engage in regular activity afterwards, and no injury should be appearance altering.
3) Romance
  • - If a character is available to romance, then romance is free game. Characters can engage in as much or as little romance as deemed necessary by the player. Romance can be as graphic or as soft as the player chooses.
  • -Characters cannot get pregnant.
4) Clubs
  • -Each Character may be in 2 Clubs max. Characters do not have to be in 2 clubs but must be in 1.
  • -Each Club gets one Captain and 5 star players.
  • -Captains and star players are distributed equally to balance control.
  • -The team coaches maintain basic control over the clubs, captains however can organize events, bench/play players, and plan team strategy. If any of these powers are abused in the wrong way the team coach can step in and replace the team captain.
  • -A character can switch clubs if it makes sense within the role play.
5) Characters
  • -Each player gets 6 characters per sorority.
  • -Characters must me realistic.
  • -Each player gets 2 player pets total, distribution is by choice. Pets must be realistic, domestic able to live inside sorority houses.
  • -Again, Characters cannot get pregnant, or ill in a way that would inhibit them from participating in clubs or modern life.
  • -To 'kill' characters you must get them expelled in a way that contributes to the role play.
6) Student Council
  • -Student council is separate from clubs. Student council consists of 3 positions that are equally distributed between players.
  • -Student council include a President, a Vice President and a Secretary.
  • -Each sorority has one student council body.
7) Bands
  • -Each sorority has a band made of of four members. Bands are separate from clubs. Positions are equally distributed between players.
  • -Each band has a Vocalist, Guitarist, Bassist and Drummer.
  • -Each sorority has one band
If you'd like to add a rule let me know.

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