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Sol Sagev

Sol Sagev


A city of gambling, entertainment, crime, and murder in a parallel world of magic and fantasy.

349 readers have visited Sol Sagev since gaiadarkstar created it.


Parallel to Earth, the world of Gavilla is identical in Geography but is a world of magic and fantasy. Many of the kingdoms and cultures are basically at a medieval level of society Ruled
by Kings, Queens, Warlords, and other leaders.

(here is an image link to a map I made of the Northern continent- ... 1359058676)

Thanks to magic they have many things that to us would seem like technology but are actually powered by magic. They have monorails and data cubes that are like computers but are voice activated and use something like holographics for it's displays. There are also many other things that help with everyday convenience. Gunpowder has not been developed.
On what we know as North America There are scattered Kingdoms but only five are major powers on the continent, two being the most widespread and successful of those five. One is Crix, based almost in the center of the continent and ruled by an elected Queen, one of the few democratic style governments in the world. The other Kingdom is Rikesh, the capital situated on the coast of California. It has the strongest Navy and one of the highest trained elite knights in the world known as the Shadow Knights.

Our story starts in the city of Sol Sagev(Los Vegas) which is on the outer rim of Rikesh's influence. While officially the city is under Rikesh's rule they are basically left alone except for taxes and basically have their own set of laws and lawkeepers. It is a city in the desert centered around gambling and entertainment. Many different powerful gangs rule in the city making it dangerous for the unwary. Many guilds like the thieves, assassins, and merchant guilds have a chapter house in the city and they don't take kindly to strangers coming in and doing business without their say so. It is a den of thieves and cutthroats dangerous no matter what time of day it is.

I will put a lot more detailed information about the world of Gavilla in the "World of Gavilla" thread in the ooc tab.

Character guide
Basically you can be a person residing in the City, or you could be traveling through it, or even there for certain reasons of your own.

I don't mind if you are a crime boss, a casino owner, or other such as long as I ok the character and it fits into the rp.
You can be from any great civilization you could think of and each are at their highest like Greece, Egypt, and Even Atlantis. There are also groups like the Amazons, and Gypsies. Just remember that there are no guns but there is plenty of magic.

There are an almost infinite number of trades you can choose and an even larger number of races to choose from. If you come up with a unique race or trade of your own I would love to see it.

I will add on a list here though of the common races.
I linked each of the "Elements" with a color so keep this in mind.
Blue- Water
Red- Fire
Black-Darkness and death
White- Light/ healing
Green- Earth
Yellow- Air/ wind
So if you want to do magic keep these elements in mind.

common races

Elves- many varieties but mainly devided into two main branches, light and dark. In those you have many sub-categories that tend to specialize in a certain branch of magic or in one element. Like wood elves are mainly green and yellow. Elves tend to be anywhere from four to seven feet tall and most varieties tend to be lean and graceful though one of the dark branches sub groups is one that tends to be bulkier, feral, and can reach up to ten feet tall and are extremely strong.

Gnomes/Dwarves- these two are closely related and look fairly similar but Dwarves tend to prefer underground structures like caves while gnomes mostly live above ground and have a strong
tendency to green magic.

Dragons-Highly variable with many different varieties and abilities and even levels of intelligence and size variation. Most of the more gifted in intelligence and magic have the ability to transform, commonly choosing to change to a humanoid form. Similar groups formed into families that became clans. Dragons tend to prefer mountainous regions or high altitudes.

Dragons are inately magical and almost all dragons have strong control in at least one element. Their coloring and disposition often reflects the element that they are strong in. The small
and less intelligent dragons are still more intelligent than most animals.

Avians-Like Dragons this race prefers high altitudes. Again there are many different sub-groups in this race but the most well known have large wings but look mostly human, with a tendency for pale skinned hair, hair is most often feathers, as well as small builds. Some look more bird like with varied coloration
depending on their environment.

Arachnids- Again can vary anywhere from a human looking to totally looking like a spider with a variety of abilities and appearances but have a tendency for darker skin and eyes and tend to like dark, or underground homes.

Eldar- These people were once human but have evolved into a highly magical and long lived group, so much so that they are now a separate race. They live long lives and are very resilient to
illness and poisons.

Atlantians-Even though this group was also once human, because they lived underwater they eventually evolved. Many Atlantians are now what are known as mermaids and mermen. Some are more fishlike than man now but almost all Atlantians are born with gills in addition to lungs so they can choose to breath with either. Appearance varies but shades of blue and green are common as skin and hair coloring.

Kitsune or Fox people- A highly intelligent and organised species with a deep culture and beliefs. Appearance can vary from looking very human, to looking like a walking fox. They tend to only reach a little over five foot six at the tallest though there have been exceptions.

Nelo or Cat people-almost all have at least the ears and tail of a cat but again some look more human and less hairy than others. This group also has a tendency to be shorter than humans and they
have great hearing, eyesight, and reflexes though as a race they are very prone to distraction.

Lizardmen-Basically look like giant walking lizards. They can reach well upwards of twelve feet tall or more and are usually very strong with sharp teeth and claws. They are a little slower
than the other races intellectually but there are some that are considered very smart.

Centaurs- From the waist up they look like humans but from the waist down they are basically horses. They are fast and strong and tend to move often, preferring flat plains.

Minataurs- Have the head of a bull and body of a human. These creatures have a tendency for violence and aren't highly intelligent. They tend to be solitary creatures only coming together with others to mate.

Dorlini- These creatures have the legs of a goat. Basically known as Fawns or or Satyrs. These are often a shy communal race that are often drawn to music.

Unicorns- These creatures are intrinsically magical and can heal and dispel curses with their horns. Usually look like graceful horses with horns but many have the ability to transform
often choosing human form, though they often have a mark on their forehead where their horn would be. Have a high but still animal like intelligence though some can think like humans.

Pegasus-Are basically horses with wings. They are fast and agile and are also very cunning.

Griffons-They have the head of a hawk and sometimes eagle and the body of a lion. They are highly intelligent and often solitary creatures living in high and hard to reach places.
I decided to add a few uncommon and rare species-these you would have to have permission to use and I will give one to you if you have a kick but character sheet and a great backstory for the intended character.


Fae-multiple types and sub races
Yokai/demon-again multiple types
Gorgon-snake headed(medusa)
Hydra-snake from the waiste down

I know it's a lot to process but don't get overwhelmed. If you need help making a character I would love to help.

Toggle Rules


No Godmodding or autohitting- basically don't make your characters too perfect, or can't be hit,

and don't ever write for another character.

Try to avoid cussing unless you feel it is necessary for a character but please keep it at a minimum.

No trolling or spamming

Don't start this rp unless you can stick with it and please don't leave without notice.
I am totally willing to listen to ideas on how to make the rp more fun or interesting so don't hesitate to give me your thoughts, opinions, and criticism

While I say that please don't be mean or rude to me or the other players.

Try to post at least a paragraph each time and at least once a week. If you will be gone for a long time please tell us.

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Character Portrait: Kyrrin Reese
Character Portrait: Rose Vensher


Character Portrait: Rose Vensher
Rose Vensher

A private detective that works in Sol Sagev, seeks vengeance from the killer of her family.

Character Portrait: Kyrrin Reese
Kyrrin Reese

Once an elite member of the Shadow knights he is searching for clues to find those who murdered his wife.


Character Portrait: Kyrrin Reese
Kyrrin Reese

Once an elite member of the Shadow knights he is searching for clues to find those who murdered his wife.

Character Portrait: Rose Vensher
Rose Vensher

A private detective that works in Sol Sagev, seeks vengeance from the killer of her family.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Rose Vensher
Rose Vensher

A private detective that works in Sol Sagev, seeks vengeance from the killer of her family.

Character Portrait: Kyrrin Reese
Kyrrin Reese

Once an elite member of the Shadow knights he is searching for clues to find those who murdered his wife.

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