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Yuzuki Armanago

"Nothing to see here, keep moving. Dont try my patience, you'll lose that gamble"

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a character in “Sol vs Heart: A Story of Xanth”, as played by Ashmotal


Born and bred in a family of Warriors and Shadow Arts
I give my Heart, and my Soul for the people who need it


Image[ Name ] Yuzuki Armanago

[Nicknames/Aliases]Rogue,Red Death,Yuzu,Armana

[ Age ] 29

[ Gender ] Female

[ Race ] Human

[ Role/Occupation ] By day she poses as the Captain of the guard in her home town, by night she is an renown assassin that goes under the alias "Rogue". She tries to keep her work for the betterment of the peoples lives, but recently has sort of working with the wrong employers without realizing it.

[ Hair Color ] Dark red

[ Eye Color ] Chestnut Brown

[ Skin Tone ] A lightly tanned Caucasian.

[ Height ] 5'6

[ Weight ] 143lbs

[ General Description ] Yuzuki as a woman is harsh, ungentle, but still fragile. Raised in a family of warriors, this woman is built to last. Her noticeably broad shoulders, and toned arm and leg muscles are what make this woman truly dangerous. The shorter woman always using her height, and agility to her advantage in any fight. Though she held the face of a gentle woman, it was usually formed into a scowl making it less attractive to most men. The Chestnut brown eyes that sit on her face, never shaking, and never showing fear. She held a rounded jaw upon her small circular face. Her body was slender, excluding her arms and legs which held powerful muscles from long years of training. Her chest held an ample amount of breast, a 34c was enough to hold the womans tender bosoms.

Yuzuki held tattoo's on her chest, ankles, arms, and neck. On her chest was her family crest, the symbol of an armored fox. Big enough to notice if she was sporting any amount of cleavage. On her arms she held chains, that went from started from the center of her shoulder blade. The sleeves fell to her wrists, but most of the time were hidden under armor, and clothing. Her ankles were each tattoo'd with two chains around them. Making it seem as if something was weighing her down. Yuzuki's neck held a tattoo of a rusted collar, with a lock at the front of her neck. The lock itself looked to be in pristine condition, but the band image circling her neck was in shambles. Looking as if it was barely clinging on. This is one most people notice first. Yuzuki was bound by her duties, and her tattoo's spoke those words for her.

[ Likes ]
✔Protecting others
✔Sweets(But tells no one)

[ Dislikes ]
xCocky soldiers

[ Strengths ]
☯Using a Katana she is well versed in these arts.
☯Using daggers, and short swords she is formidable in the shadows.
☯ She is quick, so she is one to go for a quick finish in a fight.
☯Tactics in battle
☯ Cooks very well, was taught because she is a woman.

[ Weaknesses ]
☠Prolonged combat.
☠She is not an extremely powerful woman, any normal man could easily bear more strength than her.
☠ She is terrible at acting her gender. She would much rather be a man, and assert herself.
☠Fighting against ranged opponents.
☠She has troubles expressing herself, so she bottles up her emotions. This leads to many dangerous, and awful situations.

[ Abilities/Skills ]
âœļGood with certain blades
âœļ Trained in moving silently, as well as charging an enemy.
âœļShe is faster with two blades, then any sword. She prefers Katanas most of the time.
âœļShe practices her precision when dealing with the art of weapons. She's very tactical on the battle field, especially when its needed.

[ Personality ] Yuzuki was born into a respected, and feared family. The Armanago was known for their fiersome warriors, and beautiful daughters. The daughters were always raised to become perfect brides, but that is not what Yuzuki wanted. Yuzuki's father saw the look the young girl always held. He gave her a chance, she didnt waste that chance. Letting her father mold her into the cold, powerful woman she is today. Yuzuki approaches most troublesome things with a negative attitude, but when it comes to pleasing the people she is always the first to smile. She asks tough on the outside, but on the inside is just a woman who wants to do as much as she can to help.

Yuzuki's mother wanted some say in how she was raised, so she tried her best to show Yuzuki the better aspects of becoming a bride. She was taught how to cook, properly clean, and be submissive. This was not Yuzuki's nature, so she rejected all but the cooking. She viewed herself as a much of an equal as a man in her mind, but in certain situations she knew when it was okay to, and not to speak out. Yuzuki is usually very outspoken in her opinion.

In battle Yuzuki becomes a murderous, cold blooded fighter. She says forget the honor, and fairness in a fight. She becomes someone who can kill anyone, be it man, woman, child. She is quite frightening when you get on her bad side.[/font]

[font=THYROMANUS][ History ] Yuzuki was born to a powerful, revered, and respected family in the Jin country. When she was born she was almost tossed out, for being a female. Her mother was the only thing that saved her from that fate. She was always viewed as a mistake to keep in her fathers eyes. This is what made her grow up at first to be submissive, to please her father. Her submissive life carried on for many years until she saw her father conversing with one of the strongest female samurai in the country. Yuzuki was impressed by the complete lack of submission, the power the woman exuberated. This is what brought Yuzuki out of her shell of submission, listening to this woman speak was all it took. It was the night that the woman left that Yuzuki stomped over to her father and stared up at him as a little Six year old. She shouted at him, demanding to become a soldier, and someone daddy could rely on. The look in her eyes was feirce enough to make her father wince. That is what convinced him of her worth.

Years passed and she was trained well in the ways of the katana, already having won several tourneys disgracing many men in the process. Yuzuki ended up being able to join the guard because of her fathers legacy. Yuzuki's father proprosed to her something incredible once she became of age. He offered her a spot on his special team of fighters, she would become one who was trained in the workings of the shadows. At first she resented the idea of hiding in the shadows, but soon came to learn of the power it held. So she trained, she picked up most of the skills she fairly quickly. Mastering it only a year to current time. Yuzuki realized that these skills, and strengths should be used to protect. Not kill on random missions, she declined her father when he brought it up again. Telling him why she would use the skills. He laughed at her for being Naive, but Yuzuki remained strong in her resolve. She still tries to use her shadow arts for protecting when she can. She has made her way to guard captain recently, but most of the men dont respect, or agree with her simply because she is a woman. She will put them in their places, she must.

So begins...

Yuzuki Armanago's Story


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Taking a big whiff of the fresh air Yuzuki smiled. She stared at the rising sun ahead of her. One hand ahead of her, holding the end of the stick her bag of belongings were attached to. Her other hand resting delicately on her blade. Her long dark red hair flowing majestically in the wind behind her. New land, new people, new power. She was here to expirience what this place had to offer and bring gifts to her family. She had a personal goal to become stronger, and she was going to follow that goal. A smirk rose on the Woman's face as she took her first steps into the new land.

Looking around as she walked Yuzuki saw dozens of people working in the nearby fields around her. They looked so content, so happy. She stopped as she spotted one who looked antsy, scared, and shifty. She watched the scared worker stare at the ground below her feet then shriek. From below her a large dune worm erupted swallowing the woman whole and letting out a terrifying roar after wards. Yuzuki Dropped her stick and sack, and pulled her sword from her waist. She listened to the sounds of everyone screaming frantically at the beast.

She charged the beast and it saw her coming, it started to go back under ground. Much faster than Yuzuki could close the gap. So it dissapeared, and Yuzuki could see no movement around her. She panicked and when she felt rumbling. She Pushed herself hard onto her back when the beast launched itself up. It let out a screech and Yuzuki once again stood upright. She just got here she wasnt about to be beaten by some overgrown worm. She gripped her sword and pointed it at the beast.

Yuzuki once again charged the beast, the beast was fast and moved to bite at the woman. She side stepped and stuck her sword in the side of its mouth, and quickly yanked it out. She spun and stuck the sword into the part of the monsters body that was closest to being stuck in teh ground. This yeilded a yell. She yanked the sword out and looked up at the beast. It had already reeled up and was about to swallow her whole. She had a thought and held her sword above her head, blade edge pointed behind her. The monster could not stop its momentum and thus, was cut into two starting from the top of its head. It made no further movements, and Yuzuki struggled to get it off her. With a grunt she finally came out from under it. To be greeted by dozens of workers with smiles on their faces. Cheering at her. She smiled at them all and they started calling out to her. "Thank you stranger! You saved our hides! Here's a basket of bread for your journeys." They cheered and smiled at her.

Yuzuki took the basket and walked through them. She picked up her stuff and sheathed her sword. Held the basket of bread in her sword hand. She smiled at the people. She turned and bowed her head to them."It was my honor to protect you all. I wish you good luck, and a bountiful harvest. Good day. She continued down the road with the yelling of the people behind her. Good, she'd begun to make a name for herself. This should be an interesting time in this land.

The setting changes from Northern Xanth to Xanth


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#, as written by Pika
"I found-" before she was finished she quickly striked her sword at a bandit who was about to kill her she stabbed him in the throat kill him she rested her heel on his chest ands tuck her tongue out at him. "Where was i oh yea i found my sword!!" She said twirling around in the air. "Off to the.village i need to get some brrsd or im gonna faint! " she said walked out of the field and pulling up her hoodie hiding her face she saw a little villiage which was filled with people. "Mmmm thiz is gonna be harder then i thought..." she said sighing in defeat she climbed a house wall and got on top of the roof juumping from house to house as people pointed at her. She then remember her hair that was blowing in the winx but saw 2 different people one with bread in her hand waving bye it was a female and another male who was catching his breath. "Mmmm" she said


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Yuzuki turned back to face the village one last time. She smiled once again as the people went back to work. She turned around stared at the road ahead. She had a real reason for being here. She could feel it. The brother that was born here, born with power. She was told to kill him and take that power, but she would rather converse with him. She shrugged and continued on down the road.

Yuzuki pulled some hair out of her face and pinched some of it in between two fingers. She'd need to cut it soon. It was starting to hinder her battling skills. She dropped it and stared ahead at her path. She stared at the basket of warm bread, and watched the light hit her tan basket. She continued on and walked a few miles in silence. She decided to take a break and drove herself off the rode.

She dropped her sack and stick to her side and turned to lean against the tree. She'd been walking since her home town last night. Resting for a moment wouldnt be to bad. She earned it. She adjusted her armor and got comfortable. She stared ahead, she'd pulled herself off and into a beautiful open plain. She couldn't help but admire the scenery. She was about to let herself rest when she saw something out of the corner of her eye.

Walking towards her she saw a man, with short red hair, a scar under his left eye. Both eyes were a bright red. His body was covered in a suit that can only be described as classical ninja. He stomped toward Yuzuki and frowned. Yuzuki got up quickly and stared at the boy. His face reminded her of his father. She put a hand on the blade at her hip, and stared at her. He stopped a few feet away and spoke in a cold, ruthless voice. "What is your name?" He narrowed his eyes.

Yuzuki froze and frowned at the man. She responded with her name, as she did with any opponent. "Yuzuki Armanago, and you will state your name." Her own voice was proud, and loud. She pulled her blade slightly out of its sheath and added. "Or I will cut it from you."

This brought a laugh from the man. He laughed, leaving Yuzuki perplexed. "Yuzuki...Armanago?" He seemed like he wasnt expecting this, and just when she was expecting an attack he pulled the unexpected. He ran over to her and put his hand on her cheek. She'd let her guard down and he was touching her face, she was about to slash out at him when he spoke. "You are my sister, I have been looking for you. For so very long. Please, come with me. You have to meet your real mother. She'll want to meet you and -" He was about to grab her hand, but she pulled it away. He looked like a heartbroken kid.

Yuzuki stared wide-eyed at him. "My mother is Tatsumi Armanago, she is currently in my home town of Shin-lao. State your REAL name and your purpose for this charade." Her voice was shaky and her hands held an unsteady blade. A bead of sweat ran from her forehead. She was so confused.

He smiled at her apologetically. "You are confused, I understand. You'll understand soon." He made a quick move and with a puff of smoke dissapeared. Yuzuki was about to look around for him, but felt a hand jab the back of her neck. How was it possible, that he moved so fast? Was this the power her father was reffuring to? She fell to her knees, and used only one hand to keep her up. She struggled for a moment sooner and fell onto the ground unconcious. She was picked up by the one who claimed to be her brother, and he began walking towards a nearby town.