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Solace In The Stars

Solace In The Stars


We must all face our fate at some point, how we face it is what defines us.

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“In the long run, every planetary civilization will be endangered by impacts from space,
every surviving civilization is obliged to become space-faring--
not because of exploratory or romantic zeal, but for the most practical reason imaginable:
staying alive...
If our long-term survival is at stake, we have a basic responsibility to our species to venture to other worlds."

Since the dawn of mankind humans have looked to the stars as a source of wonder, enlightenment and most recently as the path forward, the next step for humanity. We stagger in awe at the vast expanses of space. The limitless and infinite content that we cannot comprehend baffles our smartest minds. We see the stars as a mysterious and hostile expanse, but it is also something beautiful. Billions of stars twinkle in the distance, possibly harboring life of their own. It is our destiny to take flight among the stars and explore it's secrets and dangers. A destiny we cannot and should not ignore.


2057: The first stages of Luna Base Alpha touch down on the sea of tranquility. A joint effort by ECSA (Earth

combined Space Agency). Plans are to have a fully working laboratory installed in two years.

2058: Luna Base Alpha is completed 6 months ahead of schedule.

2060: Solar Apex Corporation is founded. It's goal is to set up mining colonies on the neighboring planets.

2064: The first Large Ion Thrust Engine(LITE) is produced by the ECSA. At a cost of $250 Million it is capable of making the trip to Mars in 2-3 weeks.

2065: The Solar Apex Corporation Begin construction of Lughnasa 1. A Mars based mining outpost

2068: Advancement in space technology increases tenfold. Spending now heavily swings towards Space Exploration. The privatization of Space begins.

2070: The "Small Internal Gravity Generator" is developed, it allows sufficiently powerful ships and structures to generate internal gravity fields. Earth-Space Research Corp. is created.

2072: Tytos I, a mineral refinery stationed in high earth orbit is opened by The Solar Apex.

2073: Interstellar Research Ltd. is formed with intention of setting up a Mars research and development complex.

2075: Where our story begins...


Welcome aboard the IRSV Benevolence a Fenrir class transport ship. The Benevolence is a two-decked ship serving both a cargo and passenger role. All passengers must board via a planetary shuttle or an orbital docking station.

Bottom Deck

Engine Room:
The engine room contained the heart of the ship. The LITE engines that power the ship are housed here. All of the major navigational systems route through this room. It also contains the battery cells powered by external solar panels placed on the ship. This room is accessible only to the captain and the engineer.

Passenger quarters: The passenger quarters are the small home away from home that belong to the various passengers on board the ship. These private quarters contain all of the basic amenities that a person travelling needs. In the main area a double bed, storage space and table and chairs. The room also contains a small bathroom including a low power eco-shower.

Crew Quarters: The crew quarters a slightly less luxury version of the passenger quarters. Instead of private rooms these quarters are fitted with bunkbeds. There is storage space and a large table and chairs set in the middle of the room. 2 separate bathrooms are also contained in the room.

Captains Quarters: This room is the home of the ships captain. Roughly the same as the passenger quarters however it contains a large desk in the centre with a personal computer terminal connected to the ships mainframe.

Top Deck

Cargo Bay: The cargo bay holds all of the journeys provisions as well as supplies for the Mars base. It also houses 7 large water tanks each with filtration and purification systems. 1 of the tanks deliver and recycle water aboard the ship used in showers and sinks. 2 tanks are reserved for consumption and the cooking of food while the remaining four are for delivering water to the toilets on board. Access only to crew members.

Airlock: This is where all of the cargo and passengers are boarded. The airlock is a secure chamber that equalises pressure between the ship and the objects it is docked to whether it be another ship or an orbital docking station. The airlock can only be accessed with captains authorisation and keycode.

Life Support: Houses the supply of oxygen as well as a small carbondioxide - oxygen recycling generator. This generator is capable of recycling 20% of the carbon-dioxide into reusable oxygen.

Common Room: This room is the centre of the ship. It is the recreational hub for everybody on the ship. There are sofas, game machines and a large television with a healthy supply of movies and television shows new and old. There is one computer terminal for sending emails as well as receiving some news websites.

Dining Area: A simple room with one function, to provide a large area for all persons on board the ship to eat.

Kitchen: The room where all the ships food is prepared. It also plays host to a small break room for ship crew, it is effectively a much smaller common room.

Observation Deck & Quiet Room: Apart from the bridge this is the only other room on the ship with a viewing port. One entire side of the room is a single triple glazed re-enforced window for staring into the vast expanses of space and having existential crises' if the need arises. There is also a small area for simply relaxing, keeping quiet and meditating. This area also has a number of bookshelves.

Bridge: This is the operational heart of the ship, the brain the controls every aspect of the ship. From this room the captain controls everything aboard the vessel and uses it to navigate the dark expanse of space. This is only accessible to members of the crew.


Technology in this story has advanced slightly beyond our current level today. The most astonishing breakthroughs are that of ion engines and basic gravity generators. Apart from that most things have remained either the same or have only been slightly improved. As such it is imperative to take into account that this is not your typical sci-fi universe. Warp drives and light speed travel has not yet been achieved.

Artificial Intelligence has not reached any super advanced stage enabling humanity to create advanced AI. In it's current form it is merely a tool for carrying out basic and taxing tasks that would take humans a long time.

Medicine is one of the few areas that really has thrived. Since the emergence of cancer and HIV medicinal research was a number one priority in the early age of the century. Now with the current advancements HIV/AIDS have been eliminated from all first world countries and is declining rapidly in third world nations.
Cancer is also on the decrease with an eventual acceptance of stem cell research.



Earth has remained relatively peaceful in the last number of years. After the great Central African war the planet returned to normal. The most significant diplomatic advancement was made in 2050 when the Earth Combined Space Agency was formed by: NASA, ESA, CNSA and the RFSA. After that point national spending on space exploration and research was all pooled into the one governing body allowing for projects that were more ambitious than ever.

Space Corporations

The Solar Apex: Big, ambitious and ruthless is the best way to describe the Solar Apex. They are the current leaders in space after being established 15 years ago and are a powerhouse of mining and refining. They currently have outposts on Mars, Jupiter and Uranus the farthest place any human has gone in our Solar system. The Solar Apex also controls a massive orbital refinery for processing their wealth in ore before returning it back to Earth. They have almost a dozen ships fitted with ion thrusters, the largest fleet in the Solar System.

Earth-Space Research Corp: Earth-Space was set up with the goal of establishing research facilities in the hope of advancing human kind in ways that were not possible before. They currently specialise in medical advancement. They were made famous by their discovery of a new kind of penicillin which is hoped can prolong the life of anti-biotic medication. Their assets include an advanced research station in Mars orbit and a small fleet of transport vessels.

Interstellar Research Corp: The newest of the three major space corporations it is currently only two years old. As such there is not much that can be said about them. They currently possess a single dual cargo-passenger vessel and are 8 months into the building process of a Mars outpost.


The date is May 29th 2075! Today is your first day as a full employee of Interstellar Research Ltd. You are standing at dock A6 on the Gagarin Space Dock. To your left you can see the beautiful marble that we call home, earth. The distant land slowly turns as the station orbits from above, and to your right the IRSV Benevolence, the ticket to your future.

Now on a more informal basis, welcome to this humble roleplay. After 3 years on this site I have decided to create my first ever roleplay from scratch. It's taken a bit of time but it is finally here. I want to start off by describing how i envision this roleplay. I initially got the idea two months ago and posted about it in the forums to see if there was interest, there was. This roleplay is meant to be a character driven story. I have stripped away many regular aspects of a roleplay (in my opinion) like combat and events and just created a very claustrophobic atmosphere in which our protagonists (or antagonists if you wish) face possible death. I want this roleplay to simulate emotional and personal response to a situation like one created by being trapped in space. I'm hoping that we see a number of characters who develop over time in response to the actions and emotions of others as well as their environment.

I'm not looking for any cliché Mary Sues and the likes so please don't submit them. Here is my suggested list of characters that you can apply for however if you feel there is something missing please submit it! I won't be accepting reservations. Submit as many characters as you want in as many different roles as you wish. I will select a handful of the best characters to take part if the demand is high enough!

Suggested crew:
- Engineer
- Attendant (prepares meals, looks after guests etc)

Suggested Passengers:
- Just use your head! You are going to a base that is under construction and half completed! Builders, miners, architects, doctors, scientists anything!

Character Skeleton:
Code: Select all
[FONT=Book Antiqua]
[hr][/hr][size=180]Personal Information[/size][hr][/hr]

[b]Name: [/b]
[b]Place Of Birth:[/b]

[hr][/hr][size=180]Medical Report[/size][hr][/hr]
[b]Hair colour: [/b]
[b]Eye colour:[/b]
[b]Special markings:[/b]

[right]- Medical report written by Dr. James White, M.D.[/right]

[hr][/hr][size=180]Psychiatric Report[/size][hr][/hr]
[right][img](Optional Image)[/img][/right]
[b]Personality Evaluation:[/b][quote][/quote]
[right]- Analysis by Dr. Jane Friedman, Psychologist[/right]

Anything extra that you want to add that doesn't fit in the above categories put here or make a new category!


Toggle Rules

- I'm looking for players who can post well, thought out, and detailed posts. I am not imposing a minimum word limit but I am looking for quality. Post enough so that other characters can work off of your content.
- You need to be able to post once a week. This roleplay will have a definite ending time and delaying the story from advancing will ruin everything others are working towards.
- Use bold to denote your characters speech, and italics to denote thoughts.
- No anime pictures.
- All story characters must be of adult age and have completed some level of education past school.
- Romance is fine, however lets not make this RP a lusty romp through space, use your head.
- Unoriginal characters will be rejected, humans have flaws, strengths and weaknesses. Please add some to yours.
- Collaborative posts are 100% acceptable!
- Have fun, after all imagination is our tool and this is our workbench. Let us create something enjoyable and emotional. Remember you are trapped in a metal coffin in the vast and hostile emptiness of space. Use this RP to explore emotions, fears and psychological impacts on characters.

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Character Portrait: Captain Paul Ellis
Character Portrait: Chris Butch


Character Portrait: Chris Butch
Chris Butch

A Chemical Specialist who advances the technology involved in the gravity engine.

Character Portrait: Captain Paul Ellis
Captain Paul Ellis

Welcome aboard my ship


Character Portrait: Captain Paul Ellis
Captain Paul Ellis

Welcome aboard my ship

Character Portrait: Chris Butch
Chris Butch

A Chemical Specialist who advances the technology involved in the gravity engine.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Chris Butch
Chris Butch

A Chemical Specialist who advances the technology involved in the gravity engine.

Character Portrait: Captain Paul Ellis
Captain Paul Ellis

Welcome aboard my ship

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Re: Solace In The Stars

*waves* Inactive? Or plans to be active?

Re: Solace In The Stars

SonOfMars wrote:Would you mind if I created a laborer type worker, great in his field, but not well educated at all, rather low end of society? Say, his company won a lotto for this expedition and sent one of their best members to be the fella who helps put together the base?

Yea that would be awesome! Just a side note, when I say 'must have education' I don't mean like pompus university. Just some level of degree/certificate from a education institution other than high school/secondary school. some form of college. So it could be a Builders cert or something :)

Re: Solace In The Stars

Would you mind if I created a laborer type worker, great in his field, but not well educated at all, rather low end of society? Say, his company won a lotto for this expedition and sent one of their best members to be the fella who helps put together the base?

Re: Solace In The Stars

Gentlemiss wrote:Debating a historian type character, perhaps a snobby know-it-all that can annoy the living hell out of everyone? Just posting my interest, c:

Perhaps someone looking to document the progress of the Mars base construction? :)

Gentlemiss wrote:Lovely formatting on the front page, by the way :3

Thank you! :D

Re: Solace In The Stars

Artik wrote:I'm thinking some sort of a medical officer / scientist / chemist / experimenter - ect, ect. That obviously has to be narrowed down, but nonetheless, it's a work in progress. :P

Well I can definitely see legitimate reason for a doctor/medical officer and scientist at a Mars base :)

Remember folks, you are going to work on a base in Mars! The story just takes place in transit.

Re: Solace In The Stars

I'm thinking some sort of a medical officer / scientist / chemist / experimenter - ect, ect. That obviously has to be narrowed down, but nonetheless, it's a work in progress. :P

Re: Solace In The Stars

Legate wrote:Hey, was wondering if you mind my making a security officer or independently contracted private security type character

Well as space is completely de-militarized it might not make sense to have security or or contract soldiers. If however someone want's to submit a character that is some kind of foreign dignitary or bigwig in the business you could go for bodyguard?

Re: Solace In The Stars

Debating a historian type character, perhaps a snobby know-it-all that can annoy the living hell out of everyone? Just posting my interest, c: Lovely formatting on the front page, by the way :3.

Re: Solace In The Stars

Hey, was wondering if you mind my making a security officer or independently contracted private security type character

Re: Solace In The Stars

Just noting my interest as character possibilities are being contemplated.

Solace In The Stars

Hello Guys!

Welcome to this little roleplay, if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I am going to update this top post as we go along to keep all information in one central place!

* Feel free to submit a character that is a work in progress, just type WIP at the top of the character sheet!