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Someday Dreams Farm

Someday Dreams Farm


Giving unwanted horses a new purpose, and drawing friends together. One calamity at a time.

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Welcome To Someday Dreams Farm
February 1st, 2018 – After all the time spent planning, hoping, and dreaming, it’s finally happened. The luck has rolled in my favor, and now, I have exactly what I need to start on the path to what can – hopefully – be called a prosperous life, giving horses no one wanted a fresh chance at life, or a soft place to spend the end of their years in serenity and ease. The house has been built, exactly as I always imagined it; even the location is exactly as I had envisioned. Still a lot of work to be done, clear cutting some of the timber and dozing the land to make way for a few hay pastures, grazing fields, and the like. The first barn still needs built, but I’ve got a plan laid out for the layout, the stalls… Gonna be great.

The Hired Hand cabins have been mapped out; not too far, not too close, and the first one's already nearly finished. Whomever comes to work will have their privacy from me, and I from them, but I won’t be too far if they need help. Or if I need help; never know when your sink will spring a leak, right? Though I could probably fix that myself... They'll be a good ways down the hill, around a bend behind a grove of fir trees Weyerhaeuser left unharvested. Douglas Firs, I think? Going to have to check that in the tree book I have. Now where did I put that box of books?

My little lawn is growing in nicely; shouldn't have many bald patches, and I can see sandy paths in my woods if I imagine them hard enough. I can get sand right from the riverbank in my property. Good soft stuff that you can walk around barefoot in. I'll have to keep that in mind.

So much to do, but I'm sure I can manage. Now, for a name... I think... Someday Dreams Farm. Yes... That will do nicely.'


A diamond in the rough, this farm is just starting to form. The owner, one Abby Walker, often called Briena by her online friends, had long since had it in mind, and perhaps three years of planning, and trying her luck, luck finally favored her in the form of a won lottery. With ten million dollars, and a five thousand dollar check arriving every week, she set about to secure her dreams and make someday a reality. To make a rehabilitation and rescue center for horses in the Kill Pens of Washington state, and perhaps, someday, even as far as the east coast.

With the house built, and the first Hired hand cabin almost finished, work can be started to clear land for pastures... And that requires more than one set of hands and contracted builders. Well, the joke was always made, wasn't it; 'I'd work for you.' Time to call in the Hands. And hope that calamity doesn't begin from day one.


Hi, I'm Bri! I recently came up with this idea (lesseee, it's July 27th of 2016, and I thought of this yesterday night ;) ) to try something a teeny bit different for roleplay. Those of you who have joked around extensively (and some of you have begged me to make this when I proposed the idea), about being my hired hands gave me the thought, of what if, instead of making a character... You are the character? So, here goes. Instead of making up a character, the sheet you fill in will be your actual details (and if you don't quite want to share some details, you're free to fib a little), your name, or a nickname you get called (Or, your name on here.); like I would name mine 'Abby "Bri" Walker', and fill it out as me.

This could also be a pretty neat, unintentional social experiment. Playing yourself true to you opens up chances to reflect upon yourself, and you might uncover quirks or mannerisms you maybe didn't realize you had. What would you do if the fence was broken, and the horses were spread out everywhere in thousands of acres worth of land? Frustration? Stubbornly confirming that you're going to get them back? Do you fold under pressure, or to you rise to the occasion? Let's see!

Remember to check out the OOC Forums tab for Information! :D

Toggle Rules

  • Expect a lot of fourth wall breakage. In fact, there's going to be hardly any fourth wall to speak of. MV Chat and Skype conversations you had with each other at any time between now (or hell, even when the whole joke started) and 2018 can totally be referenced!
  • Be as true to yourself as you can, but keep in mind that over the course of two years, a bit can change ;)
  • Drugs and Drink are not allowed on the property; bar fun is fine, but try to be back in time to sleep it off, and you're gonna work just as hard with a hang over as you would wit a clear head.
  • If you don't know how to ride, learn.
  • Let's Have. Fun.

And now for the sheet! (Mind, I come up with extra things to add, so, keep an eye on this and check back now and then.)

Code: Select all
[*] [b]Name:[/b]
[*] [b]Nickname:[/b] Like you all call me 'Bri', we call Patch 'Patch', Hazezeon 'Haze', etc.
[*] [b]Age:[/b] As of 2018, how old are ya?
[*] [b]Gender:[/b]
[*] [b]Height:[/b]
[*] [b]Weight:[/b] You can fib a little here if you want; it is roleplay, after all.
[*] [b]Eye Color:[/b]
[*] [b]Eyecare Needs?:[/b] Glasses? 20/20 vision?
[*] [b]Healthcare Needs/Warnings:[/b] Any allergies I should be aware of? No nut bread for you, no dairy for him, etc. (This can be fibbed with if you don't want to share these details, mind.)
[*] [b]Hair Color, Length, etc.:[/b]
[*] [b]Detailed Appearance Description:[/b] 100 word minimum (Picture optional)
[*] [b]Detailed Personality Description:[/b] 100 word minimum (What are your quirks? Are you friendly, grumpy?)
[*] [b]Skills:[/b] Good cook? Know a bit about riding? Can ya garden? Are you useful to a farm environment? :P
[*] [b]Vices:[/b] Hey, we all know Haze drinks and smokes. ;P
[*] [b]Likes:[/b] I hope one of these includes hard work xD
[*] [b]Dislikes:[/b] I know some people hate things.
[*] [b]Favored Position on the Farm?:[/b] Head Hired Hand? Foal watcher? Cook?
[*] [b]Favored Paycheck?:[/b] Rest assured, you won't stay poor if you were poor.

Taking place in...

Someday Dreams Farm, Toutle, Washington State our primary setting

A large sign hangs at the side of the gravel road; wood engraved with a simple greeting: Welcome to Someday Dreams Farm Equine Rescue & Rehab Sanctuary

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Someday Dreams Farm, Toutle, Washington State

Someday Dreams Farm, Toutle, Washington State by BrienaSkysong

A large sign hangs at the side of the gravel road; wood engraved with a simple greeting: Welcome to Someday Dreams Farm Equine Rescue & Rehab Sanctuary

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Character Portrait: Abby "Briena" Walker


Character Portrait: Abby "Briena" Walker
Abby "Briena" Walker

Stubborn, horse loving, and a hermit, she is the owner and boss of this farm, and don't you forget it.


Character Portrait: Abby "Briena" Walker
Abby "Briena" Walker

Stubborn, horse loving, and a hermit, she is the owner and boss of this farm, and don't you forget it.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Abby "Briena" Walker
Abby "Briena" Walker

Stubborn, horse loving, and a hermit, she is the owner and boss of this farm, and don't you forget it.

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Someday Dreams Farm, Toutle, Washington State

Someday Dreams Farm, Toutle, Washington State by BrienaSkysong

A large sign hangs at the side of the gravel road; wood engraved with a simple greeting: Welcome to Someday Dreams Farm Equine Rescue & Rehab Sanctuary

Someday Dreams Farm, Toutle, Washington State

A large sign hangs at the side of the gravel road; wood engraved with a simple greeting: Welcome to Someday Dreams Farm Equine Rescue & Rehab Sanctuary

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Re: Someday Dreams Farm

I am posting here, because I can.

Someday Dreams Farm

Hi! I'm Bri. Welcome to my roleplay. It's likely you have been part of the small group that joked about coming to work on my dream farm (Real life, I haven't decided that Someday Dreams Farm will be the final name of this ranch, but it is a legitimate someday goal in my life to have this farm, the land, and to do some good in the world, saving horses and giving them a new chance at life.) as a hired hand, a cook, etc. This roleplay is mostly for that group of friends, though many are welcome to try their hand at this roleplay.

The unique twist? You're playing yourself as your character (Though I may open up the option of playing an animal on the farm, whether it be a horse rescued from the kill pens, or a goat, or a dog, or even a cow.), as true to yourself as you can be, though you aren't required to be completely honest; it is set in 2018, after all. The profile information will be filled out with your own details, as opposed to a made up character, and it could prove a fascinating social experiment, in a way, to reflect upon yourself as you fill it in; what interesting quirks do you have that you didn't really notice before?

Basically, the roleplay is set primarily on my dream farm, way out in the sticks of the Toutle area, west of Mount Saint Helens (not all that far west, even), with excursions into the surrounding towns of Castle Rock, Longview, and a few other larger cities. Mainly for food and feed not grown on the farm itself. Then there are the trips to the Kill Pens throughout the state, but those may be a while in coming.

The roleplay will begin, set just before the offers to hire arrive in your email, Skype, or mailbox (Though, really, who uses them any more?), and to add to things, I disappeared for a year and a half after winning the lottery; without warning, just poof. Bad me. Once everyone's gotten their profiles up, and I've accepted them, I'll start it off, and then a time skip starter from each of you (As in: "A week later... The letter arrives." Or you arrive having received the email a week or so ago. Anywho.).

That brings us to another little unique twist: Journal entries. I haven't fully settled on this idea, but I do rather like it. Basically, your starter post for a scene would begin with a sort of journal entry, written in present tense, first person (as though you yourself were writing this) and in italics between speech marks. After that, your post would continue as normal, though I'll have to get a round-table vote on whether we'll go first person or third person. Past tense is a given.

So, any questions?

  • How Do I Describe Myself?

    • Try to look at yourself from another person's point of view.

    • Look into a mirror; how do you hold yourself? What shape is your face?

    • Write it as though you are a character. (Third person helps a lot here.)

    • It's set two years from now, so you have the freedom to twist the current truth a little. Maybe by then, you're at your ideal weight, or level of fitness? Maybe you got rid of the glasses you didn't like, and got your eyes fixed, or started wearing contacts.

  • How Do I Describe My Personality?

    • Well... Think of how you feel in certain situations. Are you shy, outgoing, a mixture? Are you the life of the party, or the wallflower?

    • What makes you angry? Are you exceptionally easy to rile up, or do you have a long fuse? Is your anger explosive, but short lived? Is it a cataclysmic lahar such as the eruption of Mount Saint Helens?

    • What are your pet peeves?

    • What makes you happiest?

    • These are all things that you can reflect on, and might help in describing your personality. Again, writing in third person descriptor can be very helpful.