Abby "Briena" Walker

Stubborn, horse loving, and a hermit, she is the owner and boss of this farm, and don't you forget it.

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  • Name: Abby - Call me Bri, or Chief.
  • Age: 26 (2018 age)
  • Gender: Female - Can't you see the boobs?
  • Height: 5'5" 1/2"
  • Weight: 115lbs
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Eyecare Needs?: Glasses. Too wussy to get contacts or Lasik eye surgery.
  • Hair Color, Length, etc.: Bum-length, Brown with reddish highlights, and usually straight with pronounced waviness, with stubborn curls at the ends - tangles like a mofo.
  • Detailed Appearance Description: I am an average woman. I like my height, I like my weight. I even like my face for the most part. Image

    She stands at 5'5", though if you ask her directly, there will always be added 'and a half'. Her weight tends to hover around 110 to 125lbs, and she prefers it greatly when she's right at the middle. Her eyes are blue, hidden behind glasses, though when she's directing a 'look' at someone in trouble, a sharp stare over the rims usually comes into play - don't ask me why they always laugh at that look. Her nose is no major work of art if you ask her; she does have a mole on her nose, toward the tip. A few other moles find a home on her face, mostly near the ears, though one small one dots just under her right eyebrow. She'll agree that she has a nice mouth, even if she has a habit of not showing her teeth in a smile during years of having bad teeth.

    Her frame is slender, most of her height being made up by long legs. Her posture wavers between straight and proud, and a relaxed slouch; usually the former when she remembers to do it. If asked directly, she'll respond that she's an average body. Ask someone else, and they might say she has a nice butt, good curves, and a nice chest.

    She has several scars to her name; one on her chin from a mishap as a toddler, and a few others.

    Her garb tends to run along the line of jeans, long sleeved shirts that go to her hips or lower, and a vest over top. She has a liking for Australian hats, and has one Akubra Cattleman hat that has seen a good bit of wear over the last year since she bought it. A long black oilskin duster finishes off the wear, mainly worn on rainy day rides and during the winter. Finally, a pair of Ariat Heritage Lacer boots protect her feet when out in the brambles, though she'll usually forego shoes entirely.

    She does have a liking for pretty things - she is a woman, after all - and owns a few dresses, the skirts never shorter than just below the knee; a personal preference.

  • Detailed Personality Description: I will warn you here and now; I have a temper. It's a short burst of an eruption, a squall of rain, and then gone. But I do hold grudges.

    She is generally an optimistic sort; that glass is going to be half full, dammit, and if she has to add more to make sure it's full, she will. She's a mother hen in disguise; she doesn't enjoy seeing her friends hurting or sick, and if possible, she will do the doctoring herself. She is a staunch lover of herbal medicine, preferring to use plants to soothe aches, pains, and colds. Her love of horses is a well known factor, and the whole reason behind setting up out here.

    Towns and cities are exhausting for her; a simple grocery shopping trip will result in her collapsing into bed upon getting home and putting things away, and you won't see her return to consciousness for at least an hour. Clean mountain air, horse smells, fresh hay, and summer air are her happy smells, and ohh, you should see her joy when it snows.

    She's generally calm, relaxed, laid back... But there is that whole ADHD thing. Bursts of manic energy resulting in crazy runs through the house, or hyper focused writing and artwork. Sometimes... it's just impossible to sit still.

    She adores a short range of music, usually Celtic, New Age, Country Music, Classical, and several others. Television? Eh, she doesn't tend to watch it. But she loves cooking shows, horse training shows, etc. HGTV, DiY Channel, the Food Channel, are just a few that you might find her watching if she decides she wants to watch TV.

    She's stubborn, but not one for major conflict. However, if she decides she doesn't like you, there is next to nothing that will change her mind, especially if the person in question makes it worse. Her show of dislike is usually only acknowledging the one she dislikes even exists if forced to. This dislike has grown to out right hatred on one case.

    She is not one to come out fists swinging, feet kicking; not unless heavily pushed to that point. Angry male voices tend to distress her. Forced submission she will chafe under, being an instinctual alpha or beta.

    When she loves, she loves deeply. She fears loss, spiders, and gets a slight amount of nerves when in high places. Planes are both kinda fun and kinda scary, but she'll ride in one if she must, though if given the choice between flying and getting there in six hours, or taking a road trip, she'll pick the road trip and the extra hours or days of travel.

    She has mild Asperger's Syndrome, and so may sometimes have difficulty socializing or saying how she feels, or being up front about an upsetting topic or issue. She withdraws from others when she needs to cry, and tends to refuse to allow even those closest to her see her cry. She will keep things bottled up inside, until she can escape to somewhere private and secluded, to let it all out.

  • Status on the Farm: Owner/Boss of all the rest of you. ;)
  • Skills:
    • I am a pretty good cook. I love making soup, baking bread, canning, and overall cooking in general.
    • I am an advanced rider, and a decent horse trainer.
    • I know just enough to treat injuries on both human and animal, but have the common sense to call a vet when it's too much for my skill level.
    • My art is good enough that I get a commission from time to time.
    • Writing. Writing is everything fun that isn't horses.
    • I am knowledgeable about herbal remedies, and my herb garden will be extensive.
  • Vices: I do not drink, smoke, or do drugs, so I will list my other faults, eh?
    • Stubborn.
    • Clingy.
    • Viciously grouchy during monthly things.
  • Likes: There are a lot of them. Mainly, Horses, the hills I live in, forests...
  • Dislikes: Smoking, and Drugs, as well as overbearing pricks. I don't participate in political talks.

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