Nicholas M.

A young 29 year old videogame designer.

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a character in “Someday Dreams Farm”, as played by Killa


  • Name: Nicholas G. Martin
  • Nickname: Nick
  • Age: 29
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Weight: 138lbs
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Eyecare Needs?: He wears glasses out in public that he styled himself, and contacts at home.
  • Healthcare Needs/Warnings: He can't drink warm milk and is allergic to something in the medicated lip ointment carmax.
  • Hair Color, Length, etc.: Black, military style cut and edged.
  • Detailed Appearance Description: Usually you can find him dressed in all black attire, with dress shoes when he is out in public. There is a slight scar under his right eye from when he was a child and a small scar on the back of his head. Normally the expression he always wears on his face is that of someone bored. His body type is lean, and just the right amount of muscle. He walks with purpose and his body movements suggest that he is confident in his abilities for someone so small in stature.
  • Detailed Personality Description: Most people that come into contact with him all have one thing to say: This will probably be the most stable person you have ever met in your life, but online all bets are off. He can be quite the charmer and gentleman, with little things he does, like opening doors for women at gas stations or wiping off his silverware before he uses it. You want him in an emergency, as he is usually the most level headed and calm. This can sometimes work against him, as he tends to think he can handle anything leading him to underestimate problems.
  • Skills: He is not very good with machines, but when it comes to animals he is second to none. They seem to be drawn to him, and he loves playing with dogs and teaching them to do new things. He is also very skilled with guns and swords despite having to wear glasses.
  • Vices: He vapes, only smoking when he can't replace the batteries in it. His drink of choice is a nice, cold long island.
  • Likes: VIDEOGAMES, but on occasion he needs a break from these so he goes shooting in his off time and runs obstacle courses.
  • Dislikes: People that are close minded is his biggest pet peeve, along with those that bash and trash talk videogames. As long as one stays away from those subjects, he can talk about anything.
  • Favored Position on the Farm?: Caretaker for the animals.
  • Favored Paycheck?: Just enough to take care of the animals. He probably makes more than he should with his videogame company. (hint he needs a break probably from that place.)

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