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Something Blue?

Seoul, South Korea


a part of Something Blue?, by PrincessBoy.


PrincessBoy holds sovereignty over Seoul, South Korea, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Seoul, South Korea is a part of Something Blue?.

9 Characters Here

Mei-mei Tan [3] "Would anyone like a snack?"
Rui-ling Yan [3] "I don't need to open my eyes to see how foolish you look right now."
Ao-du Teng [2] "I'll will do anything for the love of my life."
Shu-Feng Bai [2] "Of course. I am a man, after all."
Young-min Lee [1] "Aissh! Don't tell me what to do!"
Bo-ra Kim [1] "Haha! Young-sung isn't gonna like this!"
Young-sung Lee [1] "You're making me get age 16?!"

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Young-min Lee

"Aisssh! Pig*! We are going to be late!"

Normally, it was Young-min's fault for being late because he's usually in the bathroom for long moments of time to make sure his appearance is spotless, but today, his sister wouldn't get out of bed this morning. He quickly understood she must of stayed up last night, but mom and dad always told them to go to bed on time. He would, he didn't want to hurt his precious beauty sleep, though he just wasn't a morning person and he had to make sure nothing was wrong with his outfit. He had to look his best, even in the normal boy's school uniform. He did have to say that he looked cute in his though, more cute than the other guys at the school. Sometimes his sister would find him wearing the girl's uniform, one of the extras that Young-sung kept. He fixed his tie a bit before knocking on the bathroom door. "Hurry, Sung! Umma has toast for us downstairs, I'll meet you there!" When he was at the top of the stairs, he yelled back at his sister. "Hurry up, slow pig!" She would know he was joking, him and his twin sister were alike in some ways, but they knew when they were joking and when they were serious.

Making it downstairs and into the kitchen, their mother had two cups of milk and toast out for them. He took a gulp of his milk before his sister made it into the kitchen. "About time, pig." He finished off milk before putting the toast into his mouth and out the door with his sister, on their way to school.

~~Time Skip~~

Young-min was currently covering his ears as his so-called best friend kept on talking and talking and talking. "When do you stop talking?"he mumbled, knowing that he wasn't going to be heard, because sometimes Hyun Ki never listened. He may be a bit rude to him a lot, but he really does care for him deep down. He just might not show it on the outside, but if something were to happen to the hyper teenager, his heart would shatter. After class was over, him and Hyun Ki were making their way to the front of the school building where they would meet up with his twin and her best friend. Meeting up with his twin sister, he suddenly felt like someone was watching them. He shrugged that off before he started to hear all the students gossip about something. He found some freshman girls and he yelled to them. "Hey! You! What's the commotion about?" The girls froze and pointed to the two figures at the bottom of the steps in weird formal outfits. He instantly recognized the outfits, knowing that the people must be Chinese. As him and his sister approach down the stairs, he figures out that they are staring at him and his sister. "Hey, I know I'm beautiful, no need to stare,"he said with a huff and his hands on his hips in a all too familiar way. "Stop the staring!" He could tell his twin was yelling at him to stop being snappy, but he was a little more annoyed by the staring.

Rui-ling Yan

Rui-ling remembers everything. She hummed to herself as she rushed the covers off of the princess' body before opening the blinds. "Rise and shine. Me and Ten-meng are going to be gone for awhile. In the meantime, you need to get some papers done okay?" She giggled a little before she bounced to the door. "Oh, and I left you a outfit for you to wear. Wear it. You and your brother are going to be meeting your bride and groom today." With that said she skipped out of the bedroom. She sighed before she made her way through the halls, catching a roll from Mei-mei's kitchen domain. She grabbed a extra one for the other adviser, knowing that he was going to need something for his stomach too. Catching Tan-meng on his way downstairs, she whispered to him. "We need to go. I don't know how long Sheng-rong will sit around here." Without waiting for a nod from the man, she hurried him out and giving him the other roll she grabbed. "Keep up with your strength." She winked to him in a friendly way before shouting out to Ao-du, who was guarding outside. "Please make sure the prince and princess don't go outside what so ever. Bride and groom day. Oh, and make sure to come to this address in a few hours." She smiled to the guard before making her way with the prince's adviser in tow.

Deciding that it would just be easier to walk to their destination, it would make time go faster even if it took a long time to walk. She adjusted her formal wear and sunglasses. She knew Tan-meng didn't like wearing his formal outfit in brought daylight in another country, but she didn't like it either. Today is special so they needed to wear something special. Her hair was kept naturally wavy and it practically sparkled in the sunlight. Then she had a red Chinese barrette in her hair, keeping some of her bangs out of her eyes. She walked with Tan-meng right beside her as she reached into her dress, getting out a piece of paper that had a address scrawled on it broken Korean. "Remind me to teach some of the workers to learn Korean." As she read the broken Korean, it had directions to a certain high school. A high school that held the future partners of their kingdom. As the school came in sight, it was pretty empty outside. Thinking they are still in school, they would wait for them to come out.

~~Time Skip~~

As different students filed out of the school's door, it was hard for the adviser's to find their targets. They were given information about twins at this high school. A boy and a girl. It was so perfect not to pass up. Their parents have agreed with the arranged marriage that she was practically on her heels with excitement. As more and more students came out, her excitement turned into anxiety. What if they weren't here today? it wasn't until she saw four students start making their way down the stairs. Two of them caught her eye. The twins... She stared at them as they came closer. She nudged Tan-meng before the students were right in front of them. As she heard the boy twin's snappy remark, she instantly thought of the princess. Him and Sheng-rong might shred each other to pieces. Trying to remember her Korean classes, she said hello in Chinese before speaking in Korean. "Nǐ hǎo. Um, I'm Rui-ling from the Bai family." She bowed to the future pupils before smirking in a very intimidating way. "You have been selected to be the next line to the Bai family through arranged marriage. Please come with us before he catch even more attention." She grinned even more as a all to familiar black limo rolled up. "Your parents have already agreed to everything. Your stuff shall be sent to the mansion on a later date. So please, step into the car or we will resort to rougher ways." She made a dark expression without leaving a smirk. "Will you join us?" She put on her best aeygo face, hopefully they will listen.

Ao-du Teng

Will do tomorrow. Parents came home. :o

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Sheng-rong Bai

" Rui-ling, I am going to murder you.." The princess muttered in a rather annoyed tone though she didn't sound too believable as a yawn punctuated her sleepy and quiet voice. Sheng-rong made a grab for the covers, her head still buried under her pillow, but her skin didn't contact the comfortably soft material which caused ehr to sit upright and shoot a glare with dark brown eyes that seemed to be filled with hatred at the moment. But the glare lessened as she brought a pale hand up to cover her eyes, the bright sunlight streaming in from the window was rather blinding after all. " I hate you," the younger Chinese woman murmured as she forced her eyes to acclimate to the light and she gripped one of the many pillows with both hands before whipping it across the room toward her advisor. Of course, it missed and hit the wall. Of course.

Though, as always, the princess got up out of her enormous bed to look at the clothing Rui-ling had chosen for her. Once again her advisor had chosen a rather nice outfit for Sheng-rong to wear. Casual enough for comfort but yet managing to appear semi-formal enough to meet her future husband. Ew, husband. The princess was obviously against this decision, not that she actually made it well-known to anyone other than her brother.

With this thought in mind she set about to changing from her sleepwear, an above-the-knee-length silken nightgown which was a pale blue in colour and just barely passed as acceptable to be worn around the palace, to the outfit that had been chosen for her. A nice black off-the-shoulder dress that had three-quarter length arms and the skirt tightened around her waist and reached mid-way down her thighs. This was coupled with lovely silver high heels that had four 'gems' to ornately decorate the front and draw gazes. This was quickly joined by a long multi-layered silver necklace, large silver and blue [url=V]earrings[/url] with flower patterns, and the silver ring Sheng-rong had been given in place of what was known as an 'Engagement' ring; which her fiance would have given her.. if their marriage were traditional for Western customs, that is. This was her promise ring, her vow to go through with the marriage lest she be disowned, and proof of her 'acceptance' of this male she had never met.

After having put on the entire outfit, high heels included, the princess strode into her bathroom to stare at the large mirror that literally took up the entire wall where the sink and counter was located. Dark eyes glared narrowly at her straight shoulder length brown hair before she slowly looked down to the long strands of blonde extensions that lay on the counter before her. One by one, minute after minute, Sheng-rong took her time placing them in her hair to allow the brown and blonde locks to interweave and cascade down her back and over her shoulders.. Then she moved onto make-up.

It was at this point, as she was powdering the finishing touches on her nose, that the princess remembered Rui-ling's other words. ".. In the meantime, you need to get some papers done.." And she paused in her actions to stare her reflection down, brown eyes rolling before glaring at herself. " Fat chance of that, Ling Ling," Sheng-rong muttered as she placed the sponge into the compact, snapping it shut rather roughly, before setting it down and walking from the bathroom. Another few moments later she exited her bedroom as well, fully intending on finding something to eat before brushing her teeth and completing her tasks for the morning.. or at least the task she had set for herself. Rui-ling's tasks, on the other hand, would be pushed to the back burner once again.

Her steps were quick and calculated, the heels she wore tapping on the hard floor only to be muffled by a carpet and then hitting the bare floor again, as she came upon the kitchen in which Mei-mei was hard at work. Of course, Sheng-rong just walked right in and sat on a stool at the counter, her legs crossed elegantly, as she gazed over at the best cook in all of Xīn huǒ with a cute smile forming on her lips despite her rather mature appearance. The nineteen year old positively adored the royal cook, especially her cooking, and made a point of being nice to her at all times.. even when in a bad mood.

" Mei," Sheng-rong began lightly, tilting her head as she leaned forward in her seat and placed her now crossed arms on the counter before her. " Could you make me some breakfast? Please~" Her dark eyes seemed lighter under the bright lights of the kitchen, especially with the sunlight filtering into the room from the windows, and she could feel her overall mood rise. Mei-mei made the absolute best food ever!

Speaking of food, the princess couldn't help but wonder if her idiot brother had been forced to wake up so early too and if he had eaten yet. Also, knowing him, he'd probably have been fine with the wake-up call anyway.. the weirdo.

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Mei-Mei Tan

Mei-mei had woken up quite early so that she could get started fixing rolls and making breakfast for the prince and princess and for Rui-ling and Tan-Meng. Today was a big day and they needed a lot of food for courage today.

She had dressed in her uniform, put her hair up in a bun and made her way silently to the kitchen. She hated to wake others when they were sleeping, so she was always tip-toeing down the halls. Ao-du had always found this amusing as he caught her before thinking that she was a thief. Mei-mei smiled at the memory as she rolled the dough for the rolls. That was four years ago, when she first came to serve the royal family. It was also when he first called her "Tani". She blushed and shook her head and got back to work.

She set the rolls out to cool and not long after, Rui-Ling came by and took one for herself and Tan-Meng. Mei-mei wished her good luck on her task and set back to making breakfast. She had a hard time deciding what to make. The prince and princess were both picky eaters and she had forgotten to ask what they wanted for breakfast yesterday like she usually did. It was at that moment the princess Sheng-rong came and sat at the counter. The princess asked what was for breakfast. "I haven't decided yet, " she said turning to look at her. "What would you like today?" Mei-mei was sure that whatever the princess chose, she could sneak something fatty in.

She looked closely at Sheng-rong. "It's unusual for you to be up early," she said politely. "Are you nervous about today?" Mei-mei had heard what was happening just like everyone else and her curiosity overtook her. Hopefully, the princess wouldn't be to upset with her asking.