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Hikaru Nakagawa

"If I can't be a savior, then I want to be a destroyer that saves lives."

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a character in “Something Given”, as played by chrian.



"Even if I don't have a drop of strenght left, I won't stop. I'll keep on walking as long as I live"


Full Name: Hikaru Nagakawa

Nicknames and Aliases: Hika

Wish: To be free from being captive

Price Payed: His own energy

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (though he is more fond towards men)

Scatter Shot: Hikaru can release energy blasts that split into multiple fragments allow him to targets multiple opponents in a certain area. The beams that are shot have a light blue color. They can deal strong damages and destroy everything on their paths. But due to the sheer extent of his power, Hikaru needs a certain amount of time to aim in exchange, as such he can't deal with a surprise attack and despite he being able to make four beams at once, he can only fire in the direction that he is facing.


Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Gray

Height: 5'8''

Weight: 123 Ibs

Tattoos: Hikaru has an unusual tatto on the left side of his face that starts as a pentagram on his forehead, trails down in a line that severs his eyebrow and mars his eyelid, and hooks slightly at his cheekbone and follows his cheek down close to his chin.

Piercings: None || Of course, he doesn't entertain the thought of having some sort of carvings on his body.

Scars: He has multiple scars on his body though it wasn't noticeable since he usually wear concealing clothes.

Oddities: Although Hikaru is already 20, he has an appearance which is much younger than his own age, in contrast with Ezra.


{Kind | Generous | Polite | Determined}

Despite the fact that Hikaru has a painful past, he is a very kind person. He always seemed to be happy in his life as it is. He is often seen with a gentle smile on his face and he always tried to treat people around him nicely. With Ezra, he always acted like a good younger brother and seemingly always listen to him. In fact, Hikaru felt in debt with Ezra for giving him a home and a friend that he could count on. He got along well with his friends and showed sympathy and understanding with other people who are also like him. He is also a very generous guy, who doesn't mind helping and sharing works with others, although he can't help people with hard works because of his lack of strenght.

Although overall, Hikaru seemingly a fragile man who needed to be protect, he is very determine, a person who won't back down easily, even if his goals seemed hopeless.


Hobbies: Hikaru usually listens to music whenever he has free time. He is often seen carrying his MP3 player along with a headphone with him. He also enjoy reading or walking around town. Sometimes, when Hikaru felt that he has nothing to do, he sat by the window and watching cloud drifting on the sky, silently. Hikaru also likes to hanging out with Ezra. At nights when he is in the mood, he usually plays piano.

Habits: Due to his lack of energy, Hikaru can easily feeling sleepy and if you spend time with him, you can notice that he yawns and stretches his arms a lot, sometimes even dozing off. Hikaru also has a habit of sleeping in and it'll take other people quite some efforts to drag him away from his blanket. He eats a lot, though no matter how much he has eaten, he never seemed to gain any weights. He also has some habits like crossing his legs when sitting, touching his hair or humming a melody when doing something.

Music || Hikaru has always been fond of it ever since he was small.
Piano || He has taken it on back when he is still at the orphanage.
Sleeping || Anywhere and anytime possible.
Eating || His stomach will make weird noises if he can't find any foods.
Lollipop || Hikaru often asks Ezra to buy him one when they're hanging out.

Crowd || Hikaru doesn't like to be surrounded with too many people.
Noises || He couldn't sleep because of that.
Alone || He hates the feeling of being isolated, because that is what he used to been through.
Cucumber || The only food that he would stay away from.
Being watched || Who wouldn't?

His power || Hikaru can control his beams skillfully and he can find ways to improve his flaws.
Giving advices || When his friends needed, he often give them good advices.
Keeping secrets || Your secrets are his secrets too.
Playing piano || He is exceptionally good at it, though he never admits.

Lack of stamina || He has never been good at enduring the tension after making his wish.
Slow runner || He can't catch up with anyone in a run.
Lack of strenght || If he got too exhausted, he will need himself a stick so that he can walk.
Sensitive || Hikaru can easily gets hurt even if someone insult him the slightest.


Hikaru has quite a... tragic past, who has suffered nothing but agony through his childhood. He was born here, in this city of New York and he grew up just like any other child would. His family wasn't that rich, but they still have enough to build a normal life. He has always been taught that even if he has to suffer in the future, he must never lose himself, keep on his smile and follow whichever paths that he felt rightous. Hikaru thought his life will just be a straight line like that. Until that day, his 12th birthday, his parents passed away in a car accident when they were taking him to the park. Hikaru thought that he was done for, but it seems that it wasn't his time yet. He couldn't remember how long has he been unconscious, but when he woke up, he found himself in the hospital, laying on the bed with bandages all over his body. Hikaru felt a great loss and grief when he heard that his parents couldn't make it, and he felt like he was all lonely by then. But remembering the words that his parents has taught him, he keep smiling and decided to live on over his loss.

Because Hikaru don't have any close relatives, they decided to send him to the orphanage. Even though his life was never the same like before, the people there were nice and they treated him as like their own child, and he got along well with the other children who suffered the same fate like him. And again, at the moment he thought that his life will just be as normal as it would, another tragedy happened. When he is playing outside the building with some of his friends, they were running after each other, when it is his turn to catch his friend, he couldn't catch them and was left behind. Suddenly, someone knocked him out and kidnapped him. That person brought him to an old, abandoned storage house where the rest of his gang was waiting for him. Being all tied up, no matter how much he struggled, he couldn't find a way to get out. Hikaru was beaten up by the gang and some of them even harrasing him. It is a pain that he would never forget. The gang kept him there for a week or something, giving him only a little food and water, until he heard something about they selling him to somewhere oversea. In the moment of desperation, he looked up into the starry sky through a windows and secretly wished upon the brightest star that he would be free.

Although Hikaru doesn't believe that his wish will come true, because the gang has been hiding from the police well. But after a few days, somehow, the police found out and broke into the gang's hideout, which surprised them, they captured them and freed Hikaru. Right after he was freed, he sneakily went away from there and wandering aimlessly around the city, until he finally fainted in a deserted alley because somehow he felt like all his energy were taken away from him. He thought that that would be the end of his life, he will just rotting away there and join his parents on the other side.

But even when he was still unconscious, he could felt that someone was carrying him in their arms. It was warm and nice, a feeling which he hasn't felt for so long. When he woke up, he found himself laying on a bed in an apartment. The person who take him to there and take care of him was Ezra. He took care of him like and soon he has recovered, but still feeling a lot weaker than he used to be. Hikari has always feeling in-debt with Ezra ever since then. When Hikaru felt that he could walk by himself, he felt that he has cause a lot of trouble for Ezra and told him that he'll leave. However...

Ezra knew that Hikaru was homeless and has no other place to stay, he allowed Hikaru to live with him, which of course, he gladly accepted. Living with Ezra and learning from him, Hikaru felt that finally he has find the peace of his life, which is the reason why he cares for Ezra more than anyone else and he always listens to him.

A few days after he moved and began to live with Ezra, he accidentally shot a beam from his palm when he fell down and cut a tree in half, which surprised him a lot. After that, the tatoo on his face strangely appeared. Ezra then revealed that he also have strange power after he made a wish like Hikaru. This strenghthen the bonds between them and Hikaru is always happy that he had met someone like Ezra.

Now, you can find Hikaru living happily with Ezra like brothers, though somehow Hikaru has began to developed some more feeling that has past the brother's line that he couldn't understand. He has decided to take up a part-time job as a waiter so scrap up some moneys.


Face Claim: Allen Walker | D.Gray-man

So begins...

Hikaru Nakagawa's Story


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The date is November 23rd, 2014. The time, currently, is about 5:20 PM, and the skies are already nearing darkness. New York City is still bustling with people, loud and cheerful, already getting read for Christmas a month away. There's a slight chill outside, even though it's not very late. A gust of wind blows by every once and a while, passing through people's clothes and biting the tips of people's reddened noses. Snow has already begun to fall, almost seeming like a light drizzle, if you could compare it to that. People walk along side each other - couples, family, friends - yet they do not know what power lurks within their race, all in the same city at once.

Four of these powerful beings are still young and still have many years more to go in their life. However, they have discovered their powers not so long ago, and are ready to put them to good use. Only a few days ago, Ezra and Hikaru have discovered another one of their kind with powers, only a child named Asuka. They asked for her, telling her parents that it was important, but got shut down. But that didn't stop them. They had told her to meet them at a certain place, at a certain time, because they also found another girl, Aleks, similar to them and were also going to try and convince her to come with them. That time was November 23rd; today.

Having already tried to persuade Aleks' parents, and having failed, the two young men did the same thing- arrange a date and time to meet them, saying it was incredibly important and that they knew what she was, and that they were the same way. She, just like Asuka, agreed to this, and finally, the day has come when Asuka has a chance to escape her house and Aleks to leave while her parents aren't home.

Ezra and Hikaru's words were to meet them at a certain cafe at precisely 5:30 and 'talk about it over a cup of tea,' as the British-born Ezra quoted.

Ezra and Hikaru have already arrived early, and now await Asuka and Aleks' arrival to have a chat about their diversity from the rest of the human race...


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#, as written by chrian.


New York City, also known as the Sleepless City. One of the most industrialize cities in the world. A place where everyday is a brand new adventure, where people always seemed restless. The possibilities are endless, and it may sounds like you'll never going to get bored once you've became a part here. Four young people, different personalities, but the same fates, are about to unite and begin a brand new life, together.

Sitting at the table near the window with his roommate, the white-haired boy silently looking out of the window to watch the falling snow while enjoying his cappucino. Hikaru seemed relax though. He and Ezra had been here for about 10 minutes and they're still waiting for the two girls to turn up. Though Hikaru never admits, he is somewhat excited about this.

Yeah, both him and Ezra had been living quite peacefully until now and nothing much have happened. It has almost been 4 years since Hikaru was found and moved in to live with Ezra and he's always happy about that. He have a home, and even though both of them didn't share any blood related, he always sees him like his only family, a person who he can counts on, no matter what. Hikaru understands that both of them has gone through a lot in their lives, but they will always go through this hardship together.

Hikaru took a sip from his drink, then held his cup and watched his own reflection on the cappucino. Sometimes, he did wonder that, who is this being that has granted their wishes? It did give them what they needed in the moments that they're desperate the most. But everyone said that you have to be careful of what you wished for has their reasons. The prices that they have to pay for their wishes weren't cheap at all. However, what they didn't expect is the "gifts" that go with it.

Since Hikaru was small, he has always had his head up in cloud, dreaming that one day he will have some kinds of magic, or supernatural powers like those mages and superheroes that he always read in comics and mangas. Though when he got what he desired, he wasn't quite sure if he wants it anymore. Hikaru silently moved his hand to the tattoo on his face. He has lost everything that are meaningful to him, and it wasn't easy to move on after those trauma that he has to suffered. But he knew that he need to remember what his parents had taught him. It is the "gifts" which had been granted for them that made them special.

Around the coffee shop, people still talking while enjoying their drinks peacefully. Hikaru smiles, in the middle of the busy and energetic city, people can still find their peace. What could Hikaru possibly asked more? He looked up at the clock on the wall then stretched his arms and yawned. Hikaru turned to Ezra, both of them stayed silent since the moment the stepped into the coffee shop, so Hikaru decided to strike up a conversation.

"It's 5:15," Hikaru said, "they should be here any moments. Hope that we can get along with them."

He then leaned on the table, "Time really did fly, don't you think? It'll be 4 years since the first time we met each other next week." Hikaru said with a smile, "We've been through everything together since then, right?"


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"Aasuuka!" A drab voice drawled from behind the closed door. The girl sat poised on her bed, reading a book about sign language. She was going to have to communicate somehow and hopefully one of the boys that had made the proposal to meet them could speak ASL. "Aasuuka!" It came again, closer to the purple door that guarded the entrance to her room. The little blonde closed the book and slid off of her huge bed, stuffing the volume into her backpack and kicking the sack under the bed.

Her care taker, or Manny (male nanny) came in bearing a tray of soup with steam rolling off the surface and into the desolate room's air. Along with it was a ham and cheese sandwich and a donut for dessert paired with a ceramic mug full of hot chocolate. He placed the tray on the table next to her toy box and looked at the mess in her room. "What were you up to Busy Bee?" Manny asked, using the pet name he had given her as a toddler. He had been working for her family for as long as Asuka could remember and was one of the only remaining staff her parents thought to be "essential."

Manny began to clean, picking up clothes and toys before relocating them to their proper place. Asuka was going to miss him, once she left her family would have no use for him. She finished the soup quickly and moved onto the sandwich; the floor was now visible. By the time Asuka was done her room was clean. The busy little girl stood up and hugged him, snatching the key to her window from the loophole on his belt. "Well this is an unexpected surprise," he said and pat her head. Asuka pushed him back, she had a rule about touching and he had just broken it. An unforgivable offense.

Manny rolled his eyes and left, closing the door behind him. Quickly Asuka ran to her closet and pulled on her thickest pair of socks as well as the winter boots she had been given by her Grandmother but never got to wear. The holidays were the only time when Asuka was really allowed out of her room and now the prospect of leaving her house forever amused her. Asuka's parents had always said that others' would be scared of her ability, they would reject and mock her like the children at school. She balled her hands into fists, they had never told her that there was a possibility of others like her.

Stuffing her thin arms into a thick pink winter coat Asuka was nearly ready to leave. She pulled the backpack out from under her bed and placed the purple knit cap on her head. Now she was ready. Asuka fumbled with the key in the padlock on the window, sliding the glass pane up and allowing the cold air to waft into the room and bite into her skin. It was refreshing, feeling something other than the temperature controlled bedroom she inhabited.

For a second Asuka was flying, then her feet touched the ground and she broke into a run, moving as fast as her little legs could carry her. Thankfully everything about Asuka was quiet, she had mastered the art of sneaking around but never thought she would use it to escape. Excitement filled her with every breath of crisp, cold air. How long had it been since she felt this type of weather? Since things were normal and her parents would wheel her around the city to pick out Christmas present for the family and eat lunch at their favorite dive. Asuka shook her head, her parents had stopped loving her the moment she took her first steps.

The girl was nearly there now, out of the community on the Upper West Side and on the streets of NYC. How amazing it felt to be free, no wheelchair to drag her down! Asuka stopped, looking up at the address she had scrawled on the inside of her palm. This was it, the cafe where she was to meet the two called Ezra and Hikaru.


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ImageUsually, Ezra would be smoking. One; it helped him feel calm and normal. Two; it was his new source of defense from, well anything that he'd need it for. He discovered only a few years ago that he had gotten control of fire, but at a terrible cost. Just thinking of it made him sigh in the cafe.

Accidentally, he sighed into his coffee just as he took a sip from it, causing the hot liquid to spill on the table, and almost on Hikaru. "Shit..." He mumbled a curse and began to wipe the table with the napkins. His British accent stood out like a sore thumb in the city of New York. It hadn't worn off yet. "Sorry, didn't mean to do that; I was just thinking about how I'm a bit hungry. Honestly, I forgot to eat lunch because I was grading..." He sighed again, this time thankfully, not in his drink.

"It's 5:15, they should be here any moments. Hope that we can get along with them," Ezra listened to Hikaru say.

Ezra leaned back in his chair a bit and said, "We will. They don't seem like bad kids, and they're just like us. I wonder though..." Those memories of the school shooting came back to his mind again and hit him harder than a bus. "I wonder what they sacrificed for their gift." He said the word 'gift' like it was sarcasm, and it was. It was no gift to Ezra. He was glad to have stopped the school wipe out, but now he was the only Shore left in his family.

"Time really did fly, don't you think? It'll be 4 years since the first time we met each other next week. We've been through everything together since then, right?" Ezra looked up from the table and saw Hikaru smiling while he spoke. Of course, he smiled back, and it was that small, adorable, and geeky smile of his that he always seemed to wear.

"Anniversary, uh?" Ezra took another sip. "Hmm... makes me wonder what life would be like if I decided not to let you stay with me. Life would probably be crap, wouldn't it? Life would be crap for the both of us, actually. That'd be absolutely horrible..." He shook, as if that would get rid of the nightmarish thoughts that would cloud his mind if he thought further into the subject. "But at least all the bad stuff's already passed and happened. Now we can actually do something and find others like us, you know? "

Ezra checked the time a second time, and then wondered to himself in his thoughts, 'Wonder what's taking them so long... I know one can speak but she's capable of coming here, right? The other... Oh.' It was then when Ezra realized that one of them was blind. On the outside he looked a bit frozen up, and on the inside he was face palming. He stood up from his chair almost instantly and nearly tripped on his own feet. "Hikaru," He began, placing his coffee back on the table since they hadn't paid yet. "I just recalled one of the young ladies joining us this evening is unable to see. I'm such an idiot... Mind if I leave for a moment to pick her up? I'll lead her here afterwards and then we can discuss all of our... erm... conditions..." He showed Hikaru his phone as he headed out, making a motion to call him if anything was wrong.

On his way out, he encountered a small girl he almost bumped into. "Sorry young miss-" Ezra began until he realized who it was that he was speaking too; Asuka. His eyes widened and then he nudged his head inside, "I've got to pick up our second guest so I'm afraid I'll have to be out for a bit. Hikaru, the man from before, is waiting inside for you. I'm glad you could make it though, hopefully you didn't go through much trouble..." Again, as if he'd be late for something, he checked the time and began to walk again. "I promise I'll be there in a moment." He called back to Asuka and headed on his way to Aleks' house by memory from the last time.


Upon arriving, not much later, Ezra approached Aleks' porch. He was hoping in his mind that her parents weren't home, because last time he went to try and talk to her about joining him and Hikaru, they weren't too... enthusiastic. Especially about a grown man asking for their daughter out of the blue. But it's not like he could just sit outside and do nothing, so he rang the doorbell. 'She can make it to the door, can't she?' Ezra pondered, becoming a bit worried that she wouldn't. 'After all, she has been living in this house for some time... right?' He then knocked after putting a few seconds between the doorbell, speaking out, "It's Ezra... Ezra Shore? I figured you might need help reaching out location.... Aleks, isn't that right?"


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#, as written by chrian.


As Hikaru still leaned against the table, Ezra for some strange reasons almost spill his coffee on him. Hikaru heard Ezra muttered a curse and quickly followed by an apologize, as the British-origin man cleaned the table with the napkins. "Sorry, didn't mean to do that; I was just thinking about how I'm a bit hungry. Honestly, I forgot to eat lunch because I was grading..."

Hikaru straighthen himself up with a smile, "No, no, it's okay. I'm good." Hikaru said, but before he could continued, some weird noises came out from his stomach, "Oops, sorry, it's almost dinnertime now and my stomach is just reacting, you know, hehe." Hikaru scratched the back of his head with a laugh.

"I wonder what they sacrificed for their gift.", Ezra said, Hikaru can smell sarcasm from the word "gift". Well, both of them really did have a hard time coping with those "gifts" before so it is understandable that they can't really be happy about it. And probably to two girls they're going to meet will also feel the same.

"Because of those "gifts", we really have to been through a lot. I think they're also suffering from their prices, just like us. Well, we just have to wait and see how they feel towards what has been granted for them along with their wishes. Hope that we can make them feel better about this life." Hikaru said with a small giggle.

"Hmm... makes me wonder what life would be like if I decided not to let you stay with me. Life would probably be crap, wouldn't it? Life would be crap for the both of us, actually. That'd be absolutely horrible..." Ezra said with his adorable smile that Hikaru always admire. He nodded approvingly. Though their lives might be hectic, the fate wasn't so cruel because it has allowed them to find each other. "But at least all the bad stuff's already passed and happened. Now we can actually do something and find others like us, you know?"

"Yeah, I agree," Hikaru smiled, "I used to think that I was lonely all the time, but I'm glad that there are still people like me. I have a good feeling that this will be a good start for all of us."

Ezra then looked at the clock again. Hikaru also wonderd that it was a bit late right now but they haven't turned up yet. Not until then did he remember something about one of the girls. He slaps his palm on his forehead. "I almost forgot that the older girl, Aleks, was blind. Oh my god, I don't think that she can make it here by herself." Hikaru thought. It seems that Ezra has also remembered and he then stood up before placing his coffee on the table. "Hikaru. I just recalled one of the young ladies joining us this evening is unable to see. I'm such an idiot... Mind if I leave for a moment to pick her up? I'll lead her here afterwards and then we can discuss all of our... erm... conditions..."

"I almost forgot about that too," Hikaru sighed, then look up at his roommate, "and yeah, you should go and get her. I'll call you if anything happens."

With that, Ezra make his way out of the coffee shop. Hikaru sighed again, how could they forget something important like that? "Hope that everything is still running like what we planned." He thought then took another sip at his drink, before remember another detail.

Hikaru then stood up, "I should wait for the smaller girl, Asuka, outside. She's only a 10-year-old girl with no voice that was treated badly. Perhaps it is better to welcome her, so that we would gain her trust. Lucky that I did learn ASL back at the orphanage." He thought and made his way to the entrance. When he opened the door, he saw that the girl was already there.

He smiled as friendly as he could, "Hi there, Asuka-chan. I was waiting for you. I guess that it is just you and me now since Ezra has went to get our second guest. Let's go, we can get you something to drink and we'll talk, okay?"

With that said, Hikaru motioned Asuka to follow him and he led her to their seats. "Well, have a sit. Do you want to drink anything? Don't worry, I know ASL. It wasn't that good, but still enough to communicate with you. After that, I'll introduce myself more, since we didn't have a chance to talk that day, okay?" Hikaru said to the small girl with a wink.